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Tennis Trick Shots ft. Serena Williams | Dude Perfect -
Published: 10 months ago By: Dude Perfect

By: Dude PerfectPublished: 10 months ago

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It's time for tennis trick shots with the legend herself!
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Gaurav Gupta
'Gaurav Gupta' 44 minutes ago
pls do trick shots with f2 freestylers
Mike Wang
'Mike Wang' 7 hours ago
Alex Morgan
Mike Wang
'Mike Wang' 7 hours ago
Ethan Henry
'Ethan Henry' 8 hours ago
do Michal Phelps
Maxine McQuarters
'Maxine McQuarters' 10 hours ago
She is so fit it makes me mad
Camden Guyette
'Camden Guyette' 10 hours ago
Patrick kane
'Grade34tech' 11 hours ago
william nylander
'Grade34tech' 11 hours ago
mitch marner
'petramelimono' 11 hours ago
guys i think dude perfect are doing the best videos in youtbue
'MrLLKOOLK' 11 hours ago
neymar jr
John Gogerty
'John Gogerty' 12 hours ago
James Harden
Rylan Charron
'Rylan Charron' 14 hours ago
Do they only only have egotistical people that are jerks to the referees and people they play against like Odell, Serena etc.
Nishad Salunke
'Nishad Salunke' 17 hours ago
do some tricks with cristiano ronaldo
Olivia Bearden
'Olivia Bearden' 21 hours ago
I'm team Coby and Cory 👌🏻 who else
'GameTime' 22 hours ago
how about ronnie coleman
Enan Aritro
'Enan Aritro' 23 hours ago
why not donald trump trickshots?
sad gammer
'sad gammer' 1 day ago
random 101
'random 101' 1 day ago
Pluto is a planet again but I think this is win that one they consider that it was not a planet
Cael Dexter
'Cael Dexter' 1 day ago
do a trick video with tom brady!
Tessa Porter
'Tessa Porter' 1 day ago
Film with cr7
TheJumpScare 2016
Lebron James
Larry TheMonk
'Larry TheMonk' 1 day ago
Do some trickshots with shaquille o'neill
William Wright
'William Wright' 1 day ago
Ty and Serena are confirmed best friends now.
Tyler Wu
'Tyler Wu' 2 days ago
so is the sun
'Broko' 2 days ago
Touzani. (football trickshotter)
Nick Pappaceno
'Nick Pappaceno' 2 days ago
You gotta do another basketball one but with steph curry
Meharjot Singh
'Meharjot Singh' 2 days ago
Cristiano ronaldo
Doyle Johnson
'Doyle Johnson' 2 days ago
Yo People, Click on my channel's first video. I got an Cool Gift For you!! U might Thank me later ;)! fsdf33fd3
Isaac Egbert
'Isaac Egbert' 2 days ago
Film with lebron!
Manchester Till I Die
So sexy. I luv u. Please marry me
David Yao
'David Yao' 2 days ago
Did you guys realize whenever their with Serena, she does all the trick shots. But when dude perfect do the trickshots, Serena is no where to be found. Suspicious...
'UpishCat' 2 days ago
4:12 DAYYYYM i can live on that ass for the rest of my life
Angelo Patac
'Angelo Patac' 2 days ago
Big Fucking Ass,Gimme Thoose Ass
dimas ragil
'dimas ragil' 2 days ago
do some trick with david beckham please
SkinnyheadFatchest52 head face
do some trick shots with lee harvey oswald
Jake Goldberg
'Jake Goldberg' 2 days ago
Do some trick shots with cam newton or Russell Wilson
Joseph Raymond
'Joseph Raymond' 2 days ago
I think you guys should do football throws with tom Brady
Adin Juck
'Adin Juck' 2 days ago
I like the Redskins
bob king
'bob king' 2 days ago
do one with tom brady aka the goat
Tricky _guys
'Tricky _guys' 2 days ago
you should do a Anaheim Ducks vidio
'THE KID OZBEK' 2 days ago
make a video with Rob grownkowski
Samarth Goel
'Samarth Goel' 2 days ago
Virat kohli his skills are really good
Nigel Warrington
'Nigel Warrington' 3 days ago
steph curry
Craft- Z- Girls
'Craft- Z- Girls' 3 days ago
Alex Morgan?
