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Chris Paul & Aaron Rodgers Edition | Dude Perfect -
Published: 1 year ago By: Dude Perfect

By: Dude PerfectPublished: 1 year ago

16, 357, 578 views

177, 410 Likes   2, 581 Dislikes

It's trick shot time with Chris Paul and Aaron Rodgers!
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Logan Vorderbrug
'Logan Vorderbrug' 7 hours ago
Aaron Rodgers was nervous
My solution
It's an Aaron Rodgers joke
Like if you got it
matt danz
'matt danz' 16 hours ago
No gas stations at night haha!
Gaming with Rhino
'Gaming with Rhino' 18 hours ago
Bears fan screw Rodgers who's with me
Artan Gjonaj
'Artan Gjonaj' 1 day ago
I'm just watching this for Chris paul
'Poleairbear' 1 day ago
How do they get into contact with celebrities and athletes? I wish I knew
Beckett Harland
'Beckett Harland' 1 day ago
Aaron.Please do Dymares Tomas
Sports and Gaming TV
It looks so easy for Aaron Rodgers
Anas Jan
'Anas Jan' 2 days ago
amazing people with amazing talent.
Rogelio Mariñelarena
go pack go
Lucas Umbright
'Lucas Umbright' 2 days ago
Chirs Paul can't shot like that
Hannah Berger
'Hannah Berger' 2 days ago
Who is the person behind Panda? I've been wondering ever since I've started watching Dude Perfect.
The Man
'The Man' 2 days ago
Go pack go
'NinjaGaming5000' 2 days ago
First time I've ever seen Chris Paul make a half court
Erik Cabrera Jr
'Erik Cabrera Jr' 2 days ago
No one can throw a ball like Aaron Rodgers
'Jetsfan' 2 days ago
Rodgers probably made all of his shots in about 5 tries.
'TheNewGangster' 2 days ago
do a video of a face reveal of the panda
'TheHarper34' 3 days ago
What luck on the Tyler trust shot Aaron
Aaron Rodgers
'Aaron Rodgers' 4 days ago
Let's go boy!!
'im_c21' 4 days ago
it was a catch
Willie Jacobs
'Willie Jacobs' 4 days ago
Chris can bowl eh?
Ashton Goldberg
'Ashton Goldberg' 5 days ago
Can you do a New York Giant Edition
Grim reaper Peacekeeper
Chris can't do do this In a NBA games but he can do it here!
Dat Boi
'Dat Boi' 6 days ago
My life will be complete if you did one with matt ryan and julio
'mcricarte' 6 days ago
Arron Rodgers is the best
Jeanne Rockwell
'Jeanne Rockwell' 1 week ago
your a boss aaron
Bob Shrilly
'Bob Shrilly' 1 week ago
No gas stations at night haha
'ninjaonfire11' 1 week ago
Does Chris Paul remember Coby and Cory when they met him in the USA bball practicing arena while interviewing him?
Dikshant Rimal
'Dikshant Rimal' 1 week ago
Amanda Sikes
'Amanda Sikes' 1 week ago
you should have. Stephen curry in a video
Sports Fanatic
'Sports Fanatic' 1 week ago
I want a football ;-;
Green Bay Packers 1027
Go Aaron and the game packers
Jaiden Lukeala
'Jaiden Lukeala' 2 weeks ago
I love you guys
Lewenski 7
'Lewenski 7' 2 weeks ago
Belmo is Jason belmonte which they also did a video with
Miraza Miranda
'Miraza Miranda' 2 weeks ago
Oml, he was just grabbing his balls like, "um no"
DatGentleman 1
'DatGentleman 1' 2 weeks ago
That football went faster than the school year
Wolfe Raps Fan page
'Wolfe Raps Fan page' 2 weeks ago
This is one of my favourite vid
Mruthula Naras
'Mruthula Naras' 2 weeks ago
who are you doing like this?i seen all videos in dude perfect.I mainly like the flip edition
cayden101 plays
'cayden101 plays' 2 weeks ago
neelima mallela
'neelima mallela' 2 weeks ago
I love you arod
'Biased_Lakers_Fan' 2 weeks ago
Chris Paul looks short in the NBA, but way taller compared to the dude perfect guys
Zane Amershek
'Zane Amershek' 2 weeks ago
I like Aaron I just moved to Wisconsin
Lamelo Ball1
'Lamelo Ball1' 2 weeks ago
No gas station at night haha!
Dynamic Duo
'Dynamic Duo' 2 weeks ago
Of course aaRogers would say that I t wasent a catch LM AO
Paige Snyder
'Paige Snyder' 2 weeks ago
No gas stations at night haha!
'TheOutLawTV' 2 weeks ago
They need to do Tom Brady
Luke Wachowicz
'Luke Wachowicz' 3 weeks ago
what are you talking about aaron rodgers, it was A CATCH
Brendan Hackett
'Brendan Hackett' 3 weeks ago
Chris Paul Play For The LAC And Aaron Rogers Play For The GBP 😱😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓
'GamingWithAAYT' 3 weeks ago
