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My Dream Quinceañera - Diana Ep 2 - Princess Diana -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: AwesomenessTV

By: AwesomenessTVPublished: 2 weeks ago

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Picking Chambelan's tuxedos more difficult than choosing a dress?
My Dream Quinceañera - Diana Ep 3 - Dancing Drama -
Who would have thought picking her Chambelan's tuxedos would be more difficult than choosing her own dress? Will Yandel's special surprise make up for the hectic day? Tune in to this episode of My Dream Quinceañera to find out!

My Dream Quinceañera is now casting nationwide! Want your quinceañera to be featured on the show? Send a video telling us why to [email protected]!

Turning 15 is a rite of passage and becomes a major event when having a Quinceañera. There's finding the dress, planning the fiesta, choosing your Court of Honor and the list goes on, especially when you are planning the Quince of your dreams!
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Created By: Autumn deVitry
Executive Producer: Laura Flanagan
Producer/ Director: Kevin Stalker
Editor: Shayna Thea
Associate Producer: Ali Gould
Associate Producer: Jackie Merry
Director of Photography: Mykee Del Mundo and Kevin Castro
Camera Operator: Armir Camangian
Sound Mixer: Monson Douglas
Post Production Assistant: Anais Bergues

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Music provided by Extreme Music.

Lps Yeezy
'Lps Yeezy' 20 hours ago
wax youre eyebrows diana
Lps Yeezy
'Lps Yeezy' 20 hours ago
i thought that was for fifhteen year olds
Moyo Falcon
'Moyo Falcon' 1 day ago
Cry Baby
'Cry Baby' 2 days ago
Her cousin is so sweet 😭💓
'Julylovve' 2 days ago
My name is Diana and I was once called princess
Josh Mejia
'Josh Mejia' 3 days ago
my cousin goes to her school what the
Zack X
'Zack X' 4 days ago
she looks like amy Wong from futurama.
Katie Rodriguez
'Katie Rodriguez' 4 days ago
that little cousin is so sweet saving his allowance 😁
cail is my friend
laysa Vaz Da MaTa Vaz Da Mata
DavidDie Pie
'DavidDie Pie' 1 week ago
she's a retard
Lizbeth AR
'Lizbeth AR' 1 week ago
voy a cumplir 15 en febrero 😆
Regi Palacios
'Regi Palacios' 1 week ago
its awesome
Zaira Mendoza
'Zaira Mendoza' 1 week ago
shut up that's her cousin you stupids
Sophia Tran
'Sophia Tran' 1 week ago
Her brother is so cute❤️❤️❤️
'magy' 1 week ago
Rachel Hostetter
'Rachel Hostetter' 1 week ago
She is so Aragent
'압릴' 1 week ago
Will they ever get people who know Spanish properly and can pronounce Chambelán, Damas ,and Quinceañera ? I'm not hating but .....
Amber Duarte
'Amber Duarte' 1 week ago
her family is so tight, they really love and support each other
Perla K
'Perla K' 1 week ago
She sounds like Kylie Jenner ha , I love her hair 😫
DanNy OC
'DanNy OC' 1 week ago
que clase que 15 años de rubi es esto :v
'DanielasArtLive' 2 weeks ago
Baby Dimamd
'Baby Dimamd' 2 weeks ago
you look SO PRETTY
Gabriel Cortez Art
'Gabriel Cortez Art' 2 weeks ago
I wish I could have one I'm using my cousins account I'm Italian but wish I could be
Zaniyah Evans (ZaniyahEvansVolgs)
Who else thinks they should do a show like this for sweet 16
Danita Paguiligan
'Danita Paguiligan' 2 weeks ago
that "cousin completing the payment" part totally touched my heart. sweetest thing ever
Ishika Chander
'Ishika Chander' 2 weeks ago
legit brother goals omg how cute ❤❤😍😘
Yatzil Leyva
'Yatzil Leyva' 2 weeks ago
Can i adopt her little brother !! He is the cutest boy ever
Nayeli Vale
'Nayeli Vale' 2 weeks ago
she so pretty beautiful
Nayeli Vale
'Nayeli Vale' 2 weeks ago
she so pretty beautiful
Nayeli Vale
'Nayeli Vale' 2 weeks ago
she so pretty
lit yasss
'lit yasss' 2 weeks ago
that's the color of my dress when I turn 15
Briseida Garcia
'Briseida Garcia' 2 weeks ago
Awww you worked hard for you to give her the crown 👑
Rhyan Brook Smith
'Rhyan Brook Smith' 2 weeks ago
Her cousin / brother is so cute. He is so interested in what his sister likes. Awhh❤️👫
Alana Vlogging and Stuff
My quince is in July and I REALLY want it to be on this show but I HIGHLY doubt my parents would let me :(
Gabriella Araujo
'Gabriella Araujo' 2 weeks ago
I don't like the dress and she is stuck up but her brother is sweet and selfless so I'll keep watching and why does she look 3 years old in the thumbnail??
Ashley MSP
'Ashley MSP' 2 weeks ago
HOLD UP WAIT A MINUTE how come the brother is sweet but look at mines if I came out with a dress he'd be like eww what are you wearing
Kaylee Analco
'Kaylee Analco' 2 weeks ago
He is OMG so nice to do that for her!! I only see these kinds of things in Movies 😭
sonia bonilla
'sonia bonilla' 2 weeks ago
