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This Is How I Talk - SNL -
Published: 2 years ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 2 years ago

7, 485, 020 views

71, 397 Likes   1, 836 Dislikes

After getting caught imitating his boss (Leslie Jones), a new employee (Louis C.K.) must play off the impression as his real talking voice in order to not get fired.

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Frederick Ross
'Frederick Ross' 10 hours ago
damn hahaha
Christina Hope
'Christina Hope' 10 hours ago
Brenda is me as a boss
'RussX5Z' 11 hours ago
This was very funny until the end of the sketch where she called him a white bitch I mean come on was that necessary? . Racism shouldn't be tolerated as comedy. Don't get me wrong when Dave Chapelle and Chris Rock does race jokes it's done the right way and it is funny but in today's SNL it's just done from a pure sense of hate however you want to put it. And I'm not talking about just this sketch alone but I've seen other new SNL sketches that done the same thing.
'chinagreenelvis' 12 hours ago
Wow, the reliance on cue cards has gotten super bad.
Galaxy Chickens
'Galaxy Chickens' 15 hours ago
"Jabba the hut-looking white BIITTCCH"
'niteowl365' 18 hours ago
I miss Jay Pharoh!
'neothaka' 1 day ago
this sketch is great
Bea Gruy
'Bea Gruy' 1 day ago
Are they reading from a promoter??
Banana Milk
'Banana Milk' 1 day ago
She's funny as hell but why to they only give her the "loud ghetto black women" stereotype roles.
Ahmar Saeed
'Ahmar Saeed' 2 days ago
OMG this was hilarious!!
Amina Williams
'Amina Williams' 2 days ago
Angry..loud....and rude..
"I'm talking like my damn self..hilarious."
izzy B
'izzy B' 2 days ago
damb donald you's a crazy bitch 😂😂😂
'THE PATATO GAMEF' 3 days ago
"Your gone"!
'limatima' 4 days ago
3:33 is the best part!
Master of the Burn
I haven't laughed this hard in a while dammmn
'J B' 4 days ago
Wassup suga? Hilarious
'Sarai' 4 days ago
😂😂😂 one of my fav skits
'231ian1' 4 days ago
held a job for 5 years though.........
Alicia Vogl
'Alicia Vogl' 4 days ago
'vrn11' 5 days ago
How come those cars didn't move even an inch in 5 years?
Ron Ghoul
'Ron Ghoul' 5 days ago
them looking away constantly is so distracting
'khadijah279' 5 days ago
Lmao!!!!!!!! too funny :-D
'ThatLaurenThing' 5 days ago
Okay am I the only one who wonders why Leslie is still on SNL? She's made a mistake in every sketch I've seen of hers.
Kelinia Johnson
'Kelinia Johnson' 6 days ago
"YA GONE!" 😂😂😂😂😂
Fifi Fornow
'Fifi Fornow' 6 days ago
Finally! This is the best
jose camacho
'jose camacho' 6 days ago
ugh i hate Sprint....almost as bad as at&t...worst companies to work for
Maggie Ramos
'Maggie Ramos' 6 days ago
I'm literally CRYING with laughter!!!😂😂😂
Nick Bankov
'Nick Bankov' 7 days ago
did anyone notice you have the same cars parked outside for five years ??!! :)
Eat Me
'Eat Me' 7 days ago
i just cant believe this woman is so ugly
Everything 90s
'Everything 90s' 7 days ago
Lmmfao !!!!!!!
Abe Grimm
'Abe Grimm' 1 week ago
That gorilla can talk!
Prakhar Narang
'Prakhar Narang' 1 week ago
'itsmemaario' 1 week ago
Has advertising gone this far in USA?
Ronald De Guzman
'Ronald De Guzman' 1 week ago
she's got a habit of jumping her lines..horrible timing.
Danasweeklypicks #
old Jabba the Hutt looking white bitch 🤣🤣🤣🤣 i died
'Visda58' 1 week ago
Why do they use cue cards? Memorize your lines you lazy twats. Professionals.
Lady Wonderful
'Lady Wonderful' 1 week ago
by far one of there funniest
'dimpleeyes' 1 week ago
I swear when I need a good laugh Leslie is usually one of my go to videos. I love her😘, HILARIOUS
omg hey there
'omg hey there' 1 week ago
Josma River
'Josma River' 2 weeks ago
'agelem' 2 weeks ago
it's a funny premiss and louis ck is my favorite comedian, but i thought this sketch was kinda poorly executed. Lot of mistakes and awkward standing around looking at the teleprompter or whatever
Ben Dover
'Ben Dover' 2 weeks ago
Use a straight up fo! Ya gon!
'LEGENDARY AND EPIC' 2 weeks ago
excellent job bieng black MY brother from a white mother!
Vianey Boruel
'Vianey Boruel' 2 weeks ago
OMG that was the best
Emily Young
'Emily Young' 2 weeks ago
"Jabba the hutt lookin white bitch" IM DED
Trusty Pete
'Trusty Pete' 2 weeks ago
If you are a painfully unfunny, thick person, you think SNL is funny
kevin keenan
'kevin keenan' 2 weeks ago
Leslie ripped off Mo'nique. Mo'nique did it Better.
Man Inblack
'Man Inblack' 2 weeks ago
What's up sugar?!
'Gigi' 2 weeks ago
bahawaha.. love it
