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Teacher Trial - SNL -
Published: 2 years ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 2 years ago

4, 814, 649 views

39, 348 Likes   1, 181 Dislikes

A lawyer (Taraji P. Henson) tries to prove a teacher (Cecily Strong) took advantage of her student (Pete Davidson) but instead learns the affair only had positive consequences.

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Donna Fassano
'Donna Fassano' 6 days ago
I did laugh at this. Very funny. But (lol) yes there's a but. If it was my daughter with a male teacher I would feel completely different. Yep. Double standards. Just being honest
Crazy Queen
'Crazy Queen' 1 week ago
Am I the only one with a crush on Pete?
High Heel Knight
'High Heel Knight' 1 week ago
My Man ;-)
Natanel Solomonov
'Natanel Solomonov' 2 weeks ago
everytime i watch snl it shows this stupid yougert commercial #so annoying
Jacob Cooley
'Jacob Cooley' 2 weeks ago
I'm going to Disneyland.
'prg415' 2 weeks ago
The boy who lived 😂😂😂😂
Quinn B
'Quinn B' 2 weeks ago
AHHHHH Kenan's looks at Pete!!! Kills me
Bryan Robinson
'Bryan Robinson' 3 weeks ago
Casey James
'Casey James' 3 weeks ago
ren and pimpy :)
Casey James
'Casey James' 3 weeks ago
i love how the judge is always getting after the mom :)
Terrell Oliver
'Terrell Oliver' 4 weeks ago
this is how it should have been for years for males, but for females, if the teacher looked like zac efron, trey songz, liam hemsworth...etc, then that's how it should have been for them also
upper cut
'upper cut' 4 weeks ago
Wow, first  3 seconds, I thought,what a Wonderful advertisement She is for America. The Depths of Retardation is indeed, Unfathomable. You Sheeple Lap it all up, like the Whores on your Tel Lies Vision. You Retards will wake up one day.
Othon von Salza
'Othon von Salza' 4 weeks ago
what kind of a male name is CECILY. .wtf man
Undisclosed Identity
Rape apologists
'MsShygirl25' 4 weeks ago
he's cute to me
Thebest Inlili
'Thebest Inlili' 1 month ago
Carlotta Gianotti
'Carlotta Gianotti' 1 month ago
my favourite snl sketch everrrr
Alternative Headlines
Now make a 'funny' sketch about 2 male teachers having group sex with a 16 year old girl.
Lita Ray
'Lita Ray' 1 month ago
I love that judge.
j hrk
'j hrk' 1 month ago
I'd fuck that teacher every which way
'metalore' 1 month ago
How come I've never seen this Pete Davidson fellow (actor playing the student) again anywhere?
Geoffrey Zoref
'Geoffrey Zoref' 1 month ago
Wait, his mom is suing, implying this is a civil trial? But Statutory Rape would be a criminal trial.
Mya Fagerhaug
'Mya Fagerhaug' 1 month ago
"And it was on" IM DEAD
Chilly Bandino
'Chilly Bandino' 1 month ago
Is it just me or is she not one of the hottest black woman on the planet?
Gooman BLACK
'Gooman BLACK' 1 month ago
"after school special"
Deuce06 Gaming
'Deuce06 Gaming' 1 month ago
We need more people like this
Deuce06 Gaming
'Deuce06 Gaming' 1 month ago
The teacher is "fine"
Jennifer Lamont
'Jennifer Lamont' 1 month ago
This is such a Tampa thing
Richard Knapp
'Richard Knapp' 1 month ago
strange and funny.  Like life....
David Jefferson
'David Jefferson' 1 month ago
Georgi Popov
'Georgi Popov' 2 months ago
Daaaaamn bruh that booty at 0:38 almost got up with the chair
Mike Gill
'Mike Gill' 2 months ago
one of the best skits ever
'notthere83' 2 months ago
Meh... fucking double standards.
thatfkn guy lol
'thatfkn guy lol' 2 months ago
after school special....
Aiden Ferry
'Aiden Ferry' 2 months ago
Best skit EVER
'TheWindstorm2012' 2 months ago
That teacher IS hot.
Thunder Garcia
'Thunder Garcia' 2 months ago
I wish i was that lucky 🍀😭
Jay Hawk
'Jay Hawk' 2 months ago
mista extra-credit
Adalberto Rojas
'Adalberto Rojas' 2 months ago
" Extra credit "
Making Life Less Boring
I swear this has to be what goes on in these kinds of situations 😂
Sergio Rodriguez
'Sergio Rodriguez' 2 months ago
Humzah Hassan
'Humzah Hassan' 2 months ago
If he was the teacher it would be different
Collin Cicilia
'Collin Cicilia' 2 months ago
After school special xD
christopher brown
'christopher brown' 2 months ago
Beauty and the pimp...
'Snapso' 2 months ago
'TheSarcasticSamurai' 2 months ago
Yes ma'am, it was the best day of my life.
Alisha Beal
'Alisha Beal' 2 months ago
"You stupid." lmao
Ashes Guzman
'Ashes Guzman' 2 months ago
