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Teacher Trial - SNL -
Published: 2 years ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 2 years ago

4, 431, 252 views

35, 908 Likes   1, 079 Dislikes

A lawyer (Taraji P. Henson) tries to prove a teacher (Cecily Strong) took advantage of her student (Pete Davidson) but instead learns the affair only had positive consequences.

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Garapati Raja
'Garapati Raja' 5 hours ago
the boy who lived...........XD
Luke Armstrong
'Luke Armstrong' 3 days ago
I can't believe SNL would take female pedophilia so lightly. Would they do the same if the genders were reversed?
'shade231' 3 days ago
ah fuck I lost it when they showed his dad. hahahaha
'Leunam' 5 days ago
Fred Pimpstone
Patrick Janes
'Patrick Janes' 5 days ago
I was thinking about that video game developer skit.
Evan Duncan
'Evan Duncan' 5 days ago
Teraji is so fine
'roadhouse699' 6 days ago
I would like to propose another potential replacement for Antonin Scalia...
William Garcia
'William Garcia' 6 days ago
Fred Pimpstone :'D
Edit: He Who Has Sex With Teachers :'D
Han SoloTubehd
'Han SoloTubehd' 1 week ago
This 2 days after my birthday
Jamia Davis
'Jamia Davis' 1 week ago
When I live in Hillsborough County in Tampa Florida 💀
Alex Arand
'Alex Arand' 1 week ago
I hate how accurate this is. The women are still taking advantage of them because they are underage, but the young men don't care or are blissfully ignorant and are ENCOURAGED to continue the affair by everyone else around them and by society. It's AWFUL.
JPR 21
'JPR 21' 1 week ago
The way the judge is smiling and looking all sheepish ...

"This guy....extra credit ..."
King Columbus
'King Columbus' 2 weeks ago
"King of the Teachers"

Dead lol
R. Kayn
'R. Kayn' 2 weeks ago
the after school special
UN Owen
'UN Owen' 2 weeks ago
Who's the defendant?
Gabriel Medina
'Gabriel Medina' 2 weeks ago
the judge looks like supa from the bjs
'GroovyWattian' 3 weeks ago
Just imagine if the teacher was male and hunky.
Khajiit Overlord
'Khajiit Overlord' 3 weeks ago
After school special was the best one
'TheEmpowered787' 3 weeks ago
It's so true though... about the double standard... but if the gender roles were reversed it would be another story. That's what they're parodying.
'DragonHumor' 3 weeks ago
After School Special... I love that XD
Isa Belle
'Isa Belle' 4 weeks ago
The boy who lived lol
Anti IV
'Anti IV' 4 weeks ago
Josh from until dawn
louie martin
'louie martin' 4 weeks ago
Taraji boooooty
'gallowLeigh' 4 weeks ago
This is horrible.
'gutz1981' 4 weeks ago
And yet , unfortunately in the real world and in a very similar case, the female teacher got 15 years in jail and only available for parole after 8 and a half.

'ColtSteel25' 1 month ago
Henson's booty at :37 sec mark...DAYYYYUM.
Matthew Adair
'Matthew Adair' 1 month ago
I salute any student who has been in that situation.
John Harp
'John Harp' 1 month ago
this was released on my 12 brithday
Steven Flynn
'Steven Flynn' 1 month ago
"sHe Is A mOnStErrrrrrr"
Stani Segovia
'Stani Segovia' 1 month ago
lol hahahahahahahah hahahahahahahah nice
Jim Forty
'Jim Forty' 1 month ago
taraji Damn fine asf
'Petrichor' 1 month ago
eph elle
'eph elle' 1 month ago
Kevin Najera
'Kevin Najera' 1 month ago
damn Taraji looking fine as a mothershocker
'LackingInGrace' 1 month ago
idk they missed the mark on this sketch... its pedophilic when a male teachers has an affair with a student and its pedophilic when a female teacher has an affair with a student

