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This Is How I Talk - SNL -
Published: 2 years ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 2 years ago

6, 172, 725 views

57, 021 Likes   1, 417 Dislikes

After getting caught imitating his boss (Leslie Jones), a new employee (Louis C.K.) must play off the impression as his real talking voice in order to not get fired.

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Lacey Fuller
'Lacey Fuller' 1 hour ago
louis c.k😂😂😂
Jason Weaver
'Jason Weaver' 8 hours ago
a monkey in a human suit
faliq khudadost
'faliq khudadost' 9 hours ago
this skits louis killed it ....... and damn Branda where did you get those nailed did they are on fleek 😂😂😂
'UniQuevIew' 1 day ago
they play too much
Blue Bird
'Blue Bird' 2 days ago
i'm reading all this hate for when leslie said that she was sorry but we all make mistakes and she does great every single week. leslie is amazing and she made a mistake. "unprofessional" y'all say, but once in all her greatness has she done this and y'all hating..
jack mayhoffer
'jack mayhoffer' 2 days ago
Leslie jones is like the modern day steppin fetchit.
Alex bielert
'Alex bielert' 2 days ago
That's essentially me when im mad
'michaelovitch' 3 days ago
That's endurance lol
'kurakai18' 4 days ago
best skit ever! i always come back for a great laughXD
'tmanepic' 5 days ago
5 years. Enough to pull himself out of a depression and into a time with more job opportunities. Well done ;)
'Abel1120' 5 days ago
lol, this one got me, ha.
'NexisFilms' 5 days ago
Vanessa Bayer is sooo cute , lol .
lauren shankle
'lauren shankle' 6 days ago
The real question is why was he working at the sprint store for 5 years
The Ban Man
'The Ban Man' 6 days ago
jones did pretty good in this, especially at the end. still no Ghostbuster
Dennis Teti
'Dennis Teti' 6 days ago
This skit was so good.

Leslie Jones and Kenan Thompson are the only reason to watch SNL.
Lethal Weapon
'Lethal Weapon' 6 days ago
yo this shit is hilarious!!!!😂😂😂😂😂
Ted Grove
'Ted Grove' 6 days ago
Leslie Jones. She's funny as hell, and has plenty of sass. Lorne found a gem when he hired her.

Alot of people don't get her humor. The sassy, loud, unhinged role she plays is her niche. It's the best.

I personally find it hilarious.

