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The Ravishing Ruby Rose's First Appearance! -
Published: 1 month ago By: TheEllenShow

By: TheEllenShowPublished: 1 month ago

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The breakout star of "Orange Is the New Black" made her Ellen debut, sharing all of the exciting details about landing her big role, to hanging with new BFFs Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber!

More Rumaysa
'More Rumaysa' 12 hours ago
Ruby is bae❤️❤️❤️
Flesh And blood
'Flesh And blood' 2 days ago
Damn marry me Ruby Rose 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️
'VB MUTT' 3 days ago
She was a total badass in John Wick 2..
Summer Sunshine
'Summer Sunshine' 4 days ago
Babrak Jogezai
'Babrak Jogezai' 4 days ago
I love her in xxx the return of the xander and Resident Evil 6
Lilya Eberle
'Lilya Eberle' 5 days ago
I really wanna make out with her.
'FREE1UP' 6 days ago
She was so hot in John Wick 2.
'PsychoKitty사랑' 1 week ago
Her accent kills me
Rauwinia Wycliffe
'Rauwinia Wycliffe' 1 week ago
She is friken gorgeous 😍😍😍
'IcantSeeReplies' 1 week ago
Two lesbians and no talk about lesbian sex. I'm disappointed.
Holly Last
'Holly Last' 1 week ago
I didn't fucking know she's gonna be in pitch perfect 3 omahsjshsbshhd
Holly Wood
'Holly Wood' 1 week ago
Beautiful but too bad lots of inks on her skin
'szewei85' 2 weeks ago
haha i think she can be suitable 4 the parkour girl role FAITH in the mirrors edge movie if there is plan 2 make one day hahahaha
Xavier Johnson
'Xavier Johnson' 2 weeks ago
That woman is fucking beautiful!!!!!!!!
Jezelle Serdan
'Jezelle Serdan' 2 weeks ago
she's so beautiful. =)
'adloops' 2 weeks ago
Ruby rose makes me question my sexuality 🔥
Maggie R
'Maggie R' 2 weeks ago
she reminds me of angelina jolie
Cindy Valencia
'Cindy Valencia' 2 weeks ago
Ellen's in love who's portia 😂
'FantasticFifth' 2 weeks ago
I saw her on the show called " Dark Matter" and I like her at first time. She's so cool!
Sarah Rodriguez
'Sarah Rodriguez' 2 weeks ago
She's so hot
hang loose
'hang loose' 2 weeks ago
when is her first episode
'L.A.B ART' 2 weeks ago
Ellen soo mad she ain't never gonna get that
Je suis Chiante
'Je suis Chiante' 2 weeks ago
I love ruby rose 😍😍
'iwavemyprivateparts' 2 weeks ago
Like most dykes, I'm sure that Ruby Rose would still be on Bebo and have the "all guys will be blocked" policy written on her page, and in her photo album there's close-up of her clitoris and also a picture of her naked and bent over with the camera aiming right at her buttocks and Ruby is stretching them apart with her hands and there's a great big sloppy turd coming out in between them and underneath the turd you can see Jess's head with her eyes fixed on the turd and her mouth gaping wide open.
Homosexual Yuuri
'Homosexual Yuuri' 2 weeks ago
Yosephina Lim
'Yosephina Lim' 2 weeks ago
Pitch Perfectv3!!!
Ammo Rampage
'Ammo Rampage' 3 weeks ago
Is Ruby rose straight or Lesbian?
Cornelius Maximilianus
wow my lord she is a Goddess and I would worship Satan for her.
Alex Jones
'Alex Jones' 3 weeks ago
Montse Cerriteno
'Montse Cerriteno' 3 weeks ago
Anyone knew ruby during her Break Free era? Besides me?
'dallashood67' 3 weeks ago
Those legs, good lord
'RachelWyse' 3 weeks ago
"So you must work out."
Reaaaaaal subtle, Ellen 😂
'J.MaT14' 3 weeks ago
she's pretty cool in person came in my workplace to dine in with friends and she gave me a high five and said thanks you're a legend on her way out. first celebrity interaction, pretty memorable one #auzzie&proud
Emilys Entertainment Center
Ruby: Aw look! I'm so young.

Ellen: Yeah, that was like 6 months ago.

Laughed so hard.

Too hard.
Mouse Pad
'Mouse Pad' 3 weeks ago
I find people talking about how beautiful Ruby Rose is to be funny. She was a model in Australia for years. She also worked on MTV for a while.
Youtube_ Lover14
'Youtube_ Lover14' 3 weeks ago
Dudes & Denims
'Dudes & Denims' 4 weeks ago
ellen is about to risk it all!!
'kristie737' 4 weeks ago
Such a good storyteller... and such a babe
Abigail Gorman
'Abigail Gorman' 4 weeks ago
@theellenshow please can you caption this?
'JustWatch' 4 weeks ago
Oh Lord.. am I bi?
mike Pertin
'mike Pertin' 4 weeks ago
she is so beautiful
Mariana Polanco
'Mariana Polanco' 4 weeks ago
i love you ruby rose <3
Ariel Don
'Ariel Don't Worry' 4 weeks ago
Every joke she made went over Ellen's head. like she was not engaged at all. I felt kind of bad for Ruby.
Nik Rattlehead
'Nik Rattlehead' 4 weeks ago
I would tongue bathe this babe
Scott Miller
'Scott Miller' 4 weeks ago
She is an interesting woman, I'm excited to see how her career goes!
'akaBuRnz' 4 weeks ago
I swear she's the best ever love u Ruby ❤️❤️❤️
'F-A' 4 weeks ago
جهنم انشالله
Tamtam Silva
'Tamtam Silva' 4 weeks ago
ruby rosy e muito linda. ruby.
Janos Marta
'Janos Marta' 4 weeks ago
She looks like The Godess Femme Fatale!❤
'duzm' 4 weeks ago
I know her bc said she had a thing with Demi. I thought she was beim an attention seeker. But maybe it's true, who knows. Demi might have had fun with girls (bc she said she won't deny or confirm and there CFTS of course).

