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Shotgun Trick Shots | Dude Perfect -
Published: 5 months ago By: Dude Perfect

By: Dude PerfectPublished: 5 months ago

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It's trick-shot-gun shootin' time!
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Extreme games005
'Extreme games005' 54 minutes ago
Gar was sick
Jesus Hristos
'Jesus Hristos' 2 hours ago
2:41 no fucking way
Sander van den Berg
'Sander van den Berg' 5 hours ago
Garret was behind the camera
Tarzan Voltron
'Tarzan Voltron' 9 hours ago
how many gopros do they destroy
Aime Lamour
'Aime Lamour' 10 hours ago
That was awesome
Limerboy 21
'Limerboy 21' 10 hours ago
remember to say "do not try this at home" or else people will accidentally soot birds
Ross Phillips
'Ross Phillips' 10 hours ago
he's holding the cam
Yunus Altunsoy
'Yunus Altunsoy' 12 hours ago
cam man
gyubdetx j
'gyubdetx j' 13 hours ago
John Niel
'John Niel' 14 hours ago
¢ Garrett was in Vegas gambling
John Niel
'John Niel' 14 hours ago
Garrison Vegas gambling
Awais Riaz
'Awais Riaz' 18 hours ago
unlimited niceeee guy's
Awais Riaz
'Awais Riaz' 18 hours ago
M&D Stop motions
'M&D Stop motions' 1 day ago
0:25 his cap fall of :)
Hamza Beg
'Hamza Beg' 1 day ago
y guess is gerret was staying safe=)
Jaimie Husulak
'Jaimie Husulak' 1 day ago
can you dudes make a bottle flip battle that would make me really happy
Ben Mitchell
'Ben Mitchell' 2 days ago
Okay now it's complete bs because demo ranch paddled a boat with guns to see if it would work get some real ideas
Ben Mitchell
'Ben Mitchell' 2 days ago
Bs that idea of makeshift ammo came from demolition ranch at least give him some credit
'DJekrom' 2 days ago
No Basketballs were harmed during this video.
Simz Gamez
'Simz Gamez' 2 days ago
Rory Broad
'Rory Broad' 2 days ago
garret was in hospotal
Caner Tozluyurt
'Caner Tozluyurt' 2 days ago
sizin yapamadiginiz birsey varmi olm ?
Dayum !
'Dayum !' 2 days ago
Follow our Channel we're fucking great!😜
Ibrahim Saeed
'Ibrahim Saeed' 2 days ago
Nice vid by the way
Ibrahim Saeed
'Ibrahim Saeed' 2 days ago
I think it's illegal for civilians using but okey cuz u guys are amazing
'David' 2 days ago
irl aimbot
Kevin Hankinson
'Kevin Hankinson' 2 days ago
you should do one about stereotyping Brothers
ARROW king Gaming
'ARROW king Gaming' 2 days ago
Gabe is home
Cayden Lafleur
'Cayden Lafleur' 3 days ago
I think he was with his family
Zachary Schaufele
'Zachary Schaufele' 3 days ago
That was epic!!
Drew Reid
'Drew Reid' 3 days ago
Looking after his son
jeffrey Cunningham
Fish HQ
'Fish HQ' 3 days ago
Do fishing trick shots
Kyler Godwin
'Kyler Godwin' 3 days ago
Like if you found the odd one 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😵😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲
Ethan Price
'Ethan Price' 3 days ago
what shotguns are they?
Alexey Gerasimov
'Alexey Gerasimov' 3 days ago
Was Garett with his son Lincoln? @dudeperfect
'patrick' 3 days ago
Gould brothers my ass more like real life deadshots
sheema talha
'sheema talha' 3 days ago
GARETT. WAS. AT. America
Tiffany Hummel
'Tiffany Hummel' 3 days ago
watching Owen
Goblin FX
'Goblin FX' 3 days ago
0.29 sow
Jacob Moore
'Jacob Moore' 3 days ago
this is the best everyone is saying it's fake but it would be nearly impossible to fake something like this (and nobody understands shotguns which means they should not be commenting it's fake if they have no idea how shotguns work)
'MR CASH' 3 days ago
You guys should do stereotypes FIFA or NHL
Kai Duerden
'Kai Duerden' 3 days ago
Fransisco Rivera
'Fransisco Rivera' 3 days ago
I think garret was with his wife and kids or he was in vacation
Nate Starcher
'Nate Starcher' 4 days ago
What kind of shot gun do y'all use
Mike The Gamester
'Mike The Gamester' 4 days ago
Riley Powell
'Riley Powell' 4 days ago
Pediņš no latvijas
Ryan Perkins
'Ryan Perkins' 4 days ago
7 are you kidding me! That is insane
Ryan Santander
'Ryan Santander' 4 days ago
0:39 he missed
Murican Man
'Murican Man' 4 days ago
I'm pretty sure demoranch already did creative ammo but still cool
'Comeckey' 4 days ago
favorite video.