Today I was in My god sisters Quinceanera I was the mini Quinceanera
Lindsey Ramirez
'Lindsey Ramirez' 2 weeks ago
I want a quincnera so bad ,but my dad said a car or  quince
look at me now
'look at me now' 2 weeks ago
what is that all for?
Ana Ramirez
'Ana Ramirez' 2 weeks ago
This chick looks so similar to me😱
'SuperSmartyHead' 2 weeks ago
I also live in riverside omg
Adriana Flores
'Adriana Flores' 2 weeks ago
out.of all the episodes this was the best one aww really touched my heart <3
'Youngin.trill' 2 weeks ago
Y'all a couple months.☺
Michael Ibarra
'Michael Ibarra' 2 weeks ago
what channel is this on ??
Alondra Diy
'Alondra Diy' 2 weeks ago
she sounds like kiyle Jenner
Alexis Nunez
'Alexis Nunez' 2 weeks ago
Is it just me or does she talk like Kylie Jenner ??
Farhana Syed
'Farhana Syed' 2 weeks ago
her brother is so sweet awww
Evelyn Rodríguez
'Evelyn Rodríguez' 2 weeks ago
your so beutiful and so cute happy bhirthay ☺😊👑👑👑👑👑👑👗👗👗👗😇😇😇😍😍😍😍😍😛😜😋😗😗😙😙😘😘😚😚
Ny Ny boo
'Ny Ny boo' 2 weeks ago
she is a bit rude the little girl said "u look like a princess" and she's like "I already know tht" like she could of said "ohhh thank u,tht is really nice of u to say"
Nicole Yee
'Nicole Yee' 2 weeks ago
Awwwww her little brother melted my little heart ❤️
Sky simmer
'Sky simmer' 2 weeks ago
Diana is the prettiest quince girl I have ever seen😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍yassssss
Tuğrul Türkmen
'Tuğrul Türkmen' 2 weeks ago
WithLove Sevil
'WithLove Sevil' 2 weeks ago
Her brother is the sweetest thing
emily velasquez
'emily velasquez' 2 weeks ago
Diana honestly has the sweetest little brother I've seen in a while, she should be very grateful for him
'Breana' 2 weeks ago
That's where I got tuxedos for my quince 😱😱😱😱
Ivey Vo
'Ivey Vo' 2 weeks ago
I know yandel he goes to my school and he my BFFLE
Damaris Feliciano
'Damaris Feliciano' 2 weeks ago
where do we send the vídeo ?
Yuriandy Villar
'Yuriandy Villar' 2 weeks ago
I have the purse at 0:49
Lc Lc
'Lc Lc' 2 weeks ago
aww he's the nicest cousin ever
spike vid
'spike vid' 2 weeks ago
do more videos
mariela marroquin
'mariela marroquin' 2 weeks ago
It's nice that he going to surprise her
Is it just me or are their style not cute :/
KayinandJenna Harper
Her little brother is so sweet
sundae Cantu
'sundae Cantu' 2 weeks ago
I like the dress, just not on her..
Keila Moreira
'Keila Moreira' 2 weeks ago
I just bought the same dress she has for my quince😄
siri H
'siri H' 2 weeks ago
awww i'm in love with her little brother
Monica Medina
'Monica Medina' 2 weeks ago
Luv u so,uch
Jayda Hancock
'Jayda Hancock' 2 weeks ago
Markako Só videos porrêta!!!
se inscrevam no meu canal q retribuo só avisar
Diana Rubio
'Diana Rubio' 2 weeks ago
my name is Diana too
Gabbie Crunch
'Gabbie Crunch' 2 weeks ago
I would start crying of happiness if my brother bought hat for me
Niza Garcia
'Niza Garcia' 2 weeks ago
I think thats the first rinestone top of a quinceanera dress from the whole season that I have actually liked.
Geraldy Gonzalez
'Geraldy Gonzalez' 2 weeks ago
my family form California live in riverside
'Lil' Lolo' 2 weeks ago
she's really pretty 😍 I love how the brother payed for her crown . that Is so sweet
Forever Love
'Forever Love' 2 weeks ago
Anyone else think she looks like vale God
keana darden
'keana darden' 2 weeks ago
Awwwww the little boy got her a crown and worked for it 😭
'Joanna's Channel' 2 weeks ago
Not being rude just that color
Sofia Ibarra
'Sofia Ibarra' 2 weeks ago
The brother is the sweetest person I ever known 😍😍
Kawaii Potato
'Kawaii Potato' 2 weeks ago
Where's her glasses from? They're cute~
celeste hernandez
'celeste hernandez' 2 weeks ago
Awe the brother is SO sweet😍
Amy burciaga
'Amy burciaga' 2 weeks ago
i love these videos of quinceañeras
Julissa life
'Julissa life' 2 weeks ago
the brother seems more excited and how nice to buy her the crown awww
'GISELA LOPEZ' 2 weeks ago
My quinceañera is in 2 months im so nervous 😭❤
'GISELA LOPEZ' 2 weeks ago
What a beautiful brother ❤
Krasser- Alois : News Portal
Tolle Sache Grüsse Alois
abigail blancas
'abigail blancas' 2 weeks ago
She's so gorgeous 💕
Y.A.H lol
'Y.A.H lol' 2 weeks ago
This one is boring Tbh....she just don't have a story to hers like the rest on Like season 1
Linee Gregersen
'Linee Gregersen' 2 weeks ago
Oml her brother is so cute 😍❤️
Karlie Orkhon
'Karlie Orkhon' 2 weeks ago
Jasmin m
'Jasmin m' 2 weeks ago
I like the dress she can reuse it for prom 😃😃
America Moreno
'America Moreno' 2 weeks ago
this girl needs to learn how to smile in pictures
Erika Contreras
'Erika Contreras' 2 weeks ago
Forget the quinceanera can we get more of her little cousin ? 😭
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