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Fat Bike caught on an Electric Fence! -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: Big DT

By: Big DTPublished: 2 weeks ago

2, 893, 396 views

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Whilst pedalling today my mate Paul went to put his bike over a fence. Half way though he realised that it was electric! So he dropped it on the fence. This is a video of him and my mate Al trying to get it off! Please excuse the swearing and oh yes by the way the clicking sound is the electric pulsing!!

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gabor parlagh
'gabor parlagh' 8 hours ago
What the hell did you do in a private property protected by an electrical fence??!
'Jacun80' 1 day ago
Fix the fence now :D
'JankesBMW' 1 day ago
and how they won 2nd world war LOL
Roman F
'Roman F' 1 day ago
FUNNY! they could have turn that off easily :D
TrueCuLLurz C
'TrueCuLLurz C' 2 days ago
This video was too funny but how in the world did the bike end up like that?
Stefan Ko
'Stefan Ko' 3 days ago
Real British engineers...einfach zu lustig😅😅😅
Miss Nolver
'Miss Nolver' 3 days ago
British humour....brilliant! X-D
Redlock 82
'Redlock 82' 3 days ago
couldn't u just break the electric wire at the post? would be pretty easy
'svhuwagv' 4 days ago
Warum nicht einfach den zaun kurzschließen / erden oder mit einem halbwegs trockenen handschuh das fahrrad rausholen? man könnte auch nen tuch nehmen oder den handschuh umkrempeln damit die trockene seite außen ist.
'zakelwe' 4 days ago
Apparently they are all signed up for the Christmas 2017 panto season.