But I always though she wasn't bad looking and then OITNB happened and now I do like her 😂😅
Art vandaley
'Art vandaley' 4 weeks ago
"so tell me about your nude scenes on orange is the new black"
Meline Moulin
'Meline Moulin' 4 weeks ago
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marishana meyer
'marishana meyer' 1 month ago
You can tell Ellen likes her....
Ankit Kulkarni
'Ankit Kulkarni' 1 month ago
What a boring interview
cliff goba
'cliff goba' 1 month ago
she is stunning
justnitha tp
'justnitha tp' 1 month ago
she's gorgeous...
Leanne Fernandez
'Leanne Fernandez' 1 month ago
ruby looks like a grown up millie bobby
'jchowx' 1 month ago
she is beautiful
Hani Lakhani
'Hani Lakhani' 1 month ago
Ruby's eyes. OMG❤️
'CicciJewel' 1 month ago
She's stunning 😍
Sherri Lee
'Sherri Lee' 1 month ago
Oml this is the FIRST time I'm hearing Ruby Rose speak and god damn, her accent kills me😍😭❤️
Crystal King
'Crystal King' 1 month ago
I will make her like boys again
Mike Mez
'Mike Mez' 1 month ago
I bet Ellen wanted to eat her out so bad
Taylor blue
'Taylor blue' 1 month ago
she looks a lot like Angelina jolie
'SuperEdge67' 1 month ago
What a waste......revolting tattoos....and she bats for the other team.
loreli denham
'loreli denham' 1 month ago
my sister Layla would love to sing for you she loved singing she would want to meet Shawn Mendes
loreli denham
'loreli denham' 1 month ago
Ellen can I please can I show I love to dance and I really want to dance for you
'NativeTiger' 1 month ago
Ellen was stuttering bad man lol over her beauty hahaha I see you Ellen winky
'Shakester71' 1 month ago
She is one stunning specimen. But for a female that is more interested in being a male, as she has stated, she's sure is very girly which is fine by me.
Lorena R.
'Lorena R.' 1 month ago
everyone all about how hot she is i already knew that, what im freaking out about is Pitch Perfect 3!!!?How? when ?!
Pavithra M
'Pavithra M' 1 month ago
Isn't she a model as well?
Elsa Gaillard
'Elsa Gaillard' 1 month ago
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Guillermo Magan
'Guillermo Magan' 1 month ago
god!! she is megaboring
Laurel Kornfeld
'Laurel Kornfeld' 1 month ago
Sleeping on a blow up mattress from Target and being on the Ellen Show are not mutually exclusive. A person doesn't have to be wealthy to appear on a talk show. Please stop glorifying money over everything else, especially art.
Moisha Mei
'Moisha Mei' 1 month ago
No i know her from the song break free
iGot EvanStan
'iGot EvanStan' 1 month ago
she can rock any look😘
katie walsh
'katie walsh' 1 month ago
joint I think deeply strangg pursue :c
'Hieillua' 1 month ago
This type of woman isn't beautiful. She's just damn hot.
Alma Ambrosio
'Alma Ambrosio' 1 month ago
como lo puedo ver en español?
Crystal White
'Crystal White' 1 month ago
iv been waiting for this for the longest😂
'Caseydia' 1 month ago
I thought this was some sort of RWBY video. Weird.
Vena B
'Vena B' 1 month ago
greatest show in the world?!! yea sure.. b crap
'Kaito' 1 month ago
is that pewdiepies sister? LOL
'Moe' 1 month ago
shes so beautiful!
CindyN Cole
'CindyN Cole' 1 month ago
😍😍😍😍😍😍❤🔥ruby rose
Sammy Jean Katheleen
Ouu! I can't WAIT to see Pitch Perfect 3💗!!
Suzie Dunson
'Suzie Dunson' 1 month ago
I agree she is a gorgeous lady with such class... no one can compare..
Carla Smith
'Carla Smith' 1 month ago
Ruby Rose reminds me of Lara Croft, Angelina's character...
Moe Rosett
'Moe Rosett' 1 month ago
Ok no "homo"... but this is the most perfect girl I've seen in my entire life! =O Geourgeus !!!
Julz Baby
'Julz Baby' 1 month ago
my daughter wants to watch the new xxx movie only because Ruby is in it
Julz Baby
'Julz Baby' 1 month ago
Beautiful lady.
lorna harris
'lorna harris' 1 month ago
yeeeew Rubie Rose is a legend. Aussie DJ, actress, singer/songwriter, model and probably more. Ruby really is a legend
'Myrano' 1 month ago
Oh my god I'm so gay Ruby Rose is e v e r y t h i n g
Niloofar SH
'Niloofar SH' 1 month ago
Ruby Rose is awesome. ❤❤❤
Casey Aguilar
'Casey Aguilar' 1 month ago
I've waited for her to be on Ellen for so long😫👏🏽👏🏽
Rowan Brasher
'Rowan Brasher' 1 month ago
Ruby Rose is my queen
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