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LeToya Luckett - Back 2 Life -
Published: 2 months ago By: LeToyaVEVO

By: LeToyaVEVOPublished: 2 months ago

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“Back 2 Life” is from LeToya’s forthcoming album titled ‘Until Then”
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Latoya Jones
'Latoya Jones' 1 hour ago
beautifully made
'beautifully made' 1 hour ago
I feel like this is close to relatable compared to my situation. Had my blood boiling and almost brought tears to my eyes because I KNEW from the start that he was far from IT..Must be a message sent from God; "Walk away, I will shelter you with love and protection". Realist man in my life 💯
Matsobane Makhura
'Matsobane Makhura' 2 hours ago
LaToya Is So beautiful
Alonzal Brown
'Alonzal Brown' 8 hours ago
Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻💯💯💯💯💯😍
Venecia Hayes
'Venecia Hayes' 9 hours ago
Those female best friends can be clingy and think that they have a certain "ownership".
Nia Is Here
'Nia Is Here' 14 hours ago
love this song!
Melissa Boone
'Melissa Boone' 15 hours ago
Okay, I'm here for LeToya. Ready for that album!
Joseph Brandon
'Joseph Brandon' 16 hours ago
miss luckett adore the song cant wait for the continued video your sensaues as your destiny child oral only thing 2017 no needs for any person lip singing videos
Crystal Kinchen
'Crystal Kinchen' 16 hours ago
I wonder if this happened with her (LeToya) ex-husband? sad face But, I'm mad he introduced her as LeToya not my lady/partner LeToya. blank stare
Paris Parker
'Paris Parker' 18 hours ago
I love this song it is very life changing. I am in a current situation that is very hard with this guy who has been liking me but he tells me that we need to take a break. we do not go out he feels as if my friends overcloud my issues that I be dealing with him
tatiyanna g
'tatiyanna g' 18 hours ago
Love this you can tell his song came from a real place
Quiela Ivory
'Quiela Ivory' 20 hours ago
Despite the fact he is fine in all... you never ever everrrr introduce your woman you love 2 another woman that's tacky. she did the right thing.. ending the relationship,very talented young lady..!!!
Shareema Griffith
'Shareema Griffith' 20 hours ago
Flow Flow
'Flow Flow' 21 hours ago
This song gave me so much emotion, from an ex that I gave my all to, never did I know he was the wrong one for me
Amari Builtmore
'Amari Builtmore' 22 hours ago
giving milk away can be fun until you realize he wants more and more at times you may think is not right for you or at a frequency that is not right for you. Its then when we realize that a change is happening in our relationship. All of sudden that one incident turns into more often and he begins to find someone who is going to do what is not being done. So when do we have The Talk bout the limitations of the milk being offered and the retaining of a relationship that is of worth and keeps it together. More often than not it is the unspoken that hurts more rather it be ego or self esteem. Thats when we realize we said more than what we really meant and what we really meant was not said at all. Then we do the same thing in the next relationship. I like this song because to me back to life get back to reality is get back to the reality of what makes a relationship work. Communication regardless of how uncomfortable truth is game changer you may not end up with him but you are not compromised of your integrity dignity etc. Like her should it take leaving to do it well so be it.
Daimond Willson
'Daimond Willson' 1 day ago
I cried so much listing to this song it just replaced my whole life story
A Cherished Gem
'A Cherished Gem' 1 day ago
Real life... I can surely relate.
A Cherished Gem
'A Cherished Gem' 1 day ago
Lol, part 2 be like dude singing Sir Charles, "is anybody lonely."
nefretiria jones
'nefretiria jones' 1 day ago
She can act and sing yesssssssss
'Ehawee' 1 day ago
Never tell your partner they are overacting. That is a big strike against a relationship.

