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Lil Yachty - Shoot Out The Roof -
Published: 2 months ago By: LilYachtyVEVO

By: LilYachtyVEVOPublished: 2 months ago

4, 977, 822 views

87, 501 Likes   7, 229 Dislikes

Official video for Lil Yachty “Shoot Out The Roof” off of Summer Songs 2, out now. Listen / buy audio here:

Visit Lil Yachty online:

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Music video by Lil Yachty performing Shoot Out The Roof. (C) 2016 Quality Control Music, Capitol Records and Motown Records

Leaudric Heimi
'Leaudric Heimi' 1 hour ago
Yoooohhhhhhh,this horrible. This should have an audio epileptic warning. Niggaz gon' pass out when hearing this.,
alberto hasan
'alberto hasan' 4 hours ago
Lil Yachty the type of nigga to have a name like Lil Yachty
Windex Original
'Windex Original' 5 hours ago
This song is new right?
Stephan Shearin
'Stephan Shearin' 8 hours ago
who eles think lil yachty crew should make a movie called shoot out the roof?
Khadija Dowdell
'Khadija Dowdell' 9 hours ago
love this song can listen to it all night
'Squally2487' 10 hours ago
put all u idiots in Chicago and nuke that bitch!
Cade Kennedy
'Cade Kennedy' 10 hours ago
bro he dissin desigjnner
Kevin Gonzalez
'Kevin Gonzalez' 10 hours ago
this is how we will look if we never went to school
Kevin Gonzalez
'Kevin Gonzalez' 10 hours ago
nigga no ones wonts to be you and we dont wont to be in your dumb ass group bunch of quires
Jsanai Howard
'Jsanai Howard' 11 hours ago
this song is to dope
jose morales
'jose morales' 12 hours ago
🔥 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
🔥 🔥 🔥
🔥 🔥 🔥
🔥 🔥 🔥
🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥 🔥
Justin Edwards
'Justin Edwards' 13 hours ago
This is fuckin garbage. I scroll down youtube and thought music couldnt get any worse
Kisame Trill Will
'Kisame Trill Will' 13 hours ago everybody fwm. if I can make u smile mission fuckin accomplished 🙏🤘
Jacob Winter
'Jacob Winter' 13 hours ago
Lil yatchy is the type of guy to shoot him self with a bb gun
Meekah She
'Meekah She' 16 hours ago
seems like a good club song for me. I'm confused why people trying to put him in a category he not putting his self in. seems like he's having fun
Jusst Mauri
'Jusst Mauri' 18 hours ago
Idc How Old This Is , It Still Jam And He Still  Snap On This !!
Jaylin Wright
'Jaylin Wright' 20 hours ago
give a motherfucking like if yall ppl think lil yachty be like lil boat to his girls
Jaylin Wright
'Jaylin Wright' 20 hours ago
lil yachty that nigga that be like lil boat
Tim Banon
'Tim Banon' 1 day ago
i dont have a body
Daniel Lewis
'Daniel Lewis' 1 day ago
hey could you huys help me what type of audio affect is there at the beggining where he sounds like he is talking far away or like though a radio
'xOGx CHAPOx' 1 day ago
Shoot up the school..
Miguel Avila
'Miguel Avila' 1 day ago
Stevie Quest
'Stevie Quest' 1 day ago
sampled Chuki fam
Huncho Hendrix
'Huncho Hendrix' 1 day ago
His beats save his records
Brandon Clark
'Brandon Clark' 1 day ago
the beat sucks
Isaac Willis
'Isaac Willis' 1 day ago
Why it sound like he says "shit out the roof"?
'Shadow' 1 day ago
Lil yacthy the type of nigga to run a red light by accident and call 911 to arrest him
Team Rezz
'Team Rezz' 1 day ago
Jose Guardado
'Jose Guardado' 1 day ago
Take a L
Dorien Wright
'Dorien Wright' 1 day ago
cause I'm rich rich rich rich
'Danosaur101' 2 days ago
Lil Yachty will lead the people's revolution. Shoot out the roof with AK47's ☭
Amin Awa
'Amin Awa' 2 days ago
# shoot down the roof#
'rach003' 2 days ago
frenezzy fre
'frenezzy fre' 2 days ago
king boat 💪
'MoBro' 2 days ago
if u are a real lil yachty fan u would know that this song is from summer songs 2
'CodmatterK' 2 days ago
Lil yachty the type a nigga to make toast in the microwave
rishon dorsey el
'rishon dorsey el' 2 days ago
my fav song
Conor O
'Conor O'Donovan' 2 days ago
Pac & Biggie are turning in their grave
'cjhan47' 2 days ago
Straight garbage....... Get a new job kid.
Doggie T Tommy
'Doggie T Tommy' 2 days ago
Lil yachty a nigga that would mistake kool aid powder for coke
'SelenaCavinVEVO' 2 days ago
Only dumb niggas think this song is new
Kemore Morris
'Kemore Morris' 2 days ago
Can bump to this all day
'HAVOK YT' 2 days ago
Lil boat 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
The small french kid
beat got me zoned
john than
