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Beyoncé - No Angel -
Published: 2 years ago By: beyonceVEVO

By: beyonceVEVOPublished: 2 years ago

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Music video by Beyoncé performing No Angel. (C) 2013 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment

Nae Nae
'Nae Nae' 4 hours ago
What she now bout packets lol thats jail food but its still so good 100%
'ThisIsUrbanRetro' 3 days ago
the sound is similar to Abra Fruit
Nesiyah GotThatFire
this shit whack sorry
'jermazon' 6 days ago
From 2:12 my moment <3 <3
Maddy Mayberry
'Maddy Mayberry' 6 days ago
My fam from 5th Ward!
Angela Montenegro
'Angela Montenegro' 1 week ago
the video ruined it. another setting would be nice. dumb shit. men with all that bling and not a pot to piss in.
'wutdafeezy' 1 week ago
Wow, first time hearing and seeing this one. Love it. Sheeyat, I ain't even from there and I feel proud as if it's my hometown. Lmao!
'missy111111100' 2 weeks ago
Another underrated song by the queen. Straight R&B, love it.
kevin smith
'kevin smith' 2 weeks ago
Where's Booker T and Stevie Ray?
Macaroni and Cliches
white people in 2016 like "Formation is political! Beyoncé isn't supposed to be political!"
Alexis Durden
'Alexis Durden' 2 weeks ago
She ain't from no hood tho that girl nearly grow up rich
Karine Merengue
'Karine Merengue' 2 weeks ago
My favorite Bey song next to "Pray You Catch Me" and "Formation". I love how versatile she is with her voice, such a great artist
shara Yarbrough
'shara Yarbrough' 4 weeks ago
This song sucks... B, you slippin.
SUPER reaction LEO
'SUPER reaction LEO' 4 weeks ago
Yordis Ferrer
'Yordis Ferrer' 4 weeks ago
K Williams
'K Williams' 1 month ago
You're no angel either baby ☺️🙂
Bailey Powell
'Bailey Powell' 1 month ago
I love this song b
Billy Johnson
'Billy Johnson' 1 month ago
I'm sitting in 3rd Ward right now and recognize a lot of this LOL.
'Kakaxhii' 1 month ago
"i know im not angel, but at least im trying"
devilish cuteie
'devilish cuteie' 1 month ago
Bastille is better but your voice?you sick? or do you suck?
Kay cosmetology
'Kay cosmetology' 1 month ago
Naimah Thomas
'Naimah Thomas' 1 month ago
Beyonce representing her hometown with the Houston OG's Bun B and Scarface and Pimp C, Paul Wall, Slim Thug and I'm sure many others :-). Beyonce a Real One showing love :-).
Wagner Valenca
'Wagner Valenca' 1 month ago
and here folks Beyonce invented indie-rnb.
J Mckoy
'J Mckoy' 1 month ago
I didn't even know there was a video to this
Aline Alves
'Aline Alves' 1 month ago
I'm obsessed with this song
'PauloBeyVEVO' 1 month ago
NO ANGEL 👏👏👏👏😍❤❤❤
Kiyoko Holland
'Kiyoko Holland' 1 month ago
queen b with the gees..H-Town Baby
Lejuan Dean
'Lejuan Dean' 1 month ago
Easily one of my favorite videos by Her, Party is Another One! I just love the grungy Beyoncé.
'iscai834' 1 month ago
Camila Diercken
'Camila Diercken' 1 month ago
Amo essa música ♡♡
Kiera K
'Kiera K' 2 months ago
Brought it back to her home in HTINE !!!
Mystery Food X
'Mystery Food X' 2 months ago
Can someone please tell me how to make the little bloop bloop bloo-bloop sound we hear from 2:35 to 2:45 with a synthesizer? PLEASE
Tyreick Rodriguez
'Tyreick Rodriguez' 2 months ago
i gwen work at a call center can micheal be the one .i never did talk nothing about you maybe one time but thing what i tell people dont make no sence. the reality my mind in is that every one is an idea will forever be there.can you help me with a loan
Davis Manivanh
'Davis Manivanh' 2 months ago
Zodiac Killer‡→♦←
Danilo La Banca
'Danilo La Banca' 2 months ago
Does anybody know if "The Rainbow Children" album by Prince, especially "Mellow", inspired her?
Aniyas Fairlie
