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Avengers News Report - SNL -
Published: 2 years ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 2 years ago

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Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Iron Man (Taran Killam), Bruce Banner (Pete Davidson), Nick Fury (Jay Pharoah) and Captain America (Beck Bennett) celebrate defeating Ultron on live TV.

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Ashido Kanō
'Ashido Kanō' 7 hours ago
thor destroys multiple neighborhoods in celebration
leniel dela torre
'leniel dela torre' 3 days ago
inaccurate they ain't in NY they're in Eastern Europe
Damond Barbee
'Damond Barbee' 6 days ago
Where is Black Widow?
Adam Aiman
'Adam Aiman' 2 weeks ago
Ace Asad
'Ace Asad' 3 weeks ago
I love Cecily Strong
Alex boyajian
'Alex boyajian' 1 month ago
It's weird because ultron was never in New York, the battle was in slokovia
John Sabp
'John Sabp' 1 month ago
this was stupid. maybe it is because i didnt enjoy age of ultron. Or maybe it was that none of the characters sounded or looked like the originals.
Leah Dawson
'Leah Dawson' 1 month ago
Leah Dawson
'Leah Dawson' 1 month ago
Somebody gave him a bag of sugar and a gallon of coffee.
Cory Emery
'Cory Emery' 1 month ago
That big Funny Bastard Hahaha
Aleido V.
'Aleido V.' 2 months ago
so cringey
The Ninja Daily
'The Ninja Daily' 2 months ago
I love Cecily Strong she's beautiful
'VALENTINEproductions' 2 months ago
First time we've seen Thor without his beard
marlen perez
'marlen perez' 2 months ago
que lindo Chris
'LÊ TÙNG' 2 months ago
why the hell Hulk become diarrhea dehydration man?
'laughthis138' 2 months ago
i think thor likes our culture a little too much
Hugh Mongous
'Hugh Mongous' 2 months ago
They poured like a cup of water on him lol
Albert Farah
'Albert Farah' 2 months ago
Cap is so short! :D
Jayden Colour
'Jayden Colour' 2 months ago
why is he Aussie thor ?
Isaiah Simmons
'Isaiah Simmons' 2 months ago
Great Stark impression
Callie Elizabeth Miller
Thor is cute
'PrydaV' 2 months ago
No Jeopardy with Burt Reynolds?
Mo Ke
'Mo Ke' 2 months ago
I'm just gonna consider this canon now
'actorben' 2 months ago
No Black Widow or Hawkeye? Makes U kind of wonder what they were doing during this interview!
'TheRedApe' 2 months ago
This is MCU canon now
luke Logue
'luke Logue' 2 months ago
I see quicksilver is not there
tarika diwakar
'tarika diwakar' 2 months ago
But guys imagine if Liam Hemsworth was Loki?
Doctor Knowledge
'Doctor Knowledge' 2 months ago
can u imagine if we actually had this shit?
Polina Z Ralte
'Polina Z Ralte' 2 months ago
jayp knee
'jayp knee' 3 months ago
Thor suddenly has an Aussie accent lol
large small
'large small' 3 months ago
Thor may "we " borrow your hammer?
Fro Buntu
'Fro Buntu' 3 months ago
News anchor chick's hairline starts at her eyebrows
Kitty Kat
'Kitty Kat' 3 months ago
Okay so we got Hawkeye, Thor, Black Widow, Dr Strange, Starlord, Spiderman to host SNL.
Brayan Tamayo
'Brayan Tamayo' 3 months ago
thor is on drugs
'captainunload' 3 months ago
This was stupid. SNL isn't funny anymore.
'sodapopizze' 3 months ago
love how he mocks captain America lmao cx
Markus Rochin
'Markus Rochin' 3 months ago
I though Fury was "dead"
'AdrianReborn' 3 months ago
does anybody else notice Negan in the back of the crowd midscreen righthand side.
Jacki Sears
'Jacki Sears' 3 months ago
Dave & Busters? :-) yeah
Jacki Sears
'Jacki Sears' 3 months ago
"THOR" Dancing was hilarious!
'Spechie' 3 months ago
Chris Hemsworth is gr8
'logandh2' 3 months ago
I love how Hemsworth didn't even try to do the Thor voice for this and just went full Aussie.
'Alexiosization' 3 months ago
And no one laughs at Captain America! No way you dont laught at America! Hypocrites
'DarkAtHearts' 3 months ago
"I am Thor and I am mighty."
Minecraft Red Panda AJ
where's blackwidow
Golden Ever After High
Chris Hemsworth 😂😂😂😂😂
'plushiesdx' 3 months ago
They could get him for SNL yet not the actual Marvel shows hmm
'PhantoMace2012' 3 months ago
I loled at "I think i ate a guy..."
<Breaking News- Hulk:I think i ate a guy>
'The0to1smell' 3 months ago
your light are on.
Mr InnocentBystander
'Mr InnocentBystander' 3 months ago
Did Thor shave after the fight?
