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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Teaser Trailer -
Published: 4 months ago By: Marvel Entertainment

By: Marvel EntertainmentPublished: 4 months ago

16, 078, 641 views

221, 357 Likes   3, 157 Dislikes

It’s showtime. Watch the brand new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 teaser trailer. Obviously. In theaters May 2017.

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Unknown _ Susjay
'Unknown _ Susjay' 5 hours ago
it's coming out on my birthday!😀
Raza •
'Raza •' 9 hours ago
did a 10 year old write this movie
Strong Nipples
'Strong Nipples' 12 hours ago
This shows trees can kill everyone
anak rantau
'anak rantau' 21 hours ago
song name guys??
merc 241
'merc 241' 2 days ago
2017 is gonna be fire🔥🔥🔥 heres the movies that i cant wait for

Guardians of the galaxy 2
Thor 3
Justice league
Transformers last knight
Power rangers
Logan already saw it 10/10
Get out still havent seen it
Star wars
Like if you agree
Comment if theres a movie that I didnt put on the list🤤
Prasadh Rajendran
'Prasadh Rajendran' 3 days ago
screw that spaceship!!!!!!
adam zarbon
'adam zarbon' 3 days ago
This is gonna be a good one.
I can already tell.
Kupar shadap
'Kupar shadap' 3 days ago
Fun Gaming
'Fun Gaming' 4 days ago
baby Groot is adorable sometimes I wish I could be as cute as him LOL😂😂😂
'TheBLUBBER' 4 days ago
Sweets legacy lives on

