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The Ravishing Ruby Rose's First Appearance! -
Published: 1 week ago By: TheEllenShow

By: TheEllenShowPublished: 1 week ago

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The breakout star of "Orange Is the New Black" made her Ellen debut, sharing all of the exciting details about landing her big role, to hanging with new BFFs Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber!

loreli denham
'loreli denham' 4 hours ago
my sister Layla would love to sing for you she loved singing she would want to meet Shawn Mendes
loreli denham
'loreli denham' 4 hours ago
Ellen can I please can I show I love to dance and I really want to dance for you
'NativeTiger' 8 hours ago
Ellen was stuttering bad man lol over her beauty hahaha I see you Ellen winky
'Shakester71' 8 hours ago
She is one stunning specimen. But for a female that is more interested in being a male, as she has stated, she's sure is very girly which is fine by me.
Lorena R.
'Lorena R.' 11 hours ago
everyone all about how hot she is i already knew that, what im freaking out about is Pitch Perfect 3!!!?How? when ?!
Pavithra M
'Pavithra M' 19 hours ago
Isn't she a model as well?
Elsa Gaillard
'Elsa Gaillard' 1 day ago
Retail gradually cash forgive main extensive shuttle depend flower.
Guillermo Magan
'Guillermo Magan' 2 days ago
god!! she is megaboring
Laurel Kornfeld
'Laurel Kornfeld' 2 days ago
Sleeping on a blow up mattress from Target and being on the Ellen Show are not mutually exclusive. A person doesn't have to be wealthy to appear on a talk show. Please stop glorifying money over everything else, especially art.
Moisha Mei
'Moisha Mei' 2 days ago
No i know her from the song break free
iGot EvanStan
'iGot EvanStan' 2 days ago
she can rock any look😘
katie walsh
'katie walsh' 2 days ago
joint I think deeply strangg pursue :c
'Hieillua' 2 days ago
This type of woman isn't beautiful. She's just damn hot.
Alma Ambrosio
'Alma Ambrosio' 2 days ago
como lo puedo ver en español?
Crystal White
'Crystal White' 2 days ago
iv been waiting for this for the longest😂
'Caseydia' 2 days ago
I thought this was some sort of RWBY video. Weird.
Vena B
'Vena B' 2 days ago
greatest show in the world?!! yea sure.. b crap
'Kaito' 2 days ago
is that pewdiepies sister? LOL
'Moe' 2 days ago
shes so beautiful!
CindyN Cole
'CindyN Cole' 2 days ago
😍😍😍😍😍😍❤🔥ruby rose
Sammy Jean Katheleen
Ouu! I can't WAIT to see Pitch Perfect 3💗!!
Suzie Dunson
'Suzie Dunson' 3 days ago
I agree she is a gorgeous lady with such class... no one can compare..
Carla Smith
'Carla Smith' 3 days ago
Ruby Rose reminds me of Lara Croft, Angelina's character...
Moe Rosett
'Moe Rosett' 3 days ago
Ok no "homo"... but this is the most perfect girl I've seen in my entire life! =O Geourgeus !!!
Julz Baby
'Julz Baby' 3 days ago
my daughter wants to watch the new xxx movie only because Ruby is in it
Julz Baby
'Julz Baby' 3 days ago
Beautiful lady.
lorna harris
'lorna harris' 3 days ago
yeeeew Rubie Rose is a legend. Aussie DJ, actress, singer/songwriter, model and probably more. Ruby really is a legend
Min Suga
'Min Suga' 3 days ago
Oh my god I'm so gay Ruby Rose is e v e r y t h i n g
Niloofar SH
'Niloofar SH' 3 days ago
Ruby Rose is awesome. ❤❤❤
Casey Aguilar
'Casey Aguilar' 3 days ago
I've waited for her to be on Ellen for so long😫👏🏽👏🏽
Nikki Hale
'Nikki Hale' 3 days ago
Ruby Rose is my queen
Kylie Tokaji
'Kylie Tokaji' 3 days ago
Aww I've alway admired Ruby Rose!! She is so genuine and kind.. And beautiful.. And seems really confident
'shineelove15' 4 days ago
I dont really get the hype over ruby rose. Trust me she is fine & all that but there's no certain x factor that draws an instantaneous pull like Ruta Gedmintas who plays Frankie in Lip Service and Kate Moennig as Shane in TLW. Also I'd choose kstew over ruby rose any day. Just saying
CJ Works
'CJ Works' 4 days ago
mimi light
'mimi light' 4 days ago
Her legs omg
Ingrid Cruz
'Ingrid Cruz' 4 days ago
ay Deoos no sabia a quien mirar...hahaha 🙌🙌🙌💟
Carmen Charmayne
'Carmen Charmayne' 4 days ago
It's like Jolie and Bieber had a child 👶 and she is Ruby 🌹
'Sam' 4 days ago
1:33 "next thing you know, i'm frien... i'm on the Ellen show". Hahaha she was about to say friends with Taylor Swift.
R. H. Hewitt
'R. H. Hewitt' 4 days ago
It's curious when it's the topic of lesbians that there are no nasty ignorant comments by straight men, yet when the video is the topic of gay men, you find rude nasty remarks about how they perhaps eat each others' feces etc.
Megan matthew
'Megan matthew' 4 days ago
I'm gay and now I'm straight. Did anyone else see Ellen getting a boner?
Hana M
'Hana M' 4 days ago
She is ravishing
Manic Behavior
'Manic Behavior' 4 days ago
Damn her legs.. Too bad she aint straight!
Madz de Guzman
'Madz de Guzman' 4 days ago
she's damn hot.😍
Esther Li
'Esther Li' 4 days ago
I just nutted
Cayce Elizabeth
'Cayce Elizabeth' 4 days ago
gahhhhhh she is beautiful
Sergio Dominguez
'Sergio Dominguez' 4 days ago
when you're jealous of her because not onlyis she already pretty, she's prettier than you as a boy too.
ruarfa I
'ruarfa I' 4 days ago
How do famous people make their legs look so smooth and shiny?!? I know so random but my legs are so dull i've always wondered
sim d
'sim d' 4 days ago
I think the story she spun about her having a blow-up mattress etc was a bit over-the-top. She forgot to mention she had a quite a big career in media in Australia, she was a television host, I think she did radio etc She was quite in demand in Australia, so she wasn't struggling artist that's for sure.
Mari -chan
'Mari -chan' 4 days ago
rousy azcuna
'rousy azcuna' 4 days ago
Wow what an amazing journey. She deserves everything that she has now.
Saly Traore
'Saly Traore' 4 days ago
Her face is mad pretty wtf
'Morpheus' 4 days ago
Ruby's leg game is on point........real talk.
laurel mcbeath
'laurel mcbeath' 4 days ago
ruby fuck me now
Aryeh M
'Aryeh M' 4 days ago
how??? can??? one??? person??? be??? so??? gorgeous???
'RockAngel7878' 4 days ago
She's alright I see no wow factor y'all trippin
B Unit
'B Unit' 4 days ago
'Everybody discovered you' everybody = the US?? She's been known here for ages. I just wish that had been worded differently but hey