Peep the fake bitch hug 2:40 If your friend hugs your girl like that, something's up. I'm just saying.
Amanda Maxie
'Amanda Maxie' 2 days ago
The man in this video....beyond fineeee
Dj C
'Dj C' 2 days ago
hahhaa...that's dude that worked for suge knight in str8 outta Compton that showed up at jerry heller house looking GEEKED..LMAO
A remix of this with Jhene Aiko would be dope as heck, especially with the vocals.
LaMar Finesse
'LaMar Finesse' 2 days ago
So proud of Ms. Luckett. This is well done! I'm writing a screenplay and the end fight inspired me to finish a huge scene. Go Toya!!!!! Worth the wait!!!!
Tasha Ivory
'Tasha Ivory' 2 days ago
You go miss LeToya... kicking him 2 the curve, & very talented!! love the music video..!! it's better 2 end the relationship...than 2 cheat on that person who doesn't love you.
MusicFan 8910
'MusicFan 8910' 2 days ago
Nice!  She is truly coming in to her own. I hope the rest of the cd is just as good #Beyoncewho
dele ekadi
'dele ekadi' 2 days ago
song and video is perfect
Nikki JesusIsLord
'Nikki JesusIsLord' 2 days ago
Apryl Lewis. .if he a man of God he will not be worried about having sex with you or getting it from someone else while he having a celibate monogamous realtionship with you or with anyone he with . see the man a character is ...anywho if you want things right Keep Jesus first be actually born again inChrist love God and put him first even when you have a potential husband..if he loves God he will not stop you from seeking the Lord not temp you to fornicate or do any type of sex vaginal, oral, and or anal ..if he a real loving man sent from Jesus he will not force you to do oral sex or have someone else do that to him..but when you all officially sign the certificate of marriage of being actually married do not withheld sex from him and forgive eachother unless he has a disease..or infection that's the word of God
Alisha Boyd
'Alisha Boyd' 2 days ago
I'm going to come at this from a different angle & my commemts apply to this video not other similar situations.

I don't think Dude knew the truth of how Cyn felt about him & he did not come across like he was r had been sexn Cyn down. He said she's like a sister or brother. That's telling. He sees her as family so naturally certains types of affection would seem normal between them. Pay attention to his body language when he interacts wit Cyn. Dude released Cyn when he finally introduced her to Toya. Cyn pulled him back n2 an embrace. No he didn't stop it but like I said certain forms of affection may b normal between them. He also looked like he was pulling his face away just after Cyn touched his jaw as his head is extended back like he was movin his face out of the way instead of turnin his face n2 her touch. It also looked like he was tryna pull his hand out of hers but she put them claws on him & held on but he never held her hand back. His comment about knowin Cyn longer is truth. I don't know too many people who would all of a sudden stop valuing their lifelong friendships just cuz they're n a new relationship. The scene at the club, take a better look cuz it looks like his hand is actually on Cyn's waist not her azz. When she falls back u'll notice his hand is around her waist (u can c his watch) not under her azz as if that's where his hand had been. He pulls back when Cyn kissed him but more importantly he didn't kiss her back which is what u'd expect had they already been bumpin uglies r if he was feeln her on that level. Lastly, pay attention to how he sort of elbows her n the chest (like get off me I gota go) rite when he gets the text msg & immediately leaves. Cyn was left sitn there wit the boo-boo face cuz she knew he wasn't receptive to her on the same level she was to him.

Some people don't always catch when some1 close to them is doin some shady ish. They're already use to the behavior so they can't always c if for what it is. He defended his friendship but he was really defending his judgement about the friendship more. No1 wants to know they misjudged a long standing friend.

His behavior towards Toya changes. I would expect it to. Most would go n2 defensive mode & not b all lovely dovey towards the person after that person accused them of doin somethin they didn't do. And u can't expect some1 to b all lovey dovey back when that peron got a stank attitude too. Negative energy begets negative energy & that's what seems to b goin on wit them.

Toya made some classical mistakes too. She attempted to b affectionate wit dude while he was on the phone when she knew he wasn't receptive to her so she got brushed off. She asked him "who do u think ur talkin to" & he said "I'm talkn to u" lmao that was priceless. Don't buck up if ur not prepared to get bucked back.

Obviously the video would have been less powerful had they just talked about what bothered Toya and just worked it out to either Dude realizing his friend crossed lines & they both innerstand the mistakes of the other & continue to build together r Toya just says she's out & moves the hayle on.

