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Ellen and Pharrell Discuss the Importance of Love and Acceptance -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: TheEllenShow

By: TheEllenShowPublished: 2 weeks ago

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Ellen and the extraordinary Pharrell Williams spoke about the importance of inclusion, and the values that make a world of difference.

Team Young
'Team Young' 9 hours ago
you can't say God but keep going against him
Team Young
'Team Young' 10 hours ago
what's right is right I support Kim
Robert Spencer
'Robert Spencer' 11 hours ago
God doesn't need defending. On another note: 1 John 4:20 says, -- Any person that says they love God, but hates his brother (fellow man) is a liar. How can you hate your brother whom you've seen and love God whom you've NEVER seen.
Robert Spencer
'Robert Spencer' 13 hours ago
You do know that in 1st Corinthians it speaks of adulterers, prostitutes and other sins as well. People oftentimes choose the parts of the bible to send people to hell from. But, be advised that in the book of Matthew, the Bible clearly states that we are not to judge. That with the same judgement that you cast on others you will be judged similarly. This should tell all you "straight" people that you will be judged as the homosexual you place in hell. Also, Jesus was sent because God knew that we ALL were born in sin and shaped in iniquity. This, too, should tell you all that there is nothing that we can do in deed nor in thought that could keep us from hell no matter how hard we try. BUT, thanks be to God that he sent Jesus do die for us and the opportunity for us ALL--the straight, homosexual, prostitute, murderer, thief, liar, and cheater alike to be able to go to him and ask Him to make intercession to his Father for us often and much for our endless amount of sins. Lastly, in the book of John, it is said that Jesus was not sent into this world to condemn it, yet to save it. But if you don't believe in Him, you were then condemned. So my brothers and sisters, no matter how hard you or I can try; no matter how we crucify people, just know these are not the ways nor teachings of Jesus. His disciples were trifling and messed up, but yet he chose them (look em' up). He allowed a sinful woman to wash and perfume his feet and then he forgave her sins. He then told her that her FAITH saved her. He chooses the outcasts and the one's that people look at as peculiar. So, to reiterate, no one's deed can earn them a place at heaven's gates. Only one's belief that God is faithful to forgive one and ALL on continuous basis. I am just glad that God is Not like Us!
Markie D
'Markie D' 2 days ago
this fool pharell said we have no room for prejudice in the world today. all while Ellen just showed her prejudice for not allowing someone to come on her show BC she disagrees with her belief on homosexuality. but the blind and the sheep will not agree. Im just waiting on a minion to slide thru defending Ellen's bull shyt. foh
'MrSCOPACINO' 3 days ago


R-E-P-E-N-T !!!


Erikson Dos Santos
Man that's my nigga !!
The Nice
'The Nice' 3 days ago
Brain washed
'MadonnaDelRey' 3 days ago
I'm christian and SUPPORT gay marriage. I don't know where people are getting the idea that all Christians are against it. I'm straight, christian and have nothing but love and respect for gays.
Essence Scott
'Essence Scott' 5 days ago
I thought Ellen was a smart woman
Essence Scott
'Essence Scott' 5 days ago
lord help ellen
SD Honey
'SD Honey' 6 days ago
Kim Burrell is a black woman Pharrell so why did you turn on her? Get use to Kim's way of preaching in HER CHURCH and understand Kim Burrell is apart of this world, now where was you compassion when you call Kim Burrell out of her name ellen??? Hate speech in HER CHURCH????? Wow what a sell out Pharrell. I choose to Stand up for Kim Burrell
'MrTheguy1111' 6 days ago
#3:46 -3:49 - "Who I choose to love."

I thought it wasn't a choice. Or is it now??
OH Yeh!
