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Living With A Wolf or Wolfdog -
Published: 2 years ago By: camelsandfriends

By: camelsandfriendsPublished: 2 years ago

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Lorne was born at a zoo in Georgia who breeds a select number of wolf pups to be used for educational purposes and for ambassadors for their species. Lorne's brother, Wyatt can be seen at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California. Lorne is being raised with the hope of using him in educational talks to raise awareness for an often misunderstood animal. Despite media attention that wolves in the wild have stabilized their numbers, they are still very much at risk. Wolf hunting continues to persist, both legally and illegally. Wolves are still stigmatized in society, especially by farmers and ranchers who if merely seeing a wolf will on sight, no matter the threat. This mentality is hurting our intelligent friend, whose relationship and companionship led us to the domesticated dog we have today and love. Lorne visits with the public regularly and even though he's just a cub, he has instantly charmed his way into the hearts of many others who before misunderstood and feared one of our closest ties to the natural world.

Lorne is a subspecies of the Grey (or Timber) Wolf. He was born in April (wolves are only born in the spring, unlike domesticated dogs) and until he came to me just shy of 7 weeks was used in meet-and-greets at the Georgia zoo. In July he went on a trip across the United States from out West to Chicago. Unfortunately once there, he swallowed a small slip lead and had to have a life threatening surgery to remove it. His recovery was remarkable and the vet that preformed the surgery said it was the fastest she had ever seen. Wolves are strong and very adaptable. Their immune system due to their varied gene pool and lack of interbreeding as seen in domesticated dogs, makes them lack the health problems they often do. It was a scary time, but thankfully today you wouldn't even know it ever happened (except for the constant reminder of paying off the bill!).

I'm working with Lorne every day and I hope that he is able to continue to reach out to the public as he matures. It is common that wolves once establishing a territory upon reaching adulthood have trouble leaving it and feel much more comfortable at home than in strange places. We will see what path Lorne wants to follow in life, but I hope that he will be kind enough to continue to make a positive impression on others and be an ambassador for his species.

CONTACT: [email protected]

You can see Lorne's other videos here:

'AGENT47ist' 2 days ago
I don't think it's a pure wolf,looks like a hybrid to me than wolf
Marcus McLean
'Marcus McLean' 3 days ago
I want a wolf so bad ! ! !
Jordan Schlansky
'Jordan Schlansky' 4 days ago
You really don't give a fuck about your stuff, do you? lol
Bryce Spencer
'Bryce Spencer' 5 days ago
have you ever thought about loran matting buttermilk be prepared for half wolf half dog puppies
Lauren smith
'Lauren smith' 7 days ago
I can't tell the difference I thought he was a domesticated dog lol has he been in the house since he was a baby?
Shannan Barham
'Shannan Barham' 1 week ago
Omg wolves are my favourite animal I want her or him so bad
Ashantii Blackbird
You should really get him a backyard, or some more space so he can run around. He seems really active.
Saneet More
'Saneet More' 1 week ago
r all wolf so much active ???
'ItsCxarde' 1 week ago
I wanna hear him howl ...
Barry Shaw
'Barry Shaw' 1 week ago
beautiful. do you have any videos of her howling that would be amazing
Sophia Armesto
'Sophia Armesto' 1 week ago
that wolf reminds me of one of the wolves from twilight
'itooholdwithfire' 1 week ago
Lol, beautiful animal... and for those that don't know any better, this is Lorne's equivalent to "nap time" lol. Anyone else crazy enough to keep a purebred as a companion knows just how calm that lil guy is
kan xue
'kan xue' 1 week ago
up next:You CANNOT Own A Wolf or Wolfdog - This is why...
Hachi And Sunny
'Hachi And Sunny' 2 weeks ago
Jade lyon
'Jade lyon' 2 weeks ago
'ThatDutchguy' 2 weeks ago
Somebody needs a good run and be completely tired before the home routine starts,....While you clean up the mess just act very disappointed, petting, no angry words, no punishment nothing.

Just look a bit sad, sigh alot😧, ignore the wolf/dog the whole day,..sure feed it, walk it, but no attention at all, no playing.

