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Published: 2 weeks ago By: AwesomenessTV

By: AwesomenessTVPublished: 2 weeks ago

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What in the Fifth Harmony is going on??
A lot is going on with Fifth Harmony, but what's the real story? We'll tell you what's really going on!
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Hosted by Hunter March

Produced by Maggie Knox
Written by Arianna Jonae
PA: Sierra Middlebrooks
Edited by Earl Wells




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harmony and Charlie
my name is harmony
Songwriter Mila
'Songwriter Mila' 5 days ago
I thought this was gonna have some real drama, considering AwesomenessTv followed them around with those takeovers for a while there. I'm disappointed lol. Y'all should probably worry about the fact that 4H have been trying to buy ownership of the "Fifth Harmony" brand since May of 2016 with just the 4 of them more than this nail polish thing. Filing legal documents in May says a lot more about how they'd known before November than the photoshoot (nothing shady about a photoshoot without someone you already know is leaving the group). The legal documents though? 👀👀
Songwriter Mila
'Songwriter Mila' 5 days ago
I thought this was gonna have some real drama, considering AwesomenessTv followed them around with those takeovers for a while there. I'm disappointed lol. Y'all should probably worry about the fact that 4H have been trying to buy ownership of the "Fifth Harmony" brand since May of 2016 with just the 4 of them more than this nail polish thing. Filing legal documents in May says a lot more about how they'd known before November than the photoshoot (nothing shady about a photoshoot without someone you already know is leaving the group). The legal documents though? 👀👀
Rae Walter
'Rae Walter' 5 days ago
I don't why their fans are surprised, these girls auditioned as solo artists and only got a deal as an all girl group. One of them was bound to go solo and not surprisingly it was Camilla.
'Neida' 6 days ago
I laugh at the nail polish theory lol there's this thing called photoshop 🌚
Heaven Blake
'Heaven Blake' 6 days ago
Madison McLaughlin
yes. yes we are BEYOND super fans ;)
Alyssa Thompson
'Alyssa Thompson' 7 days ago you realize that the girls can just paint their nails again..?
lola vermansen
'lola vermansen' 1 week ago
This is just stupid 😂 She could wear the nailpolish several time. Nailpolish is not only used once 😂.
'Curlypinkfangirl' 1 week ago
what untold drama? i find it messed up that you guys are exploiting the girls for clickbait. all you did was summerize what everyone else is saying.
Emalee Larson
'Emalee Larson' 1 week ago
OMG so sad I love 5 harmony
Nez H
'Nez H' 1 week ago
seeing the thumb nail i thought it's about camren 🙊
Meghan C
'Meghan C' 1 week ago
Title: Fifth Harmony
Thumbnail: Lauren and Camila (- Normani, Dinah and Ally)
Brenden gardypie
'Brenden gardypie' 1 week ago
yes cool coooooool
The MandM Lover
'The MandM Lover' 1 week ago
Camilo is bae
Helen Haug
'Helen Haug' 1 week ago
You can use the same nail polish twice haha, wtf.
Holly Poon
'Holly Poon' 1 week ago
and anyone else notice how close this guys lip color matches his sweatshirt
Holly Poon
'Holly Poon' 1 week ago
bruh it was obvious that the photoshoot was done earlier if yall paid attention to something more obvious than nail polish like the fact that LAURENS HAIR IS LONGER THAN IT'S BEEN LOL
Emyne Teixeira
'Emyne Teixeira' 2 weeks ago
As always the Brazilian harmonizers are finding things that no one else could see, maybe they should put camren shippers to investigate Trump's candidacy, I bet they'll find something
'KAY BEE' 2 weeks ago
I'm just ready for the harmonizers to bring out more music and to see more of Lucy and Lauren.
'MIA AWESOME 2' 2 weeks ago
i'm on fifth now fourth harmony's side
Kara Alvarez
'Kara Alvarez' 2 weeks ago
awesomeness tv...very unprofessional. lmao
Kara Alvarez
'Kara Alvarez' 2 weeks ago
wow awesomeness youre all ovet them. Im quite unimpressed.
Marrico Rogers
'Marrico Rogers' 2 weeks ago
Im a harmonizer & all that. Blah blah I love the girls 😍😍... but geez this man is so damn handsome .. stole the video 😭😂😂 lmao
Lulu Lulu
'Lulu Lulu' 2 weeks ago
I also have loads of pics of them on my room walls deal with it
Lulu Lulu
'Lulu Lulu' 2 weeks ago
I only liked bc he said like if ur a real fan and I am
Irene Th
'Irene Th' 2 weeks ago
or they had their nails done again w/ the same color because they liked it?
'Tessiex' 2 weeks ago
Not to be rude but Camila pretty much made the group 😬
Melody Gee
'Melody Gee' 2 weeks ago
yes, that's also why the new years eve performance was pre recorded because by then they already knew camila was leaving the group.
'WolfAero' 2 weeks ago
The thumb nail though
Giuliana Caforio
'Giuliana Caforio' 2 weeks ago
Funny Palooza
'Funny Palooza' 2 weeks ago
I hate when they put the shine always on lauren and camila, i like lauren but the others deserve some credit!
Alexis Duncan
'Alexis Duncan' 2 weeks ago
Of course the took it a month ago, the girls are on break
'Dedikated01' 2 weeks ago
I wish everyone would just stfu about this.... It happened.. so just let it be...
nozomi ayase
'nozomi ayase' 2 weeks ago
All i want is for Camila and Fifth Harmony to succeed and have 2017 be their year, i love these girls so much and i want nothing but the best for them and enough with the whole Camila vs. 5H drama like yikes we all dont know what goes on behind the scenes about their lives and if the story they're all trying to sell us is actually true. The music industry can be very shitty -the reason why we even got a leaked audio of Lauren saying they're being treated like slaves so instead of pitting the girls against one another just support them! If you disliked the way Camila left the group that's fine! It was so messy and confused a lot of people but stop sending hate to the poor girl! And to Camilizers saying ot4 will flop without Camila, shut your mouth, the girls would be back stronger than ever same goes for Harmonizers saying Camila would flop.