'OH Yeh!' 7 days ago
Not all religious people are bad because a few haters are-
'Emotional2000' 7 days ago
Yes sin is sin, but here is what the Bible says regarding Homosexuality:  1 Corinthians 6:9-11, Romans 1:18-32, Leviticus 20:13, 1 Timothy 1:10-11,  1 Corinthians 7:2, Jude 1:5-8, Hebrews 13:1-5, Leviticus 18:22, Corinthians 6:17-20, Leviticus 20:13, Colossians 3:5-7 #YouBeTheJudge, but just not from my appearance...but judge righteously John 7:24  KJV Bible Translation...#BeBlessed #HomosexualityIsASin #SinIsSin Ms. Burrell was not attacking anyone personally, but using the Bible to address her congregation regarding sin.. Homosexuality is one sin mentioned in the bible, but there are MANY more. P.S I think Ellen D. is a good person and I love watching her show. I just do not agree with her homosexual lifestyle because according to my faith it is a sin and there is a penalty for all unrighteousness. We ALL for short of the glory of God is what I believe as a Christian/Believer in His word. Nobody is perfect. However, my father in heaven has given us a guide/the bible to instruct Christians/Believers on what is right from wrong/how we should conduct our lives.  I will be praying for both Ms. Burrell & Ellen D. because both are children of God and God loves all...However, he condemns our unrighteousness/our sins. With that being said, God loves everyone and so do I (regardless of our differences)...that is what being a Believer/Christian is all about. And when we see each other headed in the wrong direction, we try to help them get back on the right path...But it is up to the individual to choose what side he or she wants to be on in the end. We all have a choice to make...
ab tm
'ab tm' 1 week ago
please have james arthur performe
Kerry-Ann Williams-Myers
this is a ugly world. Ellen your nasty
Rob Perreault
'Rob Perreault' 1 week ago
Right... Because Men's procreative seed is completely unnecessary in the human procreation of life. LOL, come on people. Start being fair, and the world will turn around. It will ALWAYS take two. Want to argue semantics? Ok, technologically speaking we are likely at least 100 years away from creating a human fetus in a lab. Men don't suffer the pains of labor? Well obviously you're right..
But how about the pains of labor everyday? Callous, dry, cracked skin. Broken bones, lost limbs.. Who f-ing built the skyscrapers of New York? A bunch of women? No, give credit where credit is due.. No offense, I just don't like the whole "Women are everything.." line.. I fully comprehend and understand his logic, yet I don't understand how he can so easily undermine mens importance in the world.. It's kind of sad. </3
Apostle F W McCoy
'Apostle F W McCoy' 1 week ago
Please accept this in love. Pastor Kim Burrell spoke everything in love according to the word of God. People may change from day to day..but God's word will never change. God is still love. His nature is love but He is also holy and He has certain requirements. Choose this day life in Christ or death without Christ. The choice is ours. Pastor Kim never pointed out or called out Ms. it is very hypocritical for Ms Ellen.
The forbiden girl
'The forbiden girl' 1 week ago
love this Men. he is so natural and confident. I like him very much.
Nijia Johnson
'Nijia Johnson' 1 week ago
I love Ellen especially in dory
Mandy M
'Mandy M' 1 week ago
Funny how if someone disagrees with homosexuals, they get backlashed. Really? People don't have to accept the idea of homosexuality. It's like people are being forced to accept it. It's disgusting, immoral and dirty. I don't care what year it is. God created our forefather and foremother as opposite sex. God created Adam and Eve. Not Steve and Eve.
PewDiePie Soldier
'PewDiePie Soldier' 1 week ago
Now, I was not the biggest fan of Pharrell, but this shot my respect for him right up. What a genuine, kind-hearted, and loyal man he is.
Nnena Life
'Nnena Life' 1 week ago
'Scarecrow96' 1 week ago
Guys we should not Judge Kim Burrell for what she has said, people have said way worse things than her. All we can do is pray for her and hope she makes a change. Giving back negative comments and talking about her won't help anything, it'll only make us just like her. Please let's make a change
Anita Babani
'Anita Babani' 1 week ago
Pharrell for president
Love him ❤️❤️
D Lo
'D Lo' 1 week ago
Kim did what she did knowing it would get out. Ellen is gay. Can't blame her for not wanting someone who thinks that being gay is "wrong" on her show.
