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Published: 2 weeks ago By: AwesomenessTV

By: AwesomenessTVPublished: 2 weeks ago

77, 538 views

4, 308 Likes   112 Dislikes

Marina Santos shows you 4 quick and easy exercises to get Kylie Jenner's butt!

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Rihanna Jlo
'Rihanna Jlo' 6 days ago
what is song during 'marching glute bridge' ? at 1:50
Only Anaïs
'Only Anaïs' 7 days ago
You cant have her but like that because its total fake...
Usher O
'Usher O'conell' 1 week ago
You look great and fit but you don't have her butt so I don't understand?
Baby Girl
'Baby Girl' 2 weeks ago
1 way to get Kylie's butt

amber brown
'amber brown' 2 weeks ago
Kylie didn't even workout to get her butt.
Lucy Cooper
'Lucy Cooper' 2 weeks ago
I like my body
Demetry Blair
'Demetry Blair' 2 weeks ago
Kylie know damn well her ass is fake and working out didnt do that
hedayette el qabbanni
im sorry but idk why this is so cringy at the beginning...
'ChicHulaGirl' 2 weeks ago
We all know Kylie doesn't workout lol! I've seen the episode where she comes to "work out" and then leaves within minutes. Lol! We've also seen that on Khloe's snaps! 😂
Rachel Pacheco
'Rachel Pacheco' 2 weeks ago
maybe Kylie should of done these instead of getting a fake butt
Kristina Savic
'Kristina Savic' 2 weeks ago
Kylie doesn't work out, she gets surgeries. End of story.
'Gamer' 2 weeks ago
wtf i came here thinking this vid was how to literally get kylie jenners butt, like slap it wtf 😗 😕
Steff Pylypczak
'Steff Pylypczak' 2 weeks ago
Haha all you need is a really good plastic surgeon.
Wildest Dreams
'Wildest Dreams' 2 weeks ago
Lol 4 ways? More like 1 way: get implants
Dunja Stankic
'Dunja Stankic' 2 weeks ago
or just go to plastic surgery like she did 😑
Sarra KSL
'Sarra KSL' 2 weeks ago
how get kylie's butt? : surgery !
'ELENI MEGALOUDIS' 2 weeks ago
You mean her surgery routine
'Hanger' 2 weeks ago
why ain't yo butt big😂😂
Chase Harman
'Chase Harman' 2 weeks ago
😂u can tell this doesn't work because this girl has no ass
Austin Smith
'Austin Smith' 2 weeks ago
That camel toe doe
Random bellzers
'Random bellzers' 2 weeks ago
You guys really think she got that from working out? It's called implants
'C G' 2 weeks ago
This should be how to get a butt when you have no money for butt implants
'Expired' 2 weeks ago
Does anyone else get annoyed when a girl with no booty is teaching you how to get a booty.
Gloria M
'Gloria M' 2 weeks ago
i know the easiest way - just call up her doctor forreal he did a great job im not even mad :')
Alyssa Vega
'Alyssa Vega' 2 weeks ago
She doesn't even workout lmao if you want her ass get your ass injected
'MartinSeptimII' 2 weeks ago
Step 1. Ass injections
'nalleli' 2 weeks ago
why doesn't the trainer have a Kylie Jenner Booty?
Chaparra Yay
'Chaparra Yay' 2 weeks ago
1. Photoshop
2. Butt pads
3. Injections
4. Think you're black
Xitlally Amaya
'Xitlally Amaya' 2 weeks ago
1 of the way to get kylies but is get a transplant. wow!!! 😂😂
Lilou Larouche
'Lilou Larouche' 2 weeks ago
1way to get Kylie Jenner's but : MONEY !
'TheWawag' 2 weeks ago
Workout= injections
haila janelle
'haila janelle' 2 weeks ago
First you need tons of money. Then go to a doctor and get Implants. Thats it
Sierra Stone
'Sierra Stone' 2 weeks ago
those are spandex
jackie calamaco
'jackie calamaco' 2 weeks ago
4 ways to kylie booty
1. money
2. implants
3. hide evidence
4. pretend like it's real😂
Xo Ally
'Xo Ally' 2 weeks ago
She got plastic up her ass it ain't work out 😂
'Camila' 2 weeks ago
Riley Klotz
'Riley Klotz' 2 weeks ago
I can't believe she wore UA and Nike together
Jezabel Gonzalez
'Jezabel Gonzalez' 2 weeks ago
Giulia Gardini
'Giulia Gardini' 2 weeks ago
Kylie's butt is fake tho
Speedy Thunder
'Speedy Thunder' 2 weeks ago
she's faker then fake. look at a picture when she was younger compared to now. just basically a science project.
Nails & Randomness
'Nails & Randomness' 2 weeks ago
Since when does Kylie Workout? It's all thanks to Surgery & Money.
Bethspiration 15
'Bethspiration 15' 2 weeks ago
4 ways to get Kylie's butt:
And last surgery!!
'Kixlie' 2 weeks ago
She just wears those butt lifter things and spandex
Anonymous Anonymous
'Anonymous Anonymous' 2 weeks ago
No offence but that's barely a workout
'SLH' 2 weeks ago
step 1: find a plastic surgeon
Layla Diometre
'Layla Diometre' 2 weeks ago
Ways to get Kylie's butt:

