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CHEAP DIY EYEBROW GEL POMADE?! - Makeup Mythbusters w/ Maybaby and Maia Noelle -
Published: 1 month ago By: AwesomenessTV

By: AwesomenessTVPublished: 1 month ago

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This waterproof brow gel will keep your eyebrows on fleek for a week! (Sorry...)
Today we're trying a DIY makeup hack to mix up our own cheap version of Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade... say that five times fast. Hopefully this version will come through for Meg and Maia before they get naked eyebrow anxiety. How do you do your brows?

→ Credits ←
Meg DeAngelis

Maia Noelle

Produced & Directed by Maggie Knox
Produced by Emily Hecht
AP Alli Masloske
Director of Photography Sevdije Kastrati
Production Design by Taylor Slingerland
Edited by Brian Barrow




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Music provided by Extreme Music.

The cat That
U can just use eyeshadow😂
Maia Dejkanovic
'Maia Dejkanovic' 3 weeks ago
'Life_jpg' 3 weeks ago
Isn't hair pomade like 10 quid
'TIFFANY CONNOLLY' 4 weeks ago
New subbie! I love you divas!! 😘
Anna Eriksen
'Anna Eriksen' 1 month ago
I find it offensive that you say Anastasia like that because that's my full name
Alex Coloso
'Alex Coloso' 1 month ago
fără garanție cu adevărat că potrivit pentru toate buzunarele uscate de Jelească
Jeff Murray
'Jeff Murray' 1 month ago
my name is mya to
Stacey Alicia
'Stacey Alicia' 1 month ago
i didnt think that cactus's grew in soil???...
'Artsy' 1 month ago
These idiotic kids are doing makeup? The frick happened to the world
'Artsy' 1 month ago
Cacti don't grow in dirt idiots.
Raina Boling
'Raina Boling' 1 month ago
They put "feels like a greasy baby" under pros lol
Judith Luna
'Judith Luna' 1 month ago
my mom has everything from Anastasia because she works at Anastasia
maggie pinaud
'maggie pinaud' 1 month ago
who is the girl next to meg
Kassidy Larson
'Kassidy Larson' 1 month ago
hi 🙋everyone!
Jiayi Tai
'Jiayi Tai' 1 month ago
don't get me wrong, I love Meg, but wheres the Merrell Twins
Jaden Madeline
'Jaden Madeline' 1 month ago
if you want a cheap dupe for the anastasia pomade get the nyx eyebrow gel!
Aneesa Speck
'Aneesa Speck' 1 month ago
maybe u should of added oil
Aya Taliani
'Aya Taliani' 1 month ago
I have the palette Maia is using
Magda Escobar
'Magda Escobar' 1 month ago
fundation + eyeshadow = brow pomade!! it works
Angeleigh Tonagel
'Angeleigh Tonagel' 1 month ago
sub for hair pomade
Mariah Monique
'Mariah Monique' 1 month ago
Maia! Meg! how old is this video since Maia cut her hair?
oh Adrien
'oh Adrien' 1 month ago
omg Maia!!
Elliese Kimberley
'Elliese Kimberley' 1 month ago
im also a youtuber but a really small one and i just posted a video !! i would love if you guys would check it out :) xx please also help me hit my goal of 1000 by the end of this month and subscribe!
Triniti Jelks
'Triniti Jelks' 1 month ago
1k to like and 157 to comment
Triniti Jelks
'Triniti Jelks' 1 month ago
maybaby did her eyebrows bettee
Sally Anderson
'Sally Anderson' 1 month ago
Their natural eyebrows aren't even that bad geez
selena richards
Sophie Eb
'Sophie Eb' 1 month ago
Vaseline can work like pomade?
b.vananhxx 2012
'b.vananhxx 2012' 1 month ago
Pls try the lip and eyebrow tatoo
Unicorns Are As Real As You
I really don't care about my eyebrows cus I don't care what people think
Maia Noelle
'Maia Noelle' 1 month ago
peep the nervousness tho lmao
Alex Gold
'Alex Gold' 1 month ago
dipbrow is $20 because 1) its not a pencil like they said it was 2) it comes with more product than in a pencil
madeeha ali
'madeeha ali' 1 month ago
Omg just use the powder from the eyeshadow 🙄🙄🙄
Winna Zhao
'Winna Zhao' 1 month ago
Omg, I have the same Nudes Eyeshadow pallete as Meg's
'chocolatewizardgirl' 1 month ago
The cringe is real!
Carina Pitter
'Carina Pitter' 1 month ago
Why didn't they stick to the recipe though?
Rameen Fatima
'Rameen Fatima' 1 month ago
Love ya
Boston Alexandra
'Boston Alexandra' 1 month ago
2:16 MEG"S ENGLISH ACCENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!
marisa phengsa
'marisa phengsa' 1 month ago
what is hair pomade?
Jaimy- Ann
'Jaimy- Ann' 1 month ago
I mean like $20 for Anastasia is not really that bad
