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Tennis Trick Shots ft. Serena Williams | Dude Perfect -
Published: 11 months ago By: Dude Perfect

By: Dude PerfectPublished: 11 months ago

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It's time for tennis trick shots with the legend herself!
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Kirk Rapose
'Kirk Rapose' 21 minutes ago
Bring Ronaldo for trick shots
Yasuo Cancer
'Yasuo Cancer' 14 hours ago
trick shots with Neymar or Messi
Arjun Gupta
'Arjun Gupta' 15 hours ago
Lebron James
Arjun Gupta
'Arjun Gupta' 15 hours ago
Kevin Durant and/or Venus Williams
Hockey_Star_19 YouTube
film dylan larkin
Shay_ Plays
'Shay_ Plays' 16 hours ago
christiano Ronaldo
drewbala fútbol
'drewbala fútbol' 17 hours ago
Odell Beckham jr
Noah Brown
'Noah Brown' 17 hours ago
JJ Watt he tha best
Joseph Velazquez
'Joseph Velazquez' 19 hours ago
with a wwe superstar.
'West' 20 hours ago
Soccer with Leo Messi.
Thomas Rüter
'Thomas Rüter' 22 hours ago
Doe hockey
Mike Poole
'Mike Poole' 1 day ago
Russ west
Sarp Nicholson
'Sarp Nicholson' 1 day ago
ablanın götü lens mi türklere selam
Ducks Hockey1017
'Ducks Hockey1017' 2 days ago
anaheim ducks
Kcwolf Chief
'Kcwolf Chief' 2 days ago
Toaster strudels are the best
'ARK YUH' 2 days ago
when I play serena its always love all
jeppe holm
'jeppe holm' 2 days ago
Soccer trick shots manuel neuer
Jake Geyer
'Jake Geyer' 2 days ago
do a video with the F2 Freestylers and shout me out on ig @jake_14geyer
jeppe holm
'jeppe holm' 2 days ago
Badminton trick shots
Maneet Singh
'Maneet Singh' 2 days ago
can u film cricketers??
Evret Lee
'Evret Lee' 2 days ago
God bless that woman!!! Lol!!!
Evret Lee
'Evret Lee' 2 days ago
That booty bro!!!! yummmmmm!!!!
Qwali Maiava
'Qwali Maiava' 2 days ago
who was your fav athlete you filmed with?
Vivek Sethi
'Vivek Sethi' 2 days ago
why dont you go for cricket😍😍waiting....
Raphael Aaron
'Raphael Aaron' 2 days ago
Madhav Patel
'Madhav Patel' 2 days ago
Stephen curry basketball trickshot
sweet friend
'sweet friend' 2 days ago
cricket trick shots with virat kohli
you should definetely film with david warner or steve smith and do cricket trick shots
Snotrod Gaming
'Snotrod Gaming' 2 days ago
Anybody realize at the end they did a noggin twice
'POTATOMELONE' 3 days ago
i enjoyed watching that so much. What bout u guys
Brooke & Eric Nelson
usain bolt
Swag 13
'Swag 13' 3 days ago
that music at the end was lit wish I knew the name
'M P' 3 days ago
Stephen Curry
nakayla mercer
'nakayla mercer' 3 days ago
fav palm beach swisher
Mike T-Bricker
'Mike T-Bricker' 3 days ago
Basketball trick shots with Lebron James!
Michaela Wood
'Michaela Wood' 3 days ago
I LOVE Tennis 🎾🎾🎾🎾
Cricket Ticks
'Cricket Ticks' 3 days ago
Steve Smith I think you should do trick shots with him
David Moroz
'David Moroz' 3 days ago
Alex ovichken
Kawaii_ Octopus
'Kawaii_ Octopus' 3 days ago
Who thinks they should to a battle with Messi
Steven Parker
'Steven Parker' 3 days ago
joe flACCO
Bec Marytsch
'Bec Marytsch' 3 days ago
Tobias Serup Christoffersen
Steph curry og James harden
Jake Morgan
'Jake Morgan' 3 days ago
They. Should do dart trick shots
PT Playz
'PT Playz' 3 days ago
Roger Federer
Fire Born
'Fire Born' 3 days ago
Plz take Michel Phelps and swimming
'dylong34' 3 days ago
Sam Bradford
ASP Vlogs
'ASP Vlogs' 3 days ago
They should do scooter trick shots with Ryan williams
Leilani King
'Leilani King' 3 days ago
They get to meet Olympians to
Rohit Nakwal
'Rohit Nakwal' 3 days ago
Cristiano Ronaldo
Govinda Pasi
'Govinda Pasi' 3 days ago
Surely Virat Kohli A Cricketer...........