Snl just keeps getting better with Leslie, Kate, Ceciky, Kyle and Beck
Benjamin Williams
'Benjamin Williams' 6 days ago
Just brilliant and hilarious
Christopher Aiken
'Christopher Aiken' 6 days ago
that's was so damn funny.... I almost died....
'Ice48' 7 days ago
They fucked this bit up
Mark Suckmybird
'Mark Suckmybird' 7 days ago
holy shit this is epic
Leon Hoang
'Leon Hoang' 7 days ago
"Damn girl! Where you get your nails done, they're on FLEEK!" Hilarious.
Jeffrey Goodman
'Jeffrey Goodman' 7 days ago
Loved this skit!
'11BMark' 1 week ago
OK that was funny, SNL hasn't been funny for decades!
aja ledesma
'aja ledesma' 1 week ago
look i love SNl but what the hell are they looking at?
Waheeda Hosein
'Waheeda Hosein' 1 week ago
ha ha ha.
'IM_RAZKAL_B****' 1 week ago
"damn donald yous a cold bitch"
'Sarah344' 1 week ago
Like the sistahs working security at the airport. Don't look them in the eye.
'KjfromOC' 1 week ago
had to watch the mistake 2x. seemed odd
Ray Harten jr
'Ray Harten jr' 1 week ago
love how you see them reading their lines.....such a shame. Old SNL was the shit, natural comedians. thats why these new dumbasses don't have any movies coming out and ratings in the trash
Caitlin Young
'Caitlin Young' 1 week ago
Require domain headquarters hat flash himself confirm dirt output.
Dan Man
'Dan Man' 1 week ago
shows how disrespectful that attitude is.
Dominic Hoover
'Dominic Hoover' 1 week ago
I bet all y'all do is get high and write down what's in the moment
'socialscience1011' 1 week ago
Jabba the hut loojin white bitch !!! EPIC
'RushFlaut' 1 week ago
i find it strange that they look directly at the teleprompter instead of looking each other in the faces.. it looks so dull.. is there no time to rehearse these bits?
Jonn Perez
'Jonn Perez' 1 week ago
Leslie Jones never fails to make me laugh I love how she says bitch lmao
'DIRT McGIRT' 1 week ago
I can't stand that bitch, she isn't even funny just a typical angry black bitch.
Nikhil Sukumar
'Nikhil Sukumar' 2 weeks ago
Love 3:34 @ny day maamaa oh shuuugahhh shuuuhahhh
britney marulaz
'britney marulaz' 2 weeks ago
Come on, give the guy some credit. He been front'n for five whole years
Miles Beining
'Miles Beining' 2 weeks ago
Leslie is being herself. Maybe her personality, by coincedence, embodies one or two stereotypes. So what? She's still really funny. It's not because she kind of acts like a stereotypical "black lady" sometimes that makes her funny.
Robert Devlin
'Robert Devlin' 2 weeks ago
wish I could ruin ghostbusters
Nasser Alajmi
'Nasser Alajmi' 2 weeks ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 this so funny
Jack Kabel
'Jack Kabel' 3 weeks ago
the same 3 cars stay parked outside for 5 years
Jeremiah Job Mason (Spooky)
Leslie is so funny man
Super Man
'Super Man' 3 weeks ago
Omg I was laughing so hard at the end I farted
Qingqing Zhao
'Qingqing Zhao' 3 weeks ago
i went to college and they thought I was straight outta compton so I was frontin'
Abhishek Dwivedula
'Abhishek Dwivedula' 3 weeks ago
Leslie Jones sound like Ice Cube from 21 and 22 Jump Street.
Trent Bertagna
'Trent Bertagna' 3 weeks ago
When he says "looking like you late for church" it just gets me lol
Frentzen Orosco
'Frentzen Orosco' 4 weeks ago
go girl! :-D
'1OO1O11O11O1O' 4 weeks ago
This reminds me of when I went to school! We all talked like that but then when I moved I had to try super hard to talk all proper like like every one else.
'micfac08' 4 weeks ago
Sho' 'nuff, what's up, sugah? Lmao
Kedarius Hatton
'Kedarius Hatton' 4 weeks ago
Damn Donnell you a crazy bitch
King Clan
'King Clan' 4 weeks ago
Why'd she say "framily?" @0:03
Joe Piscapo
'Joe Piscapo' 4 weeks ago
that is the best thing I ever saw. a white man acting like a black lady.. ha ha, that was great!
'floofytown' 4 weeks ago
This show is literally just people who don't know what they're doing just reading from script cards.
'MikeDunn' 4 weeks ago
what if someone called Leslie Jones a Black bitch?
richety cricket
'richety cricket' 4 weeks ago
harambe was funny is this sketch
'Oasuid' 1 month ago
Tricia Johns
'Tricia Johns' 1 month ago
Those nails on fleek !!!
Audiwan Kenobi
'Audiwan Kenobi' 1 month ago
I like Lesley...always have, always will.
Anthony Permuy
'Anthony Permuy' 1 month ago
I wonder what would happened if HE called HER a BLACK BITCH!!! Hmmmmmmmm
Nd O
'Nd O' 1 month ago
"ol jabba the hut looking white bitch!"" holy shit what an insult! lol
Nd O
'Nd O' 1 month ago
louieeeeeeee!!!!!!!! you are the fucking king man!! lolol
Nd O
'Nd O' 1 month ago
louieeeeeeee!!!!!!!! you are the fucking king man!! lolol
Deshawn Da Don
'Deshawn Da Don' 1 month ago
Tom Foolery, whack ass niggers n crackers. I hate the human race
Road House
'Road House' 1 month ago
lol @ Jabba the Hutt looking white Bitch haaahahaaa
Jen Loring
'Jen Loring' 1 month ago
"Bitch I knews you were fake" 😂dying.
'XarecotheCat' 1 month ago
Now I get it why all actors coming from SNL suck, they don´t even memorize their lines, it´s all reading of boards and "improv", then it gets awkward as shit since they are talking with someone but they are looking the other way.
John Q. Public
'John Q. Public' 1 month ago
This is one of the best skits in years. And probably for years to come, cuz SNL sucks nowadays.
'bizmarkie100' 1 month ago
whats up sugar :D
Dion St. Michael
'Dion St. Michael' 1 month ago
Umm, butthurt?! Over this?! Can we not laugh at anything. Hate to break it to people but we can make fun of any goddamn dialect anywhere. Jeeeeeeeeeeezus
666 swaraj
'666 swaraj' 1 month ago
jezz.....sashy brenda
'eaunan' 1 month ago
"...damn Brenda, where'd you'd get those nails did, they on fleek!!..." LMAO!! This skit is so, So, SO funny!! There's SO many great lines!! Excellent. Well done!!
Lucifer Morningstar
'Lucifer Morningstar' 1 month ago
So cringey and unfunny
Avery Jarhman aka KnutesNiche
Did I just watch a not-so-funny SNL skit portraying people experiencing multiple personality disorder?

