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Darkhold Danger – Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4, Ep. 9 -
Published: 3 months ago By: Marvel Entertainment

By: Marvel EntertainmentPublished: 3 months ago

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Director Mace and the Agents debate how to dispose of the Darkhold and what to do with the robotic Aida in a clip from the return of “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” Tuesday, January 10 at 10:00 PM ET on ABC! ► Subscribe to Marvel:

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'TheSporehacker' 4 weeks ago
The Scientist. is acting crazy. Something doesn't add up
Macin toshiba
'Macin toshiba' 2 months ago
I havent even fineshed Season 2 yet...
Gotta go fast now
'cartoon80s90s' 2 months ago
The only thing I did not like in the episode is that sometimes May was acting like she was aware that she was a LMD and was worried from what she heard (like in this video), but at the end of the episode she went after AIDA like human May would. It was confusing. Other than that, a great episode.
'RGuy' 2 months ago
They must have made Robot May's face look a bit different... I don't know, but I think her face here looks a bit brighter and flatter...
Lester Lee
'Lester Lee' 2 months ago
In the words of Ronnie Dio James: "Let her go. She can't come back. She's reading from the Bible Black! (black black black...echo fade out)"
Official Kanye West Channel
'wilomica' 2 months ago
Mack is so right, the two so called geniuses are just good at getting him into trouble. Which they then have to get him out of. They never learn.
Ira Ford
'Ira Ford' 2 months ago
can't wait for later tonight.
Fillipo q
'Fillipo q' 2 months ago
Dear Marvel,
You guys probably don't read the comments that often, so I'm hoping someone somewhere is reading this right now. I ask you to please give proper releases for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 and Agent Carter Season 1 for Blu-Ray in stores. I know that there is probably not a lot of demand for this, but I know that there are a lot of people who would want to own this, especially for people who live in Canada because as of right now, the only way to buy them is to get them internationally, and that costs extra money because of imports and stuff. So I ask you again, and I will not stop posting this until it happens. Please give proper releases for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 and Agent Carter Season 1 for Blu-Ray in stores. Thank you in advance.
John Lanctot
'John Lanctot' 2 months ago
Jeremiah Warrick, maybe? Or is an owl head harder to animate than a flaming skull?
Matthew Tam
'Matthew Tam' 2 months ago
Is the guy that specializes in destroying things like the Darkhold Dr. Strange? Also, I'm glad Dr. Radcliffe isn't dead.
Noor Ahmed
'Noor Ahmed' 2 months ago
"Glad you agree...because its also an order" ....God I love Mace, hope he survives the season!
'jockadoobee' 3 months ago
Oh Mack. Never stop being on point.
'Zork-Z-Elite' 3 months ago
what about Radcliffe he did hide the beserker staff in season 1 and helped shield in season 3
'TheFikri136' 3 months ago
She's not the real agent May isn't she?
Wilfredo Acevedo Franco
any oNE knows when does it air?
'J9yy' 3 months ago
Hope we see Dr Strange
'GAME CHANEL Music' 3 months ago
Kugend Boy
'Kugend Boy' 3 months ago
Bring back Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider! Aida is borrrinng!!!
Zhiyang Lu
'Zhiyang Lu' 3 months ago
Mark would be excellent in CinemaSins.
Brandon Silbor
'Brandon Silbor' 3 months ago
Funny how Mack had to reference movies considering the fact that Ultron rose up in their reality.
Alfonso J. Ramos
'Alfonso J. Ramos' 3 months ago
I dislike that they treat robot an android as a dicothomy
Ben Ben
'Ben Ben' 3 months ago
What Is LMD?
Tamahj Jamison
'Tamahj Jamison' 3 months ago
Coulson kind of looked at Mack like "Jesus,bro.Tell her how you really feel."
Killer Bee
'Killer Bee' 3 months ago
Mac wasn't lying the robots always rise up but the fact that old dude said she is an android that's even worst ever seen Dragon Ball Z
'LibertyBell711' 3 months ago
Bloody marvel can't keep my favourite superhero aka Ghost Rider cause they don't have enough money to keep his head on fire for a whole season now they have to replace him with useless robots? I want Robbie back!!!!
'Bio21' 3 months ago
It's been so long, I almost forgot that May was replaced with an LMD xD Really hyped to see the episode, sadly i'll have to wait until tomorrow after school to watch it :/
Boy Aditya
'Boy Aditya' 3 months ago
woohooo tomorrow! I thought will be air late January
Marvel Knights
'Marvel Knights' 3 months ago
MARVEL,Agents Of Shield is cool and all,but when's u and Netflix droppin that Punisher trailer,or show,that's the hype
Lily Quinn
'Lily Quinn' 3 months ago
They're giving the book to Doctor Strange! ....Wait. Which May is May?? Are there two Mays?
Strange Sorcerer Supreme
Finally the Life Model Decoy robots are part of the show!
el Médico Extraño
'el Médico Extraño' 3 months ago
Aida! :(
'PancakeGaming' 3 months ago
It's so unnerving to know that it's LMayD in the room and not the real May, can't wait for the future of season 4!!!
Retro radio
'Retro radio' 3 months ago
What Mac really should have said ... "ULTROOOON PEOPLEEEE ... lets not make that mistake again"
Loc K
'Loc K' 3 months ago
not all robots rise against humans.
Tekken - Alisa
Ghost in the shell - tachikoma
Metal gear solid - Bladewolf
'SAHLISS' 3 months ago
Llama May
'Llama May' 3 months ago
I miss ghost rider
'Jarool' 3 months ago
I think Wong will appear in the show

