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Beyoncé - Blue ft. Blue Ivy -
Published: 2 years ago By: beyonceVEVO

By: beyonceVEVOPublished: 2 years ago

16, 196, 606 views

158, 254 Likes   2, 873 Dislikes

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Victoria Passos
'Victoria Passos' 23 hours ago
Beyoncé 💔 Blue 💔 Brazil 💔 Trancoso 💔👭😢
Kiki Farm
'Kiki Farm' 1 day ago
Lord have mercy, this is a very beautiful song, but when i see 15 year olds saying "I'm only 15 but i want a baby" i want to crawl in a hole. I agree this song gives you very strong emotions, but please dont go out and purposely get pregnant. Beyonce is a grown woman who is capable of taking care of her children. As a 15 year old, you are not.
Van Tastico
'Van Tastico' 1 day ago
This is so beautiful made me cry :')
João Pedro
'João Pedro' 2 days ago
ela podia ter vindo gravar em porto alegre, tomar um cha aqui em casa kkkkkkkk
Denisse Nina
'Denisse Nina' 2 days ago
You´re beautiful as a sunflower ☺, Beyonce.
Daivianna Smith
'Daivianna Smith' 3 days ago
she's so sweet
Daivianna Smith
'Daivianna Smith' 3 days ago
My room definitel IS NOT flooded with tears
Ellen Cristine
'Ellen Cristine' 4 days ago
amo vc meu Brasil/ Love you my Brazil 🙏💘
'ThrasherTayy' 4 days ago
little did she know in 4 years she would be blessed with twins <3
'Xemper19' 5 days ago
Never heard ivy's song but damn
Homie Cactus
'Homie Cactus' 5 days ago
Someone teach me that dance
jessica santos
'jessica santos' 5 days ago
Perfeita, diva eterna e insubstituível. <3
Homie Cactus
'Homie Cactus' 5 days ago
Brazilians are so cool
Lay Pun
'Lay Pun' 6 days ago
blue's laugh gives me chills
Suzie Q.
'Suzie Q.' 6 days ago
Beyoncé could pass for Afro Latino or Hispanic
'A E.W' 6 days ago
I just love Beyoncé, she's so amazingly original. I C O N I C xx love you B
'SaraWtf' 1 week ago
I'm happy beyonce is have more babies but I think she should of only had blue because I think it was cute just her, jay z and blue
Sylvie Baroan
'Sylvie Baroan' 1 week ago
trop mignon
'Thata' 1 week ago
Beyoncé mandando o pacinho do romano melhor que eu
'OoIAteYourCookiesoO' 2 weeks ago
Cant stop crying i think i ran out of tissues
Erica Ugbo
'Erica Ugbo' 2 weeks ago
Now she has to make two more songs
JellyIvyx Roblox gameplays and more
This is beautiful
Tabitha Nicole
'Tabitha Nicole' 2 weeks ago
I still love this song .
wesley vicente
'wesley vicente' 2 weeks ago
that music is beautiful
Allie,s Life
'Allie,s Life' 2 weeks ago
This is so adorable 😱
Vitória Gomes
'Vitória Gomes' 2 weeks ago
maravilhosa...❤ BRASIL
Tricia Ballard
'Tricia Ballard' 2 weeks ago
i was crying
Carlos Manoel
'Carlos Manoel' 2 weeks ago
Blue <3
YaNiah Saintil
'YaNiah Saintil' 2 weeks ago
I love bes song😘😘
Marta Graudina
'Marta Graudina' 2 weeks ago
Charlie Factor
'Charlie Factor' 2 weeks ago
Terava Perreira Lomavita
If you didnt know, this song was about her pregnancy with Blue because in every picture she saw, she saw blue only. Blue skies, blue water, blue tables....
'GaabsRebel' 2 weeks ago
é no rio?
'Thigorr' 2 weeks ago
Thamires Barros
'Thamires Barros' 2 weeks ago
I so proud of my Country!
Brazilians are blessed and doesn't know.
Vanessa Sandy
'Vanessa Sandy' 2 weeks ago
before the song starts I was single, the songs ends and I'm pregnant
