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The Rock Obama Cold Open - SNL -
Published: 2 years ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 2 years ago

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21, 178 Likes   1, 502 Dislikes

After the actions of Rep. John Boehner (Taran Killam), Sen. Ted Cruz
(Bobby Moynihan) and Sen. Tom Cotton (Kyle Mooney) make him lose his cool, President Obama (Jay Pharoah) turns into The Rock Obama (Dwayne Johnson).

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Pratik Adhikary
'Pratik Adhikary' 1 day ago
Wish they made a new one with Donald Trump with him changing into Brock Lesner
Latrell Homie dog
'Latrell Homie dog' 1 week ago
The things about Tom cotton contacting and writing letters to Iran is actually true
Troy McFarlin
'Troy McFarlin' 1 week ago
hey at least Michelle is a woman
Eziekle Crafts
'Eziekle Crafts' 2 weeks ago
Another lame skit where others are taking blame for flubs by the president. Seems these are the only plot in president skits, with different people. Slightly funny.
Isaiah Howell
'Isaiah Howell' 3 weeks ago
Barack is a skinny version of The Rock
Toa Tahu
'Toa Tahu' 3 weeks ago
It's a good thing SNL is liberal, or this skit would've been incredibly racist...
UnderOver Achiever
'UnderOver Achiever' 3 weeks ago
DC needs to make this a comic book!
Dustin Straw
'Dustin Straw' 3 weeks ago
I like how the Rock plays Obama said Do you like Israel and orange guy- actor said Yes and next min you need to visit Israel and threw him out of the window lol
'Pretorious42' 3 weeks ago
Obama is strong, Michelle is attractive.

