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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Teaser Trailer -
Published: 1 month ago By: Marvel Entertainment

By: Marvel EntertainmentPublished: 1 month ago

14, 711, 019 views

214, 589 Likes   2, 949 Dislikes

It’s showtime. Watch the brand new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 teaser trailer. Obviously. In theaters May 2017.

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Jan Rajasexy
'Jan Rajasexy' 59 minutes ago
Sam Bailey
'Sam Bailey' 8 hours ago
I noticed that in the end scene rocket and baby groot weren't there
Pain Maxium
'Pain Maxium' 9 hours ago
There needs to be Plushy of Baby GROOT!
ᄇᄊᄊᄐ azmirul
1:51 i fall in love..
Thomas Boys
'Thomas Boys' 11 hours ago
Rocket's problem should be immediately familiar to anyone that has worked in IT.
Viggo Gustafsson
'Viggo Gustafsson' 16 hours ago
Omg! Love it
trex advent
'trex advent' 17 hours ago
How was the part where Gamora was slicing the creature from the outside and Drax is cutting it from the inside
Rawinia Cavendish
'Rawinia Cavendish' 20 hours ago
Awesome Mixtape Volume 2!!!!
AACM Birdzilla
'AACM Birdzilla' 23 hours ago
Someone else know another Chris Pratt movie before Guardians of the galaxy? Because I don't!! 🤔
'Betta66' 1 day ago
Dammit, Marvel! Now I'm actually looking forward to this movie!
Aye Forgot
'Aye Forgot' 1 day ago
I remember the old Groot... his last words included one new word he never said before... "we"... sob I'm so proud of him
'Xawthem' 1 day ago
Baby Groot + Infinity Gauntlet
always action
'always action' 1 day ago
groot means in dutch big
Asian Nerd
'Asian Nerd' 1 day ago
Urghhhh, seriously, can't wait anymoreeeee
D F1
'D F1' 1 day ago
Must buy cinema tickets and movie when it comes out. Must contribute for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3!
lol ok
'lol ok' 3 days ago
Matt Gray
'Matt Gray' 3 days ago
OMG! An MCU movie with proper Black values and color grading?! IT DOES'NT LOOK LIKE MUD ANYMORE, YES!
'NitrokiddX' 3 days ago
Anyone else afraid but still wants that person to find your darkest secret
Daniel Williams
'Daniel Williams' 3 days ago
3,000 DC fans have watched this trailer
Moof Koof
'Moof Koof' 4 days ago
Madame McAwesomepants
Baby Groot.

That's all that needs to be said about true happiness.
John Jarocki
'John Jarocki' 4 days ago
Is the end-credit scene for this going to be Thanos' morning routine before he heads out?
8ighty n9ne
'8ighty n9ne' 4 days ago
Its all about Baby Groot
MyNameIs Foodie
'MyNameIs Foodie' 4 days ago
Cliff Holdorff
'Cliff Holdorff' 4 days ago
When we finally get to the Infinity War movies, I think it'd be cool if they let Drax, out of all the other heroes, be the one to kill Thanos
Yannick Meliesa KWADJANI
I can't wait !!!!!
Justin Becker
'Justin Becker' 5 days ago
when do you think they will add moon dragon to the third movie and who do you think will play Her?
Clarisa Baker
'Clarisa Baker' 5 days ago
My excitement for the movie and the soundtrack are in equal measure
Ivan Enriquez
'Ivan Enriquez' 5 days ago
I'm probably the only one that's hoping that Drax will kill Thanos in infinity war
Liam French
'Liam French' 5 days ago
james gunns a genius that shit wit little groot had me bad
The Ark-Ham Sandwich
i know i'm late to the party but i just saw the first one for the first time... and it's gotta be one of my favorite movies ever now
Mike Sheerin
'Mike Sheerin' 5 days ago
Chris Pratt is the man
jack Skullenbones
'jack Skullenbones' 5 days ago
Richard Mello
'Richard Mello' 5 days ago
rocket is the best
Shine_ bright
'Shine_ bright' 5 days ago
aww baby groot..
chris stuckey
'chris stuckey' 6 days ago
How can you not agree rocket is the best character i mean FR
Otaku Saiyan
'Otaku Saiyan' 6 days ago
wheatley core
'wheatley core' 6 days ago
baby groot <3
'iMiguelAOG' 6 days ago
I remember watching this in theaters and dying of laughter when Batista laughed!!! 😂😂😂
Sebastian Fawkes - Sebastian
I feel like this is probably not gonna be AS good as the first film. (I LOVE the first Movie)
I think the CGI looks less as good than the first. and I didn't find Drax's laugh at the end funny. it was just an over the top laugh.
sure it has a Cute Baby Groot X-3 but I'm honestly looking forward to Justice League more than this.
chris donner
'chris donner' 6 days ago
Honestly I don't have much faith in the story line, but I'll go to see the talking raccoon and the hasty ent.
John Moreno
'John Moreno' 6 days ago
I can't wait for Wonder man to show up in the film! 😁
Brandon Watters
'Brandon Watters' 6 days ago
show time a-holes
Faqih Pikih
'Faqih Pikih' 6 days ago
lucu bngr baby GROOT nya... lucu lucu... mau nonton...
'terrorvenema' 6 days ago
0:20 All The Girls watching Died That Moment
moss mass pirozzi
'moss mass pirozzi' 6 days ago
what's the soundtrack starts in the minute 0:36
Joel Girard
'Joel Girard' 6 days ago
i saw the trailer in theatres and it is abbsolutly gorgeous
'Ezio' 7 days ago
that Drax scene hahaha
trex advent
'trex advent' 7 days ago
So these guys join forces with the Avengers when they are fighting Thanos
GKawesome Gaming
'GKawesome Gaming' 7 days ago
way better than suicide squad
Miloslav Hanzlik
'Miloslav Hanzlik' 1 week ago
im groot xD
'NoVa_Phantom' 1 week ago
Baby Groot is best
FyRii InFinitee
'FyRii InFinitee' 1 week ago
Baby Groot is life
Tucker Kaus
'Tucker Kaus' 1 week ago
'emMiBO' 1 week ago
0:42 Warframe players be like "He's using The Fang".
Random vidcreator
'Random vidcreator' 1 week ago
Bg is soooooo cute
Şevval Coşkun
'Şevval Coşkun' 1 week ago
baby groottttr 😇😇😇😇
'SonicRyan1992' 1 week ago
1:55 any TwoBestFriendsPlay fans can EASILY guess which of the four (now three) Drax would be xD
'Bigalmou' 1 week ago

