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Upgrades – Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4, Ep. 9 -
Published: 4 months ago By: Marvel Entertainment

By: Marvel EntertainmentPublished: 4 months ago

50, 411 views

1, 234 Likes   16 Dislikes

Aida demonstrates some alarming upgrades when Agent Fitz and Doctor Radcliffe come to shut her down in a clip from the next all-new “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Tuesday, January 10 at 10:00 PM ET on ABC! ► Subscribe to Marvel:

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Daniel Lukic
'Daniel Lukic' 3 months ago
SPQR batiatus
hawkheroboy letplays
'hawkheroboy letplays' 3 months ago
What does LMD means
Heroki 999
'Heroki 999' 4 months ago
O homem de ferro vai ser mulher mas que merda em Marvel já não basta isso é agora temos a Thora meu deus
Alex Rodriguez
'Alex Rodriguez' 4 months ago
Madalena is evil. Shocker.
'DeadpoolTheBoi' 4 months ago
Why is this on at 10pm? It doesn't matter to me as I watch on shady websites, but how did it get a rating so high it would have to be on at ten?!
'J.A.M.' 4 months ago
😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲 i knew it
'Undefined' 4 months ago
Daisy in the Avengers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'MegaMr46' 4 months ago
Plz, do not surrender in this house, Radcliffe
'oftheBlazingNinjas' 4 months ago
Wow, I'm genuinely surprised that she's already going full-on. I was expecting AIDA to do her best to hide it.
'Geka187' 4 months ago
Lol. We lost Robbie? :c
'ATWDigital' 4 months ago
Freeze all motor functions! Oh shiiii...
Mohammed. A.Mohammed
'Mohammed. A.Mohammed' 4 months ago
Subscribe for me please
Robert Houtsch
'Robert Houtsch' 4 months ago
WHY?! Could've had another Bishop, but noooo. Had to go for Ash. :-(
'TwiligtKnight' 4 months ago
what does LMD stand for?
Da_beast Lifestyle
'Da_beast Lifestyle' 4 months ago
so does that mean GR isnt coming back??????? :(. Screw u marvel
Paul Barney
'Paul Barney' 4 months ago
This is some Dragon Ball Z Kai stuff right here. Android 18! 😂
'chada75' 4 months ago
Machine Woman? Ms. Machine? Adia Stack?
Black Widow
'Black Widow' 4 months ago
They never learned anything from Terminator, Ultron and other killer robots
Kussai Alraini
'Kussai Alraini' 4 months ago
'estephangoeswild' 4 months ago
What does LMD stand for?
Matthew Tam
'Matthew Tam' 4 months ago
Chan Fernando
'Chan Fernando' 4 months ago
This is like a human form of Ultron😂
Taylor Lester
'Taylor Lester' 4 months ago
"Impressive! you've upgraded your armor! I've made a few upgrades of my own!"
SnakeEyes Warface
'SnakeEyes Warface' 4 months ago
vish clã kkkk
Carlos Reyna
'Carlos Reyna' 4 months ago
Hail Hydra!!! 😂👍
thomas benningshoff
'thomas benningshoff' 4 months ago
why can't she be one of the good "guys"😒 liked her as a new member of team coulson
Bobby Pilster
'Bobby Pilster' 4 months ago
I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I'm blaming the Darkhold of Aida's sinister behavior. I think it's corrupting influence is the major overall theme for this season.
Commander Shepard
'Commander Shepard' 4 months ago
"Impressive! You've upgraded your armour. I made a few upgrades of my own"
Mustapha Simpson
'Mustapha Simpson' 4 months ago
'TheRealCSD' 4 months ago
eh, I just want ghost rider
The Man of Adamantium
I feel sorry for the two guys in the back, they're going to get killed
Promit Saha
'Promit Saha' 4 months ago
"You have reached the life model decoy of Tony Stark, please leave a message"
'evoking12345' 4 months ago
Her face looks like a spade
'Jayfive276' 4 months ago
Cybernetic Booty got me like...
Andrew Cox
'Andrew Cox' 4 months ago
Never seen AOS tv show so for a brief second I thought that was a sneak peek at Brie Larson Aka Captain Marvel hehe!
'SuperSmoothMan' 4 months ago
Radcliff is pretty cool
BlogOnline Games
'BlogOnline Games' 4 months ago
If ultron and Kim Kardashian had a baby this is the android we would get
Robert Smithson
'Robert Smithson' 4 months ago
My (longshot) prediction: Maybe her ultimate end goal is to assimilate humanity into robotic transhuman LMD bodies (similar to Secret Avengers: Rise of the Descendents storyline) in order to fulfill her mission to her as their "shield", by joining them with her.
Console RPG Fanatic
'Console RPG Fanatic' 4 months ago
Boring. Yawn. No thanks. This is just Fem-Ultron. When they bring Ghost Rider back I will watch again.
B Bell
'B Bell' 4 months ago
I knew it!.. u cant trust A.I. man... cant wait
'jockadoobee' 4 months ago
To paraphrase the cover of the first issue of Marvel Comics' Machine Man, "They made her in their own image -- then condemned her to DEATH for being too human!" Aida just wants to live! And protect everyone by replacing them with android duplicates. It's a noble goal. She cares.
David Martinez
'David Martinez' 4 months ago
Aida is sexy but is she sexier than ultron?
Michael Taylor
'Michael Taylor' 4 months ago
I need Aida in my life
Nkansah Rexford
'Nkansah Rexford' 4 months ago
Maeve of Westworld twist coming to Shield!
Your friendly neighborhood CARNAGE!
I'm in love wit Aida, she's beautiful, smart, strong, homicidal, everything a symbiote could ever want.
Candez Simmons
'Candez Simmons' 4 months ago
have agent mai been captured for a while?
Steve Rasad
'Steve Rasad' 4 months ago
Anyone still hoping for a ghost rider tease again?
Mert şimşek
'Mert şimşek' 4 months ago
I wanted to see reyes :/
'LORDMEGACOM' 4 months ago
I Live
'I Live' 4 months ago
This reminds me of Dr.who in a way
'andrew9618' 4 months ago
Is it Westworld season 2, isn't?
Edward Sheen
'Edward Sheen' 4 months ago
seriously, get rid of the Darkhold for chrissake
'Jarool' 4 months ago
There are no stringss.. on meee
malcolm mckellar
'malcolm mckellar' 4 months ago
What does the lmd stand for
Sasuke Trollchiha
'Sasuke Trollchiha' 4 months ago
This is why dark magic and technology should never mix.
'MattCraftDotDerp' 4 months ago
This is why you never empower an AI. As the new director said, have we learned nothing from Ultron?
Cosmic Network™
'Cosmic Network™' 4 months ago
As soon as I saw the new logo I immediately thought " damn I miss the ghost rider/Robbie" these were such good times ;'((
Ryejin Yamato
'Ryejin Yamato' 4 months ago
5 MORE DAYS!!!!!
Deandre R Hamilton
'Deandre R Hamilton' 4 months ago
there are no strings on her.
'CNFunnyJon' 4 months ago
Oh dang
Michael Rios
'Michael Rios' 4 months ago
It's Ultron all over again.
Damian Charleston
'Damian Charleston' 4 months ago
how awesome would it be if she becomes Jocasta and tries to revive Ultron?
Silver Comics
'Silver Comics' 4 months ago
What does LMD mean?
Cooley Movies
'Cooley Movies' 4 months ago
YOU MUST BE UPGRADED. Crap wrong Franchise
'marco39120' 4 months ago
Now, you see what happens when you let your robot with A.I. watch too much Westworld? Have we not learned our lesson yet?
Shadow Phoenix
'Shadow Phoenix' 4 months ago
Aida the better Ultron
Leo 1509
'Leo 1509' 4 months ago
Really hyped for this! This hiatus felt like it went by fast, thankfully. And it looks like the show will keep its traditional fast pace and Aida will go rogue from mid- season start. I'm glad they chose that approach. Dragging things out is more a thing in the DC/CW teenage soap operas.
'IMLR.' 4 months ago
Watching this after Westworld

