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Published: 4 months ago By: AwesomenessTV

By: AwesomenessTVPublished: 4 months ago

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Perrie Edwards posts a pic on Instagram of her girls night out in London, and her girls...come out. See the scandalous photo!

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Hosted by Hunter March

Produced by Maggie Knox
Written by Sierra Middlebrooks
PA: Arianna Jonae
Edited by Earl Wells




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Music provided by Extreme Music.

Smokey Mann
'Smokey Mann' 3 months ago
She has no boobs lol
Jillian Quinn
'Jillian Quinn' 3 months ago
I just looked at the picture and there was no nip slip. Idk why you would say something that's not true
Always Alicia15
'Always Alicia15' 3 months ago
It's a crop top
heyits gosha
'heyits gosha' 3 months ago
Why is it such a problem? She slayed
Joud Serhan
'Joud Serhan' 3 months ago
I will play with Perrie or Cameron
Sara Sara
'Sara Sara' 3 months ago
Perrie gets out in a "bra" and people are like "omg how could she" but when kim or kylie put nude photo on insta or walk in a bra through street too it's okay
itsme_eve _w
'itsme_eve _w' 3 months ago
I'd play in a ball pit with Tyler brown cause Tyler's life.. well sorta I like my CRUSH at school a LITTLE better
Sarah Bradford
'Sarah Bradford' 3 months ago
go to Alex wassabi house he was a ball pit and Taylor swift to play in a ball pit
Andrea Rey
'Andrea Rey' 3 months ago
Why is it a "wardrobe malfunction"? If a man's nipple was accidentally exposed, nobody would even care. It's a nipple, people. Move on.
Julia Anderson
'Julia Anderson' 3 months ago
She didn't have a nip slip, she had an aereola slip
Xanthe Christie
'Xanthe Christie' 3 months ago
Ariana grande
camEEla cabeYo
'camEEla cabeYo' 3 months ago
play in a ball pit with lern and camz
'Florence' 3 months ago
Stop sexualising nipples what the hell, she obviously didn't care about her nipple showing so why would you???
'gottablast' 3 months ago
id want to be in a ball pit with Kendall jenner
Christina Smart
'Christina Smart' 3 months ago
Joe sugg or harry styles xxx
Lexie Henriëtte
'Lexie Henriëtte' 3 months ago
I'dd play ball with 5h (and camila) it's still weird to say their names apart but i freaking love them all❤️❤️
Rose M
'Rose M' 3 months ago
he said Lydia and Lucy eww that just sounds so wrong, its always said Lucy and Lydia!
Justine Morelli
'Justine Morelli' 3 months ago
Stop shaming the female nipple
Jalonna Freeman
'Jalonna Freeman' 3 months ago
Zac Efron
DaringCat _
'DaringCat _' 3 months ago
Barely even there lmao like its really just a tiny part
Martina Balić
'Martina Balić' 3 months ago
Harry S.
ok Tamz
'ok Tamz' 3 months ago
sees Luce clicks asap
Natalie Toma
'Natalie Toma' 3 months ago
Hunter trying to report this while trying to stay PG is so funny
Julie Farias
'Julie Farias' 3 months ago
you can't even see anything lmao
'Ajwildfares' 3 months ago
I wanna play in a ballpit with you!
'PastelTessa' 3 months ago
If you go see the actual picture, you will have to zoom in to even notice it. I would have never known if Hunter didn't say it. They act like her whole boob was out, but it was hardly even a nip slip...
Cristina PF
'Cristina PF' 3 months ago
yoooo this is so exaggerated
in the real pic you can barely see her nipple wtf also SO WHATTT?! it's human nature to have nipples
'SimplyMusicJB4' 3 months ago
It's honestly the tiniest sliver of her nipple showing people need to learn how to chill😂
