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Living With A Wolf or Wolfdog -
Published: 2 years ago By: camelsandfriends

By: camelsandfriendsPublished: 2 years ago

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Lorne was born at a zoo in Georgia who breeds a select number of wolf pups to be used for educational purposes and for ambassadors for their species. Lorne's brother, Wyatt can be seen at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California. Lorne is being raised with the hope of using him in educational talks to raise awareness for an often misunderstood animal. Despite media attention that wolves in the wild have stabilized their numbers, they are still very much at risk. Wolf hunting continues to persist, both legally and illegally. Wolves are still stigmatized in society, especially by farmers and ranchers who if merely seeing a wolf will on sight, no matter the threat. This mentality is hurting our intelligent friend, whose relationship and companionship led us to the domesticated dog we have today and love. Lorne visits with the public regularly and even though he's just a cub, he has instantly charmed his way into the hearts of many others who before misunderstood and feared one of our closest ties to the natural world.

Lorne is a subspecies of the Grey (or Timber) Wolf. He was born in April (wolves are only born in the spring, unlike domesticated dogs) and until he came to me just shy of 7 weeks was used in meet-and-greets at the Georgia zoo. In July he went on a trip across the United States from out West to Chicago. Unfortunately once there, he swallowed a small slip lead and had to have a life threatening surgery to remove it. His recovery was remarkable and the vet that preformed the surgery said it was the fastest she had ever seen. Wolves are strong and very adaptable. Their immune system due to their varied gene pool and lack of interbreeding as seen in domesticated dogs, makes them lack the health problems they often do. It was a scary time, but thankfully today you wouldn't even know it ever happened (except for the constant reminder of paying off the bill!).

I'm working with Lorne every day and I hope that he is able to continue to reach out to the public as he matures. It is common that wolves once establishing a territory upon reaching adulthood have trouble leaving it and feel much more comfortable at home than in strange places. We will see what path Lorne wants to follow in life, but I hope that he will be kind enough to continue to make a positive impression on others and be an ambassador for his species.

CONTACT: [email protected]

You can see Lorne's other videos here:

