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Marvel Top 10 Super Heroes of 2016! -
Published: 3 months ago By: Marvel Entertainment

By: Marvel EntertainmentPublished: 3 months ago

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What Super Hero made the most impact during 2016? Find out in Marvel’s Top 10 Super Heroes of 2016. Will it be someone from the new teen super group the Champions? Perhaps a hero or villain from Civil War II? Maybe it’s an all-new character that joined All-New Marvel NOW!? Watch to find out! Who are your Top 10 Marvel Super Heroes of 2016? ► Subscribe to Marvel:
10. Hulk
9. Ms. Marvel
8. Ulysses
7. Ironheart
6. Medusa
5. Captain America
4. Spider-Man
3. Iron Man
2. Black Panther
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About Marvel Top 10
“Find out who or what is the best of the best when Marvel Top 10 ranks your favorite super heroes, super villains, storylines, and much more. All topics are voted on by’s Editorial and Social teams on overall influence and importance to each topic. Will your Top 10 measure up? Find out!”
Writer & Producer by Lorraine Cink,
Art Director & Video Editor Laura Kammermann
Assistant Video Editor by Abigail Kelsen
Consultant Ben J. Morse
Executive Producers: Ryan Penagos, John Cerilli, Harry Go
Proofreader Avia Perez
Special Thanks Marvel Social Team

Alain Smith
'Alain Smith' 1 week ago
Kamala is my top 1 hated character
'James' 1 month ago
No one can escape Carol "Roman Reigns" Danvers!
'The JOE-KING' 2 months ago
MAYBE, Marvel won't put out any new X-men stories, so Fox will not know what to do with the franchise (story-wise) and have no choice but sell it back to Marvel. That's actually Pretty sneaky.
steve lesner
'steve lesner' 2 months ago
this is a fake list
steve lesner
'steve lesner' 2 months ago
all i can say is who created this was a girl
DJMan Ott
'DJMan Ott' 2 months ago
This Reminds me of the WatchMojo Top Ten Movies of 2016 list.
Dev Iron Man
'Dev Iron Man' 2 months ago
Hey, this is a fake list !!!
Wesley Norton
'Wesley Norton' 2 months ago
Miles should have been #1. He's been through so much.
Jacob Ronaldo
'Jacob Ronaldo' 3 months ago
why the hell spider man number 2 he should be number 1 for marvel
'NHavocJ' 3 months ago
Fetch is going to happen whether you like it or not.
Anthony Lawrence
'Anthony Lawrence' 3 months ago
Carol won Civil War 2? I thought nobody won or the point was that nobody won. Oh well, i was bored so i guess i wasn't paying attention
David Smith
'David Smith' 3 months ago
Would Deadpool have made the list if you still owned the movie rights?
'Izamanaick' 3 months ago
Ironheart in top 10? She's appeared in what, 6 issues?
'DudeinGA' 3 months ago
Marvel quit trying to make Captain Marvel happen. She's like Roman Reigns and Lightning combined into one terrible boring package.
'ThePaypay88' 3 months ago
where are xmen
'conected' 3 months ago
what a crappy list
richard h
'richard h' 3 months ago
I haven't bought comics in years, but Carol was always a boring D list character. Most interesting things I remember her doing were getting her powers stolen by a better character, & somehow getting knocked up by her own son from another dimension or something.
Ty Alex
'Ty Alex' 3 months ago
Legit question: Would Cap Marvel be nr 1 if she was a man ?
K Watkin
'K Watkin' 3 months ago
Again, Marvel compiles together a list of total BS. First, why put all the heroes beside number one in the description? And two, why put Captain Marvel first when you've spent the entire year ruining her great character in the abortion that is Civil War II?!
Black Widow
'Black Widow' 3 months ago
there is no wanda?
Albino Solid
'Albino Solid' 3 months ago
spoiler alert for civil war 2. dang it
Sams Red
'Sams Red's Pictures' 3 months ago
i was think the 1st will Doctor strange....????
Mónica Gálvez
'Mónica Gálvez' 3 months ago
that wasn't the Carol I know, her character was manipulated too much. I'm kinda disappointed on her
'BloodRavenZX' 3 months ago
Ulysses is only the winner of most pretentious name.. "super hero who helped stop bad events from happening!... Makes things worse"
Randall Harris
'Randall Harris' 3 months ago
how wasn't storm on the list she leads the X-Men who are fighting the inhumans😕
'trainradioable' 3 months ago
Cyclops is 100x the hero as anyone on that list.
'Phantom1op' 3 months ago
Hulk and Ms. Marvel < IronHeart and Ulysses? yea, no. though I take little issue with the rest of the listings.
'santisnow' 3 months ago
Ulysses before X-23? For real, Marvel?? FOR REAL?!?
nalan a
'nalan a' 3 months ago
as a both tony stark and carol danvers fan, i think civil war 2 war unnecessary and shitty and civil war 2 carol was so out of character and annoying please ignore that stupid event and read carols actual comics
'blacksmith34' 3 months ago
Really! What happened to comics? That's why I don't read the new ones. Straight Garbage!
Cisneros 123
'Cisneros 123' 3 months ago
Captain Marvel won but Hillary Clinton lost.
Ty Fire
'Ty Fire' 3 months ago
I'm a Marvel fan:
10. Already missing him
9. Boring
8. Could of been cool
7. Unnecessary
6. Acceptable
5. Icon
4. Best character ever
3. Meh
2. Bad ass
1. Buuu, more like a villain now
Oshuwott 3.0 lol
'Oshuwott 3.0 lol' 3 months ago
Saben Schulfer
'Saben Schulfer' 3 months ago
Thanks for the Civil War II spoiler...
Kyle De Luna
'Kyle De Luna' 3 months ago
Aww no deadpool
Pusheen Addict
'Pusheen Addict' 3 months ago
YES! Captain Marvel was #1!!!
זאב בני יוסין
what where deadpool?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
A. Aljohani
'A. Aljohani' 3 months ago
Ummm spoiler alert
'pellizcalo' 3 months ago
Ulysses? Riri? Medusa? Stark? They have done shit this year. Lunella should be featured, Sunspot, Spidey ranked way higher, I'm ok with Carol Danvers rank tho, she's the boss with no contest. Hell, even Emma Frost for the whole Death of X shenanigans, that shit was impressive
SandWich st Jones [for weeaboos only]
Where the hell is squirrel girl?!
Saraç İçöz
'Saraç İçöz' 3 months ago
It all started when wolverine died this is not how it is supposed to happen
Saraç İçöz
'Saraç İçöz' 3 months ago
Marvel thought us to choose the right side not the winning side as we were kids, how are we supposed to like the inhumans or carol danvers now? It is not happening any time soon marvel.
Titan Thanos
'Titan Thanos' 3 months ago
Mr. Bugge
'Mr. Bugge' 3 months ago
Fictional Finn
'Fictional Finn' 3 months ago
I find this video's lack of X-Men (or F4) disturbing.