The next day,..if it does well, pet the wolf, reward it for good behaviour,..totally ignore bad behaviour.
'ThatDutchguy' 2 weeks ago
Must have been an interior decorator in a past live hahaha 😂.
Jovan TheKing
'Jovan TheKing' 2 weeks ago
this wolf was like MY BONE
Kat nip
'Kat nip' 2 weeks ago
he sure does have a bundle of curiosity LOL
cordula Vig
'cordula Vig' 2 weeks ago
Mur vaa
'Mur vaa' 2 weeks ago
Feed your dog more damn you can see the ribcage
Samy Fraser
'Samy Fraser' 3 weeks ago
hay so if say my dog and wolfdog are getting in to a tussel, would it be bad to try and brake it up, or is there a good whay to do it
Eat My Booty
'Eat My Booty' 3 weeks ago
Aw that was so adorable when it tried to cover itself with the blanket cx
Ken Sillman
'Ken Sillman' 3 weeks ago
put his ass on a treadmill and get some of that energy burnt
DreamWolf _Shenanigans
here's my wolf dog saying I love you
Isaiah Star
'Isaiah Star' 3 weeks ago
Beautiful wolf hybrid
Richi Abril
'Richi Abril' 3 weeks ago
muy bonito
cuando llegan a colombia?
jesse vandyke (jester77)
super cute!!!
'Zenapproach09' 3 weeks ago
No discipline huh
Discrimination is not a right.
Damn he's HUGE
Timmy O
'Timmy O'toole' 4 weeks ago
Love your wolf and dogs u r very lucky to have such animals, nice one ;)
'DEVILS REJECT' 4 weeks ago
that's a timberwolf look at its long legs I live in northern ontairo I've seen these creatures they're exactly what this one looks like
'Siittijamppa' 4 weeks ago
Someday it will kill your dog and then you.
Johnny Foster
'Johnny Foster' 1 month ago
Heya there . Damn cancel It looks for me like deeply bizbrte understanding =)
Kiera Tebb
'Kiera Tebb' 1 month ago
The white/tan dog looks way too skinny! He looks like he has been neglected!
Bria Johnson
'Bria Johnson' 1 month ago
He's like a big pupper 😂😍😍😍😍
DJ Ninja
'DJ Ninja' 1 month ago
Wolf owner = YOUR AWESOME
Khussal Zamlahani
'Khussal Zamlahani' 1 month ago
Kelbah Knights
'Kelbah Knights' 1 month ago
Such a beautiful being. May this wolf/wolf dog live a long life. I have always longed to pet a wolf, but not keep it, because wild animals in general deserve their freedom.
Sam Supreme
'Sam Supreme' 1 month ago
I don't know how anyone can kill a creature of God and Mother Nature herself. I think sport hunting of any animal should be illegal. If you kill it, eat it. Don't hang it on your wall or lay it on your floor. 😡
Geytor OTF
'Geytor OTF' 1 month ago
that's a big ol wolfer
Chuck Young
'Chuck Young' 1 month ago
it looks like he/she is looking for trouble all day long:)
It seems like they were hurting each other
Sumayya Ramadan
'Sumayya Ramadan' 1 month ago
the poor kid would like to run free...💝💝💝💗💗💗🌹🌹👍👍👍👍
Bender Bending Rodriguez
wow he's a handful lol
Herbert The Pervert
'Herbert The Pervert' 2 months ago
Why people say wolfs aren't recommended as pets? They are so cute!!!
Wild Jenny
'Wild Jenny' 2 months ago
Wolfson because the chin and the ears
Kora Dolinsek
'Kora Dolinsek' 2 months ago
I can tell by his characteristics the he is a wolf not a husky or a German Shepard
pbj univers 111
'pbj univers 111' 2 months ago
What breed is the
other dog at the start
Ruby Welch
'Ruby Welch' 2 months ago
the wolfdog looks so scary .
Destroyer Inazuma
'Destroyer Inazuma' 2 months ago
Lorne did look like a big dog to me, until I looked closer and checked other videos. He's a beautiful beast and looks highly intelligent, yet I see your point regarding not seeking to own his race mates as pets. If their heritage binds them to the wild, they do not belong in a house as much as most of us don't belong in the wild.
Nissalius Chrystalis
'Nissalius Chrystalis' 2 months ago
He is a stunning wolf hybrid. I hope to someday meet him. Have a good one! Keep up the good work with all your furkids ♡
byss biscit
'byss biscit' 2 months ago
dam let him outside shit
Susan Severson
'Susan Severson' 2 months ago
The light tan dog is way too thin!
David Beckham
'David Beckham' 2 months ago
how sad if he watch back this video he got pinned down by street dog
Taylor Hirshreich (Itachi Uchiha)
what is a wolf dog exactly?
robbyn kaufman
'robbyn kaufman' 2 months ago
It so cute
Ross P
'Ross P' 2 months ago
Awww whay a beautiful animal!
'dtrix10kc' 2 months ago
Sirius? Is that you?
Gerald Pastias (Phenom)
Are they on drugs or something
Sophia Moultrie
'Sophia Moultrie' 3 months ago
So what dummy
Kovi MaxShh
'Kovi MaxShh' 3 months ago
That is da motherfuckin CzechoSlovakian Wolf Dog its not the god damn Wolf poeple wtf??!!!
'PC2' 3 months ago
Meu Deus lindo demais, e eu tenho um cachorro pastor alemão misturado com rottweiler e já acho bonito, Agora esse dai é um super cão o_o
'Hraustr' 3 months ago
lucky you!
Lavamoon _
'Lavamoon _' 3 months ago
i have to say that dog is ballsy as heck.
'Poweralth' 3 months ago
Where's his brother at discovery kingdom?
ian fontanet
'ian fontanet' 3 months ago
this is what applejack from mlp should look like if she was a wolf
Edward 999¡
'Edward 999¡' 3 months ago
idk if that is a real wolf , but real wolf is hyper active and he will make you tired if you try tame it ,if you walk your dog a few miles , you need to walk a wolf for hundreds of miles to make him spend the tons of energy he naturally has , i wanted to raise one , but not after knowing that
rooster sideburbs
'rooster sideburbs' 3 months ago
please dont get a wolf or any dog and keep it in a cage
Steven Watts
'Steven Watts' 3 months ago
Weredog FTW!!!