Abril Saucedo
'Abril Saucedo' 1 month ago
"jabba the hut looking white bitch"
'lowridingtrucks88' 1 month ago
I rarely lauph so hard and this kills me! So Funny!!!!!
Uliberal Snowflake
'Uliberal Snowflake' 1 month ago
Oh..its a liber not racist at cha...hypocrisy at its finest
'LOUIEVIL 7.62' 1 month ago
okay that was kind of funny at least the white guy was all hell I think they were all funny
'Grantflip' 1 month ago
Loved that
Michael Sethman
'Michael Sethman' 1 month ago
leslie jones has so much range. If you haven't seen the skit where she is an angry black woman I suggest you watch it now!
'Tunago' 1 month ago
0:40 to 1:10 was total improv
Chels T
'Chels T' 1 month ago
Ggggiiiirrrll.... No he didn't
Peter Wulf
'Peter Wulf' 1 month ago
I've noticed the old SNL, you saw the guests reading cue cards but now the regulars are doing it all the time it seems.
idk fam
'idk fam' 1 month ago
Shobhit Shukla
'Shobhit Shukla' 1 month ago
awesome after a long time
'eiderglast' 1 month ago
the brunette lady looked like the girl from mad tv.
Hippie Smile
'Hippie Smile' 1 month ago
This is gold!!!
Triple A 1994
'Triple A 1994' 2 months ago
patty again patty from ghostbusters
Alesandra B
'Alesandra B' 2 months ago
wow, she called him a white bitch and that's considered funny. that's not humor. it's disrespect. I'm tired of my skin color being disrespected by motherfuckers like her
Julianna Kopa
'Julianna Kopa' 2 months ago
I'm talkin' like my damn self!
Carr Aqua
'Carr Aqua' 2 months ago
Why are people giving them shit for acting? it's not as good as movies and all but it's not LIVE, they don't cut and re do, everyone makes mistakes and honestly for them to make mistakes is what makes it more interesting and humorous, SNL is great.
'KY S.' 2 months ago
'runrockwater' 2 months ago
his impersonation was amazing i wld give him a promo for the commitment haha
Rasheed Stevens
'Rasheed Stevens' 2 months ago
I just wana buy a charger... XD
Randall Marburger
'Randall Marburger' 2 months ago
Louis rules
'Buxenwolf' 2 months ago
When he calls her sugar she almost looses her shit lol but if u were pretending and she gave me that approach I would've still continued! I know it's a sketch though
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