all these perverted pedo guys butthurt get over yourself this is a fake skit in real life she'd be prosecuted
Yiwan Ye
'Yiwan Ye' 2 months ago
oh okay
'SDPRZ' 2 months ago
when taraji p henson stood up at 0:36 my trousers went up
Hallowed Apparition
'Hallowed Apparition' 2 months ago
"Meet and greets" oh my god 😂
Elder Scrolls
'Elder Scrolls' 2 months ago
'ProlixGD' 2 months ago
lol "extra credit"
Mohey Saleh
'Mohey Saleh' 2 months ago
00:38 dat ass!
Kurai Kage
'Kurai Kage' 2 months ago
I've been to Disneyland. Compared to this, that trip was shit!
'Amigo500' 2 months ago
i love snl, just love them
'Kyle' 2 months ago
This is the second version of this I've seen, in succession
Sumit Singh Thakur
'Sumit Singh Thakur' 2 months ago
"The boy who lived"...😂😂😂
Ryan  Dawes
'Ryan Dawes' 2 months ago
This is not a crime
Joeys WorldTour
'Joeys WorldTour' 2 months ago
0:37 omg that ass though
Hot4 Teacherz
'Hot4 Teacherz' 2 months ago
My name
Ahmad Farooqi
'Ahmad Farooqi' 2 months ago
I wish one of my teachers would fuck me too...
(1 like = sex with hot teacher for everyone who likes)
Genevieve Eatametse
'Genevieve Eatametse' 2 months ago
the judge though!!! he just can't! he is sooo done!! :) :) :")
Rowell Mason
'Rowell Mason' 3 months ago
I'd do that teacher
'CHEVY BOY!!!!' 3 months ago
Taranji looks good!!!!!
G. Donovan
'G. Donovan' 3 months ago
YES INTERNET WE GET IT IMAGINE IF THE GENDERS WERE REVERSED. But surprisingly enough their not so deal with it god
Jeff Brown
'Jeff Brown' 3 months ago
Is the teacher Cecily? I never had a teacher that pretty!
Martin Ngesa
'Martin Ngesa' 3 months ago
When Prosecutor Taraji stood up!
Albino Walrus Shit
'Albino Walrus Shit' 3 months ago
Snl is life
'DogoHalibar' 3 months ago
I love the shot of the mom glaring at the dad! That dude is sleeping on the couch for the rest of his life, if he's lucky!
Wizardhacker 70
'Wizardhacker 70' 3 months ago
That judge does not regret his career
'HiroshiTakeda' 3 months ago
'Glennjamin' 3 months ago
After school special 😂
'KingOfKingz819' 3 months ago
Taraji P. Henson and Cecily Strong, man. Lemme go and ask both of them for extra credit.
Garapati Raja
'Garapati Raja' 3 months ago
the boy who lived...........XD
Luke Armstrong
'Luke Armstrong' 3 months ago
I can't believe SNL would take female pedophilia so lightly. Would they do the same if the genders were reversed?
'shade231' 3 months ago
ah fuck I lost it when they showed his dad. hahahaha
'Leunam' 3 months ago
Fred Pimpstone
Patrick Janes
'Patrick Janes' 3 months ago
I was thinking about that video game developer skit.
Evan Duncan
'Evan Duncan' 3 months ago
Teraji is so fine
'roadhouse699' 3 months ago
I would like to propose another potential replacement for Antonin Scalia...
William Garcia
'William Garcia' 3 months ago
Fred Pimpstone :'D
Edit: He Who Has Sex With Teachers :'D
Han SoloTubehd
'Han SoloTubehd' 3 months ago
This 2 days after my birthday
Jamia Davis
'Jamia Davis' 3 months ago
When I live in Hillsborough County in Tampa Florida 💀
Alex Arand
'Alex Arand' 3 months ago
I hate how accurate this is. The women are still taking advantage of them because they are underage, but the young men don't care or are blissfully ignorant and are ENCOURAGED to continue the affair by everyone else around them and by society. It's AWFUL.
JPR 21
'JPR 21' 3 months ago
The way the judge is smiling and looking all sheepish ...

"This guy....extra credit ..."
King Columbus
'King Columbus' 3 months ago
"King of the Teachers"

Dead lol
R. Kayn
'R. Kayn' 4 months ago
the after school special
UN Owen
'UN Owen' 4 months ago
Who's the defendant?
Gabriel Medina
'Gabriel Medina' 4 months ago
the judge looks like supa from the bjs
'GroovyWattian' 4 months ago
Just imagine if the teacher was male and hunky.
Khajiit Overlord
'Khajiit Overlord' 4 months ago
After school special was the best one
'TheEmpowered787' 4 months ago
It's so true though... about the double standard... but if the gender roles were reversed it would be another story. That's what they're parodying.
'MomJeans' 4 months ago
After School Special... I love that XD
Isa Belle
'Isa Belle' 4 months ago
The boy who lived lol
Anti IV
'Anti IV' 4 months ago
Josh from until dawn
louie martin
'louie martin' 4 months ago
Taraji boooooty
'gallowLeigh' 4 months ago
This is horrible.
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