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Let's Play - Dead by Daylight - Of Flesh and Mud DLC -
Published: 1 month ago By: LetsPlay

By: LetsPlayPublished: 1 month ago

523, 014 views

9, 827 Likes   142 Dislikes

Ryan, Geoff, Michael, Jeremy, and Gavin play as The Hag in the new DLC - Of Flesh and Mud. This scary lady has some freaky surprises in store for our Achievement Hunters. ||| Join FIRST for exclusive Let’s Play content: ||| Get yer Let’s Play merch:

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George Obusan
'George Obusan' 2 hours ago
I lost it at Geoff snitching on Gavin at 7:55
'Redline' 4 days ago
Every time I watch this game, I get angry. THAT'S NOT HOW ENGINES WORK!!
Jacob rivera
'Jacob rivera' 5 days ago
The Brady Bunch.....of idiots
Chris Koloski
'Chris Koloski' 1 week ago
can't mud woman warp to her activated traps
Kaitlin Talley
'Kaitlin Talley' 1 week ago
Does anyone know the Let's Play in which they ask someone how he says "slag" and he makes a really funny noise?
Travis Steele
'Travis Steele' 2 weeks ago
Call me creepy pasta trash, but the idea of slenderman being one of the monster in DbD is pretty awesome. No clue what the mechanics would be, but still sounds like fun
Dt Rizzo
'Dt Rizzo' 2 weeks ago
Ryan going gagaggaga is the funniest thing ever
'Who's Mans?' 2 weeks ago
Do they ever figure out that they can teleport to the trap?
Sanctor: Total Warrior
I just about lost it when Geoff opened Gavin's locker XD
Gabe Crutchley
'Gabe Crutchley' 2 weeks ago
Gavin's maniacal laughs this round though
'MutteringMushroom' 2 weeks ago
So is Part 2 ever coming out?
The Lich King MK
'The Lich King MK' 3 weeks ago
"You turn yourself around"? Is that an American thing?
Konnor Fahy
'Konnor Fahy' 3 weeks ago
RUM HAAAAAAM! You guys need to make a rum ham and marathon a game until it's gone. Michael has to get a spray tan and guido it up the whole time, whoever loses has to shave the middle of their hair to look like Danny Devito
'TurtleBurger' 3 weeks ago
holy shit how did gavin not see michael like he wasnt even looking down
Kristers Gruziņš
'Kristers Gruziņš' 3 weeks ago
Centaur Lord
'Centaur Lord' 3 weeks ago
so apparently the hag can teleport to those leaping up clones if shes close enough. that would have been a game changer
Isaac Zelinski
'Isaac Zelinski' 3 weeks ago
I hope the next dlc killer is either the Predator, the Terminator, or the Xenomorph (specifically from Alien: Isolation).
'gamester512' 1 month ago
Fun Fact: Lore-wise every Killer in DbD used to be a Survivor.
'EmoTheElephant' 1 month ago
Watching you play this probably should feel repetitive by now, but it doesn't. You guys manage to keep it fun :>
90s kid
'90s kid' 1 month ago
Man I haven't watched let's play in a long ass time.
Dolphinman 300
'Dolphinman 300' 1 month ago
So annoying seeing the teleport when a trap goes off and they don't use it
Jordan Junkin
'Jordan Junkin' 1 month ago
4:43 "OH SHit on my fetus!"-Gavin Free, 2017
alexander roberts
'alexander roberts' 1 month ago
please more of this
Megan Sousa
'Megan Sousa' 1 month ago
Yes! More Dead by Daylight, please!!
Dil Pickle
'Dil Pickle' 1 month ago
Anyone wanna collab on a dead by daylight video!! HMU
Purple Face
'Purple Face' 1 month ago
See I like it when Gavin genuinely is clueless. Just like in this video, he seemed like he really didn't know where Michael was. He didn't try to overplay his reaction or anything. Its when he goes out of his way to flub stuff up is when it strikes me as disgenuine. This one was really entertaining to watch.
Larkin Mongan
'Larkin Mongan' 1 month ago
Gavin rides the short bus.
Sergio Cruesten
'Sergio Cruesten' 1 month ago
Sup fag
'SnyderN' 1 month ago
I normally don't care for facecams but Geoffs face when making those sounds had me dying
'stillburningbright' 1 month ago
this combination of people playing this game is so addicting for some reason! it gets so repetitive but i still could sit and watch every video with these five over and over again.
'poopslord' 1 month ago
i don't know why "being healed by the dwight stuff" makes me laugh so much
Dominic Luciano
'Dominic Luciano' 1 month ago
I completely lost my shit when Gavin was looking for Michael when Michael was lying in the grass.
Hannah Montoya
'Hannah Montoya' 1 month ago
Imagine bleeding out in tall grass while watching a dorky ass mutant swinging it's gangly ass arms around trying to look for you like an idiot. Pure gold.
Blind Rhytm
'Blind Rhytm' 1 month ago
Geoff at 26:51 "You're the dumbest person", yeah said the guy who didn't spammed M1 while it's literally on the screen
Big Boss
'Big Boss' 1 month ago
When are we going to see some "Friday the 13th" Play?
'Hup' 1 month ago
This game is cool but they need different executions. The characters are cool as shit, but give a different hook...or put em on a log cutter or something!
MD Beats
'MD Beats' 1 month ago
Magic Bagel
'Magic Bagel' 1 month ago
I wish the traps stunned you or made you really slow for a second and a half or something
'Bobbydog66' 1 month ago
7:53 The timing on that was amazing.
'intentwarrior' 1 month ago
press space to teleport
Regina Mills
'Regina Mills' 1 month ago
I cried tears of joy when I saw this and it did not disappoint
'BioHazardousRock' 1 month ago
"Wiggle off Geoff, Wiggle off!" *Gavin trying to get Geoff killed so Gav can use the trapdoor.. genius.
Alucard HeIIsing
'Alucard HeIIsing' 1 month ago
I have been slowly watching parts of this let's play since it came out... idk this video is hard watch for some reason
'VenomousShark' 1 month ago
You guys know you can teleport to the triangle trap once it is activated
Richard Dunn
'Richard Dunn' 1 month ago
Geoff is absolute trash, and I've never played the game.
'stonedghandi' 1 month ago
7:51 - laughed out loud for real!
'tiny' 1 month ago
we need a list on reddit of all of jeremys websites
kyle way
'kyle way' 1 month ago
Please thumbs up so they can see

