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LeToya Luckett - Back 2 Life -
Published: 3 months ago By: LeToyaVEVO

By: LeToyaVEVOPublished: 3 months ago

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“Back 2 Life” is from LeToya’s forthcoming album titled ‘Back 2 Life'
Get ‘Back 2 Life’ -

'anaitonline' 10 hours ago
Damn make this into a mini series, that was good. The song was everything as well
Markeda Berry
'Markeda Berry' 11 hours ago
When a woman says she feels something not right about another woman supposedly his friend we know what we talking about
Rell Brooks
'Rell Brooks' 14 hours ago
cute song
'KutsaiChan' 17 hours ago
Another classic ruined. Great :/
Gemineye Blu
'Gemineye Blu' 19 hours ago
LL.. the song is real. you know A MAN will send a out a REPRESENTATIVE errryday..
Bee Latrice
'Bee Latrice' 23 hours ago
Gina H-M
'Gina H-M' 1 day ago
I love videos that tell a story and not justvshowing club shots through the entire video.
Pasheena Whyte
'Pasheena Whyte' 1 day ago
this more like a movie than a song
'14edvas' 1 day ago
so many unhappy blk women.. black men, let s treat our women right.
God Riko
'God Riko' 1 day ago
You made me a lil jealous but it's okay baby I know it's only on camera. Can't wait till we make sweet sweet music soon 😘
T.J. T.J.
'T.J. T.J.' 1 day ago
Absolutely love this❤️🙌🏾
Jennifer Washington
Please visit my link to help support, we have to reach out to strangers as well as family and friends because not everyone wants to see other people better themselves, thanks. Thank you, and God Bless!
'Jeanette' 2 days ago
When he said "have some respect me and her" biiiiiitch I would've raised hell
The Eclectic One
'The Eclectic One' 2 days ago
This should become a full movie! So good.
Queen P
'Queen P' 3 days ago
Thanks Latoya..this video was real as fuck...I lived this shit but now I'm back to life, back to reality😊
jhashawn prescod
'jhashawn prescod' 3 days ago
i love this song
'stormxjp' 3 days ago
only now I've found this. they really don't promotes artists outside the big labels ones……
Lilli Ann
'Lilli Ann' 3 days ago
The only part I don't get is how it's always portrayed as a revelation to dude that his "homegirl" feels like that, when truth be told dudes that have "sister" like friends have usually already hit it or hit it and keep trying to play the role. He wasn't sleep on what was happenening ... He put his friend on a pedestal above his wife.
Kim Maureen Jensen
Been there....... done that!!!
'tlxqbrpxof' 3 days ago
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'La'Quincy Fluker' 4 days ago
loved that video 😮😮😍😍😍
'NatxBeauty' 4 days ago
👏🏻👏🏻 yass been missing letoya 😍 cant wait for the album 👌🏻💯
Cali Travelchick
'Cali Travelchick' 4 days ago
part 2 is out called"Used To"
'kissy0k8' 4 days ago
Love it! Good storyline too. A real story line!
dakota barnes
'dakota barnes' 4 days ago
nice video good song i didn't know it was her at first. yay Toya is back.

dude thought he was slick. (but he sexy chocolate af tho). best friend my butt he should checked her right there when she was all over him. no matter how close u r to some u never let them be like in front yo significant other.

once u introduced them all the problems start and u paying more attention to your so called friend pfft what u expect was gonna happen? she tried to tell u it wasnt about changing anyone. but that look on his face when he came home i almost felt bad for him