'Aniyas Fairlie' 2 months ago
Houston Represent H-Town
Christian Dillard
'Christian Dillard' 2 months ago
I love this song the best song ever
özge seyhan
'özge seyhan' 2 months ago
türkler elleri görelim !
Jenny McKenzie
'Jenny McKenzie' 2 months ago
illuminati is my friend
Anthony Clemons
'Anthony Clemons' 2 months ago
I think this video was about showing different people from all walks of life as "humans". That we all have imperfections and no one is an angel. That's deep. Love this song and video.
Kelly S
'Kelly S' 2 months ago
You can never get enough Beyoncé 😍😍😍
'Juvnthekid' 2 months ago
for those that dont know this was shot in 3rd ward houston 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
kamila Mafra
'kamila Mafra' 2 months ago
Tão bom ver que não sou a única que se sente dessa maneira ao ouvir este som! É profundo, me faz viajar. Completamente. Bom pra caralho!
Rick Ω
'Rick Ω' 2 months ago
First I heard this song was Tei Shi's cover, but I just learned Caroline Polacheck wrote and produced this so I had to come show it some love.
ken Gaulthier
'ken Gaulthier' 2 months ago
That fucking bridge tho' I mean damn the song is great but that bridge take it to a whole nother level.
'girlfriday73' 2 months ago
This was my one of my top favorite tracks on this album. The bass was classic dirty South.
Janaï merka
'Janaï merka' 2 months ago
This was always my favorite song of the album along with haunted
M Stokes
'M Stokes' 2 months ago
i love Beyonce
'AsMaine' 2 months ago
Baby put your arms around me tell me I'm a problem…
00 fab
'00 fab' 2 months ago
I love super fruits cover of this
nia dewan
'nia dewan' 3 months ago
this song is a "BOMB".
komiho !
'komiho !' 3 months ago
this song is actually Chairlift ft. Beyoncé - No angel tho
Elsa Blanco
'Elsa Blanco' 3 months ago
Love her and my city! Htown hold it down 🤘🏽
Mozart Herbert
'Mozart Herbert' 3 months ago
It's not one of my favorites of the album, but that part 1:40 gives me chills
markeena garner
'markeena garner' 3 months ago
Houston the only place you will find Country, Ghetto, and Rich all in the same neighborhood lol. I love my city : )
Carlos Thomas
'Carlos Thomas' 3 months ago
Dimitri y
'Dimitri y' 3 months ago
You kil me Beyoncé aiiii sou much You break My Heart aiiii My God ❤❤❤❤
Timi A
'Timi A' 3 months ago
I feel this video inspired Lemonade or at least Formation
'realslimbayze' 3 months ago
this song/video is underrated af
'Deguisee' 3 months ago
I used to not like this song, but the more I listened to it it just grew on me and I fell in love <3
little mix
'little mix' 3 months ago
Seeing that beyonce never grow in the hood, ya'll need to chill and let her have fun lol.
janisha flower
'janisha flower' 3 months ago
wow she's using a lot of breath daym girl
Pervis  Parker
'Pervis Parker' 3 months ago
A lady put that house on sale a while before the video, then when Beyoncé made a video in it, the price was skyrocketed to $650,000. It was sold. ICONIC.
Семира Хаджиева
Beyonce I love you
Evardir vitchia
'Evardir vitchia' 4 months ago
Dangelo Valentín
'Dangelo Valentín' 4 months ago
Reminds me of Prince...
Joyce Costa
'Joyce Costa' 4 months ago
'Nat' 4 months ago
Bro I'm just now noticing Paul wall wassup boi
Quamé Smith
'Quamé Smith' 4 months ago
who think at 2:22 Beyonce got inspired by tht for her Formation music video? hmmm Bey we see u*wink wink*
Èric González
'Èric González' 4 months ago
Sounds like Ariana Grande...
özgecan smithy
'özgecan smithy' 4 months ago
Baby put your arms around me
Tell me I'm a problem
Know I'm not the girl you thought you knew and that you wanted
Underneath the pretty face is something complicated
I come with a side of trouble
But I know that's why you're staying