1. Butt implants
2. Spanks
3. Butt cream
She Fake asf in every way😂😂😂
Princess Jas
'Princess Jas' 2 weeks ago
1. Injections
2. Implants
3. More Implants
4. Any type of surgery
Maniphacio Pat- Pat
'Maniphacio Pat- Pat' 2 weeks ago
I only clicked on this video to see if the people in the comments know the truth... and we all do! it ain't exercise
shaniya Robinson
'shaniya Robinson' 2 weeks ago
Ik the real work out run to get implants 💀
Osayi Orumwense
'Osayi Orumwense' 2 weeks ago
This video is so stupid.
BTW This is the first time I have ever trolled on a video. I just couldn't stop myself when I saw this, I didn't even watch the video. 🙄
Benjamin Ani
'Benjamin Ani' 2 weeks ago
#1 Realize you have a flat butt
#2Take the phone and book a surgery
#3Drive to the doctor
#4Get butt implants
#5Say it's all natural

This the exercise routine you'll need to have a butt like Kylie Jenner
'Fay' 2 weeks ago
If you want Kylie's ass you need to have a surgery but anyway, thanks for your tips.
Nicole Lewis
'Nicole Lewis' 2 weeks ago
There aint no workouts just silicon
Evander R
'Evander R' 2 weeks ago
Are u fuckerd dumb her ass is plastic and is un achievable in a quick time it would take years
'edwardlovrr' 2 weeks ago
her butt "workouts" is having the money to get her butt done....
Ana Ramirez
'Ana Ramirez' 2 weeks ago
Walk to your car, walk to the doctor and bam you got your butt.
Elisa NMG
'Elisa NMG' 2 weeks ago
If you want to grow your butt I recommend Amanda Bucci and Whitney Simmons's channel :)
'z' 2 weeks ago
Is it like how she got her lips? Come on! Let's start to give women real expectations... not ones filled with lies and fillers.
lauren kowtuski
'lauren kowtuski' 2 weeks ago
No honey it dosnt work like that. Working out dosnt make ur ass as big as Kylie's it's fucking plastic. And she dosnt even have the biggest but like wtf. Why dose everyone love Kylie so much. No hate on Kylie or anything but really
Nicolette Swann
'Nicolette Swann' 2 weeks ago
I just do blogilates workouts
lynn voltaire
'lynn voltaire' 2 weeks ago
Paused the video so I'm gonna guess: A light jog to doctor Miami
MyLifeAsJudy 04
'MyLifeAsJudy 04' 2 weeks ago
Ima start doing this
Aesha Mahida
'Aesha Mahida' 2 weeks ago
boots was a little disturbing 😐
Julia hulia
'Julia hulia' 2 weeks ago
Another way is to walk over to a surgeon
make sure u stretch before walking
donte pearce
'donte pearce' 2 weeks ago
4 ways to get Kylie injections tf😂😂😂😂
Sabrina Brooks
'Sabrina Brooks' 2 weeks ago
Plastic surgery does the job
'AmalMuni' 2 weeks ago
everyone in the comments are saying "Money & surgery" I'm gone 😂😂
Jewel J
'Jewel J' 2 weeks ago
or you can just get matching implants
Lisa Tamp
'Lisa Tamp' 2 weeks ago
Why does she call the/ her but a booty
'NYANFABY106' 2 weeks ago
Surgery 😜
ReaLife Khal
'ReaLife Khal' 2 weeks ago
'lindalvsfashion' 2 weeks ago
yes these are great butt exercises, but let's be real these are not gonna give anyone a kylie butt
Alyssa Schreiber
'Alyssa Schreiber' 2 weeks ago
Get plastic surgery? You picked the wrong celebrity for this one.
'Anna's Funday' 2 weeks ago
Oh please,Kylie does not workout
Brooke Marder
'Brooke Marder' 2 weeks ago
Ah a girl with no butt teaching you how to get a bigger one.
Luffy SkyWalker
'Luffy SkyWalker' 2 weeks ago
#1 way is too get surgery.. It's plenty of women who have natural asses y'all could of used for this.. smh
tori w.
'tori w.' 2 weeks ago
how to get a Kylie Jenner butt... get implants (sorry haha)
'BethT19' 2 weeks ago
but kylie has a plastic ass so how's this gonna work
Ellinor Karen
'Ellinor Karen' 2 weeks ago
Reads title and looks at thumbnail

Answer: Money - Surgery
'A N G E L CLIQUE' 2 weeks ago
ʝυѕт gєт вυтт ιмρℓαитѕ ιтѕ мσяє яєαℓιѕтι¢😂😂😂
Mikayla Jones
'Mikayla Jones' 2 weeks ago
Just get implants lmao
Zak swala
'Zak swala' 2 weeks ago
Here's a great way to get Kylie's butt

Implants🙂 thank me later
Shelby Rozell
'Shelby Rozell' 2 weeks ago
is it just me or does it bother me how her wall says feel great look hot it's one thing to feel great but you don't need to be skinny to look hot
amelia cool
'amelia cool' 2 weeks ago
1) be rich2) get surgery
'Mya.E' 2 weeks ago
You don't need to do this to get a booty just eat a lot of food😂
Betty He
'Betty He' 2 weeks ago
I do it all the time but I don't get Kylie's booty and I didn't know it gets Kylie's booty I just do it for fun
darlyn garza
'darlyn garza' 2 weeks ago
15 teen comment yay
Rosl Rosl
'Rosl Rosl' 2 weeks ago
اووي حيلو فدوى🌸❤🌸🌹🌸
Timmy Turner
'Timmy Turner' 2 weeks ago
Showed this to my girl.. she slapped the shit out of me
Aiii i am early💕💕
Michael Larkin
'Michael Larkin' 2 weeks ago
Implants. That is the only way to get her butt 😂😂😂😂
Sammy Allvord
'Sammy Allvord' 2 weeks ago
Vicky Stond
'Vicky Stond' 2 weeks ago
Yeah, good luck with that
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