Like if you agree.
Fangirl Central
'Fangirl Central' 3 months ago
I dont have ABC in my country :(
'nintenmetro' 3 months ago
Fury? Hill? Morse? Which agent
is good at making stuff disappear?
Cameron Forsyth
'Cameron Forsyth' 3 months ago
"The Robots always attack"
Vision says hi, and so does Friday.
'WhiteRaven696' 3 months ago
Why did they do that "any movie in the last 30 years" line? That would've been perfect to name drop Ultron.
Despina-Roi K.
'Despina-Roi K.' 3 months ago
Oh come on in the 4th season we have not seen Simmons interacting with the former team at all........
You Ain
Mack just spoke for the entire audience
Mike Lozano
'Mike Lozano' 3 months ago
What does LMD stands for?
Hart leeroy19
'Hart leeroy19' 3 months ago
Wait !! Did Agent Mackenzi Watch The Matrix Movies or the Terminator ones ???
i want ghost rider to come back soon. i like this but robbie added something really cool
'MattCraftDotDerp' 3 months ago
Mack is the only voice of reason here.
Kieran Holmes
'Kieran Holmes' 3 months ago
Evil May android aaaaaaa
Issie Plays!
'Issie Plays!' 3 months ago
May's very quiet.... :^
luke ketchum
'luke ketchum' 3 months ago
Mack is right. In the end, the robots eventually go crazy and start killing other people, and that's how this will end. Plus, if they really want to get rid of the book, Lady Sift could step in for Thor and take it back to Asguard.
Donald Cum
'Donald Cum' 3 months ago
Deandre R Hamilton
'Deandre R Hamilton' 3 months ago
here's what S.h.i.e.l.d. should do: find Thor and have him send the darkhold to Asgard artifact lockup.
carpos p
'carpos p' 3 months ago
yes!!, the best non Netflix comic book tv show is back!!
squid bear
'squid bear' 3 months ago
Terminator the matrix battle star galactica I'm telling u it's only a matter of time before we all bow down to our robot overlords red vs blue reference
Deebo Molina
'Deebo Molina' 3 months ago
Man Batman is such a great leader
'NIELS MICHIELS' 3 months ago
Robomay isn't pleased, Ada made a great copy XD
'lucysixm' 3 months ago
Don't go overboard with this storyline. You aint Westworld. Try to remember that.
Also if you could get back to doing some spywork it'd be appreciated.
osama mansoor
'osama mansoor' 3 months ago
"To an agent that specializes in making items like these disappear."
Dr Strange reference perhaps?
'HeroDannyPhantom' 3 months ago
They didn't notice May has said anything...she must be a robot. Even though she used to act like one.

(I know May is body snatched)
El Mega Dragón X
'El Mega Dragón X' 3 months ago
Lauren Matsuo
'Lauren Matsuo' 3 months ago
My blood pressure and anxiety just flew through the roof please excuse me a moment while i go find it
Lego Ghost Rider
'Lego Ghost Rider' 3 months ago
I can't wait for tomorrow.
Kyle William Livingston
so excited for tomorrow :).
Jonathan vasquez,The Assassin
finally someone is aware of robots!!!
Tim Harper
'Tim Harper' 3 months ago
Finally Melinda Mae is starting to look old.
'InsideByte' 3 months ago
I cannot wait arghhhhhhhhhh
'Terraria717' 3 months ago
primera ves que llegó temprano 😀
Victor Daniel Jr
'Victor Daniel Jr' 3 months ago
Victor Silva
'Victor Silva' 3 months ago
Michael  Walker
'Michael Walker' 3 months ago
sup marvel
'Lucas' 3 months ago
'MACIEGaming G' 3 months ago
'RAMBO_UNIT' 3 months ago
Uncle Cohn
'Uncle Cohn' 3 months ago
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