I had a hybrid husky-wolf, and he was the shit.

As a puppy, his paws were HUGE. He was always a big dog, but he was affectionate, and never hurt anyone.

I would come home from work, and there would be a dead bird on my bed. It is considered a gift in the dog/wolf world.
FedorMachida Last
'FedorMachida Last' 3 months ago
Beautiful eyes. That is a nice looking wolf.
csg fan
'csg fan' 3 months ago
my father had a wolf dog, a mixture of grey wolf and German shepherd
'Nintality' 3 months ago
wow, sure looks more wolf then've got a beautiful animal
Vi Haze
'Vi Haze' 3 months ago
You can tell he's a wolf by the sounds he's making.
Denzel Porter
'Denzel Porter' 3 months ago
I REALLY WANT ONE OF THESE! I would name him "Nigra Lupus" or black wolf. It reminds me of a documentary called "rise of the black wolf" that gave me inspiration as far as life purpose goes.
Ivy Tulak
'Ivy Tulak' 3 months ago
thay play like my cats
Mark Booth
'Mark Booth' 3 months ago
Does any body else want a wolf after watching this video
Wanda Smith
'Wanda Smith' 3 months ago
wolf dogs are so beauitful😘
Puppet Master
'Puppet Master' 3 months ago
that other dog needs to eat
'InDemigodsWeTrust' 3 months ago
Wow you can practically see the intelligence gleaming in its eyes.
'grow2b' 3 months ago
He is bored; they are highly intelligent species and they need stimulation--indoors is not enough for this beauty.
'HNTR KLLR' 3 months ago
wolf or not

this nigga needs to be taught some manners
Andrew Williams
'Andrew Williams' 3 months ago
Everybody can't have a wolf! But I can see you obviously know how handle these animals.
Andrew Williams
'Andrew Williams' 3 months ago
I'm really shocked at how nice and playful this one is!
Andrew Williams
'Andrew Williams' 3 months ago
my uncle had one that looks just like this one all black with those eyes and he thought it was a German shepard. I knew what it was the fist time I tried to walk up to him. he had the attitude of a wolf nowhere near a dog. i did not get to pet
Theotheo Fullspot
'Theotheo Fullspot' 3 months ago
It is a wolfdog. He is acting like a wild animal.
yes my picture is strawberry Gerard
so this wolf dog is like me when I forget my adhd pills and drink 7 cups of coffee.
E Kramer
'E Kramer' 4 months ago
Damnit this is why we can't have nice things...:D
CrazyWolf_ 23
'CrazyWolf_ 23' 4 months ago
Beautiful wolf🐺❤️
Sir Kitty
'Sir Kitty' 4 months ago
I've never seen a full grown wolf, but I have seen and pet a wolf pup. My older baby sitter's son was taking the wold pup just to look after him. He was being used in magazines of nature of wildlife. It was nice going to their house to see (our baby sitter for once, hadn't actually been "babysat" in the last 5 years by her.) the cute energetic beautiful thing, it was like 3 weeks old, yet bigger than a normal 3 week old dog.
lala killa (lalakillabruhhh)
why the fuck u got wild animals.
ramon tompkins
'ramon tompkins' 4 months ago
His canines are much longer than any dog I ever seen. And that tail is a dead giveaway WOLF!!! RUN
Kiyoko Mori
'Kiyoko Mori' 4 months ago
People see wolves, and wolf dogs and they think oh its just a big doggy.... nooooope. They are so much more intelligent and high strung. They require a ton of attention .. even more so than a normal dog. Mine is a constant source of chaos in my life but I love her to death.
Sammy B
'Sammy B' 4 months ago
He's a house wrecker for sure!
Stevie Harasim
'Stevie Harasim' 4 months ago
Am I the only one who thinks the darker one looks like Sirius Black?
Randy Gipperich
'Randy Gipperich' 4 months ago
I'd beat his ass. He needs to be caged why your gone.
Sofia Lee
'Sofia Lee' 4 months ago
wolf's belong in the wild
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