'KrisHoppz88' 2 weeks ago
This is the SNL TRASH that re-reveals how racist they are. Thanks, almost forgot.
Daniel Bundy
'Daniel Bundy' 2 weeks ago
I swear this is the funniest skit in a long time. i know its kinda old but this is amazing.
hahahahahahahaha lost. my. shit.
passion Jones
'passion Jones' 2 weeks ago
i only watch the ones with Leslie jones in it ❤❤ love her
'AyrtonHamilton2785' 2 weeks ago
yoooo 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Glen CoCo
'Glen CoCo' 2 weeks ago
I love Leslie Jones! 💕💕
Phoenix Chastaine
'Phoenix Chastaine' 2 weeks ago
😂 😂 😂
Octavian Caesar Hibernicus
Milo is right,damn she's fuckin ugly!
Clay McDermott
'Clay McDermott' 2 weeks ago
Well written, poorly acted.
Jane Doe
'Jane Doe' 2 weeks ago
I love this sketch, but, goddamnit, Leslie Jones flubs so many of her lines. Not in the fun she's-breaking-because- it's-funny way, more like the maybe-you-should've-rehearsed-more way.
Myk McGrane
'Myk McGrane' 2 weeks ago
No one fronts for five whole years... lol
Chris Hall
'Chris Hall' 2 weeks ago
that shit is awesome. Louie is the man
Steve Mandl
'Steve Mandl' 2 weeks ago
this is how half the black women in this country sound
Jason Peltier
'Jason Peltier' 2 weeks ago
How much do they get paid to read off of cue cards?
Juan Ayala
'Juan Ayala' 2 weeks ago
I've never watched an episode of SNL, just the opening monologues and a few weekend updates, but are they reading off of a promoter? Like is that why they're cheating out and not actually looking at each other during the sketch? Sure it's a stupid question, I just really don't know lol
Sydnee Parker
'Sydnee Parker' 2 weeks ago
i hate sprint
Pao Lee
'Pao Lee' 2 weeks ago
cough cough. funny as hell.
'poop' 2 weeks ago
Why is it acceptable for Anyone to talk like a rude-ass uneducated ghetto piece of sh*t?
Bulletproof BTS
'Bulletproof BTS' 2 weeks ago
'wallybooger1' 2 weeks ago
same cars out front for five years
'A BLL' 2 weeks ago
"And if you clownin' on my mama then you'z 'boutta get bounced" 😂😂😂😂
'DRUNKEN RAMBLE' 2 weeks ago
The TRUTH will set you free !!!
Mike Zip
'Mike Zip' 2 weeks ago
Oh, Stewardess, I speak jive.
nkhetheleng masoetsa
" I just get angry sometimes" LOL his hands 2:48
Common Sense Supreme
This was the only time Louis C.K was funny. And SNL too.
Diego R
'Diego R' 2 weeks ago
This is the funniest shit I've ever seen Louis ck do
Josh Mayor
'Josh Mayor' 3 weeks ago
zoe Lastname
'zoe Lastname' 3 weeks ago
Five years oh my god
Bravura Lee Vim
'Bravura Lee Vim' 3 weeks ago
Monica Jimenez
'Monica Jimenez' 3 weeks ago
lmfao hilarious !
Dawn masoetsa
'Dawn masoetsa' 3 weeks ago
i just get angry sometimes lol
Christopher Garibay
'Christopher Garibay' 3 weeks ago
Ya gone! 😂😂
M. Otherfucker
'M. Otherfucker' 3 weeks ago
That girl looks like a young Carrie Fisher
Nicole Bright
'Nicole Bright' 3 weeks ago
Once more SNL you failed. Your lack of talent comedians keep portraying Black Women as ghetto. Catch up w/ the times we're beautiful & educated as ever. So portraying us as loud, ghetto, & ugly as ever won't make your show any better. Your ratings won't get better either. #fail
kathleen smith
'kathleen smith' 3 weeks ago
Can they look at their lines anymore
Athena Rose Corleone
I am atleast 6 million views.
fatz joe
'fatz joe' 3 weeks ago
love this.
Mike Roberti
'Mike Roberti' 4 weeks ago
Excuse me stewardess, I speak jive.
Walter White
'Walter White' 4 weeks ago
Utter garbage. American humour is shit.
ReachingBeyond Skies
that one was actually funny
Susana Brooks
'Susana Brooks' 4 weeks ago

"i just get angry sometimes" hahaha
mohammad ebrahimi
'mohammad ebrahimi' 4 weeks ago
best one
AngZone 1
'AngZone 1' 4 weeks ago
Same cars parked for whole 5 damn years in the same position lol
Blaqq Zero
'Blaqq Zero' 4 weeks ago
That was a real slogan from Sprint back when they had the "Friends and Family" plan, which they dubbed "Framily".
Rafael González
'Rafael González' 4 weeks ago
that wig shines!
John Embree
'John Embree' 4 weeks ago
Racism against white people is so funny,ha ha ha.Lets all laugh at white people and call them white ha ha ha.Good grammar and proper diction is unimportant ha ha ha.
Turtle Bird
'Turtle Bird' 4 weeks ago
Your nails on fleek😂😂😂😂
Joey Suggs
'Joey Suggs' 4 weeks ago
meh not funny
'SraPollofrito' 4 weeks ago
I need the transcript of this sketch!
Zee Siama
'Zee Siama' 4 weeks ago
ok.... this guy woi is he??? please.... i cant type much longer wife andsiiblings areBEsrk....
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