Long live the 70s
yun yun
'yun yun' 4 days ago
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 2017 Online Avaliable:
Keiharu Chitaro
'Keiharu Chitaro' 4 days ago
I am so gonna download the shit out of the music they're gonna use.
Mandalorian crusader
what song is this?
Something New
'Something New' 5 days ago
This was really good seeing this trailer right before Logan, really helped me prepare my feels barrier.
Laxmikant Bagarti
'Laxmikant Bagarti' 5 days ago
what is the song playing in this trailer??
Metal Gear Shuckle
I can't be the only one that finds Mantis attractive.
Hammad Rizvi
'Hammad Rizvi' 1 week ago
0:47 - 0.51 *cringy criss pratt
Loko Pérez Music
'Loko Pérez Music' 1 week ago
That Drax tho
Ignited Foxy2
'Ignited Foxy2' 1 week ago
why are here just treilers am waching kids choice awards now and its show full movie
'lautaro4854' 1 week ago
This my painkiller of Logan
Slinky Slurpy
'Slinky Slurpy' 1 week ago
What's the song?
'KingDeggus' 1 week ago
Who new guardians of the galaxy before the movie? Seriously I ask my entire school year and majority of them never knew.
'GH-ITEN 22' 1 week ago
i need the music of this trailer !!!!!!
Ryland Barnes
'Ryland Barnes' 1 week ago
Holy shit, dude!
'Dank' 1 week ago
it's gonna be so good :)
'lupehn' 1 week ago
Marvel knows how to pick the perfect songs for their movies!
R Williams
'R Williams' 1 week ago
Who else is watching the flick, Due to the antenna chick at 1:54?
Playstation4 Gamer27
All of the guardians of the galaxy work as security guards at Samsung
Ben O
'Ben O'Koren' 1 week ago
Chris Kitsos
'Chris Kitsos' 2 weeks ago
Mega crap like the first one...
David Arion
'David Arion' 2 weeks ago
Pierre Romieu
'Pierre Romieu' 2 weeks ago
Three months after and I am still raping the replay button.
Juan Reyes
'Juan Reyes' 2 weeks ago
😁👍80's Music , One of the thing i like this movie... I am Groot 🌵🍺.....
James Logan
'James Logan' 2 weeks ago
what is the song
'CountryPride' 2 weeks ago
Baby groot is awesome
'Joker' 2 weeks ago
2:05 ah drax😂😂
SG King
'SG King' 2 weeks ago
Baby Groot 10/10
You tried
'You tried' 2 weeks ago
Batista is such a legend
YT VorteX
'YT VorteX' 2 weeks ago
Yondu and Drax the only reason I'm seeing this movie lol they great actors
Ultimate gamer
'Ultimate gamer' 2 weeks ago
i have tape
Asger Schmidt
'Asger Schmidt' 2 weeks ago
whats the song???
Justin Clowater
'Justin Clowater' 2 weeks ago
One of my favorite scenes in the first GOTG movie is Rocket standing on Groot's shoulders, watching the two of them take on the prison. It's such a cool reversal to see Groot standing on Rocket's shoulder, cheering him on, in this one.
K-Cee W
'K-Cee W' 2 weeks ago
2:06 Drax is acting like a kid!
Ruben Zikarsky
'Ruben Zikarsky' 2 weeks ago
Michael Cobbs
'Michael Cobbs' 2 weeks ago
This movie should be in 3D.
'HopeforAllKind' 2 weeks ago
Baby groot is the most precious cinnamon bun ive even seen... baby groot and rocket are just plain precious XD
Jack Buena
'Jack Buena' 3 weeks ago
Whatever you do, don't push that button because that will launch the nukes and we will be all dead!
"I am TRUMP. I am TRUMP, I am TRUMP.
hh h
'hh h' 3 weeks ago
BABY GROOT!!!!!!!!
Warren Spencer
'Warren Spencer' 3 weeks ago
Is Stallone in this or what??
Haylen Rendeluk
'Haylen Rendeluk' 3 weeks ago
What Alice cooper song is this
Sam Zheng
'Sam Zheng' 3 weeks ago
song name?
Lizbeth Vazquez
'Lizbeth Vazquez' 3 weeks ago
I want rocket he so cute I want one 😍😍
'OLYMPIQUE 69 ASMR' 3 weeks ago
I hope rocket the raccoon will have a little darling
anant malpani
'anant malpani' 3 weeks ago
it's showtime........
'loomman529' 3 weeks ago
You feel... love.
'loomman529' 3 weeks ago
The only thing that Marvel still has that's original.
Damon Corbett
'Damon Corbett' 3 weeks ago
Alien: No, sexual love.
Peter Quill: No no I don't.
Alien: For her!
Peter Quill: No!
Drax: (laughs) See you just told everyone your deepest, darkest secrets!
Moonblaze Draws
'Moonblaze Draws' 3 weeks ago
0:16 :O
Also 1:06 :O
A Adu
'A Adu' 3 weeks ago
lol "You must be so embarrassed! Oooh. Do me! Do me!"
'MisterBabyleg' 3 weeks ago
Cut Films
'Cut Films' 3 weeks ago
I Am Groot
Mr Who
'Mr Who' 3 weeks ago
1:40 LoL
Herby Mondesire
'Herby Mondesire' 3 weeks ago
Best trailler 2017 right 💯
Geo Sebastian
'Geo Sebastian' 3 weeks ago
I think we need a song using just the words, "I AM GROOT".
'Seiren' 3 weeks ago
Draxx has to be some of the best casting ever. absolutely love him
Shivam Kureel
'Shivam Kureel' 3 weeks ago
I'm in love with chrish pratt and all other characters specially baby groot. I just cannot wait for infinity war.
cow anims
'cow anims' 3 weeks ago
song ?
Lulu Ng
'Lulu Ng' 3 weeks ago
I only came for baby groot
Laurent Liard
'Laurent Liard' 3 weeks ago
guardian of the galaxy has the beter soundtracks ever
Imam Siddique
'Imam Siddique' 3 weeks ago
I am Big FAN of Dave Bautista and I watch GOGV2 in May
Mini Gamez
'Mini Gamez' 3 weeks ago
Why us groot a baby now ?
'wolfmannoon' 3 weeks ago
i ❤👍😊
Kautsar Jalaphaksi.P
i Can't wait to see this film and baby groot
Ricardo Cruz
'Ricardo Cruz' 3 weeks ago
garden of the galaxy 2 reminds me of Massaffect because of the way it looks and the characters
Hamzah Iftikhar
'Hamzah Iftikhar' 3 weeks ago
awesome trailer
Hasan Khan
'Hasan Khan' 3 weeks ago
this is going to be the best marvel movie yet
gaurav kumar
'gaurav kumar' 3 weeks ago
I am groooooooooooooooooooooooooooootttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
Alex Valdez
'Alex Valdez' 3 weeks ago
0:25 this so beautiful ❤
Адольф Гитлер
Very cool if in the scene where Yondó throws off a bunch of people were playing the song (it's raining man) ))))))
Claire Lally
'Claire Lally' 3 weeks ago
Baby Groot is sooooo cute!
Mukund Sharma
'Mukund Sharma' 3 weeks ago
The greatest swear words ever. "I am Groot" 😂😂
rainin google
'rainin google' 3 weeks ago
This trailer and all the people in the comments... what a bunch of A-holes :)
ashraf hussain
'ashraf hussain' 3 weeks ago
Cant wait for the movie to release.
Petch Pitakrajpong
'Petch Pitakrajpong' 4 weeks ago
what a song ??
Jordyn Ehmpke
'Jordyn Ehmpke' 4 weeks ago
I can't wait for it to come out
leek lancer
'leek lancer' 4 weeks ago
$1000 says rockets gonna die.
jay max fury
'jay max fury' 4 weeks ago
we fell bad when it's laughing on 5 May as well as ur exams
Jessa Lou
'Jessa Lou' 4 weeks ago
who said "baby Groot" not cute!!=))
Casper gustafsson
'Casper gustafsson' 4 weeks ago
Is this a real song or is it only made for the movie? I like the song pretty much but i can`t find it.
Yaqoob Zakaria
'Yaqoob Zakaria' 4 weeks ago
I need my oscar winning suicide squad and the rest of my dceu.. what is this hot pile of steaming garbage?
Seth Winters
'Seth Winters' 4 weeks ago
Vin Diesel using a lot of helium
Organization VII
'Organization VII' 4 weeks ago
Ede Tombartley
'Ede Tombartley' 4 weeks ago
Kaliber HaVoK
'Kaliber HaVoK' 4 weeks ago
What is th song at .37??
UltraGamer 151
'UltraGamer 151' 4 weeks ago
Batist was a PERFECT casting choice for Drax!
J Jack
'J Jack' 4 weeks ago
lol imma appreciate tape more now
Black Walder
'Black Walder' 4 weeks ago
This looks shit, when's The Rawhide Kid movie coming?
'Whackycuber' 4 weeks ago
Anyone else want Star Lord's badass trench coat?
Alex Rodriguez
'Alex Rodriguez' 4 weeks ago
Are the guardians gonna come to Earth/Terra? I really want to see Peter react to how much time as pasted on Earth.
Peter Parker
'Peter Parker' 4 weeks ago
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