Not surprising though considering Marvel's current attitude towards those franchises
Marc Spector
'Marc Spector' 3 months ago
Everything has sucked since the end of Dark Reign.
'MOHIT WADHWA' 3 months ago
u made Iron Man villain other wise he is a great hero and so did same with CA in my list they are top 2
'S R' 3 months ago
The inclusion of Ulysses automatically invalidates this shit list.

He's not a hero. All he did was cause everyone to fight one another by being a snitch. Then Bendis Watcher-ifies him because, like every turd Bendis squeezes out, he doesn't know how to pinch it off right.
'dasuebersoldat' 3 months ago
Lol Marvel, we're not going to forget about the X-Men anytime soon. You'll have to wait until we all die of old age. #compleX
Bryan Carter
'Bryan Carter' 3 months ago
Man, look at all these people bitching about Carol Danvers. I didn't read CW 2 so I have no problem with her. I love Riri but she shouldn't be on this list(Miles Morales should.
Iacobus Leo
'Iacobus Leo' 3 months ago
I hope Marvel takes note of these comments. Stop sidelining the X-Men. Nobody is falling for it.
Jason Sears
'Jason Sears' 3 months ago
EmilianoLealblogs emilianoleal
Black Panther is a stupid pank 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jake VanDeventer
'Jake VanDeventer' 3 months ago
This list just kind of confirms that no one at Marvel knows what heroism is.
Kyle Warlich
'Kyle Warlich' 3 months ago
Seriously no mutants!! No surprise 😒
Sci-Fi Fiend
'Sci-Fi Fiend' 3 months ago
Jesus christ, Ulysses shouldn't be on a top 100 best heroes list, let alone top 10
'9Bains' 3 months ago
Riri Williams hasn't done anything yet, Hulk wasn't in anything all year and Ulysses is just a super-powered plot device. These 3 "heroes" don't deserve any consideration at all for 2016.
Supersonic107 Swag
'Supersonic107 Swag' 3 months ago
Who likes captain marvel anymore after civil war, not me
Audrey Martinez
'Audrey Martinez' 3 months ago
of course no X-men 😝
'tristan' 3 months ago
Spider-Man easy number 1
Alf Stewart
'Alf Stewart' 3 months ago
So Thor is a girl. The Hulk is dead. Iron Man is in a coma. Cap is a Hydra agent. God knows what is going on with Ant Man. Wasp is the only original Avenger left in a good state!
Alf Stewart
'Alf Stewart' 3 months ago
I don't like Ms Marvel or Captain Marvel. Both uprighteous, boring characters. Can we get some Black Widow love after her brilliant series? Or how about the X-men? They're still Marvel right?
Saraç İçöz
'Saraç İçöz' 3 months ago
Dear marvel,
All these hateful comments, aren't they enough for you to see the direction universe is heading is wrong. Please stop before it gets too late.
Sincerely, a friend, a fan the kind that pays
That Guy Over There
'That Guy Over There' 3 months ago
iron heart is stupid in my opinion
'EraZuReCcLAWw' 3 months ago
Dr strange???
herr karizzmatikk
'herr karizzmatikk' 3 months ago
where is doctor strange?
'CAM8689' 3 months ago
meh weak list,mostly weak comics thank goodness for DC rebirth and the independent stuff.
jebin alex
'jebin alex' 3 months ago
So was there a poll for this?
'BlueBloodPenn' 3 months ago
How Doctor Strange is not on this list is beyond me. I'd take out Hulk, Ulysses and Iron Man and replace them with Hawkeye, Thor (Jane) and Doctor Strange, keep the positions the same. That makes so much more sense.
Bryce Alexis
'Bryce Alexis' 3 months ago
why the freak are they making all the male heroes have female replacements?
oh wait, Disney owns them
Zeal Ren
'Zeal Ren' 3 months ago
I really think Thor should have been in here btw. Should have taken out Hulk, but people would complain that Marvel is getting rid of all the white male heroes. I laugh every time i see stuff like that.
Zeal Ren
'Zeal Ren' 3 months ago
Two of the Ultimate are in the Top ten! No wait the're top 2! Ultimate is the best assemble comic out right now. I encourage people to read it. Civil War 2 aside, Carol is a hell of a complex character in her own series or when shes featured in others.
Kilby The Coolest
'Kilby The Coolest' 3 months ago
Although I love Marvel more than DC, isn't this list a little biased because Marvel made it?
'Jikashi' 3 months ago
Medusa? Yeah, what a hero, attacking Storm and the X-men and sanctioning the murder of Cyclops because they tried to stop their species from being gassed to death by their stupid terrigen cloud instead of just finding new crystals which are established to be available elsewhere on Earth and elsewhere.
C a l v i n G a  d d e
Not even a single X-men member made the Marvel
Gum Bum
'Gum Bum' 3 months ago
No Winter Soldier?
'Psicoolty' 3 months ago
yeah, it's not like Emma Frost were smart enough as to save the mutant race from the inhumans' mist.
Blake Eb
'Blake Eb' 3 months ago
Captain Marvel is my favourite superhero and even i don't think deserved the top spot for 2016!