Good for me I love dogs
NO. wolves are NOT domestic animals and they should NOT be kept as pets. At any given time a wolve's natural survival instincts could take over and there goes, Not only your dog, but your family as well. it's against the law to keep a wild animal as a pet.
'Domisgreater' 1 day ago
that wolf is fucking scary looking. like it could definitely kill you lol
Harry Parks
'Harry Parks' 1 day ago
you cant have a wolf inthe ouse but it is beuty ful
Noah reacts good laughs
Do they even feed the smaller dog
Robi Mohammed
'Robi Mohammed' 3 days ago
i got a wolf dog it a black male
Miss Moxie
'Miss Moxie' 4 days ago
Here let me just make sure this rug smells like wolf!!!!
'ProsBros765' 4 days ago
Oh I bought a new house and a wolf, 3 yrs later I hv to found a new house Mr.Ken(Realstitate) my dog made it fall apart
Ace The Grace
'Ace The Grace' 1 week ago
Wolves and Wolfdogs are two different things.
Miss Cutie Kitty
'Miss Cutie Kitty' 1 week ago
Beautifl how do you get a wolf dog
Le o
'Le o' 1 week ago
Oh wow I have a Timberwolf
u ayaz
'u ayaz' 1 week ago
i like ur wolf alot ... its too much beautiful
Madison Peterson
'Madison Peterson' 1 week ago
I love it
Lupa Wildblood
'Lupa Wildblood' 2 weeks ago
Hi! I just had a question. I know this has nothing to do with the video, but do you know what Winter Wolf Syndrome is? Has your wolf dog ever had it? I might be getting a wolf dog in a year or two and I've been doing research and have come across a few articles about WWS. It's like PMS, but in wolves and wolf dogs. I was wondering if you've had to deal with this, and how I could safely deal with a wolf dog that gets it. Thank you!
'ThatAwkwardGirl04' 2 weeks ago
scary asf! I'm a dog lover but the noise the wolf dog makes is just scary.
Paola Casertano
'Paola Casertano' 2 weeks ago
awww he´s a puppy yet
Rubin Safaya
'Rubin Safaya' 2 weeks ago
That isn't a wolf dog.
Ergo Sum Adrieyl
'Ergo Sum Adrieyl' 2 weeks ago
Lorne's favorite color DEFINITELY is purple lol
wolf girl kokk X
'wolf girl kokk X' 2 weeks ago
but it's so cute and awesome and dangerous that will make it more awesome
Lone Wolf
'Lone Wolf' 2 weeks ago
Your wolf is so energetic he probably breaks a lot of stuff at your house,mine is so calm and peaceful and he understands your orders before you even finish telling them.
alyx bodden
'alyx bodden' 3 weeks ago
i swear this is what my german shepherd would do when i used to leave him free in my house. when i saw the wolfdog climbing the shelves it reminded me of when i came home to find things taken down from my shelves and eaten. funny to look back on puppy disasters now that he is 2 and has calmed down a ton, haha. needles to say he has his own bedroom he stays in when i have to leave him now :)
Deuz_Ex_Machina _42
'Deuz_Ex_Machina _42' 3 weeks ago
As awesome as this is, I'd be scared shitless
Michael Ibarra
'Michael Ibarra' 3 weeks ago
were did u get your wolf its beautiful and I really want one❤❤❤❤
Avenging Angel
'Avenging Angel' 3 weeks ago
For people that keep asking if wolf dogs are dangerous, yes. But not just wolf dogs. Any pet you have can be dangerous. A wolf dog may never bite anything but a toy in his/her life. Whereas a Chihuahua could bite your ankle. Wolf dogs have very watered down genetics. A wolf dog usually only has about 23% wolf in them but 77% husky or whatever else, the rest is domesticated dog meaning they are much safer than wolves. Wolf dogs are much more tame than a regular wolf. But they are still very messy, and do have natural instincts in them. Don't ever physically punish them or abuse them verbally or physically in any way that makes them feel threatened. Be gentle with them and you'll be fine.
System Failure
'System Failure' 3 weeks ago
how reliable are wolfdog or wolves as pets? In a matter of health like will they turn ugly (mad) at some point and attack you? I would really like to have this like beast with me,but Im afraid they are too dangerous.?
A_boy E_zzz
'A_boy E_zzz' 3 weeks ago
Where are the best areas in the u.s to own wolf dogs???
'Skidern' 3 weeks ago
if your home has plenty of outdoor area for the dog to frolic in there's no problem in owning one of these

