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Chris Paul & Aaron Rodgers Edition | Dude Perfect -
Published: 1 year ago By: Dude Perfect

By: Dude PerfectPublished: 1 year ago

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It's trick shot time with Chris Paul and Aaron Rodgers!
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Brayden Treu
'Brayden Treu' 9 minutes ago
Toxo 27
'Toxo 27' 5 hours ago
1 Brady
2 Rodgers
3 Montana

If you disagree you are wrong.
dillon martella
'dillon martella' 8 hours ago
Damn Aaron Rodgers. "There was still some time on the clock" he's right too dammit! The man only needed 34 seconds to crush the cowboys 😩
N Jones
'N Jones' 9 hours ago
in the thumbnail look to the left and it looks like Chris Paul has a giant penis....
'A1 KEV' 13 hours ago
I got a feeling daks gonna be on here sometime soon
'TrickshotMastersYT' 15 hours ago
Go packers!
'BRODEN52 CHANNEL' 16 hours ago
you should get Steve smith sr to come over
P Chaney
'P Chaney' 19 hours ago
Craziest part is aaron rodgers did most of his on the first take
Red Unicorn
'Red Unicorn' 19 hours ago
this is the most amazing thing I've ever seen I want to be him
Michael Wilson
'Michael Wilson' 20 hours ago
Dez caught it
Snake Eyes
'Snake Eyes' 1 day ago
who's watching before the NFC (and AFC) championship games?
Gamer _Cousinz
'Gamer _Cousinz' 1 day ago
Theresa Hogan
'Theresa Hogan' 1 day ago
Hey dude perfect
'Crayvd' 1 day ago
Aaron probably hit all of them on the first try.
Matthew Weekley
'Matthew Weekley' 2 days ago
Next time you have a pro athlete in one of your videos have it be Kyrie Irving
Tony “Tony03Cai” Cai
Subscibe to me if you like piano,vlogs, and challenges.
Gavinsabeast12 Beast
Go pack go my name stars with a g and their logo stars with a g lol
'Mynameisjeff' 3 days ago
I like how excited Aaron is the whole vid after every shot
Carson Reguera
'Carson Reguera' 3 days ago
Hey guys my friend is getting a new YouTube plz go subscribe to my friend thatguyethan
'Dram41' 3 days ago
they're at UWM my home town
Allen Robinson
'Allen Robinson' 3 days ago
Can u do this stuff with Allen Robinson plz
'cmillertime7' 3 days ago
Too much awesome in one video.
Quentin Basil
'Quentin Basil' 3 days ago
that man aaron rodgers arm is a fucking lasor, dumb accurary
Jagger Cripe
'Jagger Cripe' 3 days ago
Greenbay super bowl 51
Hunter Lhota
'Hunter Lhota' 3 days ago
bring the old team of Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson back together
Reina Paniagua
'Reina Paniagua' 3 days ago
make a video with Michael Jordan
Dude Perfect 2
'Dude Perfect 2' 3 days ago
I also subbed to your YouTube channel!!!!
Mach Smith
'Mach Smith' 3 days ago
Showed that accuracy against the cowboys on last drive
Tyler Gavin
'Tyler Gavin' 4 days ago
I want to meet Aaron Rodgers
Kado Williams
'Kado Williams' 4 days ago
My two favorite athlete's
John Babcock
'John Babcock' 4 days ago
1:00 to 1:30 how Aaron practices his hail marys
sarah St. Andrew
'sarah St. Andrew' 4 days ago
I think Arron rogers is to cocky
Jonah Phillips
'Jonah Phillips' 4 days ago
you should do it with stephen curry
New England Pats Fan
meet tom brady pls
New England Pats Fan
dude im going to be exited to beat the packers in the super bowl
Avery Noelle
'Avery Noelle' 4 days ago
no gas stations at night haha
Cj3 gotgame (cj3gotgame)
Panda dab
Much better Together 132
I love green bay
'PZ10GAMING' 4 days ago
Was it a field goal?
The Bros Of Gaming
Hey he beat the cowboys in the divisional round
Eric Wan
'Eric Wan' 4 days ago
Aaron HAS this accuracy right now
George Smith
'George Smith' 4 days ago
These guys do nothing and make bank :(
Jedi Bacon
'Jedi Bacon' 4 days ago
Who is watching this after the Dallas GB game
Simon “The Joker” Tursky
"was the kick good?"
Sebastián Mata
'Sebastián Mata' 4 days ago
No gas stations at night haha!
zack tatterson
'zack tatterson' 4 days ago
You should do Stephen Curry Next
Alexander Zaragoza