Black Panther and Ms. Marvel did better!

Hellcat should have got snook onto the list too!
HK FortySeven
'HK FortySeven' 3 months ago
@Marvel Entertainment why does Marvel seem to hate Cyclops?

Giving mention to the deaths of hulk and Tony but not Cyclops?

Also would be nice if Storm in at least some small way acknowledged that Cyclops was doing what had to be done, especially now considering
Storms on the fence / fretting moment that she had in Extraordinary

The pre-schism guys at the time did such a great job in making him into the leader he was always suppose to be.
Fool Roller
'Fool Roller' 3 months ago
Carter S.
'Carter S.' 3 months ago
Where is gwenpool and star lord?
'Mr.Tennisball' 3 months ago
ASM needs a new writer
Haitian Refugee
'Haitian Refugee' 3 months ago
Khan & Ironherat suck.
'Zidana123' 3 months ago
Iron Man is on the list twice Goddamn it.
Aubrey Carr
'Aubrey Carr' 3 months ago
Not even my gal x-23
Razer Howl
'Razer Howl' 3 months ago
1 Stan Lee 2 Kevin Feige 3 Robert Downey Jr.
ablandandera dpg
'ablandandera dpg' 3 months ago
in this moment I HATE CAPTAIN MARVEL
Witty Strength
'Witty Strength' 3 months ago
Joao Pedro Marques
'Joao Pedro Marques' 3 months ago
Ulysses is a douchebag, and Carol Danvers is a ugly person
Wolfgang Kenshin
'Wolfgang Kenshin' 3 months ago
Ooh, what a misdirect. I was expecting Doctor Strange, given that this was the year of his MCU debut.
Ashley David
'Ashley David' 3 months ago
'Captain America Civil War' movie and 'Civil War Part 2', both released in the same year, and Both became successful and popular.
'MindlessBattles' 3 months ago
Of 2016? More like Civil War II...
Jose Pablo Calvimontes
weird... it felt more like a big advert of civil war and new characters than an actual objective top ten
Ashley David
'Ashley David' 3 months ago
Also, Marvel's 'Captain Marvel' movie's main lead accounced in 2016 too. Best year for her.
Ashley David
'Ashley David' 3 months ago
1:02 Oh my God moment from '2016'.
Ashley David
'Ashley David' 3 months ago
Great video. Keep it up.
Jarrod Hubbard
'Jarrod Hubbard' 3 months ago
Deadpool gets screwed again
Malware Found
'Malware Found' 3 months ago
Top ten superheroes who did not superhero like things I'm 2016
Ben Conrad
'Ben Conrad' 3 months ago
I'm suprised they didn't have any guardians of the galaxy on this list, and seriously, Captain Marvel? Are they going to be shoving her down are throats now? And where was Robbie Reyes?
'pythonxi' 3 months ago
That moment when reality hits you so hard, you go into a coma...

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