either way, its gross and the double standard here is gross as well
marco cervi
'marco cervi' 1 month ago
not until u pound it
Vince Klortho
'Vince Klortho' 1 month ago
Let's give him a few more names - Homer Pimpson. Any others?
Bailey Kai
'Bailey Kai' 1 month ago
"Extra Credit" small akward smile
Gunmaster G-9
'Gunmaster G-9' 1 month ago
Where were these teachers when I was in school. I was a horny 16 yo who fapped 3 times a day.
Zayd k
'Zayd k' 2 months ago
Taraji P. Henson is great. And Kate.......Monssttteerrrrr😍😍😍😍😍😍
sumit dalal
'sumit dalal' 2 months ago
What if a 16 year old girl had a realtion with a very hot male teacher? Is it supposed to be like this?
Laura Padron
'Laura Padron' 2 months ago
omg taraji looks so sexy
abby the realest
'abby the realest' 2 months ago
Did David Lee Roth write the script for this skit?
Daniel Roderiques
'Daniel Roderiques' 2 months ago
Damm the teacher fine af she deserves some snake
Isacc batista
'Isacc batista' 2 months ago
My man!!😂😂😂👌
'OneTwoFreeForAll' 2 months ago
R-Guy jdI
Judge Kenan wants some extraaaa credit lol
'openupandsmile4me' 2 months ago
Uh yeah, all fun and jokes about it because the "teacher" was a woman and the student was a boy. It wouldn't be that way if the gender roles were switched. A male teacher would be in prison quicker than a 6 year old can stir a glass of nestle q.
Geneviève R
'Geneviève R' 2 months ago
"What can I do for some extra credit?" Omg I died!

