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Chris Paul & Aaron Rodgers Edition | Dude Perfect -
Published: 1 year ago By: Dude Perfect

By: Dude PerfectPublished: 1 year ago

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It's trick shot time with Chris Paul and Aaron Rodgers!
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Destination Sauce city
My gas station snack beef jerky and iced tea
Brandon Ishnook
'Brandon Ishnook' 11 hours ago
Quarterbacks need to be doing these throws in the combine.
Nelson Lol
'Nelson Lol' 13 hours ago
Aaron rogers where is Jordy Nelson he is you're best player and I love Green Bay Packers
'LittleAvaGaming2' 16 hours ago
King KireXXIV
'King KireXXIV' 18 hours ago
I love Chris pual
Berke Kemal İleri
'Berke Kemal İleri' 23 hours ago
stephen curry
'All28906' 2 days ago
My favorite NFL player and one of favorite NBA players
'Vhazi' 2 days ago
The Only Thing I Hate About Arron Rogers Is Ever Since He Got Big He Didn't Care About His Family Anymore
Beda daniel Ahumada ybarra
Rapid Outdoors
'Rapid Outdoors' 3 days ago
What game was he referring to when he asked, "was it a catch?"
'JUDEYE YT' 4 days ago
The mobile laser shot Cody moved into it
kevin austin
'kevin austin' 5 days ago
Aaron Rodgers is a GIANT douche!
Jeffrey Sirait
'Jeffrey Sirait' 5 days ago
please make dp vs nba players same like the nfl one
joycelyn barrera
'joycelyn barrera' 5 days ago
nickname for chad and tim chim
Mr young Kobe
'Mr young Kobe' 6 days ago
4:15 Chris Paul dabbed
Tyler Lehnecke
'Tyler Lehnecke' 7 days ago
my moms co_worker cousin is Aaron rogers
Russell  Westbrook
'Russell Westbrook' 1 week ago
why is Aron doing every thing chris is 10 times better
Devin Chichester
'Devin Chichester' 1 week ago
I love aaron Rodgers
Derek Anderson
'Derek Anderson' 1 week ago
'KING DARK33' 1 week ago
Michael Anderson
'Michael Anderson' 2 weeks ago
My little nephew loves these guys! He's only a year and a half and has already started imitating these guys! Check it out on our channel!
Meredith Katie
'Meredith Katie' 2 weeks ago
Hahaha I'm dead... Arron dodgers
Ryan Harden
'Ryan Harden' 2 weeks ago
chris paul=destroyed by andre drummond
'BOSS SHARK 123' 2 weeks ago
No fare
Shyanne Moore
'Shyanne Moore' 2 weeks ago
Go Packets....Fav NFL team
Danny Harvey
'Danny Harvey' 2 weeks ago
blue lol
Yajuvendra Chauhan
'Yajuvendra Chauhan' 2 weeks ago
Can you do it with gronk
Hussain Albustani
'Hussain Albustani' 2 weeks ago
Imagine how much times it took them to make it
Daniel Ball
'Daniel Ball' 2 weeks ago
Your next video should be with Jordy Nelson
Daniel Ball
'Daniel Ball' 2 weeks ago
Aaron Rodgers is AWESOME like you guys
Ashlee Odom
'Ashlee Odom' 2 weeks ago
By Belmo he means Jason Belmonte
Ethan Martinez
'Ethan Martinez' 2 weeks ago
They literally put my two favorite athletes in one video
'ShadyVlogs' 2 weeks ago
2:06 had me dead watching the camera man running
Canucks 1994
'Canucks 1994' 3 weeks ago
Holy crap that form from Rodgers is the most beautiful thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'BeastDabest' 3 weeks ago
Where is the Hail Mary trickshot?
Lejla Ovcina
'Lejla Ovcina' 3 weeks ago
name is my name name
Aaron Roger is my favorite quarterback for the green bay packers
Tara Albright
'Tara Albright' 3 weeks ago
D P can do more packer player in your visa plz
Felix Banks
'Felix Banks' 3 weeks ago
did anyone else realise when CP3 almost dropped the bowling ball
Ricardo Falcon
'Ricardo Falcon' 3 weeks ago
Should have had Matty ice instead of Rodgers
pavle djukanovic
'pavle djukanovic' 3 weeks ago
panda is everyone who was in your video and wanted to him
Paschal Robinson
'Paschal Robinson' 3 weeks ago
the car one with arion roger the person who was driving the car he drove to the ball
'XxCoolnamewithXsxX' 3 weeks ago
Fake, look at the first shot in slow motion. No way that would have gone in.
Legend Grace
'Legend Grace' 3 weeks ago
mah boi aaron Rodgers
King George
'King George' 3 weeks ago
that shit was AWESOME YO!!! GOOD SHIT
Jovaugn Johnson
'Jovaugn Johnson' 3 weeks ago
I wonder if the camera man could be a running back (the bowling trick shot look to the left )
Savage Pro
'Savage Pro' 3 weeks ago
I love oat mill pies
WeAreJust KillingIT!
