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Shotgun Trick Shots | Dude Perfect -
Published: 7 months ago By: Dude Perfect

By: Dude PerfectPublished: 7 months ago

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It's trick-shot-gun shootin' time!
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'Nacheto2190' 12 hours ago
sophia mcgloughlin
'sophia mcgloughlin' 14 hours ago
Fxxk Badass
Eclipse game on
'Eclipse game on' 14 hours ago
He was holding the camera
Tim Pritchard
'Tim Pritchard' 18 hours ago
Love you guys!
PC freak05
'PC freak05' 21 hours ago
Dude Perfect The best youtuber
Shannon Sommerfeldt
'Shannon Sommerfeldt' 21 hours ago
In the hospital I think
Samit Batra
'Samit Batra' 22 hours ago
Garrett would be sick
Dain Dixon
'Dain Dixon' 1 day ago
family reunion
Luigi Arzola
'Luigi Arzola' 1 day ago
I subscribe and your videos are cool like very cool I wish I could meet you
Infinite Gamer
'Infinite Gamer' 1 day ago
Where's Gerret
Tera McBoyle
'Tera McBoyle' 1 day ago
'Alkio335' 1 day ago
did you see him rowing the boat? XD hahaha lol 4:32
Viktor Eckstein
'Viktor Eckstein' 1 day ago
i love you
Jack Cobs
'Jack Cobs' 1 day ago
When people say "life hacks" and it's an easier way to do toast or something then they need to understand life hacks because THIS is hacking in life ! 😂😂
Yeshak Debebe
'Yeshak Debebe' 1 day ago
Venom Warriors
'Venom Warriors' 2 days ago
garrets gf is having a baby
Zarafshan Ali
'Zarafshan Ali' 2 days ago
Drinking wine
Anne Perne
'Anne Perne' 2 days ago
bonus song Work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'ZMONEY Topy' 2 days ago
wooooow u are Amazing
Sydney Crosby
'Sydney Crosby' 2 days ago
Never even knew Garrett was gone until Ty said so. Wow!
Frozenslave Gaming
4:35 I died I was laughing so hard 😂
Be in dude perfect
There defintely aimbot hackers
Hunter Jackpots
'Hunter Jackpots' 2 days ago
He was filming
Noah Fontes
'Noah Fontes' 2 days ago
Do is a Christian group
zickey Thenerd
'zickey Thenerd' 2 days ago
4:44 a trail of red and floating fish appears
Pres Playz
'Pres Playz' 2 days ago
War. War never changes
Ethan Blake
'Ethan Blake' 2 days ago
garet was at the zoo
hilario ferreyra
'hilario ferreyra' 2 days ago
the limbo was awesome
King Of Blades
'King Of Blades' 2 days ago
garret is in office
Camden Lugabihl
'Camden Lugabihl' 2 days ago
Garrett was up my butt
Aldrin Marcus Alcruz
Garrett was in Bass Pro at Memphis,Tennesee
'NAWA-E- HAQUE' 3 days ago
dude perfect ko subscribe karne dude perfect waale aapko billionare bama sakte hai
foxy _05
'foxy _05' 3 days ago
shinji ciar
'shinji ciar' 3 days ago
dude perfect if ur really a marksman can u shoot a piece of nail in one shot?
Melissa Magee
'Melissa Magee' 3 days ago
They must go through a lot of bullets:-).
Marcus Santos
'Marcus Santos' 3 days ago
you guys are awesome with shotguns those are cool
Chance Duren
'Chance Duren' 3 days ago
No one ever thinks they hacked
katraya mcafee
'katraya mcafee' 4 days ago
He was sick
Javiel Valentin
'Javiel Valentin' 4 days ago
hi guys i just wanted to say i subscribed and turned on post nofacations on
Electrolyte Gaming
Garrett was probably on vacation or
'mpwhat' 4 days ago
With his son
Volcom Gaming
'Volcom Gaming' 4 days ago
Can I get 108 likes for no reason
Bacon Lover 95
'Bacon Lover 95' 4 days ago
I think Garrett is sick
Alexandru Pop
'Alexandru Pop' 4 days ago
garret was with his son at home
Gavin Monaghan
'Gavin Monaghan' 4 days ago
Event for his kid
Eraka Racy
'Eraka Racy' 4 days ago
Caleb White
'Caleb White' 4 days ago
Caleb White
'Caleb White' 4 days ago
Griggles Guy
'Griggles Guy' 4 days ago