If you live in a crammed apartment with other pets, it borders on abuse
Megan Bourgoine
'Megan Bourgoine' 3 weeks ago
can I have it plz ?🐺🐾💖
'TheR2ndom' 3 weeks ago
He is rubbing his scent everywhere and by leaving food lying around = accident waiting to happen.
Julian Barnes
'Julian Barnes' 3 weeks ago
oh cool what is his name?
Olka Olka
'Olka Olka' 3 weeks ago
I feel bad for Lorne - I'm not saying you are a bad person or he is suffering, but wolves should be in the wild. we should stop breeding dogs, wolf dogs etc. we should stop destroying land for farm animals (aka let's go vegan). I hope what you are doing will bring some positivity into this world.
ps. he seems restless alright.
Julian Barnes
'Julian Barnes' 4 weeks ago
For some reason I thought he was a Wolf-dog Hybrid
'Newenlightenmentnow' 4 weeks ago
So Lorne is a real wolf? He's not a hybrid he's a real Timber Wolf? I assume you made this video to demonstrate how restless a wolf would be in a the house and why a wolf shouldn't be owned as an exotic pet. Is there a reason why Lorne seems to be gathering anything that's soft and tossing it in the middle?
H.F Gaming
'H.F Gaming' 4 weeks ago
Thee Parris Hill
'Thee Parris Hill' 4 weeks ago
rene ponce
'rene ponce' 4 weeks ago
vine por la imagen de Facebook
KiXeD Explicit
'KiXeD Explicit' 1 month ago
No se como coño he llegado hasta aquí.
iman F
'iman F' 1 month ago
the person shot this is eaten by him probably by now rip
Mz Angelfii
'Mz Angelfii' 1 month ago
This video is disturbing. The wolf dog needs a big backyard to get rid of all its energy and get some mental stimulation. And is it just me or is the white dog REALLY skinny? You're not a good owner and these dogs betters a better home!
Roman Alexander
'Roman Alexander' 1 month ago
all i could think about was how if that wolf wanted to it could just kill that other dog in a flash and keep playing like no one cares haha
'RPGlinx' 1 month ago
wolves are prehistoric dogs and will still mess ur shit up xD
taylor slone
'taylor slone' 1 month ago
You are not a good pet owner
'Brent' 1 month ago
That will surely keep the bad guys away from your house.
countrygirl 56
'countrygirl 56' 1 month ago
wolves r my soul animals i want one so bad so i can learn how they act and more about them
countrygirl 56
'countrygirl 56' 1 month ago
is the tan dog SUPER skinny or is it just me?
Emily Alford
'Emily Alford' 1 month ago
Also I love the part when ur wolf dog is like grabbing the blanket I'm just like" 🙃 The wolf just wants a blanket !"
Emily Alford
'Emily Alford' 1 month ago
Omg I WANT ONE !!!!!! I agree with some peoplewere there not pets. You see, I'm a therian .I need a companion sooo I think a wolf dog would be perfect. I have a huge yard with trees and a river and stuff for when I "shift" . Tell me if it would be a good idea to get one. I would not put it in a cage when I leave I would put him/her on my back porch. It's screened in and big . And has extra stuff bc I had a yellow lab who would brake out a lot.
Emerita Padilla
'Emerita Padilla' 1 month ago
I want wolf😣😭
'Zadeify' 1 month ago
Dont those need like a fuckton of exercise?
Minecraft zone 123
'Minecraft zone 123' 2 months ago
living with wolf's are not a good idea but I love wolf's but u like snakes more then I like wolfs
'Tom' 2 months ago
Cool video... but your dog looks underfed. Your not supposed to be able to see their ribs if they are at proper weight.
Night Hunter
'Night Hunter' 2 months ago
He's bringing shit out xD
Alex S
'Alex S' 2 months ago
amazing ur wolf is just is ur dog too :)
Ja M
'Ja M' 2 months ago
LOL @How he plops down on the counc around 1:00
Joshi Yash
'Joshi Yash' 2 months ago
I see lack of enough daily exercise in his body language..
happy to be me
'happy to be me' 2 months ago
poor wolf looks bored
Raylan Givens
'Raylan Givens' 2 months ago
You got a wolfdog abut your house is set up in a frilly way.

My house is very minimalistic. All the furniture is leather (older not $3000 new stuff) and my two German Shepherds have full reign of the place.
Nothing is off limits. Couches, chairs, kitchen - even the basement.
At the same time, nothing is set up to fail. Pictures on the wall are waist high or higher.
Built in dining room cabinet is real wood drawers and glass doors are above waist height.

My place is SO DOG FRIENDLY that I command bot dogs to sit in the kitchen, next to the fridge and clearly out of sight of the other rooms.
I then hide about 1/4 lb of pepperoni slices ALL OVER THE HOUSE.
Window sills (up high!), under chairs, on the built in, between cushions, in my bedroom etc...
Once im done, I give the release command and watch them hunt.
Ever see a GS push a couch to get to a treat? It's pure hunting instincts.