Abdul Moeez
'Abdul Moeez' 4 days ago
Usain Bolt or maybe John Cena
'ZtanleyXYZ' 4 days ago
"...If you could be named after a planet..." Sun appears.....
Tb Gaming
'Tb Gaming' 4 days ago
Dak peskot
Owie Doodles
'Owie Doodles' 4 days ago
ISO kurt angle
Leyna Brennan
'Leyna Brennan' 4 days ago
You should invite David Ortiz Like If You would enjoy that
Mr. RealDeal
'Mr. RealDeal' 4 days ago
do one with lebron james xD
jane lee
'jane lee' 4 days ago
Trevor story
or a baseball player
Kyle Pierce
'Kyle Pierce' 4 days ago
you should film with steph curry
Red Nichols
'Red Nichols' 4 days ago
Ozomundo ツ
'Ozomundo ツ' 4 days ago
Itzz Befdee
'Itzz Befdee' 4 days ago
please go with the Brown Lee brothers
Alexander Savino
'Alexander Savino' 4 days ago
I think ty has a crush on Serena
The Daily 101
'The Daily 101' 4 days ago
you should film usain bolt.
tuttoxbox e apple
'tuttoxbox e apple' 4 days ago
Lebron james pleaseeeee
G.U. Sam
'G.U. Sam' 5 days ago
Michael Phelps
Josh Nelson
'Josh Nelson' 5 days ago
ty likes that woman not being rude
Jess Calderon
'Jess Calderon' 5 days ago
PLEASE do an episode about soccer,but with Lionel Messi....Please I LOVE HIM
Noah Saldana
'Noah Saldana' 5 days ago
4:04 Cody is hurt. 5 seconds later Serena Williams starts laughing
Gerrek Hackney
'Gerrek Hackney' 5 days ago
do an episode with Stephan Curry
'harley' 5 days ago
Savannah Beachy
'Savannah Beachy' 5 days ago
You guys should do parkour
anton ka
'anton ka' 5 days ago
Boredom :D
'Boredom :D' 5 days ago
Can you do a video with Andrew Luck?
Samuel Cooper
'Samuel Cooper' 5 days ago
Patrick cane
'ADRIANNE BEARD' 5 days ago
Ty with the dr.peeper
Jessica Smith
'Jessica Smith' 5 days ago
do trick shots with Aaron Lewis he's my cusins grate uncle
Breanna Johnson
'Breanna Johnson' 5 days ago
You should film with Gordan Hayword
Kathy Lieser
'Kathy Lieser' 5 days ago
Elize Eksteen
'Elize Eksteen' 5 days ago
you should do one with Tom Brady.
Daniel Weed
'Daniel Weed' 5 days ago
Eric Hosmer
TψT Clan Yt
'TψT Clan Yt' 5 days ago
Jerry Dickens
'Jerry Dickens' 5 days ago
Serena got back!!
Joey voigt
'Joey voigt' 5 days ago
Film with Julean Edelman.
Zaid Abbas
'Zaid Abbas' 5 days ago
Serena looks like Mel.B
Trang Quỳnh
'Trang Quỳnh' 5 days ago
now, she has a baby
Squishy US
'Squishy US' 5 days ago
bruh 1:48 😩
'TRANK' 5 days ago
QUA NESSUNO ITALIANO??io essere italianese corregggggiuto
Mary Flor Garcia
'Mary Flor Garcia' 5 days ago
Jonh cena
'TheLumberjacks' 6 days ago
Dam that ass
bri burns
'bri burns' 6 days ago
do a famous soccer player
Kylon Spare
'Kylon Spare' 6 days ago
Shut the fuck up
Titus Reed
'Titus Reed' 6 days ago
You know they like her
Courtnie Kingsley
'Courtnie Kingsley' 6 days ago
Do curry
Viral Challenges
'Viral Challenges' 6 days ago
Michael Phelps
Nicholas Ball
'Nicholas Ball' 6 days ago
Gael monfils make a vid with him
Blue Note
'Blue Note' 6 days ago
do basketball trick shots with Stephen Curry.
Jake Shreffler
'Jake Shreffler' 6 days ago
Do a panda face review
King James
'King James' 6 days ago
Panda Gaming 215
'Panda Gaming 215' 6 days ago
Film with Paul Pogba it will be very interesting
Spencer Hall
'Spencer Hall' 6 days ago
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