You can tell Aaron and Chris had a good time
Leslie Cribb
'Leslie Cribb' 3 weeks ago
you guys are the best at dowing thrick shots.
'ManiacalAge' 3 weeks ago
Donna Ball
'Donna Ball' 3 weeks ago
Aaron Rodgers is awesome like you guys.
Homesick_ Milk
'Homesick_ Milk' 3 weeks ago
how does aaron rodgers throw a football so perfectly????
Noah 360
'Noah 360' 3 weeks ago
Go pack go
Absol 35
'Absol 35' 4 weeks ago
You at at UW-Milwakee so guess you couldn't get into the BMO Harris Bank Center across the street.
josh bennett
'josh bennett' 4 weeks ago
Morton Bissell
'Morton Bissell' 4 weeks ago
To dude perfect and aaron rodgers.
Tyler Chodack
'Tyler Chodack' 4 weeks ago
CreekBoy 76
'CreekBoy 76' 4 weeks ago
Cody put his hand down
Ethan Jett
'Ethan Jett' 4 weeks ago
If he wasn't a basketball player he would be selling insurance
Patrick Morris
'Patrick Morris' 4 weeks ago
How's the panda
Maggie Kelts
'Maggie Kelts' 4 weeks ago
That's sick great job
Adam Duerwachter
'Adam Duerwachter' 4 weeks ago
I wonder how many takes this took?
Bottle flip gamers373737
Jesser you watch DudePerfect too
'JaybayCKD' 4 weeks ago
All of those shots were too easy for Aaron Rodgers
'Lleone' 4 weeks ago
what was the question on "was it a catch?" about?
Jessie Candaza
'Jessie Candaza' 1 month ago
Aden nguyen
'Aden nguyen' 1 month ago
dp are better than the legendary shots by a little bit
'GamingManiacs' 1 month ago
Film with steph curry
Wilson Millar
'Wilson Millar' 1 month ago
Thank you for doing one with Russel Wilson I'm a fan
Wilson Millar
'Wilson Millar' 1 month ago
Thank you for doing one with Russel Wilson I'm a fan
Cookies & Milk
'Cookies & Milk' 1 month ago
aaron pollock
'aaron pollock' 1 month ago
Aaron rodgers we start with the same name :)
Logan Vorderbrug
'Logan Vorderbrug' 1 month ago
Aaron Rodgers was nervous
My solution
It's an Aaron Rodgers joke
Like if you got it
matt danz
'matt danz' 1 month ago
No gas stations at night haha!
Gaming with Rhino
'Gaming with Rhino' 1 month ago
Bears fan screw Rodgers who's with me
Artan Gjonaj
'Artan Gjonaj' 1 month ago
I'm just watching this for Chris paul
'Poleairbear' 1 month ago
How do they get into contact with celebrities and athletes? I wish I knew
Beckett Harland
'Beckett Harland' 1 month ago
Aaron.Please do Dymares Tomas
Sports and Gaming TV
It looks so easy for Aaron Rodgers
Anas Jan
'Anas Jan' 1 month ago
amazing people with amazing talent.
Rogelio Mariñelarena
go pack go
Lucas Umbright
'Lucas Umbright' 1 month ago
Chirs Paul can't shot like that
Hannah Berger
'Hannah Berger' 1 month ago
Who is the person behind Panda? I've been wondering ever since I've started watching Dude Perfect.
Barack Obama
'Barack Obama' 1 month ago
Go pack go
'NinjaGaming5000' 1 month ago
First time I've ever seen Chris Paul make a half court
Erik Cabrera Jr
'Erik Cabrera Jr' 1 month ago
No one can throw a ball like Aaron Rodgers
'Jetsfan' 1 month ago
Rodgers probably made all of his shots in about 5 tries.
'TheNewGangster' 1 month ago
do a video of a face reveal of the panda
'TheHarper34' 1 month ago
What luck on the Tyler trust shot Aaron
Aaron Rodgers
'Aaron Rodgers' 1 month ago
Let's go boy!!
'im_c21' 1 month ago
it was a catch
'LaxIsLyfe' 1 month ago
Chris can bowl eh?
Ashton Goldberg
'Ashton Goldberg' 1 month ago
Can you do a New York Giant Edition
Grim reaper Peacekeeper
Chris can't do do this In a NBA games but he can do it here!
Dat Boi
'Dat Boi' 1 month ago
My life will be complete if you did one with matt ryan and julio
'mcricarte' 1 month ago
Arron Rodgers is the best
Jeanne Rockwell
'Jeanne Rockwell' 1 month ago
your a boss aaron
Bob Shrilly
'Bob Shrilly' 2 months ago
No gas stations at night haha
'ninjaonfire11' 2 months ago
Does Chris Paul remember Coby and Cory when they met him in the USA bball practicing arena while interviewing him?
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