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Yes We Can: People Share Their Most Memorable Moments from the Obama Presidency -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: Obama White House

By: Obama White HousePublished: 2 weeks ago

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Americans and people from around the world reflect on moments that meant the most to them. Share your memory with us here:

'dizeestl' 31 minutes ago
My favorite memory was when he called Isis the JV team. Great call Barry.

'iztheterrible' 2 hours ago
5 and a half minutes of idiocy
'iztheterrible' 2 hours ago
worst pres ever. what an embarrassment to our country
Marko Tiano
'Marko Tiano' 3 hours ago
President Obama - Real Class. Trump may be a billionaire but you can't never buy "class"...he's got nothing on Obama.
'Ben' 4 hours ago
obama is great man.
Yash Kinjalk
'Yash Kinjalk' 5 hours ago
thankyou Americans for giving the world Barack Obama
Yash Kinjalk
'Yash Kinjalk' 5 hours ago
wish I had a superlike
Irwin Wins
'Irwin Wins' 7 hours ago
Yes... You didn't! Trump Prez Now! 🇺🇸
Vivian McClure
'Vivian McClure' 8 hours ago
Dave Gray
'Dave Gray' 9 hours ago
Didn't agree with a good amount of his stances but respected the hell of President Obama. Class act and great human being who legitimately cared more than any president I've been alive for.
Jenny Lee
'Jenny Lee' 9 hours ago
I want to cry but if I did I wouldn't be able to stop.  I'll miss the Obamas so much and I am so afraid of what Trump, Pence and the republican controlled congress and senate, will do.
Now is a good time to learn a foreign language.
'sureshisgreat' 11 hours ago
Best Nobel prize winner ... thank you Big Brother
Conrad Dev
'Conrad Dev' 12 hours ago
Elice Osei
'Elice Osei' 14 hours ago
God bless you Obama, love from the UK x
J Menear
'J Menear' 15 hours ago
I 'm sorry to see Mr. Obama leave. I may not have been there at the end but I 'm sure I don't want there for the beginning 2017.
'SplashSoccer' 16 hours ago
Kobe out.
carlos lopez
'carlos lopez' 18 hours ago
you´ll see President Trump hugging orphans, babies...reaching to young students, elders......hahahaha, not
Shirley Miller
'Shirley Miller' 19 hours ago
Thank you, Mr. President Barack Obama!
'PRE CBS FENDER' 20 hours ago
Hollywood Liberalism is a serious mental health condition..way to much Fluoride in the water treatment facility...
Dhofar sam
'Dhofar sam' 20 hours ago
Can't get it ! After such a great man like obama them american gone really really down with someone like trump , man he is a big joke n the time will tell so sooooon!
'Rauchfest' 20 hours ago
Felt like the White House was overrun by vermin.
Tomislav Žerjavić
'Tomislav Žerjavić' 23 hours ago
Well, from outside of America: that's a lot of bombs for such a lovely farewell. 3 pcs. per hour. Really nice, America, really nice.
'Eli' 23 hours ago
Muslim out of White House yet?
'asswipe71' 1 day ago
Yes we can! Punt Barry to the curb!
Advanced Meme Warfare [AMW]
hahahaha of course the black dude's favorite moment was when obama fucking pardoned felons oh my GODDDDD hahahahahaha
Advanced Meme Warfare [AMW]
"people share"