Milena Pereira
'Milena Pereira' 2 weeks ago
letra emocionante
Lapis Lazuli
'Lapis Lazuli' 2 weeks ago
Awwwwwww blue ivy is goals
'Evylopezlove21' 2 weeks ago
this song should ov been named hold on to me . I love this song!!
'SraPollofrito' 2 weeks ago
This song makes me want to have a baby girl.
Vinicius Óliver
'Vinicius Óliver' 2 weeks ago
Hey Brazil, Speak me! haha
Carolyn :D
'Carolyn :D' 2 weeks ago
I can't wait till Blue sees this when she's older 😍😭
sam sy
'sam sy' 2 weeks ago
who else love the song and her HAIR
Aracibelly Lima
'Aracibelly Lima' 2 weeks ago
e aqui no brasil
Lia Wedge
'Lia Wedge' 2 weeks ago
Brazil is very beautiful!!!! Uau! 🇧🇷
Kmc Media
'Kmc Media' 2 weeks ago
Do you ever watch these videos and think so did they help those communities or just take videos of the people and leave
Melody Montero
'Melody Montero' 2 weeks ago
Who else here waiting for her to write one about the twins 💜💙
The H Internet !
'The H Internet !' 2 weeks ago
Let's just say WHEN I'm in the hospital giving birth to a child this is what I will play
Carizma Gude
'Carizma Gude' 3 weeks ago
who could not like this song it's so beautiful
Kellysson Limma
'Kellysson Limma' 3 weeks ago
rainha do brasil.
Panic! AtTheCarousel
People say she in the ILLUMINATI but after watching this I think not
Rae Goddess
'Rae Goddess' 3 weeks ago
Brazil is so beautiful sooo ..Welp packing my bags and moving out of this boring place America
Jade Aguiar
'Jade Aguiar' 3 weeks ago
Beyoncé é simplesmente a rainha de tudo, sempre foi, sempre será ❤ e a Blue Ivy é perfeita mds ❤
Marcelle Santos
'Marcelle Santos' 3 weeks ago
Gente q clipe lindo mds
XDipper PinesX
'XDipper PinesX' 3 weeks ago
Cutest thing ever!XD Hi Blue!!
flabio Martinez
'flabio Martinez' 3 weeks ago
Awwwww So beautiful Bey, and Rio is amazing i have to go.
'ArianaGrandeVevo1' 3 weeks ago
How amazing would it be, if she made a new song with the twins and blue in the future! <3
'ArianaGrandeVevo1' 3 weeks ago
2017 still listening
João Pedro Ferreira #SMILER
1:21 Via Embratel berroooooooooooo
Paulina Apaolada
'Paulina Apaolada' 3 weeks ago
PauloPassos Passos
'PauloPassos Passos' 3 weeks ago
Te amo Beyoncé 😍💙
Diego Ciriaco
'Diego Ciriaco' 3 weeks ago
A melhor música é o melhor clipe claro kkkkkkkk
Kat Is a ć*ñt
'Kat Is a ć*ñt' 3 weeks ago
It's sad to think this song didn't get as big as it needed. It's such a beautiful song, I don't see how this didn't get huge.
I love you so much beyonce. Your a role model to me. You have a gift from god to dance and sing. Your very beautiful. You enspier young African American girls to be what they want to do and be. Dont let any thing get in your path for what god has set for you.
Patricia Bacch
'Patricia Bacch' 3 weeks ago
My country Brazil! Thanks Beyoncé
Estefy Solórzano
'Estefy Solórzano' 3 weeks ago
Beyoncé to her manager: "Oh and yeah, tell them to write down 'ft. Blue Ivy'"
Manager: "But she is just laughing"
Beyoncé: "Well her laugh is music to my ears"
Liyah OLee
'Liyah OLee' 3 weeks ago
All this time I knew who Beyoncé was but I never listened to most of her songs. I knew her older songs like If I were a boy, irreplaceable, halo and crazy in love....idk why I decided to go on a Beyoncé marathon but damn I'm glad.