Still like the song tho lol!
Jenhaul Transports
killed it
'talicia18' 2 days ago
Yes ,best friend who's too touchy-feel!!! He got the game messed up!!
'msveevee1hunit' 2 days ago
But on the real tho, society is trying to gear relationship into polygamy. I'm starting to see it come into play. Our kids are gonna have a helluva rough experience in relationships....smh
'Tammy' 2 days ago
this is what I'm afraid that will happen 2yrs from now???
'mkorpal1' 2 days ago
the video is great, looking forward to part2 😄
Tobias Orion
'Tobias Orion' 2 days ago
Good Video, Luckett.
J. Paige
'J. Paige' 2 days ago
Know the difference between an Industry & an Independent artist
Lori Long
'Lori Long' 2 days ago
i like it...
Alesisa McCoy
'Alesisa McCoy' 2 days ago
That man Thomas is something sumptuous.I hope Miss Toya makes the continuation with his fine ass😍😘😗😙😚😍😘😙😚
Carola Prout
'Carola Prout' 2 days ago
Rebecca White
'Rebecca White' 2 days ago
i think the acting was good lol
Deanna Isaac
'Deanna Isaac' 2 days ago
on point me. Latoya.this shot just happened to me scary but real life
Sherry Davis
'Sherry Davis' 3 days ago
That is a jam.. .
'MsRaven129' 3 days ago
This video is fire and the realest shit i seen in a video. It's true to life and unfortunately many have experienced this. Myself included 💜💜love it !!
Kristen O
'Kristen O'Kelly' 3 days ago
Yessss she did that !! 💅🏾
'colstonlchinese' 3 days ago
That fight is revealing some slick ish he's on. IJS
Manny G. Forever
'Manny G. Forever' 3 days ago
Wow...loved this.
Dave Daniels
'Dave Daniels' 3 days ago
I LOVE THIS SONG!! I hope there is a part 2 and i also hope people watch this and wake up.
Amanda Juliana
'Amanda Juliana' 3 days ago
- A filha do pastor ' RS
Aye real live Im a male and females do this same shit males do so i can relate to both sides in this vid.... it hurts either way......This is a perfectly crafted song and video
'TempleSundae' 3 days ago
made me cry! love this video.... hate when shyt gets like this
kamila Mafra
'kamila Mafra' 3 days ago
I love this type of song <3
melody, lyrics
Latoya Russell
'Latoya Russell' 3 days ago
girl you so on your music....#growth#awesomeness#life#
Seekryt Weapon
'Seekryt Weapon' 3 days ago
I loved you on #Rosewood keep up the good work!!!
Jasmine Young
'Jasmine Young' 3 days ago
I need a part 2!!!!!!!!!
Fendey P
'Fendey P' 3 days ago
OMG! I have a close male friend myself. Whenever I come to town we hang like real homies that we are. I never been all over him or comfortable like that chick was in this video. If he has a girl and she trips on him cuz of me he defends our friendship but never defensive by her words. I respect his relationships just like he respects mine so with those two in the video they definitely messing around with each other.
Tony Jones
'Tony Jones' 3 days ago
no lie she was the best thing on destiny's child
So YouThinkYouCanSkate
I loved the way this played out in a movie scene. Yes Latoya did her thing in this joint. Sexy Chocolate is fine as hell!
So YouThinkYouCanSkate
I loved the way this played out in a movie scene. Yes Latoya did her thing in this joint. Sexy Chocolate is fine as hell!
'nominee0' 3 days ago
Had no idea she could sing....because I only saw her act on rosewood
Denny Robey
'Denny Robey' 3 days ago
Now, Toya did that! YES!!!! This is hitting home and it's just a well put together video...LOVE IT! Now, don't leave us hanging, I have to have more and your voice is amazing as you LeToya!!!!
Anthony Self
'Anthony Self' 3 days ago
venessa lewis
'venessa lewis' 4 days ago
this epic i almost thought it was a movie
Aquayetta Hill
'Aquayetta Hill' 4 days ago
This some bs. How the hell you let ur girl meet ur bff which is ur girl obviously ur dating 🙄🙄 dudes I swear. But love the video 🙌🏾(Latoya)
dee Willi
'dee Willi' 4 days ago
When I tell you this song and video is the TRUTH!!!!! Im so feeling this right now.....
Ton Lou
'Ton Lou' 4 days ago
OMG....I just went thru a similar breakup and was having a very hard time moving on. But I made it thru and this song help me to keep pushing forward!!!
Antwun Barbary
'Antwun Barbary' 4 days ago
Yes. Ok.
Chloe Lincoln
'Chloe Lincoln' 4 days ago
"i've known her longer than u" wtf go be with her then.. these negroes be tryin it 😠😠
'aquarian87' 4 days ago
I am ready for part 2!
'17promise' 4 days ago
When's the next episode I'm looking forward to it. Please be soon.
Jamaican me crazy love love this song.
Thelma Njamwea
'Thelma Njamwea' 4 days ago
Its good to see grown and meaningful RnB still exists
'ninabtha1' 4 days ago
The argument... what woman hasn't had THAT argument?!? this song is so #dope
Angela Bacon
'Angela Bacon' 4 days ago
Go Letoya! I definitely loved her "I'm not the JEALOUS type", reference. If y'all know what I mean. hahahaha Now that was some SHADE throwing and she did that. LOL
'Msjawanda' 4 days ago
Request this on ur local radio station people...finally a song i can relate 2...
'Msjawanda' 4 days ago
old sch. added 2 new sch. luv it
petillante rubii
'petillante rubii' 4 days ago
This song deserves more than 2.5 million views ❤️❤️
Rachel Roose
'Rachel Roose' 4 days ago
Dude prolly hoped they would have a threesome together
Brandy Young
'Brandy Young' 4 days ago
Now this what the fuck I'm talkin bout ⚡️⚡️⚡️ follow me on ig Toya. @iambhitz
'anngrits02' 4 days ago
This Hoe Ass [email protected]!!!!
Holland Opus
'Holland Opus' 4 days ago
When that fool said "Maybe you should show US a lil more respect, " I dropped my head like NOOOOOOO BRUH NOOOOOO! lol
'rahphunk' 4 days ago
Haven't seen a good video like this in a long time. This track is hawt and the video is dope!!!
dillon brooks
'dillon brooks' 4 days ago
'mchep1321' 4 days ago
Wait is that Meagan goods ex???
'taemoni' 4 days ago
You should never take love for granted .Love does not only have an entrance. It also has an exit.
Jacqueline Stephens
Bravo, Bravo nicely done. More please!! lol
Baysia Ortiz
'Baysia Ortiz' 4 days ago
Did anyone else get mad watching this? 🙄
K Moss
'K Moss' 4 days ago
Now I understand why Beyonce wanted her gone from DC. LeToya was a threat to her IMO.

