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Shaping Sound’s Illuminating Performance -
Published: 6 days ago By: TheEllenShow

By: TheEllenShowPublished: 6 days ago

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The cast of Shaping Sound Dance Co. brought their magical dance moves to Ellen’s stage with this wonderful performance!

Find out more about Shaping Sound and how you can see them on tour, here:

Kyale Shackelford
you think anyone got a paper cut during this? 😂
A Relaxing Sleep
'A Relaxing Sleep' 2 days ago
Thats Awesome! :D
Semyiah Lundy
'Semyiah Lundy' 2 days ago
When I watched this I was like 😱
Elsa Baxter
'Elsa Baxter' 3 days ago
Tulip Paddle
'Tulip Paddle' 5 days ago
the girls on dance moms can dance better than this
Master of them All
They wasting Paper RIP paper ;-;
Tea Time
'Tea Time' 5 days ago
I loved this! -Govna
Kristen Scandurra
'Kristen Scandurra' 5 days ago
Anybody know the song?
Kim Alojado
'Kim Alojado' 5 days ago
Omg wow this performance
Mary Anne
'Mary Anne' 5 days ago
I was waiting for Ellen to join them dancing in character & costume.
Love the intro.
'Sam' 5 days ago
lol this wasn't impressive a bit !
murali udupi
'murali udupi' 5 days ago
Love From India (Ellen Fan)
Michelle Kim
'Michelle Kim' 5 days ago
Was that Gaby front and centre at the end??
Enigma ___
'Enigma ___' 6 days ago
it started great ..... then ended up as an american cheesy mess as usual .....
Anto theja
'Anto theja' 6 days ago
Well, at least type in something man.
Dancers sometimes. smh :D
jade-louise Manby
'jade-louise Manby' 6 days ago
'shynewhyne' 6 days ago
Luan Elià Kouradiantes
I wish I could dance like that :(
Sreoshi Chaudhuri
'Sreoshi Chaudhuri' 6 days ago
Andrew Mujuni
'Andrew Mujuni' 6 days ago
i can dance better than them
'Anna' 6 days ago
I feared the dancers would slip on the paper
'KTnarnia' 6 days ago
I spy with my little eye: Gaby Diaz!! She won So You Think You Can Dance, Season 12. She's a professional tap dancer. She also mentored the 4th Place winner, 11-year-old Emma Hellencamp, on Season 13: The Next Generation. I adore Gaby!
Sophie Horan
'Sophie Horan' 6 days ago
this is way better than that juju on the beat or girls just moving their waist-hips I don't understand why you don't like it
Belinda Johnson
'Belinda Johnson' 6 days ago
Love this song by Son Lux 😍
'aggabaoaj' 6 days ago
Great performance!
sophie Donnelly
'sophie Donnelly' 6 days ago
what is this song called?
'DijaMauve1' 6 days ago
why is the routine sped up...? kinda ruined it for me... :(
lucys_ hamsters
'lucys_ hamsters' 6 days ago
it was great
OutNumbered Family
Hope everyone reading this has the most wonderful day! I want to wish you all the happiness and success in 2017 🎆
Sarina Vang
'Sarina Vang' 6 days ago
"awooo"....... lol.
'SEOKYOUNG YANG' 6 days ago
It was a great performance. Also camera working was good.
Angel De Léon
'Angel De Léon' 6 days ago
wait.. that Sounded so much like son lux.. is it them or am I tripping?
VULLY asmari
'VULLY asmari' 6 days ago
SON LUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'ternitamas' 6 days ago
they are talented but I don't like the song nor the choreography
Aswin A
'Aswin A' 6 days ago
very Choreocookies like
'AlexisWaldhagen' 6 days ago
Sheets of paper on the ground - a nightmare for every dancer. Splendid performance!
'Stormgazer' 6 days ago
I wish all books were that well lit...💡📖🔦
'maikolosav' 6 days ago
Well actually Ellen could have danced better than that.
Hey ItsColorful
'Hey ItsColorful' 6 days ago
So many trees were harmed during this performance. May their sacrifice not be forgotten.
Smith Thapa
'Smith Thapa' 6 days ago
It was boring.
Steve Holmgren
'Steve Holmgren' 6 days ago
I see its meaning. I am unimpressed. Human beings are dragging behind on modern philosophy.
Edward Cannon
'Edward Cannon' 6 days ago
Ellen your the best dancer
Amanda Zhane
'Amanda Zhane' 6 days ago
Who else thought they were dabbing in the thumbnail?
Just Another Castillo :D
love this
IRÈNE Raharimalala
The best 😙
My favorite in youtube 😊
Eric Bui
'Eric Bui' 6 days ago
I love Travis wall!!
Talaysia Jackson
'Talaysia Jackson' 6 days ago
I wonder if they got paper cuts while performing
Fgood A
'Fgood A' 6 days ago
Marilyn Blanco
'Marilyn Blanco' 6 days ago