Because you're
Either, baby
Cause you're
Either, baby

No I'm not an angel either, but at least I'm trying
I know I drive you crazy, but would you rather that I be a machine
Who doesn't notice when you late or when you're lying
I love you even more than who I thought you were before

Because you're
Either, baby
Cause you're
Either, baby
Cause you're
Either, baby
Cause you're
Either, baby

Tell me do you want to ride
Tell me do you want to ride
Ride around, ride around
Ride around
You ride around in that H-town
If there's candles near your bed, no need for a spell
Stop acting so scared, just do what I tell
First both of my legs, go back on your head
And whatever you want, yeah baby I'll bet it comes true

Baby put your arms around me
Tell me I'm a problem
Know I'm not the girl you thought you knew and that you wanted
Underneath the pretty face is something complicated
I come with a side of trouble
But I know that's why you're staying

Because you're
Either, baby
Cause you're
Either, baby
Either, baby

No, no, no, no... [repeat til end]
'iamuzziahdaniel' 4 months ago
Where was this video shot at?🤔
Smart hackerhunter
'Smart hackerhunter' 4 months ago
She tried to change I don't blame her.. she might look merciful but no she was dragged to the wrong god check her new music video it's called hold up check spy kitten for more facts
La Portia Nicole
'La Portia Nicole' 4 months ago
wtf this stupid ass song
Asia Reynolds
'Asia Reynolds' 4 months ago
Love the ode to Pimp C with the white fur and hat
Luan Ferreira
'Luan Ferreira' 4 months ago
mo mo
'mo mo' 4 months ago
if your reading this your no angel
Charles  Turner
'Charles Turner' 4 months ago
And I was just in Houston last weekend and I Already miss it ..hopefully after I graduate from school I can move there
Isabelle M.
'Isabelle M.' 4 months ago
there's a part of this song that sounds like fka twigs lol
João Vitor
'João Vitor' 4 months ago
I think the song deserved a better video...or even better instrumentals I guess
esther batista
'esther batista' 4 months ago
Muito ostentação
Tilly Watson
'Tilly Watson' 4 months ago
Queen Beyyy
Pauly Drew Antonio
'Pauly Drew Antonio' 4 months ago
Shantel Love
'Shantel Love' 4 months ago
My sonngggg ❤️
'Selina' 4 months ago
norlens noel
'norlens noel' 4 months ago
i like the video. but it seems the older beyonce gets the more hood she tries to be....even though she wont step foot in the hood and was raised in the suburbs hahaha terrible song also
'iiamkee21' 4 months ago
I swear this song and blow is one of my fave beyonce songs !!!
sz sz
'sz sz' 4 months ago
Why did beyonce got obsessed with strippers lately.. The old beyonce didnt promoted trash
Bruna Brandão
'Bruna Brandão' 4 months ago
Deon Wingfield
'Deon Wingfield' 5 months ago
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 love this song
'Bassma' 5 months ago
soo underrated
Zacric Parks
'Zacric Parks' 5 months ago
Baba Rep that H-TOWN
757 girly
'757 girly' 5 months ago
Beyoncé no angel she went home for this video!! Yes Bey rep yo city
Meizzy Fesslee
'Meizzy Fesslee' 5 months ago
Beyonce it's so obvious you know who you are in the bible. It's never too late to repent. And I know your talking about Jesus/Adam. But, it's already written you will not repent. May God have mercy on your soul.
Amirah Dockins
'Amirah Dockins' 5 months ago
Ive got a question for Ms.Knowles..Why are you loseing subscribers ...i feel that there hateing because your queen and we are your pesents
Miss Garnet Topaz
'Miss Garnet Topaz' 5 months ago
Vanessa Mayfield
'Vanessa Mayfield' 5 months ago
i like the song tho
Vanessa Mayfield
'Vanessa Mayfield' 5 months ago
wtf. is that lol the beginning horrible!
Aaliyah Kassim
'Aaliyah Kassim' 5 months ago
i dont get the Video, is she trying to act bad? what was that meant to be, just screeching. Team Solange. Beyonce is Wack
Montae H
'Montae H' 5 months ago
My favorite song on this cd
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