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Harry Styles: Sign of the Times - SNL -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 2 weeks ago

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Musical guest Harry Styles performs "Sign of the Times" on Saturday Night Live. Harry Styles' self-titled debut album is out May 12. Pre-order at

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Alice Hood
'Alice Hood' 1 hour ago
Proud mama. My angel.. Love you forever xx
'CosmicMapping' 2 hours ago
This song is literally just a ripoff of All By Myself by Eric Carmen
'TheTinaMarble' 4 hours ago
This was a great performance and I knew you had some talent with One Direction and with this song, it's going to be number one!
Jadyn Smith
'Jadyn Smith' 6 hours ago
He sounds like Adele
Lillie Espino
'Lillie Espino' 6 hours ago
Julie Casey
'Julie Casey' 6 hours ago
it's like the British invasion all over. and I dig it
Brailie Courville
'Brailie Courville' 6 hours ago
Harry has a new fan.. in love
Mackenzie Miner
'Mackenzie Miner' 7 hours ago
Wish I was the mic stand
Anna D
'Anna D' 7 hours ago
I got chills 4:51 for real
Joe Freeman
'Joe Freeman' 7 hours ago
Isn't Harry just so cute. His voice doesn't look like it'll suit his face.
I love his voice.. not the faces he makes when he sings tho hahaha. Amazing song tho!!
matteo channel
'matteo channel' 8 hours ago
This song deserves to be legendary
'Mania28' 9 hours ago
The Graham Norton live version is better
Giselle Lara
'Giselle Lara' 9 hours ago
so adorable <3
Glenn Scott
'Glenn Scott' 10 hours ago
take a bow son ,class act
'Tiffany' 10 hours ago
This kid has some chops! Unbelievable song!
Alexa Leal Barba
'Alexa Leal Barba' 10 hours ago
Ya lo extrañaba!!!!
Laxmi Karki
'Laxmi Karki' 12 hours ago
he sounds amazing live like studio version this 😍😍😍 so proud of u Harry 🙂🙂🙂
Che Ghani
'Che Ghani' 13 hours ago
he is gold
Inge De Vries!
'Inge De Vries!' 14 hours ago
Eurovision 2018 Harry Styles for the UK ?
Jess G.
'Jess G.' 15 hours ago
This is the guy John Mayer wishes he could be.
'poeven' 15 hours ago
that very first note....!!
Cindy Martinez
'Cindy Martinez' 15 hours ago
Love it so much. This song is everything ❤️
Cindy Martinez
'Cindy Martinez' 15 hours ago
Love it so much. This song is everything ❤️
Ronja Josefiina K
'Ronja Josefiina K' 15 hours ago
I love the weird ass face he makes when singing the high notes lol
Евгеша Е
'Евгеша Е' 17 hours ago
Omg, I love him so much❤😱
Doc Holiday
'Doc Holiday' 22 hours ago
best song and vocals I've heard in a long time.
'pradeep1' 23 hours ago
Mofo can deliver!
tim murphy
'tim murphy' 1 day ago
Powerful performance. People said he was pissed off at it I wasny
'Gabylunac90' 1 day ago
oh my good ! this is... crack his voice is magic.. i love the song on the radio.. id never imagine it was him.. i though it was a classic 70-90 song
Hope DelosSantos
'Hope DelosSantos' 1 day ago
He reminds me of Dylan O'Brien for some reason
Bianca chaparro
'Bianca chaparro' 1 day ago
Damn😶he was really felling himself near the end😂😬
Alexis Monarrez
'Alexis Monarrez' 1 day ago
Asael Goomez
'Asael Goomez' 1 day ago
canta feo
'GoLAangels' 1 day ago
Jesus boi, don't trip over your damn microphone
Aubrey Fischer
'Aubrey Fischer' 1 day ago
I heard harry wanted to grow a mustache and it look like it is growing
'18olive' 1 day ago
I've got a ukulele cover of this song up! check it out!
nothinghates u
'nothinghates u' 1 day ago
Wow, this reminded me of why he was my favorite 1D member. This song and his voice is beyond words.
Emilee !
'Emilee !' 1 day ago
he sounds so nice i love it im happy he's making music again
Hannah Mae
'Hannah Mae' 1 day ago
Way better live than recorded 💯
Cody Ellison
'Cody Ellison' 1 day ago
Honestly has nothing to do with his singing but I prefer harry with shorter hair. He had it a little bit too long. Now it is preferred for him
Get Down
'Get Down' 1 day ago
I love you reg
Lady Trenco
'Lady Trenco' 1 day ago
I'm glad he's writing his own music and is an independent artist. Not sure if the band is still together, but I feel as if they are all finding the type of music they want to produce and the type of artist they are and I am really enjoying the music. I feel as if they've matured in a music sense, able to experiment and produce what they like. This was an amazing song and the vocals were incredible in my opinion, I love this type of style and feel. Keep it up!...or don't, it's your life :)
Miranda Libby
'Miranda Libby' 1 day ago
He sounds even better live, such an amazing voice 🙌
супер песня
Christopher Lister
if only i could sing 😂 lol
Wilma Haggard
'Wilma Haggard' 1 day ago
'COMMON RAIL THUG' 1 day ago
Wasn't a 1D fan but......Dammm this guy can sing!!!!!
Joe Henry Ryan
'Joe Henry Ryan' 1 day ago
I love this song so much. It would mean a lot to me if you watched my cover <3
'tysonuk' 1 day ago
Well done sir...Wow!