I've got homework to do but I can't stop watching this video... it's so beautiful 😭❤😭❤
Two negative white women Neanderthal
I remember first listening to this song and I knew something was missing....cant wait to meet our new baby!
Yuno Gasai And Nicki Minaj Fan Boy
I've never seen beyoncé so happy in her life, I miss her like this. I still watch this in the year 2017 and up because its so cute and she went in on this song. True happiness ^^ Hope Blue makes you proud in the future beyoncé. ^~^
Alicia Brito
'Alicia Brito' 4 weeks ago
faz um desse quando vermelho e amarelo nascer ❤ aproveita e vem pra cá de novoo
aiden rodriguez
'aiden rodriguez' 4 weeks ago
This song ade me cry so much because my mom just passed away.
kwanda Ngubane
'kwanda Ngubane' 4 weeks ago
I am going to be there in October. BRAZIL I CAN NOT WAIT!
Matthew Parham
'Matthew Parham' 4 weeks ago
beyonce and blue so cute together
Amelia Pringle
'Amelia Pringle' 4 weeks ago
Well I pray for Beyonce for real
Laryssa Santos
'Laryssa Santos' 4 weeks ago
To vendo aqui o show que a Bey fez no Rock In Rio... Me arrepiando toda como se eu estive lá... Temos que fazer um baixo assinado pra Bey vim de novo no Rio!!!! #BeyoncéNoRio!
when you miss being with your mom all those fun moments..gone but aleast there in a better place where there happy and safe with god but..I miss sayin "mommy mommy"..maybe I will see her in day
Ashlynne Milton
'Ashlynne Milton' 4 weeks ago
i love you i wish i can meet you
'gingerboo' 4 weeks ago
This made me very emotional. This song is so beautiful. I hope Blue realizes how beautiful, and knows how much her momma loves her so much. It remind me of my mom and how much I love her dearly. Amazing song.
Little Kill
'Little Kill' 4 weeks ago
She is honestly such a good mother, a good person. She has such a good aura and I hope she stays true to herself along with Blue Ivy.
veda jean
'veda jean' 4 weeks ago
this song is so sad
Anna Banana
'Anna Banana' 4 weeks ago
Waiting for that song with the twins like...
Canal 1nsano
'Canal 1nsano' 4 weeks ago
podia ser a africa, mas é o rio
'TrevorHackerVEVO' 4 weeks ago
Whoever disliked this video is so rude. This is real life. My mom grew up this way in Puerto Rico. This song is so beautiful😭Great Job Bey
rodo cotidiano
'rodo cotidiano' 4 weeks ago
made in Brasil it's is Brasil beautiful nation
Kaiden McDonald
'Kaiden McDonald' 4 weeks ago
Nathy Olliver
'Nathy Olliver' 1 month ago
Muito amor envolvida! Te amo Brasil
Teresa Reid-Meyer
'Teresa Reid-Meyer' 1 month ago
The Queen B NEVER disappoints!!
Luiz fernando
'Luiz fernando' 1 month ago
Caralho, Blue Ivy, vc é muito burra! Vinheram roubar minha Sia.
Hey Luiz
'Hey Luiz' 1 month ago
olha ela com a camisa do Brasil 💙
Josh Lunde
'Josh Lunde' 1 month ago
what kind of camera was this filmed on?
Hyacinth Henry
'Hyacinth Henry' 1 month ago
I dedicated this song to an ex friend that was very special to me.
Karol Quijhua Neyra
'Karol Quijhua Neyra' 1 month ago
Amo esta canción! 😘😘😘
Black Army
'Black Army' 1 month ago
Brasil loves Beyoncé so much
Sam Pamenter
'Sam Pamenter' 1 month ago
I wonder how blue will react to this on the future when she's like a teenager 😂
Quero Entender
'Quero Entender' 1 month ago
Bey in Brazil!
Gui Tavares
'Gui Tavares' 1 month ago
a beautiful representation of my country <3 showing reality
girlArianator Fan
'girlArianator Fan' 1 month ago
blue so cute omg 😍
but she looks like her dad a little ugh
Kelly S
'Kelly S' 1 month ago
Get ready world Beyoncé twins r coming😂👶🏽👦🏽
Kelly S
'Kelly S' 1 month ago
I love her tone in this song
Yael Carter
'Yael Carter' 1 month ago
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