This pays off in spades - When I walk them off leash, they follow commands with military precision because they KNOW that I balance it off with fun time!
'admarvelwarlock' 2 months ago
My god u guys, hes hipnoticaly Beautiful !! Whats that HYBRID Breed, i must know !!
Purple Piano
'Purple Piano' 2 months ago
The dog looks very thin.
'서준표' 2 months ago
Black is wolf?
Black Andromeda
'Black Andromeda' 2 months ago
Black Andromeda
'Black Andromeda' 2 months ago
John Tsolakis
'John Tsolakis' 2 months ago
Irresponsible westerners who WANT these dogs are no different than the rich middle eastern scum who buy exotic wildlife like cheetahs
For there own ego to boost there Facebook followers and make more virtual friends. People today disregard what is right in order to forfill what they WANT. A valueless society build on possessions, cunts all of them!
Alessandro Torresani
'Alessandro Torresani' 2 months ago
Sorry but Lorne is a wolf (wolf + wolf) or a wolfdog? As I understand a wolf dog is a wolf mating a dog or viceversa...
Yune Kazuki
'Yune Kazuki' 2 months ago
I'm a fan for Lorne.And I am curiosity about Lorne only how many wolves blood?Or he just a wolf?
nurı genc
'nurı genc' 2 months ago
are u using handycam or phone camera ?
'AGENT47ist' 2 months ago
I don't think it's a pure wolf,looks like a hybrid to me than wolf
Marcus McLean
'Marcus McLean' 2 months ago
I want a wolf so bad ! ! !
Jordan Schlansky
'Jordan Schlansky' 2 months ago
You really don't give a fuck about your stuff, do you? lol
Bryce Spencer
'Bryce Spencer' 2 months ago
have you ever thought about loran matting buttermilk be prepared for half wolf half dog puppies
Lauren smith
'Lauren smith' 2 months ago
I can't tell the difference I thought he was a domesticated dog lol has he been in the house since he was a baby?
A1_mains Wolf lover
'A1_mains Wolf lover' 2 months ago
Omg wolves are my favourite animal I want her or him so bad
Ashantii Blackbird
'Ashantii Blackbird' 2 months ago
You should really get him a backyard, or some more space so he can run around. He seems really active.
Saneet More
'Saneet More' 2 months ago
r all wolf so much active ???
'ItsCxarde' 2 months ago
I wanna hear him howl ...
Barry Shaw
'Barry Shaw' 2 months ago
beautiful. do you have any videos of her howling that would be amazing
Sophia Armesto
'Sophia Armesto' 2 months ago
that wolf reminds me of one of the wolves from twilight
'itooholdwithfire' 2 months ago
Lol, beautiful animal... and for those that don't know any better, this is Lorne's equivalent to "nap time" lol. Anyone else crazy enough to keep a purebred as a companion knows just how calm that lil guy is
kan xue
'kan xue' 2 months ago
up next:You CANNOT Own A Wolf or Wolfdog - This is why...
Hachi And Sunny
'Hachi And Sunny' 2 months ago
Jade lyon
'Jade lyon' 2 months ago
'ThatDutchguy' 2 months ago
Somebody needs a good run and be completely tired before the home routine starts,....While you clean up the mess just act very disappointed, petting, no angry words, no punishment nothing.

Just look a bit sad, sigh alot😧, ignore the wolf/dog the whole day,..sure feed it, walk it, but no attention at all, no playing.

The next day,..if it does well, pet the wolf, reward it for good behaviour,..totally ignore bad behaviour.
'ThatDutchguy' 2 months ago
Must have been an interior decorator in a past live hahaha 😂.
Leo The Wolf
'Leo The Wolf' 2 months ago
this wolf was like MY BONE
Kat nip
'Kat nip' 3 months ago
he sure does have a bundle of curiosity LOL
cordula Vig
'cordula Vig' 3 months ago
Mur vaa
'Mur vaa' 3 months ago
Feed your dog more damn you can see the ribcage
Samy Fraser
'Samy Fraser' 3 months ago
hay so if say my dog and wolfdog are getting in to a tussel, would it be bad to try and brake it up, or is there a good whay to do it
Eat My Booty
'Eat My Booty' 3 months ago
Aw that was so adorable when it tried to cover itself with the blanket cx
Ken Sillman
'Ken Sillman' 3 months ago
put his ass on a treadmill and get some of that energy burnt
DreamWolf _Shenanigans
here's my wolf dog saying I love you
Isaiah Star
'Isaiah Star' 3 months ago
Beautiful wolf hybrid
Richi Abril
'Richi Abril' 3 months ago
muy bonito
cuando llegan a colombia?
jesse vandyke
'jesse vandyke' 3 months ago
super cute!!!
'Zenapproach09' 3 months ago
No discipline huh
Discrimination is not a right.
Damn he's HUGE
Timmy O
'Timmy O'toole' 3 months ago
Love your wolf and dogs u r very lucky to have such animals, nice one ;)
'DEVILS REJECT' 3 months ago
that's a timberwolf look at its long legs I live in northern ontairo I've seen these creatures they're exactly what this one looks like
'Siittijamppa' 3 months ago
Someday it will kill your dog and then you.
Johnny Foster
'Johnny Foster' 3 months ago
Heya there . Damn cancel It looks for me like deeply bizbrte understanding =)
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