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Make It Marvel: Marvel Fireside Heroes -
Published: 3 months ago By: Marvel Entertainment

By: Marvel EntertainmentPublished: 3 months ago

22, 135 views

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Watch as Flashback Media brings to life the five sets for the Marvel Fireside Heroes Videos on a special edition of Make It Marvel, brought to you by Coca-Cola! ► Subscribe to Marvel:

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'たたたたた' 3 months ago
'ironmatto3' 3 months ago
Never got the point to it...
Nisarg Patel
'Nisarg Patel' 3 months ago
stunning commentary
AbsoLugia the Fangirl
Was the 4th one meant to be Kamala Khan themed?
Alex A.
'Alex A.' 3 months ago
+Marvel Entertainment where's the sound?
the mighty games
'the mighty games' 3 months ago
i turned my volume all the way up and the video still dosint have have sound.
'Titanium' 3 months ago
I love miniatures and the rooms are amazing! 😍
Hugh Mungus
'Hugh Mungus' 3 months ago
At least add music or something this is so boring without sound
Brian Cohen
'Brian Cohen' 3 months ago
I'm kinda disappointed they're not actual rooms, but on the other hand amazing work in the miniatures.
David Martinez
'David Martinez' 3 months ago
y u provide me with no sound?
'WolfHowl_ACBA' 3 months ago
Most of them are very obvious that they are miniatures
'TheComicCrafter' 3 months ago
I love the pictures on the walls of the Captain America one.
'potatofarmr' 3 months ago
Damn I had no idea it took this much to make it..
props to all of you
King Cornelius
'King Cornelius' 3 months ago
This is a really nice work, it has been a pleasure to see some of it.
So thank you all and best wishes!🎉❤
'Supercheeto' 3 months ago
should have had music or something
Timothy Earl Mapanao
'Timothy Earl Mapanao' 3 months ago
Where is the sound?
pirataria SG
'pirataria SG' 3 months ago
'daour' 3 months ago
I wonder if we'll see them reused for some What The--?! episode, considering they seem to be in the same scale as ML figures.
Zeal Ren
'Zeal Ren' 3 months ago
Jelani Wood
'Jelani Wood' 3 months ago
Is this canon?
Matt Nguyen
'Matt Nguyen' 3 months ago
*plays the Avengers theme in my head*
Timcraft 7500
'Timcraft 7500' 3 months ago
Who is your favorite superhero
Alex Ruthbone
'Alex Ruthbone' 3 months ago
I thought they were actual rooms.
Emmanuel Lasat
'Emmanuel Lasat' 3 months ago
tomorrow is de least day van year 2016 om aftellen near 🕙🕚🕛🎉🎊🎆🎆🎆🍸🍸🍸 Happiness New Year 2017💋💋💋🎵🎶🎤💃💃💃
'camethedawn' 3 months ago
Needs moar jokes and quips. Moar jokes. Moar quips. 😃
'AgentM44' 3 months ago
l didnt know that lol
Donald Cum
'Donald Cum' 3 months ago
Good job guys excelenttay
Saif Farid
'Saif Farid' 3 months ago
There needs to be a Stan Lee fireside video, please make this happen Marvel
'Batnat' 3 months ago
Is this cannon?
shafik sheikh
'shafik sheikh' 3 months ago
1 guy said that it was miniatures oh god this is beautiful
'Chaosherold' 3 months ago
Hm, no sound for me. Weird.
I am writing right now
Marvel pls make a Marvel fighting game. Or at least a Marvel game
Spaz {spastic}
'Spaz {spastic}' 3 months ago
no sound
Lego Ghost Rider
'Lego Ghost Rider' 3 months ago
I thought it was animation, I didn't know it was real! Very creative Marvel. Nice work.
Timcraft 7500
'Timcraft 7500' 3 months ago
I had the first comment
Un Chico Bien Raro
'Un Chico Bien Raro' 3 months ago
Second XD
Marion Telle
'Marion Telle' 3 months ago
First! 1 You suck because you're not first!
Timcraft 7500
'Timcraft 7500' 3 months ago
'Alex' 3 months ago
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