John Titus
'John Titus' 1 day ago
I wanted him to scream when he couldn't hit those notes, those little moments showed his passion and I loved it. Dude needs to just go for it and own it
Nicola McGonnell
'Nicola McGonnell' 1 day ago
Omg Harry learned the cetar like I'm soo proud
Donnie Yaiz
'Donnie Yaiz' 1 day ago
this was boring (from someone who lived thru the 70's and beyond)
Donnie Yaiz
'Donnie Yaiz' 1 day ago
Hrs only getting gigs like this cause he was with 1D
Lauren Oquist
'Lauren Oquist' 2 days ago
'MrJeparo' 2 days ago
Am I the only one who sees and hears Prince all over this magnificent song? It is amazing! Even the title reminds me of him.
Beth Slaughter
'Beth Slaughter' 2 days ago
Well damn!! That was amazing!!
'augustkobs' 2 days ago
Love this song! Harry Styles looks like a young Johnny Depp and sounds like a young David Bowie!
Ali Aqbaar
'Ali Aqbaar' 2 days ago
pretty fucking decent if you ask me !
'AnneLien1987' 2 days ago
I am NOT a 1D fan. But this song is AMAZING. It's a bit oasis, britpop ! Love it!
Bridget Logan
'Bridget Logan' 2 days ago
i am in love he is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo dreamy
njr 11
'njr 11' 2 days ago
just stop to crying is the sing of the times
Andy Needham
'Andy Needham' 2 days ago
Argh. I'm torn. It's a banging song but he just doesn't have the vocals to drive it home.
Джессика Поул
Taylor Roberts
'Taylor Roberts' 2 days ago
This was really good but his performance on The Graham Norton show was much better! I still love this though so please 1D fans don't hate on me lol.
Keisha Taylor
'Keisha Taylor' 2 days ago
Giulia M
'Giulia M' 2 days ago
1D was my childhood and now Harry and Zayn are slayin even more!❤️
Destinee Villanueva
Jesus Christ I'm definitely not okay after watching this
starkeshia Blackwell
if you want to cry real tears u listening to the right DAM song- lol hell if the band was only playing u still bound to cry a RIVER 👍
'WonderHack' 2 days ago
harry styles is the best out of all 1D. fight me
ying yang
'ying yang' 2 days ago
Harry really came out swinging. this is so good!
Linda T
'Linda T' 2 days ago
Harry styles is my favorite singer his mine for ever no one can,t have him
Sean Keogh
'Sean Keogh' 2 days ago
Not gonna lie... I thought the 1D crew was just another shallow boy band, but I'll give Harry Styles credit, this song is pretty good.
'StaplesMarbles' 2 days ago
hes progressing quite nicely as a musician. Excited to see and hear more of him!
Patricia Marasigan
Love you Harry ❤❤❤
lll Newman lll
'lll Newman lll' 2 days ago
He can't hit high notes for shit.
'AyyItsTaco' 2 days ago
The emotion he puts into this got me man
Arianne Blanco
'Arianne Blanco' 2 days ago
Iliyana Serrano
'Iliyana Serrano' 2 days ago
Aw you could tell he was upset with his performance at the end :/ on the graham norton show he was all smiles at the end
Gillian Sharman
'Gillian Sharman' 2 days ago
brilliant young man what a song
Damn this song is deep! We have to get away from here, meaning the current state of the world and the non stop conflicts. The end is near. meaning Armageddon or a new world order? Illuminati
Catherine Wigley
'Catherine Wigley' 2 days ago
ghost of Bowie has possessed this boy!
whitney nguyen
'whitney nguyen' 2 days ago
Wooot the justin timberlake of 1 d left zayne and harry hahah other guys will be gone like bubbles
Triek Ps4
'Triek Ps4' 2 days ago
Finally after all these years a real talent emerges.. what a great, GREAT song!!! If you are a music fan, like me.. you got to love this song. The first time i've hearded on the radio, it immediately catches my attention.. it's not that hard to pick a good song between all the shit that you hear all day long. Instant classic. Finally real music on the radio.
Savage Jada
'Savage Jada' 2 days ago
dang harry those vocals
Marta Jestem
'Marta Jestem' 3 days ago
wow, how beautiful song! so nice to hear :) and to listen to. and is it only me, or his voice changed? ^^
Crybaby Kia
'Crybaby Kia' 3 days ago
4:44 to 4:50 is just so satisfying to me lolll i keep replaying it
kristina carlson
'kristina carlson' 3 days ago
I'm 16 he's 23 that's only 7 years
Savannah Clark
'Savannah Clark' 3 days ago
This wonderful human being gives me the chills
'SomeVids' 3 days ago
this comment section is stupid. It's either omg look at the woman drumming omg look how hot Harry looks omg he can sing omg he was born to sing rock omg he went from bakery boy to huge megastar PLEASE STFU.
Sneha Bhandari
'Sneha Bhandari' 3 days ago
I hate that he seemed so sad at end cuz he didn't hit those High Notes..
but I love his smile in Norton's show after hitting high notes
Ultra Violence
'Ultra Violence' 3 days ago
all I heard was "got to get away".
Crystal Kelela
'Crystal Kelela' 3 days ago
I've always known that Harry has always been into rock music and the 70s. Beautiful. ❤️
Shanni-Leigh Boobear
Knew it was not the last we would see of Harry he has that special something way to go harry
Tyler Jøseph
David Bowie vibes
King Pickle
'King Pickle' 3 days ago
This shit was awful
'WT_6961Gaming' 3 days ago
Why does this remind me of Pink Floyd?
Jasmine L
'Jasmine L' 3 days ago
It's a miracle. Real music.
'ClumsyConnie' 3 days ago
As soon as he started backing away from the mic and shaking his hips and stuff i'm probably the only one who thought " There's his 1D self shining through!"
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