I just noticed how GIGANTIC her eyes look. In a frighteningly 'cute puppy' sort of way.
Curtis Showers
'Curtis Showers' 1 week ago
Oh I am excited for this movie
Discovery Empire
'Discovery Empire' 1 week ago
"Do me, Do me, Do me!"
GrownAzz Man
'GrownAzz Man' 1 week ago
Baby groot's voice is soo cute and tiny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bombowy Użytkownik
Holy shit that soundtrack is the best
Laurence Ellis
'Laurence Ellis' 1 week ago
I hope Baby Groot doesn't grow up too fast in the movie...
dannyel hernandez
'dannyel hernandez' 1 week ago
va a estar genial XD
iron doom #
'iron doom #' 1 week ago
why does this trailer not have 50 million views
14 million is a dissappointment
'Instru&GaminG' 1 week ago
I am Grute . . . NOOO!!
Momo Woods
'Momo Woods' 1 week ago
Anime Fans:"Showtime Space Cowboys."
trex advent
'trex advent' 1 week ago
How come Drax doesn't wear a shirt?
Joseph Dwyer
'Joseph Dwyer' 1 week ago
I loved the first one, but this looks even better! Also can anyone tell me what those aliens are in the trailer, I haven't been able to read all of the marvel comics!
anku 007 john to Awesome
Baby Groot is too cute and too Funny
Eddie Eforo
'Eddie Eforo' 1 week ago
I don't understand why there are any thumb downs
Kangaroo Madness
'Kangaroo Madness' 1 week ago
2k people don't have tape
nadege lexine
'nadege lexine' 1 week ago
Drax Laughter lmao
Alex Rodriguez
'Alex Rodriguez' 1 week ago
I don't get it. Why didn't Peter fly back to Earth when he got his ship?
Felipe Mesquita
'Felipe Mesquita' 1 week ago
I wanna hear your official soundtrack, GotG Vol.2
i am wood
'i am wood' 1 week ago
r u ok reatard I am groot

'Sparky' 1 week ago
Benny The Commie Durant
It's already a million times better than Suicide Squad.
Michael Linkovski
'Michael Linkovski' 1 week ago
I didn't see the first one but I want to now, this looks awesome. I like the song fox on the run and this makes me want to see both of them
Pineapple Person (Thrash Trash)
I love that last scene XD
Jimbo Crimbo
'Jimbo Crimbo' 1 week ago
Can't wait!!
"Nothing goes over my head! my reflexes are too fast I would catch it"
-Guardians of the galaxy
gingy cakes
'gingy cakes' 1 week ago
Baby Groot is so cute!!
Anima Sinha
'Anima Sinha' 2 weeks ago
50% comments are about how cute baby Groot is and the rest ask the name of the soundtrack which is Fox On The Run by Sweet.
Danny Dan
'Danny Dan' 2 weeks ago
i love how drax still misses the point of a secret being exposed and wants his to be guessed XD
'Bill' 2 weeks ago
take my money already
Vivek Dumbre
'Vivek Dumbre' 2 weeks ago
will watch this movie just for comedy and baby groot
'MessiTheKing' 2 weeks ago
Yuvraj Zala
'Yuvraj Zala' 2 weeks ago
2017 will be the great year for movies! Expand the list.

Star Wars VIII, Guardians of Galaxy II, Wonder Woman, John Wick 2, Dunkirk, Spider-man, Logan, Pirates of Caribbean V, Thor 3, Justice League, Fast 8 etc.
GamerPandaBoy _Yt
'GamerPandaBoy _Yt' 2 weeks ago
infiniti war part 1 or 2 i think? will be coming out at 2017-2018
karya irgil
'karya irgil' 2 weeks ago
cant wait ❤
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