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Warwick: The Wrath of Zaun | Champion Teaser – League of Legends -
Published: 4 months ago By: League of Legends

By: League of LegendsPublished: 4 months ago

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In Zaun’s Gray-filled streets, the criminal underworld is hunted by an engineered beast.

[ XPL01T ]
'[ XPL01T ]' 14 hours ago
i think that is new urgot
Nicholas Rasmussen
Finally Warwick is boss
'Lisiasty' 3 days ago
Who fed Warwick?!
'Mortal1ty' 3 days ago
Natural Geographic: Dog and wolf senses are sorta good
Natural Geographic: (after watching this) wolf senses are 10000x better than humans
Stanley Pang
'Stanley Pang' 3 days ago
thats fucking scary
'Yasuo' 4 days ago
Report lee for feeding Warwick
'Yasuo' 4 days ago
I bet you Lee fed him.
'Yasuo' 4 days ago
That little shitter teemo still better tho
'Zed ODA' 4 days ago
In game looks liike a bunny compared to this
Ethan Wright
'Ethan Wright' 5 days ago
the guy sounds like warwick himself
Ink Bendy
'Ink Bendy' 5 days ago
Warwick savage level
'EatMyNan' 6 days ago
When you smell the booty
Lord Geezmo
'Lord Geezmo' 6 days ago
Cover it with your mouth, dumbnuts.
'1sonyzz' 6 days ago
i play ww and everyone scared
The Official iamduudee
So he's under 50% hp with one little wound...
'CzarownicaVlog' 1 week ago
oh god
Slayer Tido
'Slayer Tido' 1 week ago
Yo I like who acted the victim nice Cha
'KAMIKAZE' 1 week ago
'ΛLΞX' 1 week ago
Best Teaser
'JustCallMeAlice' 1 week ago
Lol when the supp wants to live and they let the adc die
Favillion Bellarion
yes yes that was a brick
Hero Stigmatize
'Hero Stigmatize' 1 week ago
does anyone else feel like Boggin looks like the Zaun thug in the Ekko Teaser
Vorpal Blade
'Vorpal Blade' 1 week ago
This makes me want a FPS game with LoL characters, or just have Riot make an FPS in general.
Kindred Eternal Hunter
'MegaBitas' 1 week ago
tell me every champions name in this Teaser
'UltraAnimaniac101' 1 week ago
Tùng Nguyên Nguyễn Thanh
this seem like re7
'kamartyna' 2 weeks ago
wow I mean W O W
'Necroledo' 2 weeks ago
That was an extremely good for what's essentially a teaser trailer for an already existing character. Omg Riot, you better keep your team responsible for these teasers, those people are amazing.
Bunny Bear
'Bunny Bear' 2 weeks ago
This genuinely terrified me, imagine going through this in virtual reality O,O
Jackson Joestar
'Jackson Joestar' 2 weeks ago
Star Trek 4 The Wrath of Zaun.
samsung duos
'samsung duos' 2 weeks ago
saya main lol level 30 yasu saya level 7 eko level 7
DarkNoble 6
'DarkNoble 6' 2 weeks ago
It got me scared
Lemon Mania
'Lemon Mania' 2 weeks ago
Could the guy with the shotgun be a Urgot rework teaser ??
'Wirelo' 2 weeks ago
It would be pretty intense if this was a real game.
'Beodo' 2 weeks ago
Best RIOT cinematic so far, i would see a movie about this
'TheArmourWolf' 2 weeks ago
Lol they should add a buff to warwick for one day each month
TeRmInaT0r1 BOT
'TeRmInaT0r1 BOT' 2 weeks ago
if only the game was like that
'LogPlayz' 2 weeks ago
this is the Best teaser ive ever Seen in my Life 👌
Wicke Danneh
'Wicke Danneh' 2 weeks ago
So cool!
'NoXWithZinZ' 2 weeks ago
is that urgot update? because i want it!
SmartToothbrush 69
'SmartToothbrush 69' 2 weeks ago
who are those warwick is chasing at?? I've been wondering that since this came out
Eworet Games
'Eworet Games' 2 weeks ago
Zaun goons vs. 5 1000 degree knives
Nam Trang
'Nam Trang' 2 weeks ago
hay quá mọi ng ơi
Luana 00
'Luana 00' 2 weeks ago
explains warlocks personal issues..
Luana 00
'Luana 00' 2 weeks ago
rated T for Teen: blood, fantasy violence xDD
'ChennypieX12' 2 weeks ago
The game would actually be good if it was the same as the trailer
Dutu Silaghi
'Dutu Silaghi' 2 weeks ago
I bet the guy who run and said "c'omon c'omon" was Ekko lol
Ayooo 999
'Ayooo 999' 2 weeks ago
I live in Zaun. I just got a paper cut. Im fucked.
Bogdan R9
'Bogdan R9' 2 weeks ago
Experiment Glowing 1000 DEGREE Warwick vs ADC 2k17 in First Person
Hunter Barry
'Hunter Barry' 2 weeks ago