Toni_ _Pranks
'Toni_ _Pranks' 3 months ago
And Now I know why Thor was not in civil wars😂😂
'JesusFreak101' 3 months ago
I would totally follow Thor's podcast on SoundCloud
'Siresly' 4 months ago
Row butts.
'WillMePHD' 4 months ago
Why do people even watch this? So many great ideas flop in the execution it's not worth watching for the gold nugget every other week.
Jacob Sotelo
'Jacob Sotelo' 4 months ago
Remember when ultron attacked D.C.
'FlashakaViolet' 4 months ago
I wish the movies were like this
angem1223 calderon
'angem1223 calderon' 4 months ago
is thet actually chris hemsworht
The Flash
'The Flash' 4 months ago
What? THIS MAKES NO SENSE they defeated Ultron in Sokovia not NYC really SNL???
Edming Productions
'Edming Productions' 4 months ago
Sina Danayeedoust
'Sina Danayeedoust' 4 months ago
The battle took place in Sokovia not Washington.
the Wildcard
'the Wildcard' 4 months ago
How did they get channel 7 over to russia or wherever they are?
Roberto Martinez
'Roberto Martinez' 4 months ago
The Nick Fury impression was the worst
Vince J
'Vince J' 4 months ago
For a second I thought they replaced Robert Downey Jr. with that guy until I saw Pete Davidson and I was like Shoo
anime fan
'anime fan' 4 months ago
I so consider this canan. But did Thor and Jane break up? He called her his ex.
'Xhexanie' 4 months ago
Chris is so funny oh my god.
Joshua Holmes
'Joshua Holmes' 4 months ago
Teach once driving mail ideal
Art Carrasco
'Art Carrasco' 4 months ago
they should cast hemsworth as the new highlander
Jerome Moody
'Jerome Moody' 5 months ago
omg he's chewing gum
'•BuzzyKat•' 5 months ago
Really. They had to Ruin captain America. Out of ALL the avengers they ruin CAPTAIN AMERICA. WHYYYYY they didn't even make him hot like Chris Evans ;-;
Kurby Pinky
'Kurby Pinky' 5 months ago
Chris is such a fool. LOL
matthew lannholm
'matthew lannholm' 5 months ago
Love this video!! Chris is great fun!!!! Let's party.
Andre Williams
'Andre Williams' 5 months ago
Marvel just knows how to have fun.
Stephen halberthal
'Stephen halberthal' 6 months ago
what episode
Brandon Dominguez
'Brandon Dominguez' 6 months ago
I loved this so much
Queen SiNiaya
'Queen SiNiaya' 6 months ago
Aww where's black widow
Ron Solo
'Ron Solo' 6 months ago
They told him to act like a Disney big wig after one of the marvel movies comes out
Dkobi Nixon
'Dkobi Nixon' 6 months ago
Nulle Chan
'Nulle Chan' 6 months ago
I love how true this is to their characters.
Maya Prior
'Maya Prior' 6 months ago
Is that actually Chris? Or an actor? I can never tell in any of these videos.
Aixa Martinez
'Aixa Martinez' 6 months ago
Chris Hemsworth was hilarious in this.
Caleb Murray
'Caleb Murray' 7 months ago
thor after the movie XD
Chiara Lee
'Chiara Lee' 7 months ago
Will Thor's party have pop tarts?
V6 Nation
'V6 Nation' 7 months ago
"I think i ate a guy" xD killed me
max dunn
'max dunn' 7 months ago
Lol Australian accent
Chasely Gardner
'Chasely Gardner' 7 months ago
Did he give out some details about the next Thor? I never saw him and Jane break up like what?????
Hlias Koluvas
'Hlias Koluvas' 7 months ago
what tha fuck did i just watch wtf hahahaha lol lol lol
Jeily Ortega
'Jeily Ortega' 7 months ago
i wanna listen to thors podcast now :(
'zatchfan202' 7 months ago
This is funny it's Chris Hemsworth in costume and accent acting out of character!
Torian “T-swag” Gordon
I thought hulk went missing
a. j. c.
'a. j. c.' 7 months ago
i love taran's impression of tony
fernando xavier alava sanchez
esa es la actitud.
Jack Salinetti
'Jack Salinetti' 7 months ago
Lol I don't remember hulk eating anyone in the movies
Caroline The Comedian
Age of Ultrom didn't take place in Washington...
'barbaro267' 7 months ago
This is amazing. Why haven't I seen this yet?? :D
'Mike' 7 months ago
Bobby looks like a pug
Jksniper Xe
'Jksniper Xe' 7 months ago
Where's batman?🤔
Katniss “Melark”
'Katniss “Melark”' 7 months ago
Thor smoked weed? Or sniffed some crack? I don't know
Sade White
'Sade White' 7 months ago
Chris Kuhl
'Chris Kuhl' 7 months ago
Haha. Hulk thinks he ate a guy and Thor's doing the running man.
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