nah these are celebrities that got first class treatment while you posed with them endlessly for that "fellow kids" image. Star power won't change anything. It hasn't.
Advanced Meme Warfare [AMW]
Most memorable moment for me will be made when trump is officially our president
Eve Galewitz
'Eve Galewitz' 1 day ago
When President Obama and Michelle Obama greeted and elderly African American woman who was about 100 years old and the absolute joy she exuded that she began to dance as she embraced the first African American President and his African American wife. I was overwhelmed with emotion watching this moment. I was also taken by the goodwill between President Obama and Michelle Obama and President George Bush and Laura Bush at the opening of the African American museum. They have developed a very good friendship and working relationship, much like Bush 41 and Bill Clinton and Carter and Ford. Which says a lot about the American system of government and the decency of the good people in the White House.
South Austin Dems
Nice to see all the racist fascist folks posting on this thread. Your orange haired shitgibbon is Fuhrer now. You get what you deserve.
'jameslandlord' 1 day ago
But all comments are based, on a fake media persona. You can see how staged some of this obviously is. The Vietnam rap piece was obviously a set up, for example.
Bill Sarah Brown
'Bill Sarah Brown' 1 day ago
God will always bless President Obama who is the most accomplished President we have ever had! President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will always shine in our history books! I am a white 72 old American and have always been proud of President Obama and Michelle, they both have been extraordinary leaders of our country. I am ashamed of the racist and prejudices that so many of the folks in America have! One day everyone will go before our Almighty God and answer for wrong feelings! We have truly been blessed for the pas 8 years and we all know the many accomplishments!!! We are so sad to see him step down! We are very scared of Donald Trump because of his lying, cheating people out of money - that is not a good deal maker - that is a crook! Trump and his womanizing! Racist, prejudice remarks and his love for Putin! Are very scary! And his mentality "I can do it alone". Sounds pretty scary! History tells the story of one other dictator that had millions of people following him and looked what happened! Thank you Obama for standing up for sensible gun laws - LGBT - the Affordable Care Act and releasing some of the over charged people incarcerated -- prisons are now intended to make money not give a person rehabilitation and encouragement for change so I shame on the judicial system. Thank you Michelle for all your help with nutrition for our school children! Sometimes the only food a child gets is at school! I do not understand how any person can let a child go hungry regardless of the family situation!! We haven't had a better First Lady than you and Hillary! Thank you! Much love and prayers to you both and your family! ❤
Sgt Koranflusher
'Sgt Koranflusher' 1 day ago
Hey.......goodbye, skanks!................keep a low profile now.
'Frankincensed' 1 day ago
What a crock of shit. Ovomit has created chaos in our country. He's encouraged racism and cop killings and is the most divisive president in history. He's also the most dangerous putting known terrorists and communists in positions of power. He's employed members of the Muslim Brotherhood, a known terrorist organization. He's built more debt than all previous presidents combined. Personally, because of this toad my wife and child don't have healthcare, and for the first time EVER I now owe back taxes. He's the most divisive, disrespected, weak, counterproductive president EVER to gain office. He's released a subversive leftist threat that is now threatening the very safety of our nation. Why ANYONE would ever have even one decent thing to say about this tyrant, this murderer, this subversive is beyond me. NEVER my president. My president will be sworn in tomorrow. Finally, there is hope. God bless Donald Trump.
Charlie Sacco
'Charlie Sacco' 1 day ago
2:12 is that rachel dolezal? Lol
Charlie Sacco
'Charlie Sacco' 1 day ago
Autism cares act!!! I said yes we can!!!
'CoullZ' 2 days ago
I wish Nelson Mandela was alive to have a part in this
Bring Me The Chair
Fucking piece of war criminal shit. Hope he ends like most people he bombed with drones did, horribly dies! HOW THE FUCK CAN A MAN WHO KILLED 10M PEOPLE BE NOMINATED FOR PEACE AWARD??? Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity. -George Carlin
nmp lol
'nmp lol' 2 days ago
Obama seems to me to be one of the best presidents in terms of character; however, I don't agree with a lot of his policies or the ways in which he enacted them.
'MALIRIPPA' 2 days ago
ohj no samuel jackson, you make millions you can pay for ur familys health care, that part ruined the whole thing
Robin Scheminey
'Robin Scheminey' 2 days ago
Big Sean- One man can change the world
Robyn Vandenberg
'Robyn Vandenberg' 2 days ago
I was Robyn from FT Lauderdale as he mentioned my sons story Columbus , Ohio 2008 - We were hope
AdriennJudit Pásztor
The Word will miss the Obama's!❤️
'OldenCrow' 2 days ago
LOL !!!!!
Victor Martinez
'Victor Martinez' 2 days ago
Together we wrote history in the magical moment of him getting elected in office. He is exactly what this world and nation needs. Humanity should be inspired by this great man. Obama thank you for humbling yourself and leading us to be the nation we are today. We didn't deserve you, but are glad to have you.