can you do a vid with Cam Newton?
'mxsfitvic' 3 weeks ago
Thats why we love Aaron Rodgers
Siddhayak Goyal
'Siddhayak Goyal' 3 weeks ago
'In all seriousness though, how will you get down from there?'
Thomas starrett
'Thomas starrett' 3 weeks ago
aaron rodgerssss  go packkkk
Kristoffer Kvien
'Kristoffer Kvien' 3 weeks ago
They need to make more stereotypes videos.
Brad The Beast
'Brad The Beast' 3 weeks ago
Aaron Rodgers is my favorite player. He's the goat
G-Dog Gaming
'G-Dog Gaming' 3 weeks ago
its weird they were in Milwaukee Wisconsin cuz i live in Wisconsin
Savitha Srikanth
'Savitha Srikanth' 3 weeks ago
I guess I should subscribe
Savitha Srikanth
'Savitha Srikanth' 3 weeks ago
Yesterday whn I saw it was 15M subscribers .Today its 16M subscribers
Kyle Finan
'Kyle Finan' 3 weeks ago
so close to the super bowl aron shold of beaten anlanta
Gayle Nixon
'Gayle Nixon' 3 weeks ago
go dall cowboys
'FireVulpez' 3 weeks ago
This whole time I thought Ty was calling Cody 'Coach'. Now I know it's 'Codes', I'm pretty disappointed
Berkay Engin
'Berkay Engin' 3 weeks ago
Trent Kaufman
'Trent Kaufman' 3 weeks ago
What were they saying was a catchier not?
roni tucker
'roni tucker' 3 weeks ago
Arron Rodgers birthday is a day before my birthday
Football Trick Shotters
I just started my channel
'JohnieBeGood12' 3 weeks ago
This is Fucking Epic
Emilee Diaz
'Emilee Diaz' 4 weeks ago
Nobody throws a football better than AARON RODGERS!
Go Green Bay!!
best shots
'best shots' 4 weeks ago
stephen curry
alex mercado
'alex mercado' 4 weeks ago
i aint stopin at a gas station at night i aint wit it😂😂 chris paul is great
Joe Swarbrick
'Joe Swarbrick' 4 weeks ago
The way Aaron Rodgers throws a football is just so effortless
Sameul Bari
'Sameul Bari' 4 weeks ago
What catch are they talking about?
Brodie Bashaw
'Brodie Bashaw' 4 weeks ago
they lost to the falcons
'Columba82' 4 weeks ago
aaron is a beast its so diffucult
Destiny is Awesome
'Destiny is Awesome' 4 weeks ago
Go Aaron Rodgers. YOUR AWESOME. (TRUE PACKERS FAN)💚💛💚💛💚💛
Ricky Juarros
'Ricky Juarros' 4 weeks ago
it was a catch
Aj Weber
'Aj Weber' 4 weeks ago
UWM Pride
'Garthzenke' 4 weeks ago
is that seriously Aaron Rodger tell him the packers had a good season and even though  I live in Minnesota but I love the packers
Realsteel Da Savage
'Realsteel Da Savage' 4 weeks ago
god damn aaron 😂😂
'MikeyBats' 4 weeks ago
Nobody likes the patriots xD
Leo Aguilar
'Leo Aguilar' 4 weeks ago
Djantai Otorbaev
'Djantai Otorbaev' 4 weeks ago
How many times do you think that camera man at 2:06 had to sprint across the court? 😂
Dallas Delano
'Dallas Delano' 4 weeks ago
"No gas stations at night haha!"
The Main Boys
'The Main Boys' 4 weeks ago
Go packers
Random Stuff I Like
'Random Stuff I Like' 4 weeks ago
Who noticed that Chris Paul and Arron Rodgers were never in the video at the same time.
Ben Farmer
'Ben Farmer' 4 weeks ago
I just snapped my hotdog
Ben Farmer
'Ben Farmer' 4 weeks ago
I just snapped my hotdog
Eagle Eye
'Eagle Eye' 4 weeks ago
I have green bay and especially Rogers I am from MN
MasterOv Waffles
'MasterOv Waffles' 4 weeks ago
Why rogers why.
Packers Fan
'Packers Fan' 4 weeks ago
love ya aaron
Colin Ericson
'Colin Ericson' 4 weeks ago
Aaron Rodgers And Tom Brady please
Colin Ericson
'Colin Ericson' 4 weeks ago
Aaron is like, I hit to many hail Marys, this is easy 😂
Rebecca Vezina
'Rebecca Vezina' 4 weeks ago
what was a catch
Nicolas Rebollar
'Nicolas Rebollar' 4 weeks ago
Bro Hemions
'Bro Hemions' 4 weeks ago
Discount double check😂😂
Joshua Graillet
'Joshua Graillet' 4 weeks ago
Aaron plays for my team
Erik Chavez
'Erik Chavez' 4 weeks ago
Can curry can be in there
'CMAN GAMING' 4 weeks ago
The 2K dislikes came from cowboy fans 😂
Punctual Light
'Punctual Light' 4 weeks ago
So that means that Chris Paul would play for the packers
Keaton Beast
'Keaton Beast' 1 month ago
Meowmeowdragon I have he thrown like 5Hail Mary's for the win
'AKman' 1 month ago
Only reason I disliked is because I HATE Aaron Rodgers I don't think I have to explain
Yo boy Calvin
'Yo boy Calvin' 1 month ago
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