Crystal 1226
'Crystal 1226' 1 week ago
It's awful I wish I didn't grow up to be like that.. I'm 17 now and I believe love is love and spreading love and not hate is soo important. I'm bisexual and I'm still a human that deserves the same respect as any other human being deserves. I'm not any less. We are equal. And it makes me so sad I tear up when I remember and just hearing this shit makes me wonder and just hope they open their eyes and hearts to the beauty in our differences. Love is no crime and it hurts to hear this happening. The crime is bullying somebody because one's sexuality isn't like theirs or one's skin color isn't like theirs.. I wanna contribute into making the world a safer more peaceful environment. I just hope people drop this belief, and instead try searching to be the positive loving change this world really needs. We need to stick together not put eachother down..
Peter Chen
'Peter Chen' 1 week ago
*4:14 Ideologies are not the same as Physical Groups. For example, Religions are free to critique but being black isn't.
Christina K
'Christina K' 1 week ago
Christian T-shirt designer refuses to make Gay Pride shirts is sued and called a hater but a gay talk show host kicks Christian singer off her show and is praised?
Efkitty F。
'Efkitty F。' 1 week ago
I'm going to say to my family and friends. That I am Homosexual. And I feel they will... hate me.. I just don't know. Next year, 2018 is when I tell my secret.
Jesse Ocegueda
'Jesse Ocegueda' 1 week ago
Pharrell is right about ONLY ONE thing... God is love. When Jesus walked this earth, he LOVED hanging out with prostitutes, homosexuals, anyone who sinned because he had so much empathy for them. He loved them more than the people who weren't sinning! BUT, he STILL never agreed on their choices. It is still wrong. And I don't know why, we'll have to ask God why he made it that way, in heaven. But as of now, I do think us Christians need not to hate. We're sending out the wrong message to this world. Which makes communities like the LGBT, turn and run from us. We need to love them. Show them compassion. Show them that Jesus DOES still love them no matter what choices they make. Anyone for that matter. But also, still stand on what we believe is true, the word of God. That's what Jesus would want us to do rather than prosecute anyone! Love overcomes evil.
Jason Coleman
'Jason Coleman' 1 week ago
seemed like soon as he said love the audiance got mad liek they wont wanna love muslims
Carolyn Porter
'Carolyn Porter' 1 week ago
Ellen did the right thing! After all go back and watch Barack Obama's speech about why he gave her the Presidential Medal of Freedom
stacy Ritter
'stacy Ritter' 1 week ago
there is a failure of understanding on all sides
Arlette Vanarthos
'Arlette Vanarthos' 1 week ago
Anyone who is not for Kim Burrell speaking out against the gay community has hardened their hearts to Almighty God. Most of this generation has been so indoctrinated and brainwashed into believing that God winks at this sin. It is an abomination along with all sins against the Almighty one. Shame on you people who support Ellen DeGeneres. She and everyone that does not know God and follow, needs to repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.
The final curtain is now being drawn. Prepare because Jesus is returning soon. The signs are everywhere.
Cheyanne Corbett
'Cheyanne Corbett' 1 week ago
Pharrell and Ellen were speaking the truth. Be kind to one another no mater who they classify as, their religion and relationship, spread the love Xx
Leah Winningham
'Leah Winningham' 1 week ago
Some people are born with the thirst for blood. Others carry and uncontrollable desire to lie and be deceitful. There are those who scout out children to molester, and those who have a desire for the same sex. All of these things come from a natural desire of the heart. They come into this world with that desire and if they don't overcome it, they leave with it. We see people like this and we say. "what a messed up person to hate and kill and molest." A simple response would be. "well they have the desire to." Well naturally. we all desire bad things. When we sugar coat something like homesexualliy, we leave room to sugar coat something simply because it is a desire someone naturally has. yes! humans naturally desire evil. Dillon Ruff has a deep hatred for blacks, and he acted upon that and took the lives of innocent human beings. you say "oh, but that is wrong." but who truly defines wrong? If we are truly playing the "my heart told me so so it's okay game." then you can bet his heart told him to take those live and not regret a moment.