this is a screenshot of the very end it looks badass
Nanite Makes Stuff
'Nanite Makes Stuff' 2 weeks ago
Man that would actually be an interesting mechanic for a horror game, like if you get injured, the monster would be able to track your position better
'Xdron\e' 2 weeks ago
when adc and support thought it was a good idea to invade warwick's jungle
марин петров
King Ina Ka
'King Ina Ka' 2 weeks ago
damn warwick is badass
Stefan Sjumarken
'Stefan Sjumarken' 2 weeks ago
Serious bioshock vibes
Matthias Ethan Hunter
Matthias Ethan Hunter
Did zed die
'BRTANKER' 2 weeks ago
Oh my gosh.. Se aquele for o Urgot, o cara vai ficar pika pacarai
Noah Brown
'Noah Brown' 2 weeks ago
Hey its rakans voice actor
'fuzzwobble' 2 weeks ago
The voice acting in this trailer is incredible.
Mad Archit
'Mad Archit' 2 weeks ago
the vocalization in the end of the trailer was intense tho..
'talan651' 2 weeks ago
When warwick ganks bot xd
Jacob Chambers
'Jacob Chambers' 2 weeks ago
Wait... did Warwick just kill Urgot. foreshadowing rework (thats already coming)
Elijah Stevenson
'Elijah Stevenson' 2 weeks ago
Schloppel // Dweeb
'Schloppel // Dweeb' 2 weeks ago
Is that morty?
'OrangeCCooler' 2 weeks ago
who else was scared?
'Fiiery' 2 weeks ago
5000 Degrees Hand vs A Cableway ( This is not clickbait )
'TheDylanSark' 2 weeks ago
This idiot needs to stop falling all over the place ffs.
Ники Иванов
Who is the voice actor for the first person?i bet its Phreak
the ultimate pie
'the ultimate pie' 2 weeks ago
So is the new character the wolf monster thing?
Verkozius // Blood Fox
Did anyone else first thought that Boggin is Graves?
Verkozius // Blood Fox
From throughout what I see... It's like warwick is half werewolf and half vampire, like if you agree.
The Caped BatCrusader
Boggin, Fleg? Who are those?
'ArcherFish' 3 weeks ago
if this dumbass didn't try the "first person" maneuver he could've fucking lived
Chef Mew
'Chef Mew' 3 weeks ago
Time really does fly : (
Ronson Siliado
'Ronson Siliado' 3 weeks ago
How it feels to run from Warwick while only having an inch of hp left...
killswitch 076
'killswitch 076' 3 weeks ago
whos the first person? is it ekko?
killswitch 076
'killswitch 076' 3 weeks ago
my cousin Invited me to play LoL and he gave me a lot of characters and i chose warwick i didnt know he was a champ lolz
Glitch 美的
'Glitch 美的' 3 weeks ago
looks like ezreal support and urgot adc, took warwicks blue buff.
'Haugen' 4 weeks ago
btw, is it Ekko that is getting chased? Who is it?
'Haugen' 4 weeks ago
1000 Degree Claws vs iPhone
The Roblox Cool/Rich Gamer
it's that grave the dead walking that did?
'Leg3ndaryGamerA' 4 weeks ago
if this were based on the game Warwick would have never caught up with them until he smelt blood.
MarcAllen Gonzales
'MarcAllen Gonzales' 4 weeks ago
i THINK the one after ezreal is sion
AJ Thompson
'AJ Thompson' 4 weeks ago
My favorite hero in what is easily the coolest trailer I've seen in a while. I'm always a sucker for first-person though. Wow.
'shinkaise' 4 weeks ago
0:13 Look at the mirror , is that Singed ?
Luminous Nova
'Luminous Nova' 1 month ago
Is the voice actor of Fleg the same one as the voice actor of the Church Guy of left 4 dead?
Sunil Rathod
'Sunil Rathod' 1 month ago
Sunil Rathod
'Sunil Rathod' 1 month ago
chad deinger
'chad deinger' 1 month ago
By far the best cinematic ever
Erik Berndt
'Erik Berndt' 1 month ago
10,000 Degree claw challenge through scared boy!
Broken Teemo
'Broken Teemo' 1 month ago
Riot....please make a movie about league or a book🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Jhinetta Sindel
'Jhinetta Sindel' 1 month ago
I love Zaun, best fictional place ♥♥
Dan X Gamer Official
Lol when you are playing a weak champion and the warwick is 20/0/0 and graves and you went alone in the forest alone in the dark while graves was totally killed and you left him and you stupidly got hit by a minion and he smelled you down and youre whole team= PENTAKILL! Moral of the story-Never ever Make warwick be strong and buffed and never feeed
john andrei epitacio
Lol i subscribed my name on LOL is TeMmIe_HoI
Mynameis2long4u m8
'Mynameis2long4u m8' 1 month ago
what a fckin idiot
'ϟSAMSUNGϟ' 1 month ago
1:35 The best moment. all montage youtubers have this on intro.
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