The upside down world of the liberal mind.
'Mr.Infumus' 3 weeks ago
Michelle Obama tranny status confirmed
Ben Martin
'Ben Martin' 3 weeks ago
To be more of an accurate skit they should of had a man play Michelle Obama.
Rexasaurus Gaming
'Rexasaurus Gaming' 3 weeks ago
Would've been funny if mechelle turned into terry cruise
Calisthenics Unity Nz
do Donald Trump as John Cena lol
That one guy from Hs
Barry "The Rock" Obama
Eric Tumo
'Eric Tumo' 4 weeks ago
he would never turn into the hulk, Obama is a pussy..
Arlie Hopes y
'Arlie Hopes y' 1 month ago
Yes we support Israel.
Matt Mullins
'Matt Mullins' 1 month ago
Not sure if I understand the whole "Isreali" thing politically I thought we've been unseprable for 6+ decades, youre not siding or even remotely against Obama for opinionating that Netanyahu is a good leader to his people... strange way to sway the public to say the least but accurate. His administration was very dismissive of Isreal..
'Lucy325' 1 month ago
Of course SNL is not going to make fun of all of Obama's failures. Typical liberals.
'LordMunchkin' 1 month ago
Republican traitors.
Robert Lembo
'Robert Lembo' 1 month ago
I wanted to see Queen Latifah..... ;(
miss artist
'miss artist' 1 month ago
the way they said "and live from new York it's Saturday night!!!"was awesome
'croatabroad' 1 month ago
michelle is turning into micheal
'Seetiyan' 1 month ago
Ironically, The Rock Obama is just as black as Barack Obama, the Halfrican-American president.
Dion Lover
'Dion Lover' 1 month ago
The Obama roasts are so true though
'elvira2448' 1 month ago
SNL never insulted Obama like Trump.
'Zuwie4' 1 month ago
Fuck SNL, you fucking pinko commie anti-Semites! I hope you get closed and bankrupt! It's Trump time, bitches!
Migi Ligayo
'Migi Ligayo' 1 month ago
Can they do a sequel with Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump?
'J H' 1 month ago
damn, I was hoping he'd chuck Ted Cruz out the window.
Matthew Jenkins
'Matthew Jenkins' 2 months ago
They shoulda use Awseome Kong for the she-hulk parody
Brandon Klette
'Brandon Klette' 2 months ago
I would honestly support the Rock as President. Like can you smell what the White house is cooking?
Julius Aravena
'Julius Aravena' 2 months ago
but the real Obama is a pig genocide
'K S' 2 months ago
sounds more like an Indian than the hulk
wampus cat
'wampus cat' 2 months ago
I can't believe how the the right wing Hollywood elites constantly bash democratic leaders.. oh wait....
'Broilan' 2 months ago
Was this supposed to be funny?
Thomas Bunink
'Thomas Bunink' 2 months ago
Better days... :(
Keith Gunther
'Keith Gunther' 2 months ago
wow bad satire
Danu Madu
'Danu Madu' 2 months ago
I love this
'ThoseAwkwardGamers' 2 months ago
Imagine Michelle turns into Terry Crews. oh my god that would have been pricless
Sabre MC
'Sabre MC' 2 months ago
ba-rock Obama
John Doe
'John Doe' 2 months ago
If only
'CrazyMunky84' 2 months ago
Leslie Jones is an unfunny, safe space needing, offended douche. Fuck her and her existence.
Aj Robbins
'Aj Robbins' 2 months ago
his name should of been ROCKBAMA
'etsout' 2 months ago
I wish the Rock Obama could meet with Putin and Netenyahu. World peace would soon follow.
Madeline Nickell
'Madeline Nickell' 3 months ago
the guy who does Obama here is WAAAAAAYYYYYY better than Fred Amundson. UGH, he was horrible.
kenneth detro
'kenneth detro' 3 months ago
OK I will never use Robitussin. (because of that ridiculous advertisement).
Nicholas Ashton
'Nicholas Ashton' 3 months ago
I'am going to miss Mr. Obama.
Tiger Fan_360
'Tiger Fan_360' 3 months ago
Oh hell yeah is that rocks sis they look like shit
Christopher Mcccorkle
that was good stuff. the ROCK Rocks!!!!
Danielle Peig
'Danielle Peig' 3 months ago
As actors go... we're almost there!!!
#somelivesdontmatter sldm
when are they gonna ridicule this horrible president....BARACK OBAMA SUCKS DICK AT LIFE......GO PRESIDENT TRUMP WOOOHOOOOOOOOO
'HotSkull' 3 months ago
They could have used the real michelle. #gunsofthepatriots
Luis Riba
'Luis Riba' 3 months ago
John Donovan
'John Donovan' 3 months ago
Shroom Mage
'Shroom Mage' 3 months ago
He let Ted live. That's some foreshadowing.
Robert Jones
'Robert Jones' 3 months ago
'kingraj333' 3 months ago
that "brick" fucking killed me
Lan kamlin
'Lan kamlin' 3 months ago
not funny
Fabian Torres
'Fabian Torres' 4 months ago
I am yet to see a funny SNL skit
'N7thegreatspy' 4 months ago
There's a reason Cruz said.
'Hoodreams' 4 months ago
alTreezy! アル トリージー!!
was this supposed to be funny? yeah lets make fun of iran on snl... thats definitely
why the world hates us and wants to see us burn...
Scott_K /
'Scott_K / '01' 4 months ago
K this acting is pretty cringe inducing to be quite frank
'Coppercrusader' 4 months ago
ya'll are so fucking bias.
'turboboy1983' 4 months ago
It'll be nice to not have an ogre as First Lady
'turboboy1983' 4 months ago
She Rock was actually played by Michelle Obama.
David Thomas
'David Thomas' 4 months ago
rock obama
Pinki L
'Pinki L' 4 months ago
HAHAHA this is still great after all this time.
Terrence Robinson
'Terrence Robinson' 4 months ago
is arnold or barack..?
0:40 lol El Rato! :)
Tyler Schapley
'Tyler Schapley' 4 months ago
Made my day TBH
Matt Jennings
'Matt Jennings' 4 months ago
Haha hahaha! Drain the swamp! And I mean Hollywood.
Anika Nowierski
'Anika Nowierski' 4 months ago
It should have been BaROCK Obama
Matthew Vasquez
'Matthew Vasquez' 4 months ago
kaka poopoo
Steve Swangler
'Steve Swangler' 4 months ago
I so wish this was real instead of a snl skit. the real scumbag anti-Constitution, anti patriotic republicans depcted in this skit should have all been tried as traitors. along with many other deplorable republcians.
'pop5678eye' 4 months ago
UN Security Council resolution 242, and subsequently 338 have both been signed by the US demanding Israel return to its pre-1967 borders. Israel has also refused to sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. The CIA has confirmed its estimate that Israel has over 200 nuclear warheads. All of these are facts. Yet it is Israel who dares think Iran is the greatest threat to peace in the Middle East? A country Israel sold weapons to in the 80s??? (see Iran-Contra official investigation, facts, and conclusion)
The US went to war with Iraq, and deposed its government in large part because of the UN Security Council resolution that it should verify its disarmament of weapons of mass destruction.
But I guess our leaders will use any excuse ('we have unyielding support for Israel') to kill Arabs. Yay oil greed and racism...
Eric Huber
'Eric Huber' 4 months ago
I don't know who more dangerous The Hulk or The Rock Obama
Andy Andrews
'Andy Andrews' 4 months ago
Andy Andrews
'Andy Andrews' 4 months ago
A K47
'A K47' 4 months ago
Brother Freedom
'Brother Freedom' 4 months ago
It would have been funnier if Obama had turned into a monkey.
The Asian Eskimo
'The Asian Eskimo' 4 months ago
January 20th at 12 pm, not march...
Cole Tanner
'Cole Tanner' 4 months ago
This is the only SNL sketch I've ever seen where they even remotely poke fun at the Obama's ever. SNL is so Democratic party they won't even do one sketch making fun of him, it has to be making fun of his detractors in Congress.
Cape SIX
'Cape SIX' 4 months ago
The Rock 2020!!!
'stef88sf' 4 months ago
holy shit Leslie is huge :D
Tom Totab
'Tom Totab' 4 months ago
The Rock for the President 2020
red Pool
'red Pool' 4 months ago
I talked to Obama about this skit at downtown Washington on fulmer... he told me that he loves this skit
Turk 1
'Turk 1' 4 months ago
The Rock is funny af. This one and Tom Hankes might be the best SNL in 20 years!!
Jose Colella
'Jose Colella' 4 months ago
Well, The Rock just said he is running for president in 2020
Rosy Leon
'Rosy Leon' 4 months ago
'UncleFriis' 4 months ago
Surprised they didn't just put Terry Crews in drag for She-Rock.
Tom Adams
'Tom Adams' 4 months ago
He needs t come back to the WWE for the 900th episode of Smack Down .    Then he can do more movies ,   funny Skits ,   and be a normal person .   But we need the Character of the Rock  ...Back !!!!!
'DanielOmega23' 4 months ago
I wonder how they did this live like those transitions
Jacob Starpuncher
'Jacob Starpuncher' 4 months ago
Obama... from downtown.

'TheSmartLawyer' 4 months ago
Michelle is bigger than that normally
'sion8' 5 months ago
No wonder Mr. Obama needed an anger translator!
Arctic Productions
'Arctic Productions' 5 months ago
i respect Obama and think he is one of the top 5 best presidents of the USA ever.
Cryforall YT
'Cryforall YT' 5 months ago
Thousands of years of human evolution and here we are...
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