Elijah Reynolds
'Elijah Reynolds' 3 days ago
Odell Beckham jr
'xSPGx' 3 days ago
Kerber is better
Nikhil gautam
'Nikhil gautam' 3 days ago
Christiano ronaldo
crazy cubing
'crazy cubing' 3 days ago
Roger Fedrer And Gale monfils
labib nasimul
'labib nasimul' 3 days ago
virat kholi
he is a cricketer
Ashley Chow
'Ashley Chow' 3 days ago
Do some with roger federer
Sports Boys
'Sports Boys' 4 days ago
Steph curry
'Qoldenhove' 4 days ago
Roger federer
'LACESUNICORN' 4 days ago
Hey DP, just something to keep in mind for next year. On Twitter, you said Happy St. Patty's Day. In Ireland, Patty is short for Patricia, not Patrick. Paddy is short for Patrick.
Kathy Keket
'Kathy Keket' 4 days ago
you ever try swimming trick shot
Max Scheske
'Max Scheske' 4 days ago
Wasn't Serena the one who said she could beat any man is a match ranked 300 or lower and got beat by the 303 place who did no preparation for the match?
I Am Baz
'I Am Baz' 4 days ago
I'd like to hit my balls at her
please invite Lee chong wei I m his biggest fan he is a badminton player 😊
Dat Guy Gaming
'Dat Guy Gaming' 4 days ago
This is like there least viewed video🤣🤣
'Lizardboy64' 4 days ago
I live in Dallas
'Lizardboy64' 4 days ago
Could you make a video with me
Jacob Holbrook
'Jacob Holbrook' 5 days ago
Usiarb bolt
javier Cornwall
'javier Cornwall' 5 days ago
Rickylopez Sepulveda
cristiano Ronaldo
Nandini Kande
'Nandini Kande' 5 days ago
do magic edition with how to magic I will be very happy I am your biggest fan
Add dwayne johnson
Christian Sucks at Gaming
Auston Matthews
Elijah Dues
'Elijah Dues' 5 days ago
Stephen currie
mathère fortinose
ΒΑΣΊΛΗΣ Μπουτσησ
ΒΑΣΊΛΗΣ Μπουτσησ
RC Skeleton
'RC Skeleton' 6 days ago
Steph curry
alexjoel mupa
'alexjoel mupa' 6 days ago
Dude perfect is bad everyone unsubscribe
Sharon Power Cowley
15:17 there was red water in the bucket
Deacon Morden
'Deacon Morden' 6 days ago
Do tricks shot with William Byron
Shane Desilva
'Shane Desilva' 6 days ago
what does mia khalifa do
Chase Cunningham
'Chase Cunningham' 6 days ago
Dak prescott
New Age Hip Hop
'New Age Hip Hop' 6 days ago
Serena is super sweet! Never knew that side of her. Great to see!
Look at that butt!
'DEATHSTROKEPlayz' 6 days ago
What about Messi????????
Sam Murray
'Sam Murray' 6 days ago
so awesome
Roman 815
'Roman 815' 6 days ago
Do a trick shot with l.missi
Metro Madden
'Metro Madden' 6 days ago
tom brady
Indoor Swish
'Indoor Swish' 6 days ago
Kevin Durant
Travis Craig
'Travis Craig' 7 days ago
john cena
exotic monster fisherman
lee chong wei
Aaryan Kotipalli
'Aaryan Kotipalli' 7 days ago
cricket with steve smith or ab de villiers
Alvin Yu
'Alvin Yu' 1 week ago
0:49 C'mon, no "Serena William Tell?"
Pro 123
'Pro 123' 1 week ago
Dude Perfect go to see John Cena
Zachary Montano
'Zachary Montano' 1 week ago
Zachary Montano
'Zachary Montano' 1 week ago
Mad Mechanixxx
'Mad Mechanixxx' 1 week ago
Usain bolt
Undying Legends
'Undying Legends' 1 week ago
they got the best life
Sneaky Squirrel
'Sneaky Squirrel' 1 week ago
Go to zenith climbing center in Missouri and do a rock climbing edition
Keith Hodges
'Keith Hodges' 1 week ago
arvind soreng
'arvind soreng' 1 week ago
film with tom brady
blaine shank
'blaine shank' 1 week ago
Connor Mcdavid
Alex Chavez
'Alex Chavez' 1 week ago
aj green
dead boii22
'dead boii22' 1 week ago
ty had a crush on serena
Jesse Wade
'Jesse Wade' 1 week ago
Jj watt
Jonathan Brooks
'Jonathan Brooks' 1 week ago
Do some trick shots with Clayton kershaw
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