Vikki Joseph
'Vikki Joseph' 2 days ago
Working on the campaigns. Such excitement! Look forward to working with you in the private sector!
'I'mThatOne Ok' 2 days ago
Oh man what a great video and man...getting teary eyed.
Andrew Nagy
'Andrew Nagy' 2 days ago
GOOD RIDDANCE ASSHOLE . FUCK OBAMA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jarrod Greth
'Jarrod Greth' 2 days ago
Pardon Snowden, you coward.
Tyto Alba
'Tyto Alba' 2 days ago
I will never forget you in my whole life. You and Michelle are bright souls. God Bless You both.
Ron Glawe
'Ron Glawe' 2 days ago
Thank you President Obama. America will miss you.
RTB productions
'RTB productions' 2 days ago
my favorite moment is when he left office forever and trump became president
Michael Burnett
'Michael Burnett' 2 days ago
thanks Tom Hanks for all the great movies. Evangelist Michael Burnett
and hello Obama God bless You.
'castletriglav' 2 days ago
He is the only person I've ever had the desire to defecate on. Goodbye, ass-drippings.
'castletriglav' 2 days ago
My favorite memory will be that castrated, limp wrist leaving the White House with his whore in tow. The worst President in U.S. History, even worse than FDR and Lyndon Johnson.
'Teapartyla' 2 days ago
Get the fuck outta my whitehouse, your time is up!
truth seeker
'truth seeker' 2 days ago
get the fuck out america hater
Dee S
'Dee S' 3 days ago
thank GOD this racist family is gone
'My89Rhythm' 3 days ago
I don't understand why their are so many people who disliked Obama (in comparison to your previous governments), it seems like these people wanted the man to pull a rabbit out of his ass.
NicquaA Buffins
'NicquaA Buffins' 3 days ago
I don't care what anybody says, but Obama was one of the best presidents overall. yes he had his stuff just like any politician; however, he did an amazing job, and I will miss him . #YESWEDID!
'wigwamman1' 3 days ago
A fake fraud and phony Zionist shill, closet homo (since he was elected president) and undercover Marxist-Muslim cancer--- Take your money and get back to Chicago's bath houses... Rhom is waiting.
'Kappy' 3 days ago
I am very very sad seeing them leave - what a great man !
'valkry007' 3 days ago
Marshmallow gun sales tripled while Barrack Hussein was in office !   And as far as telling Trump supporters to act civilized !   You are kidding right, all the rioting and looting and demonstrating and threatening to move from the U.S. !    You want the Trump supporters to act civilized ?   LOL funny, real funny.
Joey Svehla
'Joey Svehla' 3 days ago
I never cried over an election result- John Legend must've said that before November 8th 2016
Teresa Miller
'Teresa Miller' 3 days ago
mine was a response on Facebook onAl Sharp tons site. Who likes pie i said blueberry and lemon meringue he agreed and admitted to lining our. i also got a email in relations to healthcare ACA. i need store existing condition of monocular vision blindness. Retinopathy of prematurity. aka baby blindness.Teri syndrome. ThankYou Mr.President Obama. America will miss you. AwesomeJob..
Teresa Miller
'Teresa Miller' 3 days ago
mine was a response on Facebook onAl Sharp tons site. Who likes pie i said blueberry and lemon meringue he agreed and admitted to lining our. i also got a email in relations to healthcare ACA. i need store existing condition of monocular vision blindness. Retinopathy of prematurity. aka baby blindness.Teri syndrome. ThankYou Mr.President Obama. America will miss you. AwesomeJob.
Kassu Boi
'Kassu Boi' 3 days ago
Most memorable moment will be when he leaves the office
Ned Is the Man
'Ned Is the Man' 3 days ago
'53shiloh' 3 days ago
You are the most inspirational man of our times, congratulations for being human to all that needed it. God Bless you and I am proud of you.
From an Australian who Respects you very much.
The world will be a sadder place for not having you at the helm
Martin Ga
'Martin Ga' 4 days ago
Burn in hell. Sinceriously The World
Wild Bull Films
'Wild Bull Films' 4 days ago
All of your American presidents were bad people because they have to make decisions that none of you in the comments section have had to make in your life. Stop being so judgemental, your so simple minded you Americans
Amjid Khan
'Amjid Khan' 4 days ago
The world is going to miss President Obama.
AJ Meow
'AJ Meow' 4 days ago
best human being and role model ever .
cole simons
'cole simons' 4 days ago
hes biracial smh lolol
Wils 25
'Wils 25' 4 days ago
Will always be my Pres.
Baily Hershberger
'Baily Hershberger' 4 days ago
Can people still go to that link to submit their farewells? I have a few students that would like to write him.
Judy Kudzin
'Judy Kudzin' 4 days ago
A wonderful President and First Lady.  They will be sorely missed.
'theQiwiMan' 4 days ago

Total scumbag.
Jake Maas
'Jake Maas' 4 days ago
But he will still get respect and he will have people give him hugs and they will still speak to him
Jake Maas
'Jake Maas' 4 days ago
I'll miss Barack Obama
Louise Williams
'Louise Williams' 4 days ago
He is gone and good riddence! he started off fairly well and I thought well he might just be a great president then he started filling our country with people who don't know how to behave in decent society and then michelle started her horrible lunch program. and it just was one bad decision after another from then on.
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