But if this was an actual case she would be arrested for statutory rape.
Rosemary Shmavonian
'Rosemary Shmavonian' 2 months ago
hot for teacher
Jessica Herrera
'Jessica Herrera' 2 months ago
Extra credit ha
umesh -
'umesh -' 2 months ago
thst lady lawyer nippels
Bob Bobby
'Bob Bobby' 2 months ago
If Cecily Strong is the teacher and I am the student, I would go for it!!
'Phoenix' 2 months ago
Dafaq is wrong with people. Who decides 18 is the age when people automatically turn into adults. People age differently and they mature at different rates. This guy was obviously competent and knew what he was doing. He liked it, she liked it, they were happy.
'Crick1952' 2 months ago
That teacher is pretty hot...
Jeremy Bagley
'Jeremy Bagley' 2 months ago
This reminds me of liberals trying to demonize common sense lol
'TychoStation' 2 months ago
this is a gag about a court case at a school called Central Florida aerospace academy. where this same thing pretty much happened and the teacher got arrested and sentenced to 30 something years in prison
kc lynch
'kc lynch' 2 months ago
Hm this is how my cousin will end up
Miquel Vico
'Miquel Vico' 2 months ago
This is super fucked up! Basically they are doing a whole "It's not statutory because underage boys are horny" joke, I know this is super basic, but lets imagine the reverse. SNL portraying prosecution of a male teacher for statutory rape as needless because the 15 year old had a crush on her teacher, or, better yet, because we all know 15 year olds are just horny.
King of Nerds •
'King of Nerds •' 2 months ago
Judge says not until you pound it when he already pounded it that's why this whole trial is happening
Zachary Freeman
'Zachary Freeman' 2 months ago
love that the flag in the back round is the Florida flag
Larry Vos
'Larry Vos' 2 months ago
People keep talking about a gender reversal but my sister and I just talked about this and about how all the girls she went to high school with wanted to bang their hot math teacher. He may have been an older male but it would have played off like this amongst her peers. Situation matters in cases like these and many high schoolers are mature enough to make these decisions themselves, regardless of gender.
'xmenxwk' 2 months ago
"after school special" was best one
Jamal Imam
'Jamal Imam' 2 months ago
supercalifragislicThisBeSuchADopekid! lmao
Gurung pasang
'Gurung pasang' 2 months ago
Taraji looking hella fine
'SquantoTigerFist' 2 months ago
"The Man, Luckiest Guy Ever, My Hero, Baller, Lil Pimp, Lil Baller, The One, Goodyear Pimp, Fred Pimpstone, Ren and Pimpy, King of the Teachers, After School Special, Teacher's Petter, The Boy Who Lived, Gavin the Great, Magic The Gavining, Legend, Supercalifragilistic-This-Be-Such-A-Dope-Kid, He Who Has Sex With Teachers"
Unicorn Cave
'Unicorn Cave' 2 months ago
Kate Rose
'Kate Rose' 2 months ago
El nombre de la vida es una de las premisas
Xavier Spencer
'Xavier Spencer' 2 months ago
1:19 omg their stare down was amazing
Lars West (TheWiseHorse)
If a guy ever feel violated/raped by having sex with a woman, he is a BITCH. A pathetic little bitch. Sorry women out there, that is just the way it is. Fuck equality!! This skit was hilarious!
CAEY Ramirez
'CAEY Ramirez' 2 months ago
#doublestandard now I feel if girls where given this "you the woman" when things like this happen perhaps there would be NO such thing as sexual assault at least not the ones that are fake and out off guilt.
Arceus Lord of Creation
"Hmhm, extra credit"😉
Hector Coronel
'Hector Coronel' 2 months ago
this skit just goes to show how much of a double standard we have in our society. that being said, very funny skit.
'thatsonyou' 2 months ago
The woman in the blue dress is soo sexy
T. Michael
'T. Michael' 2 months ago
I love Pete Davidson so much
'Sharpshooter649' 2 months ago
Why not a Rays game ?
'Vexxeer232' 2 months ago
Leslie Sanchez
'Leslie Sanchez' 2 months ago
Leslie Sanchez
'Leslie Sanchez' 2 months ago
fred pimpstone😂😂I was dieing.
'MrDruaboyea2U' 2 months ago
Damn Teraji got up wit that fat ole ass pokin out... 😩8==✊🏾==D💦🍒🍌🍆
Marga Esperanza
'Marga Esperanza' 2 months ago
This is a sketch that would only work around the first 2 times it came out, it kinda got tiring with the Rhonda Rousey version too. I hope Pete gets more roles that is not a young millenial kid now that he's a main cast member.
'walkergirl02' 2 months ago
'LeafyIsQueerIsHere' 2 months ago
Cecily is smoking hot.
'CatProductionStudios' 3 months ago
This is incredibly offensive. There are boys who are actually being raped and abused by teachers.
Kar Rose
'Kar Rose' 3 months ago
" after school special " 😂😂 i'm dead XD
Jerry airawn
'Jerry airawn' 3 months ago
Is this a rip off from 'That's my boy'
'j18s17' 3 months ago
'lolipedofin' 3 months ago
This is beyond hilarious.... It's still a crime, the teacher is definitely a sexual offender.... but fucking funny skit!
'HerNameWasKarl' 3 months ago
That was amazing xD
Mr. Waffles
'Mr. Waffles' 3 months ago
Are we sure he's not doing Porn?Like seriously the signs are there 😂 Sex for Extra Credit?! 😂
Joao de Ornelas
'Joao de Ornelas' 3 months ago
Holly Raines
'Holly Raines' 3 months ago
"Not until you pound it" ha he already did.
'davidwhistler1977' 3 months ago
this skit is more real life for teen boys then you think i had a few teachers me and my friends would talk about having sex with. but of course none of us had the balls to try
pete wangsly
'pete wangsly' 3 months ago
would've been funny as fuck if the teacher got like 25 years of prison
Adarsh Roy
'Adarsh Roy' 3 months ago
What does supercalifragalisticthisbesuchadopekid mean?
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