Shaye Anstey
'Shaye Anstey' 1 month ago
Christine A
'Christine A' 1 month ago
man I used to binge watch this series u guys should make more plzzzz
Aura Mitha
'Aura Mitha' 1 month ago
DIY peel off face mask
Aura Mitha
'Aura Mitha' 1 month ago
DIY matte lipstick ?
'JeanieBeanie' 1 month ago
i screamed when i saw maia
'username12345' 1 month ago
the girl on the right is so cute OMG!!! her little giggle and everything
Ava The Grape
'Ava The Grape' 1 month ago
I can't tell is this one of those videos that they film like 5 years before or is this new?
tiffany diamond
'tiffany diamond' 1 month ago
The way she says Anastasia 😩😵
Jasmine Ykog
'Jasmine Ykog' 1 month ago
Maia noelle the YouTube 💞
Tlove 555
'Tlove 555' 1 month ago
BeautybyK Kendra Leigh
Omg the stock image hair pomade you used is a brand that is made locally in my town!
Kawaii-sama 109
'Kawaii-sama 109' 1 month ago
it's funny because I've done this before the trend started.
'Shannon' 1 month ago
Omg I made some of this eyebrow gel last year and it's lasted way longer than I expected
trish claire
'trish claire' 1 month ago
watching this video felt so awkward
'JustBeingTaylor' 1 month ago
So happy Maia is on ATV now omg😍
Andrea hudy
'Andrea hudy' 1 month ago
80th comment
Helga Salvesen
'Helga Salvesen' 1 month ago
Where can i bye purshase hair cloup and what is hair cloup?😂
'BrenBell' 1 month ago
Hi beautiful person scrolling through the comments💫💕
'KareenaK04' 1 month ago
What if you melted the gloop/pomade
Gisselle Vazquez
'Gisselle Vazquez' 1 month ago
maias hair is pissing me off
caroline ouellette
'caroline ouellette' 1 month ago
Lol it's not your eyebrows that are the window to your soul it's ur eyes
Chloe Steele
'Chloe Steele' 1 month ago
491 like and 69 comment wow
Arleni Cardenas
'Arleni Cardenas' 1 month ago
i like meg but the other girl it seem like everything she was saying she was reading it out of a script
'Lavvina' 1 month ago
I'm sorry but am I the only that finds megs eyebrows cringey?
'GlamorousGrace' 1 month ago
Hey people of the internet! It would really make my cousins day if you could subscribe to his channel! It's called BCP vlogs! He's just starting out so it would really mean a lot to him! Thank you so so so much!❤️❤️
Amalia Caram
'Amalia Caram' 1 month ago
i love this series
Demi Banjoko
'Demi Banjoko' 1 month ago
Let's all acknowledge how cute and beautiful Maia was in the video. Like she is just goalsszzzz😍😍
Betty He
'Betty He' 1 month ago
Megs eyebrows are so thick!!!!!!
Merona Awad
'Merona Awad' 1 month ago
yayy. makeup Mythbusters are back !!
danika c
'danika c' 1 month ago
Crybaby Tøp trash at discø having panic attack
Don't let people with bad eyebrows tell you how to live life💪
xox. maddy
'xox. maddy' 1 month ago
Melee Sullz
'Melee Sullz' 1 month ago
185 like...YASS!!!
Taylor Grimes
'Taylor Grimes' 1 month ago
Notifications squad 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
Priscilla Maldonado
'Priscilla Maldonado' 1 month ago
Love this series💕
Erica Sebastian Pedro
try and make bath booms pls
Nicky Tran
'Nicky Tran' 1 month ago
7 minutes ago ✌🏻️
Liza Hey
'Liza Hey' 1 month ago
Jessica Mami
'Jessica Mami' 1 month ago
Love you
Riya sangha
'Riya sangha' 1 month ago
36th yay
Adna Mohamed
'Adna Mohamed' 1 month ago
So proud of you Mia for killing the game already with a big youtuber
Laura Lush
'Laura Lush' 1 month ago
Laura Lush
'Laura Lush' 1 month ago
'AMY M ADAMS' 1 month ago
I'm so early wow
Arkeito White
'Arkeito White' 1 month ago
heyy im early for once !!!!
'Pëarl's World' 1 month ago
'osmosisjane' 1 month ago
MAIA !!!
Angela Bellamy
'Angela Bellamy' 1 month ago
'AG TV' 1 month ago
Megan, I can't see your latest videos, but I'm getting notifications... 😭
Zofia Perkowski
'Zofia Perkowski' 1 month ago
Ava Sophia
'Ava Sophia' 1 month ago
Any small youtubers wanna support eachother and be friends?? 💕🙌🏻
Kamryn Simms
'Kamryn Simms' 1 month ago
Hey babes... love y'all
Guadalupe Sanchez
'Guadalupe Sanchez' 1 month ago
Early af
Oliver Orozco
'Oliver Orozco' 1 month ago
It so good
Temiraemily Ali
'Temiraemily Ali' 1 month ago
early yes
'AG TV' 1 month ago
Sarah_Beara_ Beauty
'Sarah_Beara_ Beauty' 1 month ago
Love meg
Oliver Orozco
'Oliver Orozco' 1 month ago
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