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Tennis Trick Shots ft. Serena Williams | Dude Perfect -
Published: 8 months ago By: Dude Perfect

By: Dude PerfectPublished: 8 months ago

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It's time for tennis trick shots with the legend herself!
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manyu garg
'manyu garg' 2 hours ago
fc barcelona
Raghu Prem
'Raghu Prem' 2 hours ago
Film with Neymar
Ronakrajpoot Ronakrajpoot
Hey DUDE PERFECT u should make a video with " CRISTIANO RONALDO "!!!!!
Tobias Alm
'Tobias Alm' 4 hours ago
Film with Patrik Laine of the Winnipeg Jets. He can really shoot a hockey puck! 😀
'SMASH BRO'S' 4 hours ago
john cena
Jorge Emilio Reyes
'Jorge Emilio Reyes' 8 hours ago
'MShabazz43' 11 hours ago
you guys are awesome
Todd Weltzin
'Todd Weltzin' 13 hours ago
dat ass
daniel akerman
'daniel akerman' 14 hours ago
Tanner fox
'Supersoccerstar216' 15 hours ago
Neymar plz
'Supersoccerstar216' 15 hours ago
Did u see that hug ???
Ariana Solace
'Ariana Solace' 18 hours ago
I got a Ruffles Dude Perfect commercial......
Challenger Gamer
'Challenger Gamer' 18 hours ago
Do a video with ronaldo
Olly Humphreys
'Olly Humphreys' 19 hours ago
Her arse at 4:14
TNNS 7504
'TNNS 7504' 23 hours ago
Novak Djokovic
Bhaveen Saraf
'Bhaveen Saraf' 1 day ago
Answer is Messi plz try once
'Carichu' 1 day ago
hagan un reto de football y inviten a messi para que los acompañe. pls traduzcan este comentario
Ayden Pang
'Ayden Pang' 1 day ago
you should film Bale and Ronaldo.....
Aayush yadav
'Aayush yadav' 1 day ago
at 1:33 ty has boobies
Oscar Kreuzer
'Oscar Kreuzer' 1 day ago
I think you should get ronaldo or Michel phelps
'Vincenzo's Vlogs' 1 day ago
Do Kobe next
Richard lewis10
'Richard lewis10' 1 day ago
her ass is fat
juan casacuberta
'juan casacuberta' 2 days ago
Giancarlo Stanton please dude perfect
Garrett Mathews
'Garrett Mathews' 2 days ago
I got the dude perfect ruffles ad
Brenda Fagan
'Brenda Fagan' 2 days ago
Stephen Curry
'MyJanoskians' 2 days ago
my man went for the high five at 6:00 got denied and recovered quick as hell.
Daniel Pedraza
'Daniel Pedraza' 2 days ago
Lionel Messi dude perfect soccer
Cameron Hopkins
'Cameron Hopkins' 2 days ago
you guys should film miguel cabrera next
Mike Brusco
'Mike Brusco' 2 days ago
Film steph curry
calwin paul
'calwin paul' 2 days ago
David Sundquist
'David Sundquist' 2 days ago
DP with Serena Williams ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Gamer Person
'Gamer Person' 2 days ago
Where can I fort skeets get not fort I don't really fell like backs pacing
Panic at the Disco
Sidney Crosby
Jason Dhewo Vlogs
'Jason Dhewo Vlogs' 2 days ago
Try it with Michael Phelps
Jakob Baker
'Jakob Baker' 2 days ago
Big ass
Damian Ramdin
'Damian Ramdin' 3 days ago
Lebron James
Braden Behune
'Braden Behune' 3 days ago
Michael Phelps
'Ghostehz' 3 days ago
Do Darren Berrecloth plz
Jaycob Ramirez
'Jaycob Ramirez' 3 days ago
Hello Me
'Hello Me' 3 days ago
Do a video with Messi,Ronaldo or Neymar
Tyson Scott
'Tyson Scott' 3 days ago
Ty definitely does all the trust shots just to hug the star of the show hahaha
Tennis Vines By DMN
follow me
Vijen Ramdhani
'Vijen Ramdhani' 3 days ago
ty is not a cheeto guy he is a ruffles guy
Joshua Finley
'Joshua Finley' 3 days ago
Who likes this video it's amazing like always
Wolfking jr
'Wolfking jr' 3 days ago
do a video with Lionel messi
Brooklyn S
'Brooklyn S' 3 days ago
Carli Loyid
'SRINIVAS ZADE' 3 days ago
at 4:00 I peed my pants laughing when she came charging towards them!!
Holy Eucharist
'Holy Eucharist' 3 days ago
In the serena challenge they didn't include all the dudeperfect members they forgot panda
Jazzmine Galarza
'Jazzmine Galarza' 3 days ago
Jazzmine Galarza
'Jazzmine Galarza' 3 days ago
Bro my dick is boh
Jazzmine Galarza
'Jazzmine Galarza' 3 days ago
I would penetrate that ass. Ty should have banged her after the video with his saggy balls
Kyler Knowles
'Kyler Knowles' 3 days ago
we're is steph curry
'Emilly' 3 days ago
Trick shots with Dak Prescott!!!!!!!!!!
Domza Plays
'Domza Plays' 3 days ago
Luke D
'Luke D' 3 days ago
Ty really does look like a cheeto guy
Trent Marshall
'Trent Marshall' 4 days ago
try one with Stephen curry or LeBron James
Phantom Kirby Gaming Jackson McGregor
Ovechkin hockey
anant sahay
'anant sahay' 4 days ago
Paul Pogba
Ethan Chance
'Ethan Chance' 4 days ago
they should have a Olympian high diver come on dude perfect and they should try high dive!!!!!!
Gold Star123
'Gold Star123' 4 days ago
She's from England but she sounds so American tho
Hier Is Momo
'Hier Is Momo' 4 days ago
You are so nice