It's electrified ... oh no it isn't ... tssttzzz .. ....
fucking pussies
Ginni Pressgrove
'Ginni Pressgrove' 5 days ago
'YouCantKillUs' 5 days ago
Step on the wood while you touch the bike or jump in the air while pushing it off that fence. If you don't make contact with the ground you open the electric circuit. That would fix it
michael marvin
'michael marvin' 5 days ago
how the fuck did it get on there?
Marco Frissen
'Marco Frissen' 5 days ago
Hilarious. This already is the best video of 2017 hahaha!
'MelcherBe' 5 days ago
Happened to me years back. somehow the wire got caught in the derailleur. It was raining and already getting dark, and I can't remember we found that funny... Unfortunately we had to cut the wire after an hour or so.When everything is wet, it hits you much stronger and electric insulation doesn't help much.
'altorhys' 5 days ago
On dirait le jeu Docteur Maboule/Operation! LOL
Mateusz Kos
'Mateusz Kos' 5 days ago
Google Allo has promoted me This video in daily funny videos :D
'America' 6 days ago
that's why you get a carbon bike!!!!
Alister Robbie
'Alister Robbie' 6 days ago
that's gold.
'TOP VIDEOS' 6 days ago
I will Sub to everybody that subs , likes this comment and writes done
Golden Eagle
'Golden Eagle' 6 days ago
Which of you four rode it into the fence in the first place?
Zacskós Leves
'Zacskós Leves' 6 days ago
The horrors of skipping lifting for cardio.
'SuperNathan90' 6 days ago
legally there should of been a sign warning of the electric fence
Dion Prineas
'Dion Prineas' 6 days ago
Its conducting because its wet
Benjamin Oliver
'Benjamin Oliver' 6 days ago
Bruce Banner
'Bruce Banner' 6 days ago
what psi you running?
Graham Williams
'Graham Williams' 6 days ago
What I call having a great time
'xR41ZOR' 7 days ago
Auch wer aus Deutschland hier ? :)
Daniel Baker
'Daniel Baker' 7 days ago
1:30 into the video on the left post you see a big black wire that's joined to the top fence wire. Grab that wire ( it's insulated ) and give it a good yank and it should de-energize the fence. Cmon guys. You're embarrassing.
Sara B
'Sara B' 7 days ago
Thanks for the laugh! You guys are great!
'Evanwebble' 7 days ago
lol that Farmer is going to be out next morning like, "What the fuck happened to my fence...dickheads!"
'RRBish' 7 days ago
Just be glad no on took a piss on the fence. THAT would have been a laff!!!!
W. Pal
'W. Pal' 7 days ago
The mouth on these cunts...
Inner Spiritual Warrior
so you basically both trespassed and damaged property - hope you have refunded the land owner
Kirk Horner
'Kirk Horner' 7 days ago
This looks a lot like Havering Nature Reserve! Am I right?
Ed Winchester
'Ed Winchester' 7 days ago
It's just a switch on a box to turn it off, I'd wager the camera guy knew this...
Edgar Navasardyan
'Edgar Navasardyan' 7 days ago
Kogda hits small current ano prolongs life quadrupeds this fact, but only a few volts here but not 220 right?
'xumi' 7 days ago
grab it by the wheel (not touching the metal part), grab it by the seat .... i think is is more messing around that actually wanting to take it out fast
Mark Gannon
'Mark Gannon' 7 days ago
Average Joe
'Average Joe' 7 days ago
The real hero here is the cameraman who just kept rolling as his friends kept getting zapped.
'D. TXP' 1 week ago
voll nicht lustig
Kimberley Ashley Osterlandt
i like to see how it came there.
WW Tube
'WW Tube' 1 week ago
This is why we still can't go to mars
'ILoveCuweet' 1 week ago
That lady's and gentleman is bloody brilliant 😂😂
'GRUBDUDE' 1 week ago
I want the video on how it got there :D
Миша Шевченко
Some say that humans are the most developed race on Earth
Bo Johansson
'Bo Johansson' 1 week ago
en baggis, jorda stängslet. T ex med en annan cykel eller nåt annat av metall
Craig Lawrie
'Craig Lawrie' 1 week ago
How'd it get there
'Rafferty1968' 1 week ago
The saddle and the hand grips are bloody rubber. Just two of you lift it off. And what about the farmers fence? No regard for other peoples property.
'hargita92' 1 week ago
Just need a single wire, and connect the fence to the gound. :) Maybe next time.
l clarke
'l clarke' 1 week ago
Why didn't you just ground out the fence, remove the bike and the remove the ground? Bet you won't do that again!
Bruno Oliveira
'Bruno Oliveira' 1 week ago
You just need to grab a wire and put it shove it in the earth, on both ends
The Dude
'The Dude' 1 week ago
The amount of click bait I had to go through to get here was fucking ridiculous, stop with the BS and just post the video ffs
Kuhmo KurculjaVEVO
Man this is funny, brits always know good comedy m.
'rrrohan2288' 1 week ago
just destroy the poor farmers fence no fucks given
'Aluzcz' 1 week ago
'Parallaxus' 1 week ago
While laughing, I kept wondering if they'd ever think just to try picking it up by the handlebars and seat, b/c I would think those are both made of rubber or partially rubber, something non-conductive.
Mark Whitcombe
'Mark Whitcombe' 1 week ago
When I watched this 4-5 days ago view count was 168k now it's 2.2 million well done lads, for me this is the funniest video on YouTube to date
Berthold Trachsel
'Berthold Trachsel' 1 week ago
Diese Menschen sind einfach zu blöd, keine Ahnung, wie so etwas behoben werden kann. Jeder Elektrozaun muß irgendwo eine Batterie haben, diese suchen und einfach ausschalten. Das Fahrrad muß ja vorher auch darein gekommen sein, alles nur ein dummes Spiel um ins Internet zu kommen...
bustin nuts
'bustin nuts' 1 week ago
or just uhm..lift it with 2 sticks at both sides of the handlebar..
P Hampton
'P Hampton' 1 week ago
It's like something out of Last Of The Summer Wine.
'Ununpentium115' 1 week ago
02:02 we are, we are, huh, we are...
David Crouch
'David Crouch' 1 week ago
Funny as f**k
Jack Is Strange
'Jack Is Strange' 1 week ago
I know these guys.....
Juan Chen
'Juan Chen' 1 week ago
guess unplugging the damn thing was too easy
Vincenzo Gagliano
'Vincenzo Gagliano' 1 week ago
Ha ha ha , siete troppo simpatici, voglio fare parte del vostro team
bongo fury
'bongo fury' 1 week ago
What is Benny Hill doing mountain biking anyway? But seriously, just leave it. It's not like it's a Cannondale or anything. Better stick to Cricket....
Ton Dekkers
'Ton Dekkers' 1 week ago
Zit wel vast volgens mij
Sam Evendale
'Sam Evendale' 1 week ago
The two Ronnies would be proud.
'AuH2O' 1 week ago
Now upload it again in 2X speed and slap the Benny Hill theme on top, and you're good for another 2 million views.
Basilie Pospisilova
'cyrus3055' 1 week ago
How the fuck did it get on there???
legin stalc
'legin stalc' 1 week ago
haha,you mongs
Masterdamned Project
They could just grap the rubber grips on the handlebars wheel to pull it of keep it simple.
Faze Webb
'Faze Webb' 1 week ago
How did that even get stuck their wtf
Faze Webb
'Faze Webb' 1 week ago
Pick it up with the Handel bar grips and the seat are they retarded
s g
's g' 1 week ago
here we have the latest breed of people flocking to biking: fat dorks on fatbikes. at least they aren't as annoying as the hipsters or triathletes.
Anuschka Conoci
'Anuschka Conoci' 1 week ago
Guys you are awesome. Why not looking for the switch and shut the electricity off for a moment?
'fester150606' 1 week ago
And enough to grab the grips or tire. Rubber nonconducting
David Slater
'David Slater' 1 week ago
u chops ,how did that happen but that's funny
Jan Sveen
'Jan Sveen' 1 week ago
It's good to see laughter like this! Biking is healthy for everything it seems like. It's the wet dirt on the tire that leads the electricity
Thumbsdown Bandit
'Thumbsdown Bandit' 1 week ago
Here a short how to for city slickers: 1) Go to the energizer. 2) Flip the switch of the energizer to off. 3) Take your bloody bike. 4) Turn the energizer back on.
Filip Wojas
'Filip Wojas' 1 week ago
Typical english Gentlemans... AUU AUUU... AUUU. There is about 10 kV AC and only few "J" .So dont be silly ;).But Yes, it is fun to watch them..
'gilessmokey' 1 week ago
made I laugh but keep off the footpaths.
Andrea Tiziana
'Andrea Tiziana' 1 week ago
The Monty Python Fat Bike Circus...;)
'Timessquareful' 1 week ago
hab mich fast totgelacht :-)
Suupaturk Pérez
'Suupaturk Pérez' 1 week ago
Después de ese viaje en bici, se folló a su mujer, y de ahí surgió Zeus, dando consigo el renacimiento del antiguo Olimpo, ahora llamado Nuevo Olimpo.
Mis dies a este señor
'londontrada' 1 week ago
How the fuck did it get there?
Music Matt 76
'Music Matt 76' 1 week ago
2M views, thats about 4000 bucks?
Kurt Troyer
'Kurt Troyer' 1 week ago
That's some funny shit.
P. Herrmann (Excellero)
epic facepalm
Лёха Белочкин
Handlebar with rubber grips? Nah, that's for pussies, let's try to lift it with a tree.
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