Great voice/talented
Gorgeous woman
Solid personality

Qualities that doesn't work well for leads in groups from their backups.

Hoping this song sets off her career
Nyla Gates
'Nyla Gates' 5 days ago
at first glance he looks like Kendrick until the body started showing I'm like oh but his body is Vince Vaughn made him lol
Rashanda Grier
'Rashanda Grier' 5 days ago
back 2 life is a great song and letoya luckett rules.
Donnet Dawkins
'Donnet Dawkins' 5 days ago
I love watch this video so romantic moody
Jamerra Eure
'Jamerra Eure' 5 days ago
Letoya reminds me of a black Rizzo off of Grease when she at the table singing
'Te'Nisha Jay' 5 days ago
Great song. This should have been a movie. also I can wait to see what's next. I want to see more. Love it
'justcallme...' 5 days ago
Come through Soul II Soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Excellent video-very well scripted and acted.  Ladies, trust those instincts...when something looks off...female intuition never lies :-(
Three Blessings
'Three Blessings' 5 days ago
'musicians' this days lack content they have to act to get to stay relevant
Dee Minus
'Dee Minus' 5 days ago
awesomeeeeèeeee song! convinced Latoya has inside scoop on my OLD relationship!
Black Arts Love
'Black Arts Love' 5 days ago
Ready for part 2
sheena B
'sheena B' 5 days ago
Della Dawkins
'Della Dawkins' 5 days ago
she killed this one!!!!! ❤❤❤
Christel Augustin
'Christel Augustin' 5 days ago
Shaquille Mcleod
'Shaquille Mcleod' 5 days ago
so gorgeous
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