A brand new era for Fifth Harmony and I've never been more excited I honestly think they'd do so well this year, I'm really hoping once they drop the album and go on tour , they'd have an Asian Tour by then (it's sad that I haven't seen ot5 perform yet so @ everyone who saw ot5 live y'all are lucky!!!!) . And for Camila I wish nothing but the best on her solo endeavors.
Jeny Haddad
'Jeny Haddad' 2 weeks ago
Damn right bitch we're like the fucking fusion of the FBI and CIA
'Twinuality' 2 weeks ago
I feel 5h were telling the truth and mila was just covering her bum. Fifth Harmony 2.0 will be the best 5H Era EVER. No tears shed over Mila's exit. Tho I think she's making a mistake. idk how well a solo career will go for her. Either way idc and I'm not at all shocked she left. I actually thought she would have left over a year ago.
Gem Javier
'Gem Javier' 2 weeks ago
They should hire us harmonizers into the FBI
Yorgo Mansour
'Yorgo Mansour' 2 weeks ago
always the dump in the grup leave 😂 zayn was weird and don't get the jokes and the camila child one and the girls was always laughing whatever she said 😂
cutiee pie
'cutiee pie' 2 weeks ago
m also a very big fan of them but the fans who pointed out nail polish that's too much hahahahahaah
'Spectrum98' 2 weeks ago
FBI Harmos do much better than your investigators. Do better.
Ruba Wilson
'Ruba Wilson' 2 weeks ago
If 5H had to replace Camila with another celeb who would you want them to replace her with?
Kamii Diarra
'Kamii Diarra' 2 weeks ago
Both sides cuz I support each individual girl
Ruba Wilson
'Ruba Wilson' 2 weeks ago
I knew this was going to happen!!!!
Becky Gomez
'Becky Gomez' 2 weeks ago
look camila u are soon gonna lose fame so go back in the group and now harmonizers its now becoming fourth harmony so step your game up
Nadia Alhamali
'Nadia Alhamali' 2 weeks ago
If u wanna know all of the story about the 5H drama,then write "the real truth behind 5H drama" and u will find a vid from a channel I forgot what it is called but I believe the channel's name starts with the word "shady"
kirsty taylor
'kirsty taylor' 2 weeks ago
I hate fifth harmony and their harmonizers because of what they have done to the vamps because IF YOU MADE THAT FRICKING VIDIEO I WILL BE SO MAD
Daddy Lauren
'Daddy Lauren' 2 weeks ago
I don't care anymore my ovaries are already gone. Thanks Lauren.
'QueenC' 2 weeks ago
The untold story huh?
'niupati' 2 weeks ago
Those fans that did that research are Camila only fans
'it's A' 2 weeks ago
She shouldn't have left
'okxyrita' 2 weeks ago
What a biggie, they wore the same nail polish lmao
Angélica Calheiros
'Angélica Calheiros' 2 weeks ago
And, Awesomoness, Lauren isn't even wearing the same nail polish color. You should do the research, not rely on the fans, specially when they come up with the weirdest things sometimes.
Cierra Hosang
'Cierra Hosang' 2 weeks ago
I think its great to be honest because Camila got all the spotlight when she was there never really given the chance for the other group members to be shine so no hate but its true
kashanti larkin
'kashanti larkin' 2 weeks ago
I don't understand how anyone could believe either of their stories? Both sides have a different reason as to why Camila left the group. but I find it quite funny how you would believe what the fifth harmony account posted instead of Camila. Considering she IS the person leaving, her statement should only be the valid one. No one knows the REAL reason for her departure besides..well her. Also the constant hate she gets is unnecessary, she is literally following her dreams from when she was like 15. I don't understand that.
Marilyn V.
'Marilyn V.' 2 weeks ago
is someone going to point out how annoying and creepy the dude is?
Angie Elizabeth
'Angie Elizabeth' 2 weeks ago
Thank you for putting the fans side of this drama
Raven Rivera03
'Raven Rivera03' 2 weeks ago
'CydtheKyd' 2 weeks ago
WOW,.... i guess I'm not a real fan
AJ Hawkins
'AJ Hawkins' 2 weeks ago