Lisa McPhaul
'Lisa McPhaul' 1 week ago
It's a shame that we have come to this point that if you speak against homosexuality, lesbianism or the lgbt that you're labeled a bigot. There is too much tolerance on this issue. No one is saying that you as a person is hated but the lifestyle You chose to live is an abomination to God and goes against the natural order of things. Stop trying to make everyone accept that lifestyle. Ultimately you have to answer for your sins.
Abraham Isra
'Abraham Isra'el' 1 week ago
The theory of Inclusion can't work in practise if inclusion means forcing others accept your values, you disagreeing with the moralities of my values doesnt make you a hater. so we have to let people live within the concept of their own morality as permitted by the law of their countries.
Irwin Tuquier
'Irwin Tuquier' 1 week ago
also stop leading your people astray pharrell. stop comparing minorities to homosexuals. people are born their race with no say in it. homosexuals choose to be deviant. behavior and race are totally different things.
Irwin Tuquier
'Irwin Tuquier' 1 week ago
as a fan of ellen , i'd like to say it was incredibly immature for her to not allow a guest on the show because she differs in opinion. not to mention hypocritical since she is promoting inclusion yet she excluded kim burrell from the show.
Love is love as long as it's not hurting someone anyone should be free in the land of freedom we just got gay rights not long ago so sad n what trump has planned is very fucked up
Domanic The Chaldean
Muslim and Imams in the middle east order the death of homosexuals, yet I never heard Ellen talk about it. Why? (Don't call me homophobic please, I'm homosexual).
Ace Lee
'Ace Lee' 1 week ago
Lisa Conrad...note the words he used love with inclusion and empathy...empathy means to feel for another person...remember gays think what they do is normal and 2017 or not its just not normal period!!
yes I hate that bigoted bullshit makes me sick
Call Me Jai
'Call Me Jai' 1 week ago
I'm sure these comments are gonna be just fine...
Dionicio Baca
'Dionicio Baca' 1 week ago
If that Kim follows her life so close to a book, why does she only choose the sins she wants and are convenient for her. The Bible clearly says that basically overweight people are sinners, yet she's clearly overweight. The Bible also states that you shouldn't dress with clothes made with two different fibers. I doubt she follows that rule. And the list goes on and on. So for you all ultra religious people out there, before being hateful towards others because a book says so, look at yourself and see if you follow of those rules.
Ben Sebastian
'Ben Sebastian' 1 week ago
The tolerant left, everyone 🙃
Nellie K. Adaba
'Nellie K. Adaba' 1 week ago
Great job.
'Nerozumim' 1 week ago
Why is it not Pharrell the preacher? (lol)
Aryeh M
'Aryeh M' 1 week ago
this woman will always stand up for the LGBTQ+ community, and i love her so so so much 💜
Nikol “Tygreska” Kleinová
(min 2:54) He says: "She's fantastic singer... she is... errr... I'd love her just I love everybody else, um, and we all got to get use to that... (meaning, to get used to some people is homophobic?!) ... get use to .... um... we all have to get used to everyone's differences, and understand it. This is a beautiful big gigantic colorful world and it only works with inclusion and empathy (to empathize with a homophobic person like Kim Burrell?!)".
'kacastell1234' 2 weeks ago
I love Ellen! ❤️
Isis Hertz
'Isis Hertz' 2 weeks ago
Everyone has the right to speak their mind... and not everyone will agree with each other all the time. But you cannot silence one person based on their beliefs just because theirs are not the same as yours. You rise above it... but now its evident that Ellen isn't as accepting as she claims to be. Smh
Allison MacKay-Bell
'Allison MacKay-Bell' 2 weeks ago
so ellen uninvited the gospel singer because she express her beliefs from the bible? ellen felt personally attacked? so we should not give a platform or space for someone of opposite personal beliefs to sing and perform. so ellen chose to not let this woman sing? where is this fb video...