Maya Knepper
'Maya Knepper' 4 days ago
was garret w/family or taking a break or behind the camera or sick or vacation or something else
Rubikran W
'Rubikran W' 5 days ago
Called a joke
'BryXspr' 5 days ago
Garret was in narnia
Emanuel Ferraz
'Emanuel Ferraz' 5 days ago
Por Que Todos Hablan Inglés
Nicholas Scarpa
'Nicholas Scarpa' 5 days ago
Garrett was sick?
Oscar Rivera
'Oscar Rivera' 5 days ago
blackmist come down that is to many years
Alishia Coenen
'Alishia Coenen' 5 days ago
Karla Reyes
'Karla Reyes' 5 days ago
Do Flippy bottle extreme please dude perfect
Cameron Steffen
'Cameron Steffen' 5 days ago
blake barbee
'blake barbee' 5 days ago
at home
Joe Higins
'Joe Higins' 5 days ago
I call aimbot.
Bruce Micheels
'Bruce Micheels' 5 days ago
i subscribed and cool video
Noob For Life
'Noob For Life' 5 days ago
Garet you suck
Joe Manning
'Joe Manning' 5 days ago
I think garret is a vegiterrian
John Saunders
'John Saunders' 5 days ago
Has anyone noticed how they are just in the middle of nowhere?
Víctor Cornejo
'Víctor Cornejo' 5 days ago
He was in his son Lincoln birth
Jamari Collins
'Jamari Collins' 5 days ago
hacking in real life
Jack McDowell
'Jack McDowell' 5 days ago
This show is so awesome
ryland Helms
'ryland Helms' 5 days ago
I love all of you
Tom fighter30
'Tom fighter30' 6 days ago
Lillie Handy
'Lillie Handy' 6 days ago
i thank Garrett was behind the camera. i love u guys videos
mary d
'mary d' 6 days ago
You are so cool
Tyler Olson
'Tyler Olson' 6 days ago
dude perfect is also awesome
Tyler Olson
'Tyler Olson' 6 days ago
watch demolition ranch Matt is awesome!
Taber Gourde
'Taber Gourde' 6 days ago
Why is Cody always soo cocky?!?
Jess Pilley
'Jess Pilley' 6 days ago
dentist apponintment
Thomas Horio
'Thomas Horio' 6 days ago
I subscribed
'onyx507' 6 days ago
the limbo's are awesome
Peppa pigs Mom
'Peppa pigs Mom' 6 days ago
GOt dam
Isaac Butt
'Isaac Butt' 6 days ago
garret was indoors
Nathan Hart
'Nathan Hart' 6 days ago
Babb sitting
'DatMayoOP' 6 days ago
I think garret was sick
Antonio Ruiz
'Antonio Ruiz' 6 days ago
That was an amazing video... I have a question though... What ammo and what gauge is your shotguns? I'm not experienced shooting them, I have a 12g with a 16" barrel. I shoot 00 Buck and I'm done shooting after a dozen rounds or so. My shoulder would be shot (No pun intended) You guys shoot it with ease, with looks to be minimum recoil...
Ned Nix
'Ned Nix' 6 days ago
CSGO shotguns in a nutshell
JokerFriendMC //JFMC
Was Geareth in hospital?
'KAILASH SINGH' 6 days ago
i cant trust this
'KAILASH SINGH' 6 days ago
why do u not go in Olympic
Brian Silva
'Brian Silva' 6 days ago
Garret was behind the camera I think
Isabelle Brighton
'Isabelle Brighton' 6 days ago
Awesome vid sick shots
Manny Carr
'Manny Carr' 6 days ago
at home
'G-FORCE619' 6 days ago
Lakeva Baird
'Lakeva Baird' 6 days ago
Seamus Edge
'Seamus Edge' 6 days ago
How do ya'll do this shooting
JustinWarriorfighter //JWF
I think he wasn't here because he didn't know how to shoot
JustinWarriorfighter //JWF
Cody looks like skecth
Johanes Permana
'Johanes Permana' 7 days ago
Shaq Johnson
'Shaq Johnson' 7 days ago
Awesome and cool
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