In other news she's lost weight :o
Angel Lemurian
'Angel Lemurian' 4 days ago
Her face and mannerisms remind me of Portia.
Lovely Bun
'Lovely Bun' 4 days ago
Game of Thrones is the greatest show in the world thanks. Your beautiful though.
Vicky Sts
'Vicky Sts' 4 days ago
Clementine Arnaud
'Clementine Arnaud' 4 days ago
must species pro law tour court threaten prospect.
Felix Lawrence
'Felix Lawrence' 5 days ago
Treasure drunk similar fold speaker cheap vast.
lucia Jowsey
'lucia Jowsey' 5 days ago
Oh ruby such a babe
Alif Trevathan
'Alif Trevathan' 5 days ago
i feel like there were loads of times where ruby was being rlly funny and no one picked up on it ._.
Kristianne Bautista
Is she straight?
'MySpirity' 5 days ago
And one more thing... Straight woman, you don't have to apologize, because are you attracted to Ruby Rose. But one is true. That makes you no straight anymore. If you were 100 % straight, then even Ruby couldn't change you into lesbian.
Talal makak
'Talal makak' 5 days ago
nothing worse than lesbians getting together
'MySpirity' 5 days ago
Everything is fine on her, except that... She is too skinny. She should become some weight.
Scarlet S
'Scarlet S' 5 days ago
Okay but she was barely in 9 episodes
imruk saar
'imruk saar' 5 days ago
i don't know. but am attract to her. & am straight btw
'S KC' 5 days ago
I don't remember exactly but I have known her before #BreakFree and #OITNB.
Aleena Sooter
'Aleena Sooter' 5 days ago
i'm sure i'm not the only one who waited for this to happen
Aleesha Rio
'Aleesha Rio' 5 days ago
she reminds me of angelina jolie
Sally Sibsikilh
'Sally Sibsikilh' 5 days ago
Too much beauty in one video
Murithi Caroline
'Murithi Caroline' 5 days ago
Elsa Gaillard
'Elsa Gaillard' 5 days ago
Pals whenever Anyone understand larger this video? $rofl...
cor nell
'cor nell' 5 days ago
oh rubyyyyyyy
Ómar Castro García
Is it just me, or was the interview kind of awkward?
Wsb Marion
'Wsb Marion' 5 days ago
She is so beautiful
'cassie849' 5 days ago
Oh ruby honey I love you but don't tell in Australia 🇦🇺 you've been famous since you first appeared lol all ya modeling and then your presenter work, trust me 90% of Australia knew who you where mostly by name and face sum by just face.....once you started acting it's just taken you that extra 10% and then added America to that tally
'maryEnkr' 5 days ago
She is hot! wooow
bhavana r
'bhavana r' 5 days ago
ruby is just awesome...
'TheCamisado' 5 days ago
Effy Rounds
'Effy Rounds' 5 days ago
Can she sit on my face 😍😍fuck she so hot my god my gay now
Stéphanie M (SS21)
When you have a crush both in ellen and rose.. x_x
'linjmee85' 5 days ago
What a nice accent...and a nice face...and a nice body. I am 100% jealous of her
Shama AlAli
'Shama AlAli' 5 days ago
Lupe Fabian
'Lupe Fabian' 5 days ago
Nora G
'Nora G' 5 days ago
Never seen orange whatever it is but to us here in Aus she was just a video dj and tv host..
Its Raquel
'Its Raquel' 5 days ago
she is so finee 😩😍
Lucia Young
'Lucia Young' 5 days ago
Tiger Lilly
'Tiger Lilly' 5 days ago
Ellen was crushing hard on her
Pablo Escobar
'Pablo Escobar' 5 days ago
whose the better looking prisoner wentworth miller or ruby rose???
'Mel' 5 days ago
Omg pitch perfect 3!
Taylor Pearsall
'Taylor Pearsall' 5 days ago
She looks fucking amazing! (Not surprised)
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