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Finders, Keepers – The Collector – Marvel 101 -
Published: 4 months ago By: Marvel Entertainment

By: Marvel EntertainmentPublished: 4 months ago

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One of the Elders of the Universe, the immortal Taneleer Tivan suffers from a very mortal disorder: obsessive collecting. ► Subscribe to Marvel:

Welcome to Marvel 101, where you can learn all about your favorite characters, places, objects and more from the House of Ideas! Find out the awesome origins and stupendous stories behind the brightest stars in the Marvel Universe! Today’s subject: The Collector!

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About the Marvel 101
Marvel 101's are a series of one minute episodes that give you a crash course on the background of a Marvel Character, storyline, weapon, location and more. Welcome to the Marvel Universe!
Produced by Jason Cheung and Judy Stephens
Editors: Jason Cheung
Writer: Jim Beard
Writing Supervising: Ben Morse 
Archivist: Pierce Lydon

Deylon Real
'Deylon Real' 4 months ago
Mister Fantastic Marvel 101
Nikolaj Lauritsen
'Nikolaj Lauritsen' 4 months ago
'rvfb0305' 4 months ago
I wanna see him fight.. Is he powerful aswell?
Janine Hanazono
'Janine Hanazono' 4 months ago
please do moon knight
Eficiencia Infinita
'Eficiencia Infinita' 4 months ago
I love the collector but I can not empathize with the version of the MCU
Nathan Cooper
'Nathan Cooper' 4 months ago
Child Mexican twice coast fitness day array prosecution.
'TheAtheistRaptor' 4 months ago

You okay there Vision?
Razer Howl
'Razer Howl' 4 months ago
Better start collecting
Noah Lee
'Noah Lee' 4 months ago
One of my favorite Characters!
Yaz Minetti B.
'Yaz Minetti B.' 4 months ago
Great video! I like it
aditi jaiswal
'aditi jaiswal' 4 months ago
thor ragnarok trailer ????
Lego Ghost Rider
'Lego Ghost Rider' 4 months ago
I wonder what his role will be in Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2. 🤔
'Gotham's Finest' 4 months ago
Marvel & DC post their videos at the same time!! 😨 What to do now??
'justGSquared' 4 months ago
My favorite character in the Marvel universe! He's awesome!
'Gotham's Finest' 4 months ago
Batman Begins!!! ;)
'TheWholeWorldChannel' 4 months ago
Not first.. *shruggs*
Daniel Duff
'Daniel Duff' 4 months ago
Why isn't Batman in Civil War?
'SuperHeroGamer' 4 months ago
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