I mean I couldn't do that but it wasn't that impressive. They are talented don't get me wrong but that just didn't feel very strong
Nishat Nusrat
'Nishat Nusrat' 6 days ago
I like this dance !
Mark Andrew
'Mark Andrew' 6 days ago
the dance group was hectic
Dairon McGraw
'Dairon McGraw' 6 days ago
I hate to be the guy that says this but I'm going to, I wish there was more people of color in this performance. The song and the dance were amazing but its obvious that both were inspired by African culture you can hear it and see it in the choreography. Now if there are more ethnic people in the overall all show then forgive me I have no problem apologising, but for what I see seem to be a repeat of what's been happening with African American culture being stolen and sold under a Lighter American image..... but it's just my opinion so don't feel offended if you are offended!
Emina Emina
'Emina Emina' 6 days ago
Early crew
Tre King
'Tre King' 6 days ago
I like Stomp better.
Corn Bread
'Corn Bread' 6 days ago
1 like because it's my dads birthday and he's deployed in the army.
Rose Nguyen
'Rose Nguyen' 6 days ago
What song was that?
Jordan Podolsky
'Jordan Podolsky' 6 days ago
Dee Allan
'Dee Allan' 6 days ago
I love Ellen but that dance routine sucked big time....wasn't my cup of tea! Just boring and the music sucked too....My opinion only but to each their own :-)
'MinionGuyyTv' 6 days ago
'SB' 6 days ago
IT'S LUMIO!!! #sharktankfanatic4life
Gabby Mirza
'Gabby Mirza' 6 days ago
Early squad 🤘🏻
'samuraiboy22' 6 days ago
Alexandra Marino
'Alexandra Marino' 6 days ago
That was incredible !!!!!
Addison Neria
'Addison Neria' 6 days ago
Did anyone else think about all that wasted paper for a second? lol
the phandom is everywhere
This was cool
Think Twice
'Think Twice' 6 days ago
1:57 ellen became a werewolf
'FluroAGdolls' 6 days ago
SparkyLovesPokemon2 _RBLX
Hi Ellen :D Notice me plz
Cauzin Diem
'Cauzin Diem' 6 days ago
Huh, Mariah Carey's new yer performance was more interesting. Something was just not organic for me.
Llama :D
'Llama :D' 6 days ago
Here comes the paper cuts lol
Razan Ibrahim
'Razan Ibrahim' 6 days ago
Mario “Kraze” Blecken
these are so idiotic. How can anyone watch these?
Emmaleigh Deal
'Emmaleigh Deal' 6 days ago
Alexis Random productions
I'm commenting comment
ፈቲ መሳቅ ነዉ አመሌ
You're Nice person ellen I like you ☺️
'MrPiaf' 6 days ago
Their use of props pleases me.
Cece Chu
'Cece Chu' 6 days ago
Travis wallllllllllllllll
'ivankalepo' 6 days ago
Mathew Vo
'Mathew Vo' 6 days ago
the first song is from HTGWM! anyone noticed?
Gloria Castro
'Gloria Castro' 6 days ago
100th I AM THE 100 💯 COMMENT 🎉❤️💛❤️💛😋
Gloria Castro
'Gloria Castro' 6 days ago
Crystal Elk
'Crystal Elk' 6 days ago
SPECTACULAR! ONE OF THE BEST DANCE ROUTINES I'VE EVER SEEN! I'm a former Dancer/ Singer songwriter / Actress. And I found this very exhilarating NEW. DIFFERENT. BUT WITH THEE OLD TIME MUSIC & COSTUMES & SET! THE LIGHT SOURCE FILLED ENSEMBLE! That Millennials may not of seen before! Impeccable moves, truly talented young Actresses, Actors, Dancers!
It takes whole lot of something to ruffle the feathers of my peacock!
Very impressed would be putting it mildly!.!.! Thank you for entertaining me so well!
Most Sincerely, Crystal Elk 🍁
Zenaida Manuel
'Zenaida Manuel' 6 days ago
liked and sub
Fatin Syazwanie
'Fatin Syazwanie' 6 days ago
What's the song?
Shodow Freddy
'Shodow Freddy' 6 days ago
80Lemonade08 Sour
'80Lemonade08 Sour' 6 days ago
I want some love , im kinda struggling in school atm, so could someone cheer me up?
saray martínez
'saray martínez' 6 days ago
that was amazing😱
Mia Acevedo
'Mia Acevedo' 6 days ago
I love Ellen so much
Rahul Asif
'Rahul Asif' 6 days ago
Luffy SkyWalker
'Luffy SkyWalker' 6 days ago
I don't get it, they have a magical book and the first thing they start doing is dancing....😑😑
'Cupcakelover453' 6 days ago
make sure to update your youtube because you can now do voice comments

▶️ 🔘------------------------- 00:11
'Youcami' 6 days ago
Sunethra K
'Sunethra K' 6 days ago
Beautiful performance
'ILOVEBASBALL 176' 6 days ago
172 like please respond
Dani Cats
'Dani Cats' 6 days ago
Dani Cats
'Dani Cats' 6 days ago
The Witness
'The Witness' 6 days ago
Thats easy to do(for me), because I am a vegan.
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