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I Wore Body Paint Instead Of Clothes In The City -
Published: 2 months ago By: BuzzFeedVideo

By: BuzzFeedVideoPublished: 2 months ago

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"Maybe I'm not conscious yet that I'm only wearing a man thong and paint."

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Made by BFMP

Pashur, Body Painter
Erik Escobar, Comedian, @ErikEscobar

Davis Denver
'Davis Denver' 2 weeks ago
Wow...such an inspiration...
'Eventide' 2 weeks ago
2:45 Dude with body paint AND a Santa in the background
Bool crop
'Bool crop' 4 weeks ago
They intentionally have someone who would be considered obese only wearing body paint to spread body positivity but this man is DYING. He is at a higher risk of many diseases that kill thousands of americans every year that are directly linked to their weight. No he should not be prosecuted for his body nor should anyone but this lifestyle should not be encouraged
Danielle Plays Games
This is clickbait. He wore underwear. That's a piece of clothing right?
AlishaGamer TV
'AlishaGamer TV' 4 weeks ago
Just saying it doesn't matter what's on the outside its what's in the inside
Lego o clock
'Lego o clock' 4 weeks ago
he's a good guy
'TeaKiddies' 4 weeks ago
he's wearing underwear, doesn't that count as clothing?
Ralph Daher
'Ralph Daher' 4 weeks ago
how can a man get a body paint instead of clothe???
maybe he has a boner!!
Bernadette Richter
'Bernadette Richter' 1 month ago
But wait I highkey wanna see more of this guy
Emily McMahon
'Emily McMahon' 1 month ago
You dkn't look that fat dude. And the top half of him could ACTUALLY be a shirt. Cut of the hands, and neck. It'd be a nice shirt.
Dean Papadopoulos
'Dean Papadopoulos' 1 month ago
U is fat
Hi I
'Hi I'm wierd' 1 month ago
This guy is AMAZING and yes you don't need me to tell you that
Sugar Glider Guy
'Sugar Glider Guy' 1 month ago
cute girl
'cute girl' 1 month ago
whatever, in LA try this in conservative D.C. U would be all over news
Mia Coles-Nixon
'Mia Coles-Nixon' 1 month ago
that is cool
Smøl tøp Bean
'Smøl tøp Bean' 1 month ago
Yo he's beautiful the way he is :)
Lorena Saraniero
'Lorena Saraniero' 1 month ago
The Girl at 2:20 has such a cute laugh
'KOKO_ NUT' 1 month ago
Wait is this Australia or America sorry the buildings look kinda familiar
zymmot10 735
'zymmot10 735' 1 month ago
That body art is so good
Dshaun Mcneal
'Dshaun Mcneal' 1 month ago
his body is so sexy😍
Daniel Emenaker
'Daniel Emenaker' 1 month ago
Dis guy is lit
'JPlexxity' 1 month ago
This dude is pablo escobar's cousin xD.
Omg It
'Omg It's Summer' 1 month ago
I support this guy he's a legend X😁
CJ Douridas
'CJ Douridas' 1 month ago
lol that's so coooool
Infamous Harley Quinn
Such a brave man!!
Ruby Taylor
'Ruby Taylor' 1 month ago
Unexplainable Username
Is he related to Pablo lmao
New South Woooles
'New South Woooles' 1 month ago
Incredible: Things I learned while naked in some American city
'NuclearClarity' 1 month ago
If I did that I would get raped in two seconds flat lmfaoo
ranch_hott 8
'ranch_hott 8' 1 month ago
When he's literally not even that big
Anu Sinha
'Anu Sinha' 1 month ago
i am sorry didnt they do a video like this already. Come on buzzfeed I know it is hard to come up with something creative. Belive me when I say that I am not the most creative person. At least try to come up with a new concept.
'KendrixTermina' 1 month ago
Dear Dolorosa
'Dear Dolorosa' 1 month ago
he actually looks pretty good
Pisstrooper #6969
'Pisstrooper #6969' 1 month ago
Lmao typical fatass
mimikyu luver
'mimikyu luver' 1 month ago
I should be sleeping
'Don't stalk Me' 1 month ago
If it rained
Ole Magnus  Hegge Stenersen
Hi is realy cool
'D'Artagnan Laning' 1 month ago
just saying but you don't have to work out to be healthy, you can eat healthy...
'TekViper' 1 month ago
Misleading title, he's wearing underwear.



'soomin' 2 months ago
I'm just happy to see LA and see him crossing the streets I cross everyday.
Davis Whitaker
'Davis Whitaker' 2 months ago
Sweet Jesus Christ.
'mattkujo1' 2 months ago
Please stop
For mankind
End BuzzFeed for good
Johnny Spence
'Johnny Spence' 2 months ago
That's lowkey what a child molester would wear to bribe kids
Madalen petersen
'Madalen petersen' 2 months ago
He looks so dope
Simply Soph
'Simply Soph' 2 months ago
What a good guy 😊
Lee is a he
'Lee is a he' 2 months ago
This is so much better tan the female one. He didn't cry. He jut did it.
ɱཞʂ• ŋąɬąƖıɛ ʂıʂɬཞųŋƙ
Beautiful on so many levels!
HassanRBLX - ROBLOX & More!
o lol
'ranCidK1ll' 2 months ago
he's handsome tho.
Brooklyn Skoog
'Brooklyn Skoog' 2 months ago
you honestly look awesome!!
Big D
'Big D' 2 months ago
Larissa H
'Larissa H' 2 months ago
great job
Tabitha Baird
'Tabitha Baird' 2 months ago
why does buzzfeed have to make everything so corny and deep
Xingyuee Ngg
'Xingyuee Ngg' 2 months ago