The Hag can TELEPORT to runes shes placed by looking at them across the map.
When a survivor triggers one it spawns a mud entity of herself, she then has the option to teleport to it, or have it chase after them for a few seconds.
Totems spawn at the start and give her powerful passives that hinder the survivors in multiple ways, like cursing them on hit and making more skill checks pop up

Shes so much fun, but you have to use the ability right!
'naruto78961' 1 month ago
I wonder when this game is gonna come to consoles
ryland smith
'ryland smith' 1 month ago
really confused why ryan didn't teleport to a single one of his phantasm traps.
Gabriel Petri
'Gabriel Petri' 1 month ago
17:40 Welp Gavin's already given up as the killer
Fred Durst
'Fred Durst' 1 month ago
agh, shit on my fetus.
Gavin Free 2017
'moviemaker2011z' 1 month ago
When you binge watch with Verizon you go over your unlimited data plan

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Quantum Nexus
'Quantum Nexus' 1 month ago
So many times I've seen their steam names and been half tempted to friend them but at the same time I'm like, I'd rather not bother them and get great video content!
'basket1099' 1 month ago
Anyone else get that gems 2017 ad
W Mich
'W Mich' 1 month ago
Bring back the dwight stuff!
'ImHarvey' 1 month ago
Michael's Dead Space hoodie is awesome
Adrianna Molina
'Adrianna Molina' 1 month ago
Addicted to brake fluid? Join the AA
Catherine Gates
'Catherine Gates' 1 month ago
I laughed so hard at Gavin trying to find Michael that it gave me hiccups
'GamingMobile101' 1 month ago
what are Jeremy's things called
Elliot Simpson
'Elliot Simpson' 1 month ago
You can teleport to your traps either with or without a certain skill
'PrometheusV' 1 month ago
Geoff looks like Jean Reno with that light in his face
Evil Paragon 2
'Evil Paragon 2' 1 month ago
"And you turn yourself around"
All of them said it the same way, I've never heard it like that.
"And you tuuuurn ahhhhh-round"
Titi ta ta ta
Titi ta titi titi
'gildarmesh' 1 month ago
30:08 when they are all huddled together and the killer walks up behind
them like "Hey, what are we looking at?" The trap door that Michael could have used at about 21:41 right next to where he fixed a generator. Also, if you ever wondered what Geoff sounds like in bed look no farther than 10:27
'Shezeu' 1 month ago
I absolutely love watching you guys play Dead by Daylight, I really hope you can play more soon! <3
'Boombino' 1 month ago
I don't know if a monster screaming British insults would be funny or frightening.
The Samson
'The Samson' 1 month ago
Didn't they already prove Geoff sucks at games with the whole "Schooled" thing?
Travis Crowell
'Travis Crowell' 1 month ago
Jfc Michael laying on the ground was the highlight of my day
'DEANOGTO' 1 month ago
michael fucking with gavin was too funny XD
Crab Lord
'Crab Lord' 1 month ago
'Geekkid124' 1 month ago
The only way the bit with Gavin and Michael could have been better is if Michael had crawled towards the trap at the end and scared Gavin.
'lagatita3025' 1 month ago
Michael 'bigballs' Jones
'IRejectSociety' 1 month ago
so I keep giving DbD vids a watch. but I just cant figure out what about this game attracts people. not trying to shit-talk the people that do enjoy it, but there's something that hooks people, but the hook keeps missing me, and i dont find it enjoyable. can someone try to explain what it is i'm missing? or is it just, "you'll like it or you wont?"