'bulldogsbob' 2 weeks ago
What is so shocking that a Christianw old follow the Bible which calls homosexuality a sin.
'Pimplahdon' 2 weeks ago
" i dont want anyone to be hurt" " its all about inclusion".. ACCEPT for people who disagree with your filthy lifesytle. then you exclude them and call them names. LOL this pharrell guy "wants us to all be spineless women even though we are men." give me a break.
Hannah Manzano
'Hannah Manzano' 2 weeks ago
You know, up until I saw this, I always kind of liked to think that Ellen was excepting of EVERY belief. As a Christian and someone who does not stand behind the homosexual lifestyle I still watched her funny videos and her show when it was on because I did think she was different in that if people disagreed with her in a civil way then she would be okay, and I also watched because of how giving and generous she was with so many people. But after this, I'm so sad because she went against exactly what she is speaking about in this clip. Love, empathy, and everything else. I guess you only get those things when you believe what they want you too, or think how they think, but if you decide not to agree or back something YOU'RE hateful and won't be on the show. Okay, I get it now.
Elijah J
'Elijah J' 2 weeks ago
Inclusion and empathy are so important!
Elijah J
'Elijah J' 2 weeks ago
Spread love not hate :)
Shelbym S
'Shelbym S' 2 weeks ago
True love rebukes. It's about correction. God is a God of love yes, but He loves he also hates. When your parents correct you it's because they love you and they want whats best for you, that's the same with God. God says "Who will stand up for me against the evildoers?"

The bible says that the antichrist system is all about a false peace, most people will fall for the antichrist! They are getting ready to bring the New World Order!
prayers4 PAWS
'prayers4 PAWS' 2 weeks ago
Ellen is so intolerant.  If you don't agree with her lifestyle you can't come on her show.  What is she afraid of?
Topp Catt
'Topp Catt' 2 weeks ago
I like the acceptance she showed towards Kim Burell by disinviting her to her show for her religious beliefs.
Julia Kolens
'Julia Kolens' 2 weeks ago
I agree with everyone who says that freedom of speech is for everyone, even if his/her opinion is different from yours. But I also think there is a difference between freedom of speech and hate. And as Ellen said she received a lot of hate, she doesn't want to deal with it. At the end of the day, it is her show 💕
Samus Aran
'Samus Aran' 2 weeks ago
I respect Ellen for taking a stand. This type of behavior isn't going to stop until people make it unacceptable. If this gospel singer/pastor hates gays so much, why does she want to appear on this show? Some of these comments make absolutely no sense. Ellen is being intolerant? What? That's like saying your intolerant, because you won't allow a member of the KKK into your house for dinner. It's like saying you should be tolerant of the racial slurs they say about you.
As a Catholic, I was always taught to leave the judging up to God. I was taught to love and help my fellow human being. I don't recall the bible encouraging me to hate, slander, ostracize, physically harm, or even kill someone for who they are.
'VotelessOrc497' 2 weeks ago
Sorry that social media isnt a good safe space for you Ellen, maybe when you are able to handle a option, she can come on.
Juliet Ali
'Juliet Ali' 2 weeks ago
Personally I believe that this whole world is just full of a following society 😂 if one disagrees with the world, they get attacked. It wasn't a hate speech, it's about being blunt lmao .... if you're gay you're going to hell. Idk what y'all believe but that's me, if you wanna argue with me please go away 😂 al of y'all are full with excuses. Oh well can't change people (:
Rebekah Bridges-Tervydis
Pharellen - you guys rock!
Jake Kale
'Jake Kale' 2 weeks ago
Every day I lose faith in humanity. You can interpret that the way you want.
Jake Kale
'Jake Kale' 2 weeks ago
There are a lot of people promoting love and acceptance, yet those same people promote damnation to the other.

I am not talking about one side, I see that everywhere from each side.
Jake Kale
'Jake Kale' 2 weeks ago
Man wrote the Bible, not God. Man twists God's teaching into suiting their needs. I believe in God but I do not believe in man.