besides if a woman or man makes u better what exactly is wrong with that?
'SHADE BELL' 4 days ago
Cant stop watching this or partII !!!!!!!!!!!! this is some waiting to exhale part 2 type shit . Toya doing her thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and Omar fine.......................................and she should've broke Cynthia's hand touching on OUR man like that!!...OK that is all I'm done i swear..
'mosthigh1db' 4 days ago
Her acting convinced me. Great job LetToya!!
Shasmane Green
'Shasmane Green' 4 days ago
loved the song and her new look good vibes
nkatha koronya
'nkatha koronya' 4 days ago
'Yanique's World' 5 days ago
The Part 2, "Used to" is dope as well
Cas Cee
'Cas Cee' 5 days ago
I would not have gone back into the car with him.
Diamond Macklin
'Diamond Macklin' 5 days ago
i heard this song on the radio when i tell u i was soooo happy 😜😜 like this my song
Melissa Omolo
'Melissa Omolo' 5 days ago
WOW!!!!!! Loving this..... The beat is TOO DOPE!!! The MESSAGE is to DEEP and PROFOUND....... If you like him and you just met him don't have sex with him!!!!
'tricksgrl2' 5 days ago
Toya should've left his ass in that car.
Reniesha Collins
'Reniesha Collins' 5 days ago
I feel like before the year ends this will be my narrative......feel a change coming.....
'syckindahead' 5 days ago probably AINT trippin #ijs
Rachael Gibson
'Rachael Gibson' 6 days ago
love ittt
Kaelanni Walters
'Kaelanni Walters' 6 days ago
I'm fascinated ❣️
reby sully
'reby sully' 6 days ago
sooo no one think she looks like cookie
Ateya Rich
'Ateya Rich' 6 days ago
OMG! I can relate to this video from past experiences. Great job Letoya
kayla blanch
'kayla blanch' 6 days ago
i really love this song
Khloe Lynn McClain
THOMAS Q JONES!!!!...Good lawd you are so fine! lol
'JemSika' 6 days ago
wow....Dang I love the original song and this is just keeping it alive... #Back2Life on #Repeat... <3 #ValueWhatUHave..
Christabel Sakala
'Christabel Sakala' 6 days ago
I Love You even though you ain't good for me!
Carai Williams
'Carai Williams' 6 days ago
That So Funny On This Video Between Letoya Vs Thomas Q Jones Fight Other Love This Video 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
Lady Nikki
'Lady Nikki' 6 days ago
# love this!!!
'suebertrand' 7 days ago
I love LeToya she just tells the truth. And her music has pulled me through some tough relationships and help me to move on and heal over some bad relationship's also. Thank you LeToya you my Diva.
Milinda Johnson
'Milinda Johnson' 7 days ago
She is beautiful, nice smile and a good voice
Felecia Brown
'Felecia Brown' 7 days ago
i love it...
Mariah B
'Mariah B' 7 days ago
Yessssss, Toya! This is everything. I felt it in my soul. Lol the lyrics resonate.
'D_Moye' 7 days ago
Not digging his hair. Wasn't he bald in Being Mary Jane?
kk Monique
'kk Monique' 7 days ago
The greatest and so true story. This stuffreally goes on in relationships formal!!!
Juggz N Kisses
'Juggz N Kisses' 7 days ago
Yo Toya was snappin! Daaammmnnn cuh....😓💀
Tamiko Williams
'Tamiko Williams' 7 days ago
Love the song and Love the video so many people can relate to the BS he is putting her through
VintageGirly Glam
'VintageGirly Glam' 7 days ago
"Used to" brought me here. R & B videos like the old days! nva trust the 'best friend' 😏
Stinky Butt
'Stinky Butt' 7 days ago
Wow! Just heard it today...??!!!??? Who's her publicist/manager...this should be bangin everywhere
Tamara M.
'Tamara M.' 7 days ago
I woulda just gave him a dose of his own medicine and pull up with some fine nigga and claim he's my BFF. See if he like that shit, bet he won't 💅🏾😴
Nena Drummer
'Nena Drummer' 7 days ago
Loved this! Go girl, the message, the music, wonderful!
T Duncan
'T Duncan' 1 week ago
I love this song
Cess alana
'Cess alana' 1 week ago
You the truth LETOYA !!
Novella Burr
'Novella Burr' 1 week ago
OMG!!! i wanna see more i need more this is hot!!!! story of my life
Danielle Smith
'Danielle Smith' 1 week ago
Missus Johnson-Palmer
real life
Victor Nunes
'Victor Nunes' 1 week ago
Tamara Burke
'Tamara Burke' 1 week ago
that argument was every thing!
sergio pettaway
'sergio pettaway' 1 week ago
who cares
sergio pettaway
'sergio pettaway' 1 week ago
who cares
'M.Margerum' 1 week ago
nice acting and cinematography 👍
shawna dria
'shawna dria' 1 week ago