Gun Gamer
'Gun Gamer' 4 months ago
cant wait for second half of this season
'eljaazi' 4 months ago
inta: acm__miralles
'inta: acm__miralles' 4 months ago
devil robot😂
el Médico Extraño
'el Médico Extraño' 4 months ago
Roberto Lima
'Roberto Lima' 4 months ago
'FoolsGil' 4 months ago
Roberto Lima
'Roberto Lima' 4 months ago
Roberto Lima
'Roberto Lima' 4 months ago
'FallenGalaxu' 4 months ago
It's a Vision/Ultron crossover.
Dan Shanahan
'Dan Shanahan' 4 months ago
Didn't ANYONE learn from the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron that artificial intelligence is NEVER a good idea.
'TheHayabusa1604' 4 months ago
Gustavo Alejandro
'Gustavo Alejandro' 4 months ago
This looks so cliche... I love this show, please don't let me down!!
Master Edward HydeTM
'Master Edward HydeTM' 4 months ago
First, Roberto Reyes, and now this again, "He shakes his head in disbelief."
'AsciiGDL' 4 months ago
Agents of SHIELD: Age of Aida
'FL15Satan' 4 months ago
DJ-Player-Music - 1995
AIDA Become Ultro
Jonathan Silva
'Jonathan Silva' 4 months ago
Misael Rodriguez
'Misael Rodriguez' 4 months ago
Aida thinks this is WESTWORLD! Dis bitch.
Jonathan Silva
'Jonathan Silva' 4 months ago
Fernando Xavier
'Fernando Xavier' 4 months ago
so falto a legenda rs
Domian Genesis
'Domian Genesis' 4 months ago
Sexiest android I've seen by far lol
Daniel Babineau
'Daniel Babineau' 4 months ago
Aw man, I hope Radcliffe makes it out of this season alive. He's really grown on me.
Natasha Trimble
'Natasha Trimble' 4 months ago
Is it just me or does anyone else want to see Fitz pet a monkey AT LEAST ONCE
Bryce Jones
'Bryce Jones' 4 months ago
In the comics she is a girlfriend to ultron
Nuno Costa
'Nuno Costa' 4 months ago
Bitch, where do you think you are? Westworld??
YGT Entertainment
'YGT Entertainment' 4 months ago
Ohh boy
'ThePikachuvirus' 4 months ago
Please have some epic sword fighting. Please have some epic sword fighting. Please have some epic sword fighting. Please have some epic sword fighting. Please have some epic sword fighting. Please have some epic sword fighting. Please please please PLEASE!!!
'PlayerOne' 4 months ago
It was at this moment that that Radcliffe and Fitz knew..... they f'ed up.
shafik sheikh
'shafik sheikh' 4 months ago
let me tell u a joke

marvel and dc fanboys
Marcello Marinho
'Marcello Marinho' 4 months ago
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