I think Gar was not there because it was Owens birthday
Celia Sit
'Celia Sit' 5 days ago
behind the camera
Kaine Gaming
'Kaine Gaming' 5 days ago
he was not there because you shot him
'J.wordii' 5 days ago
plz mod my account
Victor Skånberg
'Victor Skånberg' 5 days ago
Patricia Carrillo
'Patricia Carrillo' 5 days ago
Robert Ghidini-naimoli
Pink fat Devil
'Pink fat Devil' 5 days ago
What is the yellow thing in there ears
Kalenia Sort
'Kalenia Sort' 5 days ago
I think it's rifle trick shot
dlc gamer
'dlc gamer' 5 days ago
if only they didn't play that gay music
daniel acee
'daniel acee' 5 days ago
I love you guys
Comedy Corner
'Comedy Corner' 5 days ago
Welcome to America
'RubRub' 5 days ago
you should rename the video to Leaked Call of Duty 2017 Gameplay
Sam Hartin
'Sam Hartin' 5 days ago
if you guys were playing attention the shots that were from demo ranch said so at the bottom of the screen
'PlayEr-TO' 6 days ago
wow that's best ever i seen shots in the world, you guys make some news in this world
Julien Nogueras
'Julien Nogueras' 6 days ago
in wonder how many people don't know that shotguns can shoot birdshot which shoots a bunch of lil bbs in a wide area
minecraft noob
'minecraft noob' 6 days ago
Why wasn't Garrett there??????????????????
Steven Irwin
'Steven Irwin' 6 days ago
having his baby
MrGetMoney MrGetMoney
he was at the gun range
Gregory Dodd
'Gregory Dodd' 6 days ago
I think some of these are fake because some are humanly impossible.
Pringle Playz
'Pringle Playz' 7 days ago
Sohail Prince
'Sohail Prince' 7 days ago
i think karoly might be ashamed !!!
Alexandros Deres
'Alexandros Deres' 7 days ago
is exelend
Sugeng Riadi Simatupang
2:35 GARET is here
'dingtr14' 7 days ago
that is a shotgun boat
Masay4 _n
'Masay4 _n' 1 week ago
No auto aim.... 🔫🙍‍♂️
'Frogen GAMING' 1 week ago
'HCG' 1 week ago
I know this was a little late but was he getting ready for a baby?
Bradin Dalzell
'Bradin Dalzell' 1 week ago
Behind the camera
S FoxProds
'S FoxProds' 1 week ago
This is fake.
Jordan Bibeault
'Jordan Bibeault' 1 week ago
He was at the docters
Teddy Kelly Drawing
I wonder how many fish they killed in the making of this vid
Beth Halpain
'Beth Halpain' 1 week ago
Probly at home with his wife
Brittany ONeil
'Brittany ONeil' 1 week ago
meet dude perfect and stay for a month
The 2 Footballers
'The 2 Footballers' 1 week ago
Hospital waiting for the baby
pvp pro killer
'pvp pro killer' 1 week ago
I think hes In the bathroom dying
Elijah Horrell
'Elijah Horrell' 1 week ago
where is Gary
Kayeanna Mackenzie
I subscribd
My name is Ian and i like to suck big dick
Hey way dont you make a movie with you ass the good guys bi vas your so good with trikshots
The Emerald Torch
'The Emerald Torch' 1 week ago
Notice Ty at the end fired 11 shots hehe
spectre 007
'spectre 007' 1 week ago
where's gar
Arss Gaming
'Arss Gaming' 1 week ago
Hack_03 Gaming
'Hack_03 Gaming' 1 week ago
I would 360 no scope myself if I had the shotgun
A Trombonist
'A Trombonist' 1 week ago

Panda created that ammo
Juan Carlos
'Juan Carlos' 1 week ago
vamos a hacerlo bien .
Jennifer Morgan
'Jennifer Morgan' 1 week ago
he was up your ass
Major ConBear
'Major ConBear' 1 week ago
Garret was getting married.
electrico 190
'electrico 190' 1 week ago
Dmn nice vid but i was actually expecting when you shoot a shotgun in 1 had let it go then shoot it again or maybe flying shot gun shot
seth newman
'seth newman' 1 week ago
these vids would be half as long without all the slow mo, dumb shots and talking
Seth Struble
'Seth Struble' 1 week ago
This is crazy! :-D
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