literally my life right now except no idea who the woman is but the best friend got a trip to NYc to Atlanta to visit for a day and a half oh yea and there's a baby mama but he'll if I ask any questions I'm always wrong for even assuming
Crystal Walker
'Crystal Walker' 1 week ago
Good music
'ynahpipE1' 1 week ago
adrian roberts
'adrian roberts' 1 week ago
why is she all on him ?????? fuck him u are so much better than him u can do better than her ass to
Alexus Renee
'Alexus Renee' 1 week ago
This song is getting me in my feelings! But it was a great video!!
Zipho Woji
'Zipho Woji' 1 week ago
Can we get a visual album please. This video is everything
Jeremey Burnett
'Jeremey Burnett' 1 week ago
You can tell ol girl was more than a friend by her first reaction. If I meet the person a close friend is involved with and they really feeling that person and all I've heard is good things I wouldn't ever want that person to feel awkward. And dudes are really good at turning shit around and trying to make your feelings fell invalid but in reality your feelings are 110% valid. Men I think have this subconscious need to lie about things vs just naturally telling the truth right off the bat. I LOVED seeing LeToya and (Omar) going at it... This video sadly isn't deep at all. Most men present this shit but folks be so caught up in his sex, his body, his looks, or his money that they miss it. What LeToya is talking about is nothing new. Folks just need to wake tf up and get it.
Poez.c char
'Poez.c char' 1 week ago
Yessssss!! Love it! Gotta love her!! 😍💪🏽
Still going strong
Nu-Nu Hayes
'Nu-Nu Hayes' 1 week ago
I love your singing
kyra evans
'kyra evans' 1 week ago
She is a great actress this was an effortless performance
Sophisticated Taylormade
I feel this song it was difinetly reality for me
Girl Bye Blog Tv
'Girl Bye Blog Tv' 1 week ago
This song HURT MY FEELINGS BAD...😓 #LadiesKnowYourWorthEvenIfHeDont It's okay to leave & move on.
Sunni Laflare
'Sunni Laflare' 1 week ago
sorry Lyrica letoya did it better 🤔🤔
Girl Bye Blog Tv
'Girl Bye Blog Tv' 1 week ago
I can't stand when guys or girls say "I knew the longer than you" Why yall not together than? Well all these years you knew each other y'all still havent got it right. History means nothing! a woman you only been dating for 2weeks can be the one for you, than a woman you've been kicking it (just a easy booty call) for 10yrs etc
Jessica Stewart
'Jessica Stewart' 1 week ago
gone gurl!❤🎶😍
Tré Thigpen
'Tré Thigpen' 1 week ago
Damn Toya this had me in my feelings love this
Amber Patterson
'Amber Patterson' 1 week ago
Swear this Video was on. Point from the Beginning To ThE end.I def Enjoyed❤❤❤❤Welcome Back Ms Letoya
Omar Mccray
'Omar Mccray' 1 week ago
She went in on this love it.
'dimpleeyes' 1 week ago
This was some tight work!!! I loved how she handled the situation. When you love someone and things get rocky, try and work it out. Now after you try and they still want to act a fool, make that BOSS move like Toya and bounce.😉✌
Ife Amaka
'Ife Amaka' 1 week ago
you have been missing girl and came back with a bang
Domenique Jackson
'Domenique Jackson' 1 week ago
Babyyyyyyyyyyyy I wouldve mushed her face right into that fuckin shelf or choked her ass with that CVS "As Seen On Tv" ass "DIY" braid! Lmfao
chenell williams
'chenell williams' 1 week ago
love it
Niya Hillery
'Niya Hillery' 1 week ago
make sure to subscribe to her youtube😂😎
Eon Hardy
'Eon Hardy' 1 week ago
Wow .. this is really good Letoya .. I love how Letoya always stayed true and authentic to her solo career and was always herself .. Never over the top .. Kudos Toya !!
Nell Dhatookute
'Nell Dhatookute' 1 week ago
damn this video brings back memories #fucknigga lol
Mélange Adediji
'Mélange Adediji' 1 week ago
Such a good actress.
Kamilah Babb
'Kamilah Babb' 1 week ago
HAHA, really wonderful, get lot of resources succesfully! Your turn too
Elizabeth Mokgabudi
Okay this lady has a serious problem... I wouldn't cope.
Elizabeth Mokgabudi
Oh my gosh this guy is such an asshole! "I think you should show us a little more respect" Me: what 'you just say??! gun shot lol
Gracies Mom
'Gracies Mom' 1 week ago
Lyrica Anderson hello or vybz kartel back to life?
'526arh' 1 week ago
She needs to play Florence Ballard in a movie! I love to see someone who did not get to shine while a member of a group come out and do their thing
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