Madison westdotter
'Madison westdotter' 2 months ago
Remember, everyone! You are Unique!! Just like everybody else...Dude, some people are normal and follow the crowd. Others stand out.
Cait M
'Cait M' 2 months ago
Normalize chubby boys. Normalize all bodies. Love all bodies.
Zoe Thomson
'Zoe Thomson' 2 months ago
every guy wants Abs... size DOESNT matter, my boyfriend doesn't have abs.. And? it doesn't matter to me I love him because he is special. You are you and that's what makes you special
Rhian Bates
'Rhian Bates' 2 months ago
Black hands and black ish neck?.... Tyler Joseph who?
'BunnyFett' 2 months ago
'RickySTT' 2 months ago
Only a thong and paint? During the preparation, it looked like he was wearing footwear as well, although they didn't show his feet once he got out on the street.
Maggie Shaffer
'Maggie Shaffer' 2 months ago
Look at his junk...HUGE AF
grump_grump 16546
'grump_grump 16546' 2 months ago
I think he is the perfect size
'GreyedInterests' 2 months ago
how is this a big deal??? men walk like that all the time at the beach.
Magical Monkey
'Magical Monkey' 2 months ago
Armaan Sharma
'Armaan Sharma' 2 months ago
Narcos anyone?
MCorchia Wilterona
'MCorchia Wilterona' 2 months ago
Fuckin retards
Harper Potter
'Harper Potter' 2 months ago
that really help me have faith in myself
'itsMeYourBoi' 2 months ago
How about the kids?!!!
'itsMeYourBoi' 2 months ago
Holy shot I did this and it was hella weird
Fluffybro Jr. ❤
'Fluffybro Jr. ❤' 2 months ago
meanwhile in saudi arabia
Elisabeth Garcia
'Elisabeth Garcia' 2 months ago
He's cute
steven gonzalez
'steven gonzalez' 2 months ago
That was so
Stella Campbell
'Stella Campbell' 2 months ago
I love this guy.
Maia Rhoads
'Maia Rhoads' 2 months ago
This guy is so sweet
Jackson Thorne
'Jackson Thorne' 2 months ago
I like this not caring what people think of you very powerful
Shoha Kyu
'Shoha Kyu' 2 months ago
buzzfeed: so at the end you have to make a serious speech okay? make it unresistable! got it?
'MCIngus' 2 months ago
I know i'm a great person... okay then
Karina Nogleberg
'Karina Nogleberg' 2 months ago
Analy highschool is where my parents and aunt & uncle went!
derp catz
'derp catz' 2 months ago
I worship you for having the guts to do this
Yaseen Dhakam
'Yaseen Dhakam' 2 months ago
The only reason I don't like my body cuz my nipple is the size of africa
Katie luu
'Katie luu' 2 months ago
Lmfao thought the thumbnail was Nadeem #fucknadeem
Chun Wong
'Chun Wong' 2 months ago
Who guessed this was in NY before the video started
Haley Elizabeth
'Haley Elizabeth' 2 months ago
What happened to his ear
Evan Guthrie
'Evan Guthrie' 2 months ago
They cut out all the people saying, "WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL?"
ᅡ등채마대렁ᄃ China
I'd be like "Nice shirt!".
Eli Cruz
'Eli Cruz' 2 months ago
I luv the way they incorporated his nipples into the art! 😂
Violet Clare
'Violet Clare' 2 months ago
this guy intensified 👏
'I'm a unicorn' 2 months ago
Lesson of the day: boys are insecure about their body's too
Pink Bubbles
'Pink Bubbles' 2 months ago
Is this legal?
Imogen Forman
'Imogen Forman' 2 months ago
I love this
gloria lily
'gloria lily' 2 months ago
Ewww that's grossss
iiEmilyRose xX
'iiEmilyRose xX' 2 months ago
Ok, YouTube what's going on?! 666,891 views, 17K Likes and 2 comments and I. Can see a lot more
'HexaRex' 2 months ago
I drank bleach instead of water
Kennan Dunn
'Kennan Dunn' 2 months ago
I'm pretty sure this counts as public indecency.
Kennan Dunn
'Kennan Dunn' 2 months ago
Buzzfeed, you already did this. GET NEW MATERIAL!!!
Feirce Bannana
'Feirce Bannana' 2 months ago
thongs Count as clothes
Alea Alea
'Alea Alea' 2 months ago
Idk about you, but he looks hot to me. I don't care if he's not like Zac Efron, still pretty dope looking.
'flpo3316' 2 months ago
I like this guy. He has genuinely good feelings. I just get a nice vibe from him.
Kaine.caulfield.11 X
'Kaine.caulfield.11 X' 2 months ago
What if it started to rain 😂
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