you guys should make a video with cam newton
The Golden Astro
'The Golden Astro' 4 days ago
I love the greenbay packers.
'ldc62' 4 days ago
Rodgers ruined the video
Connor Ruta
'Connor Ruta' 4 days ago
Go packers
lol beta male power hour
Joshua Thibodeau
'Joshua Thibodeau' 5 days ago
Subscribe to my YouTube channel at Joshua Thibodeau please thank u
Brian Bishop
'Brian Bishop' 5 days ago
do a video with the warroirs
Kyle Sandberg
'Kyle Sandberg' 5 days ago
It's not a trust shot if you protect your nuts
Kylie Downs
'Kylie Downs' 5 days ago
Go pack go
'doomraider' 5 days ago
I hate Aaron Rodgers
'StoneHobbit21' 5 days ago
Aaron's accuracy comes back to bite Dude Perfect when he takes out their favorite team (Cowboys)
Ghosts Flame
'Ghosts Flame' 5 days ago
3:45 when bae say you get to pick where you eat.
Josh Manganello
'Josh Manganello' 5 days ago
i love you
'TEVON CALDWELL' 6 days ago
my boys going crazy out there
Ashok Chandrasekhar
Lol the party pooper add is so funny
Zachary Guinn
'Zachary Guinn' 6 days ago
Minecraft with Mav
I wish they brought curry on to this not cris Paul
Reece elizondo
'Reece elizondo' 7 days ago
Anyone else waiting for tomorrow's game of Green Bay and cowboys
Cody PlaysCallOfDuty
My dads name is Cody and my name is Cody so thay call me little Cody and that is what Chris Paul said
XxKingBeexX [PH]
'XxKingBeexX [PH]' 1 week ago
CP3 Is Here
Max English
'Max English' 1 week ago
Love cp3 and I'm a bulls fan but I like the clippers
Max English
'Max English' 1 week ago
'ANaughtyNuke' 1 week ago
Steve Hodes Jr
'Steve Hodes Jr' 1 week ago
I am 13
Steve Hodes Jr
'Steve Hodes Jr' 1 week ago
Yo Arod big fan Go Pack Go since 2004
'wikedcarnage' 1 week ago
go pack go im in wisconsin.
Isaiah Evans
'Isaiah Evans' 1 week ago
Stop at 4:00 and look at Tyler's shorts
Jacob Windorski
'Jacob Windorski' 1 week ago
Anyone else notice DP except garret was wearing lebrons
Jay Jay
'Jay Jay' 1 week ago
Super Smash bros.
'Super Smash bros.' 1 week ago
I'm sure this video was edited, but A-Rods accuracy is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When he releases the ball, it comes out like a dart, and its just a simple flick of the wrist (doesn't even look like hes trying)....
'BONE' 1 week ago
Two best pure passers of this generation in each league
Dude Squad
'Dude Squad' 1 week ago
I love dude perfect
'MTG OF ASIA' 1 week ago
aaron rockin the ultra boosts i see you
Krymson Djin
'Krymson Djin' 1 week ago
it. wasn't. a. catch. get it right
Biological Statistics
AR12 is arguably the most talented QB in the NFL to date. I admit this and I am a TB12 fan.
'ChevyMan1601' 2 weeks ago
Beef jerky and Mountain Dew is my go to snack
'cassie's caboodles' 2 weeks ago
Aaron Rodgers is so handsome
Dat whip Dat nana
'Dat whip Dat nana' 2 weeks ago
I hate Aron Rodgers
'Acelest' 2 weeks ago
I come from the future, to say Aaron Rodgers did "run the table" from 4-6 to 10-6, won the North, he is in question of mvp, they just won to the giants and are headed to the cowboys for the divisional round.
Rose Hahn
'Rose Hahn' 2 weeks ago
yaaaassss finally a good video with something wisconsin!!! Go Pack Go!!!🧀
David Heun
'David Heun' 2 weeks ago
You talkin about Kevin and daimon dropping dimes song
'Jacksonp6386' 2 weeks ago
No gas stations at night haha
Aime Lamour
'Aime Lamour' 2 weeks ago
Do perfect

You are so awesome I love all the crazy stuff that you do please do more
duke “dallas and duke” Lacrosse
Dez did catch it
Evan Dransfield
'Evan Dransfield' 2 weeks ago
5:11 look like someone hung themselves at the top
Shanestar Games
'Shanestar Games' 2 weeks ago
Who the hell is Belmo
'JJN JDOG' 2 weeks ago
Luis 24
'Luis 24' 2 weeks ago
I'll admit I'm a Brady dick rider but it's humanly impossible to hate Aaron Rodgers...
Malinda Calix
'Malinda Calix' 2 weeks ago
I'm subscribed
'KeViN SoUzA' 2 weeks ago
Braulio Valdez
'Braulio Valdez' 2 weeks ago
Lets go cowboys
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