Ella Harrup
'Ella Harrup' 4 days ago
She has a bigger but than Nicki minaj
'Techno-Invasion' 4 days ago
film a basketball player next would be fun....
Shane Cates
'Shane Cates' 4 days ago
Do another bottle flip video
Rachel Powell
'Rachel Powell' 4 days ago
Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi But Please Granit Xhaxa for im an arsenal fan
'DUDE PERFECT 10' 4 days ago
Kareem Habboub
'Kareem Habboub' 4 days ago
real madrid
Logie Jay
'Logie Jay' 4 days ago
Lebron James
Tom Rishworth
'Tom Rishworth' 4 days ago
tye enjoyed that hug 6:43
Tom Rishworth
'Tom Rishworth' 4 days ago
how did they get her on the show
Kethan Jain
'Kethan Jain' 4 days ago
roger fedrer or djokovic
Arif Wahyu
'Arif Wahyu' 4 days ago
roger federer please
'X GAMING' 4 days ago
guarter back eli manning
Kate _Rylee
'Kate _Rylee' 4 days ago
I love Serena she is so funny and entertaining.
Julez Gamer
'Julez Gamer' 4 days ago
You should have done it with Roger Federer
Majestic.beast 15
'Majestic.beast 15' 4 days ago
Yo should do tom Brady or JOHN CENA
LJ Fawcett
'LJ Fawcett' 5 days ago
dude perfect should come to australia haha
Minibro Angel
'Minibro Angel' 5 days ago
Messi or Suarez, NeymarJr, CR7
kk speedy
'kk speedy' 5 days ago
that's mean man that's mean
Tammy Ford
'Tammy Ford' 5 days ago
Win can Christian come and to different
'DPJ' 5 days ago
You guys are waesome
Braydon Miller
'Braydon Miller' 5 days ago
Enrico Fiuza
'Enrico Fiuza' 5 days ago
Dude Perfect go film with Peter Sagan (Speed pedal bike stunts).
Akarsh Harbola
'Akarsh Harbola' 5 days ago
Cricket trick shots please (suggestion : Brian Lara or Sachin Tendulkar)
Pyroboy 079
'Pyroboy 079' 5 days ago
With a darter
Dj Singh
'Dj Singh' 5 days ago
Captain Sciferin
You should film with Antonio Brown
Jacob Jones
'Jacob Jones' 5 days ago
Y'all should do Ryan dungey next he rides drive bikes
'emschrag' 5 days ago
you should film Gabby douglas
Carson McGinnis
'Carson McGinnis' 6 days ago
They should do trick shots with Eric Lamaze
Brock Dye
'Brock Dye' 6 days ago
Stephan Curry
Griffin Tautges
'Griffin Tautges' 6 days ago
that butt must weigh 50 pounds, you know
Andy Schroeder
'Andy Schroeder' 6 days ago
David Ortiz
'SHAZAM 813' 6 days ago
Film steph curry or lebron
Tushar Jhamtani
'Tushar Jhamtani' 6 days ago
go to old Trafford...!!
or ussain bolt maybe
Jayson Young
'Jayson Young' 6 days ago
That but is huge
Sean Wasserman
'Sean Wasserman' 7 days ago
Steph curry
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