My Name Is Jeff
'My Name Is Jeff' 1 month ago
I miss the old let's play
'TED&RED' 1 month ago
Does anyone play this game on the regular by themselves? How is the community, is it pretty dead or is it active enough to warrant going in without a party?
Fwazangalang Entertainment
Gotta love that face!!!
'beavinator1' 1 month ago
Well holy fuck, Geoff finally learned the actual name of the protagonist from the Halloween series. No more "Kerri Strug"...
Kauri Lambert
'Kauri Lambert' 1 month ago
This channel is the best place to waste time
Yo Dawgz Gaming
'Yo Dawgz Gaming' 1 month ago
I've literally never seen a survivor try to get in another survivor's closet before. Hysterical moment. "OCCUPIED"
Yo Dawgz Gaming
'Yo Dawgz Gaming' 1 month ago
Gavin is such a fucking hilariously goofy killer. His killer rounds are always the funniest.

Also I was CONSTANTLY praying they'd learn to PRESS SPACEBAR when a trap was triggered. Gavin even had the prompt up several times, the goofball.
KimKhim Roland Tan
'KimKhim Roland Tan' 1 month ago
Their impressions of gavin
Karate Bear
'Karate Bear' 1 month ago
Pretty soon Geoff heart isn't gonna be able to take these jump scares
'ptrlyonawesome' 1 month ago
Not to sound insulting but does anyone else not find their website names that funny. I wish I was as amused by them as they are
Peco the Hero
'Peco the Hero' 1 month ago
I remember them talking about this let's play in an off topic saying how gavin couldn't see Michael and they were right, when they cut to Gavin I couldn't see shat
Ben Watson
'Ben Watson' 1 month ago
Is the struggle for the spider thing on the hook just to delay your death? You can't actually break out?
Dylan Bothe
'Dylan Bothe' 1 month ago
Geoffs fake laughter and screams make it hard to watch
Luke Macdermid
'Luke Macdermid' 1 month ago
I think this is the first video I've seen of the flashlight doing anything.
Soulless Ellipses
'Soulless Ellipses' 1 month ago
Anyone who still thinks Gavin is stupid after this exemplary showing of his intellect as the killer...
'lexington296' 1 month ago
Love it when Geoff is in the lets play
Allen Dudley
'Allen Dudley' 1 month ago
I hope you guys had the chance to play Friday the 13th and made a video
Kevin Knightly
'Kevin Knightly' 1 month ago
Gavin not seeing Michael made me laugh harder than ever before
Liana Rosling
'Liana Rosling' 1 month ago
Gavin's giggle at 22:40 gives me life.
Sgt Fuzzington
'Sgt Fuzzington' 1 month ago
Please keep the dead by daylights coming they are hilariously awesome! Thanks for the laughs guys!
'MindPrince' 1 month ago
the hag picks people up so delicately. anybody else notice that?
Soviet walrus
'Soviet walrus' 1 month ago
Does Jeff have cancer?
'SailorJorge' 1 month ago
I ll sub to everyone who subs me, likes this Comment and write done
Nataliah Drake
'Nataliah Drake' 1 month ago

2. Gavin could've just looked at the bottom of his screen to see the "pick up" option appear when he goes near Michael but that's too advanced for the Gav brain
'fdub301' 1 month ago
me internally: wow Geoff sucks
Jeremy: how have you guys only got one generator?
Geoff: because I suck
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