Why not leave it alone and move on. They have🤔 If anything the girls will now be able to showcase their individual voice. If their new sound is going to be anything like we've been hearing from the 4 girls it's going to be 🔥🔥🔥🔥.they are moving into a more mature easy on the ears vibe. I'm personally excited for them.
Reality Check
'Reality Check' 2 weeks ago
'yankeesrock913' 2 weeks ago
It's still fifth harmony. Ally Dinah Lauren Normani and us (HARMONIZERS) we are the fifth member!
'Farahelmoh' 2 weeks ago
I keep my nail polish color on for two months sometimes😂 it's normal
Enferma mental
'Enferma mental' 2 weeks ago
Untold? UNTOLD?
court commish
'court commish' 2 weeks ago
Erica Sorto
'Erica Sorto' 2 weeks ago
awesomeness tv lowkey camren shippers
savannah martinez
'savannah martinez' 2 weeks ago
Gaby Magana
'Gaby Magana' 2 weeks ago
i thought everyone saw this coming even in the xfactor i notice how camila wanted a lot of attention and through the year she has done stuff like that so for me it was pretty obvious
Brandi Jones
'Brandi Jones' 2 weeks ago
We are the FBI 😂
Narya Thomas
'Narya Thomas' 2 weeks ago
no they can't break apart
Daisy Salinas
'Daisy Salinas' 2 weeks ago
Why is only Lauren and Camila on the thumbnail????
Daisy Salinas
'Daisy Salinas' 2 weeks ago
they knew she wanted to leave over a year ago, she just told the girls she was actually leaving in December. Simple. Camila chose happiness. The girls supported her decision.
Enri Vega
'Enri Vega' 2 weeks ago
Lmao she could have just painted them that color again
Camila Fan
'Camila Fan' 2 weeks ago
'Bianca' 2 weeks ago
this is Zayn leaving 1D all over again
Tiffani Linde
'Tiffani Linde' 2 weeks ago
Love you guys I'm proud
beatriz _bz128
'beatriz _bz128' 2 weeks ago
OMG u guys arr fbi. nail polish?!?! WHUT!?!! ahahaha
Lexi 23
'Lexi 23' 2 weeks ago
camilla in the thumbnail 😂😂😂😂😂😂
rainbow candy
'rainbow candy' 2 weeks ago
Nailed it
Camren Jaubello
'Camren Jaubello' 2 weeks ago
When you put a Camren pic only for views and likes
little mix
'little mix' 2 weeks ago
Who cares their moving on as a foursome? they will slay with or without her. She's gone good riddance , good day.... Let's move on
Aria Gibbs
'Aria Gibbs' 2 weeks ago
They could have just rewore that color
Mirele Camren Shipper
'XXX' 2 weeks ago
I love how the group looks now
Aardappels zijn Cool
Awsome tv is a real Camren fan😂😂😏😍
'HedaTV' 2 weeks ago
i thout it was a Camren thing😂
rosweglyn luclyn
'rosweglyn luclyn' 2 weeks ago
Lanielle Payzer
'Lanielle Payzer' 2 weeks ago
Harmonizers are better than FBI :')
'MissMaria' 2 weeks ago
Where's the untold drama? freaking clickbaters.
Ari Abdul
'Ari Abdul' 2 weeks ago
So... no takeovers for sure. :/
'Mansoor' 2 weeks ago
Soul Destroyer
'Soul Destroyer' 2 weeks ago
This actually kinda proves Camila's point about the girls knowing that she was leaving a while ago. Maybe they didn't know it was gonna be this soon, but they definitely knew.
Tye Blk
'Tye Blk' 2 weeks ago
aoo the girls knew ahe was leaving and why. and then TRIED to make it a big deal.. smdh sad case
'damnjaureguiii' 2 weeks ago
crazy pofak
'crazy pofak' 2 weeks ago
i support and love both of them, my dear Camila and my dear 5H
marie christin
'marie christin' 2 weeks ago
I only liked Camila anyway...😅💕
Viktória Kozáková
They could easily photoshop Camila out of the photos
Pickles & Crayons
'Pickles & Crayons' 2 weeks ago
Camila replied to the Ellen version of this photo on Twitter
Angélica Calheiros
'Angélica Calheiros' 2 weeks ago
i dont get why Camila said she wasnt leaving as well as that she was leaving in the same statement lmao I wish luck to both sides, Camila wanted to go solo since 2015 but her contract with Maverick was holding her back. 5h (the fans can now be the 1 fifth that's missing now, since we helped them climb up from day 1) also deserves to be appreciated and have a career if they want to. One of them leaving doesnt erase their journey, meaning: 4h my ass.
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