'john than' 2 days ago
he put in one of dexters wow's
Diallo Reese
'Diallo Reese' 2 days ago
Terra Bluford
'Terra Bluford' 2 days ago
why he say nigga so much
Jay Foster
'Jay Foster' 2 days ago
Yachty always got a nigga cheesin
Anonymous Vigilante
Victor Spike
'Victor Spike' 2 days ago
this nigga is wack ! give it a like if you agree this generation suck
ethan stonstrom
'ethan stonstrom' 2 days ago
"Bitch (lil boat) bitch bitch bitch (lil boat) yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh" 😂
the king421
'the king421' 2 days ago
who else thought lil uzi was there because he mentioned him?
Gkreedy Hkoodsta
'Gkreedy Hkoodsta' 2 days ago
nixxa yadamean lol lil boat go!
Scott Neilson
'Scott Neilson' 2 days ago
Only reason this has 4 million view is because people want to see how far rap has fallen. This is crap, I don't even rap and I can spit harder than the special ed mumble clown
Andrew Bridges
'Andrew Bridges' 2 days ago
yall need to chill with the hatin shit
'OldSlyEyes' 2 days ago
50 Tyson is better than this
Robert Herbert
'Robert Herbert' 3 days ago
NIGGAS SNEAKY LIKE MICE that's my favorite part
Robert Herbert
'Robert Herbert' 3 days ago
I like the beginning that hooks me on to the song that shit fire
Huh What
'Huh What' 3 days ago
Key! Adlibs would been fire on here lol “uh, hey”
Grace Deng
'Grace Deng' 3 days ago
sorry yachty but this aint no lil boat
EPGaming Channel
'EPGaming Channel' 3 days ago
Dat Cowboy Bebop sample doe
king ryan
'king ryan' 3 days ago
Lmao this nigga sick
Shane Svage
'Shane Svage' 3 days ago
Laplaius Blackwell
sold out
Laplaius Blackwell
u kno dat garbage ass nigga should out
Deavine Lopes
'Deavine Lopes' 3 days ago
how is he to rich for a fight
21 Savage
'21 Savage' 3 days ago
How many ballons there was?
Anthony Pierotti
'Anthony Pierotti' 3 days ago
whos dick did this dude suck to get rich? This is the worst shit i ever heard in my life.
'ihateheelflips' 3 days ago
Luc Jeanluc
'Luc Jeanluc' 3 days ago
Lil fag nigga tryin to go hard all of the sudden pretendin like he has bars and shit talkin bout gunplay. Bro you off as fuk. Go back to holdin kittens and singin autotune you fukin black napolean dynamite muthafucka. Only reason your famous is cuz you let coach K and that other scary lookin nigga you call ur manager take U up the ass multiple times. thats the cost of fame huh? probably coughin up nigga semen why your voice sounds all fucked up and retarded. got raped when you were 12 and it fucked you up fo life thats why eat candy and pizza. Talkin bout yu from west ATL. Go back to powder springs yu lil bitch faggot. So tired of this fag nigga.
Patrick Guerra
'Patrick Guerra' 3 days ago
Damn i cant believe him and I are the same age yet he's getting millions and im here hungry asf in my dorm room
shivam singh
'shivam singh' 3 days ago
sub me.. i sure sb ur channel
'Bamabassin' 3 days ago
He need to drop some more shit like this🔥🔥🔥
'WeirdozChannel' 3 days ago
this go too hard
ii blakeblk1011 ii
1:44 lit
'ThisWeekend' 3 days ago
Why he dressed like wonka is about to show him the machine where they make tv chocolate
'BASHAR NAGI' 3 days ago
facts tho they look like teenagers in the basement recording
Samuel Saintpreux
'Samuel Saintpreux' 3 days ago
this song alway make me dance put this on replay
sydney caldwell
'sydney caldwell' 3 days ago
lil yatchy is trash
Onyeka Igwe
'Onyeka Igwe' 3 days ago
rub the pussy for a genie
'BiCooL' 3 days ago
Lil boat + 👑= loyal king
zomanthebroman21 with illumizombie
this was published on my birthday
'DOODLEPIG' 3 days ago
'MARKFORPREZ' 3 days ago
How rich is dude
Dylan Clancy
'Dylan Clancy' 4 days ago
Kodie Shane tho
tyler carson
'tyler carson' 4 days ago
skrrrt skrrrt
Caleb Canal
'Caleb Canal' 4 days ago
was that bape
Marquez Wright
'Marquez Wright' 4 days ago
go crazy didnt no yachty had this much gs on the low
Joaquin Tapia
'Joaquin Tapia' 4 days ago
Says YADDMEAN like he rep the bay tf
Unveiled Beast
'Unveiled Beast' 4 days ago
That beat is not of this world bru 👌🔥
Nicholas Harris
'Nicholas Harris' 4 days ago
This is lowkey a j.cole diss listen to the lyrics
Afam Media
'Afam Media' 4 days ago
jamie bond
'jamie bond' 4 days ago
This song is about his friends carrying guns and he doesn't, pretty smart
Martin Rosas
'Martin Rosas' 4 days ago
some how he pulled off this beat
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