Jake Kale
'Jake Kale' 2 weeks ago
Huh. People need to get off their hyprocritic high horse.

People against Kim: "That fatass needs to go, there is no place for negativity, no matter what she believes.

Christians: You will burn in hell. But hey, I love and support you for what you believe.
Grayson Astaroth
'Grayson Astaroth' 2 weeks ago
Hahaha I love Ellen. This got The Vigilant Christian so heated!! Honestly, the most twisted comment section I've ever seen. PACKED with anti-gay supporters. People really need to move on from such hatred for mankind.
'Aloha' 2 weeks ago
Christianity is easy, love EVERYONE as God does. We have no right to judge anyone. But I don't think Ellen needed to call that woman out because as far as I know, that woman didn't call Ellen out or use Ellen's name in any sermon. If she didn't want her on the show because of her opinions, thats fine, but she didn't need to call that woman out like that. That just made a situation out of nothing.
Crafty Cookies
'Crafty Cookies' 2 weeks ago
I am going to se him in the movie theatres where he William host hidden figures
Crafty Cookies
'Crafty Cookies' 2 weeks ago
I am gonna go ese
Risky Bisky
'Risky Bisky' 2 weeks ago
it's genious.
Ourworld Smicken
'Ourworld Smicken' 2 weeks ago
Why is everyone wasting there time abusing each others opinion when they can go and mind there own business.
Cara Macedo
'Cara Macedo' 2 weeks ago
Carl Paul
'Carl Paul' 2 weeks ago
What does Ellen Degenerate know about love and tolerance? When her show on ABC was cancelled for bad ratings, she flashed the gay card. When she violated an animal shelter's rules, she ended up crying on her show about how mean the shelter was. That shelter ended up getting a sea of hate mail and bomb threats from her loving fans. Thanks to her arrogance, 2 families and an animal shelter had to suffer. Now she wants to bash Christians on her high and mighty soap box. Love and Acceptance Hollywood style!
Marianne Uptegrove
'Marianne Uptegrove' 2 weeks ago
To hear a man talk about feminism in such a way makes me Happy. Pun intended.
'IamYou86' 2 weeks ago
Hi! I take my morals from a book written in the bronze age by nomadic goat herders. DON'T YOU DARE TELL ME THAT I AM WRONG ABOUT ANYTHING! Those goat herders OBVIOUSLY knew EVERYTHING and we have a duty to keep ourselves far and away from any critical thinking skills. If you can't understand something, do what we always do and claim it was the big man upstairs.
siboat music
'siboat music' 2 weeks ago
Won't @TheEllenShow have been more loving, tolerant and matured by allowing @KimBurrellLove to sing on her show;proving her wrong like she's saying?
Rosia Minix
'Rosia Minix' 2 weeks ago
Jesus love the person NOT the sin. Get it CORRECT!
'.' 2 weeks ago
"CHOOSE to love"? I thought homosexuals didn't have choice over who they fall in love with (same sex).
Allison Joyce
'Allison Joyce' 2 weeks ago
love this
Alie Smith
'Alie Smith' 2 weeks ago
Aww he's shy
Kiki Bergamasco
'Kiki Bergamasco' 2 weeks ago
Maybe God created homosexual people for a reason. There are 7.5 billion people in the world. If we want to live in a healthy planet there must be some some balance. And this is the most peaceful way of creating it. Not by making wars and spreading diseases.
'Bianca' 2 weeks ago
i just love Pharrell, he's so calm and kind.
Ivana B
'Ivana B' 2 weeks ago
Kurt Cobain said it best. Peace, love, empathy.
'ddsin1' 2 weeks ago
the world is a beautiful place, but it works best with acceptance, empathy and true Pharell.
octavia gales
'octavia gales' 2 weeks ago
she said nothing about gays...she said "sin" I can see if someone was living in deep sin then I would see why they would be upset...
Afrozen Gooner
'Afrozen Gooner' 2 weeks ago
wishing them the best cause we can't win the other way. well said bro
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