'Addya' 3 months ago
I saw the real picture you can barely see her nipple 😑
Sanya Trehan
'Sanya Trehan' 3 months ago
Magdalena Derezic
'Magdalena Derezic' 3 months ago
i saw the picture and there is basically nothing wtf
Lauren Engates
'Lauren Engates' 3 months ago
why in the world did they have a guy report this instead of ariana jonae or something? not hating, just wondering
Ebony Jhanur
'Ebony Jhanur' 3 months ago
I freaking love hunter hahahahhah
Rebekah Shaw
'Rebekah Shaw' 3 months ago
Chris Evens causes I feels like he would actually do it with me.
Amber Robinette
'Amber Robinette' 3 months ago
Her nipple was not even out
'Luna' 3 months ago
Her nipple wasn't even showing... tf
Nicole and James LOLO Sison
dove cameron
Nica Angel Sobrepena
'Nica Angel Sobrepena' 3 months ago
Don't make excuses HUNTER!
'LittleMissObsessive' 3 months ago
i'm pretty sure Perrie saw that and was like... Meh i look good... anyway 😂
'INFINITY LOVE' 3 months ago
I saw the pic and I honestly didn't see that :))
'EmmaKT XOX' 3 months ago
Lydia in the thumbnail!
Natalia Perez
'Natalia Perez' 3 months ago
I would want to play in the ball pit with Kylie Jenner
Flash Fire
'Flash Fire' 3 months ago
Mahiya Shilling
'Mahiya Shilling' 3 months ago
louis Tomlinson
Jill Moore
'Jill Moore' 4 months ago
Lucy and Lydia!!!! ❤️❤️
'Lilianne.M' 4 months ago
She didn't even have a wardrobe malfunction, because the photos still up on Instagram
Humayra Begum
'Humayra Begum' 4 months ago
I see Lydia and Lucy <3
Tian Moy
'Tian Moy' 4 months ago
What is the background music name?
gemma pinnock
'gemma pinnock' 4 months ago
I'd play in a ball pit with 5sos or just Michael Clifford because I think he'd be the most fun wit I think he'd be the most fun to be in a ball pit with
'Cally' 4 months ago
Who cares omg😂🙄
Hannah Squires
'Hannah Squires' 4 months ago
saying the twins in the order 'lydia and lucy' just doesnt sound right at all ahaha
Amanda Stone
'Amanda Stone' 4 months ago
Where you at Ed Sheeran? We about to play in a ball pit together😂😂
Pollie Perfect1694
'Pollie Perfect1694' 4 months ago
Early squad where are you???
sylvia Agyensam
'sylvia Agyensam' 4 months ago
why do people make a big deal out of this
its fine, perrie slayed the look
Sadeem El Dawiesh
'Sadeem El Dawiesh' 4 months ago
Withney Love
'Withney Love' 4 months ago
early squard, where are u at?
'Jon' 4 months ago
Mya xx
'Mya xx' 4 months ago
the way he said Lydia and lucy, not lucy and Lydia omgggggggg
Bree Miller
'Bree Miller' 4 months ago
I would play in a ball Pitt with harry styles just cuz he's cute and seems fun
Mya xx
'Mya xx' 4 months ago
Deniz Bade Akkoyun
'Deniz Bade Akkoyun' 4 months ago
I've never been so early!
noemi k
'noemi k' 4 months ago
Brooke DIY
'Brooke DIY' 4 months ago
50th like
Femke Jonkers
'Femke Jonkers' 4 months ago
yaas, 231
Jessie Lyn
'Jessie Lyn' 4 months ago
notification squad 😛
Carmen Vohra
'Carmen Vohra' 4 months ago
Omg this basicly just got posted like 20 secs ago
Joel Barclay
'Joel Barclay' 4 months ago
KING Malachi
'KING Malachi' 4 months ago
Oliver Orozco
'Oliver Orozco' 4 months ago
Gabriella Haugland
'Gabriella Haugland' 4 months ago
#earlysquad where you at?
Paula Raez
'Paula Raez' 4 months ago
Mariana Rojas
'Mariana Rojas' 4 months ago
Fiona Jones
'Fiona Jones' 4 months ago
I'm second
Samah Amani Ahmed
'Samah Amani Ahmed' 4 months ago
Who else already seen this on snapchat?
oceane Yaya
'oceane Yaya' 4 months ago
Georgia Rowe
'Georgia Rowe' 4 months ago
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