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The Marvelous Janelle Monáe Joins Ellen -
Published: 4 months ago By: TheEllenShow

By: TheEllenShowPublished: 4 months ago

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The Grammy-nominated singer sat down with Ellen for the first time to chat about her remarkable new film roles.

'susuilu' 4 days ago
girl she knows how to rock that afro- very inspirational... black ladies get your real hair out to the public
Valentine Lion
'Valentine Lion' 1 week ago
What's the white things in her hair? I can't figure it out.
Also, her space buns look adorable.
Shante Powell
'Shante Powell' 2 weeks ago
She is so gorgeous !!! Smart, beautiful, She is a huge inspiration to me!
Same Lindfeld
'Same Lindfeld' 3 weeks ago
I love her beauty honest and kindness love her outfits
'BlankFacedUser' 3 weeks ago
Janelle is just so Cute.
Ali Marashian
'Ali Marashian' 4 weeks ago
they didn't say enough about Moonlight. #bestpicturewelldeserved
Acacius Noir
'Acacius Noir' 1 month ago
This audience tho. Wtf. Not even clapping in between for the things Janelle Monáe was saying so eloquently. So butt hurt I see
'KevinNopo' 1 month ago
Janelle's voice is so soft and nurturing, her vocabulary is exquisite, I could genuinely sleep to her voice, does she have audio books cause damn!
C Kuro
'C Kuro' 1 month ago
She's a beautiful being
Rae Tries Stuff
'Rae Tries Stuff' 1 month ago
I feel like the crowd was hanging on her every word! 😍
Tula Tula
'Tula Tula' 1 month ago
Magnifique cette femme 😍
Elle J. Winsett
'Elle J. Winsett' 1 month ago
she has such a quiet power to her voice and her mannerisms that she hushed the audience as if they were sitting in for a lecture. Janelle is my hero.
Esau Marz
'Esau Marz' 1 month ago
I love the white and black she wear the entire award season
'esquibelle' 1 month ago
This lady is the complete package. Hope she sticks around the upper echelons of the creative industries for many years
Janelle's only 30 right now ~ but extremely wise & evolved. Add to that her refined beauty & unique style choices ...just wow.
'Dragonetta' 1 month ago
Please stop talking about her looks and LISTEN TO WHAT SHE IS SAYING.
'TheEric0009' 1 month ago
I don't care what level of fame you think someone is at.... nobody deserves a fuckin 3 minutes and 30 second interview. That's just a waste of her time for even scheduling it in her day to be there.
This is the kind of movie that will improve this world.
Joy Taylor
'Joy Taylor' 1 month ago
So much class in that woman
Rhonda Gumbs
'Rhonda Gumbs' 1 month ago
so why are does people not even clapping for what she is know that a movie like this was made and women of colour play such a power roll in that time, that even one of them till today is still so amazing... I would have been clapping like clapclapclap applauding like crazy to know this........But what do they clap for that she get to sit in a chair on Ellen like really people?.... jaloursy is a bitch
Robert Watson
'Robert Watson' 1 month ago
Janelle is mommy AF
'NotSoSeriousYaz' 1 month ago
I'm in love with her hairstyle
Botanica 2012
'Botanica 2012' 1 month ago
what kind of audience is this? Nobody clapped.
'hutch' 1 month ago
I am SWOOOOONING over this lovely woman. She's beautiful, but her being smart and articulate makes her 1,000 times more sexy. Love her.
Dominique With A QUE
I love Janelle Monae sooooo much.
rose De Gracia
'rose De Gracia' 1 month ago
her teeth😍
'Lenworth' 1 month ago
soooo proud of Janelle. Ive been following her amazing music and now these two epic films. Id love to see her in some scifi next. Its all in her music so why not?
daniela gómez
'daniela gómez' 1 month ago
What a gorgeous woman, very classy, smart and humble human...
Sammy Urom
'Sammy Urom' 1 month ago
she's got lipstick on her teeth xD
'dameoftruth' 1 month ago
I just need to know where to get the outfit.
'lazalazareviclaza' 1 month ago
Fake classiness.. I need to see some twerking
Joe Rosello
'Joe Rosello' 1 month ago
That crowed is so unfazed. Disappointing. Love her.
Gonçalo JNJ
'Gonçalo JNJ' 1 month ago
I agree she is well spoken, poised & beautiful. I have a sense that she's a good musician as well, but I just can't listen to it, it bores the hell out of me, pretty basic.
Isi Ibelieveinmiracles
I love her style
Viola says
'Viola says' 1 month ago
She blows me away with her elegance! Very talented woman, great inspiration :)
'figgettit' 2 months ago
she is contrivance come to life. ugh.
'vuhies2424' 2 months ago
Finally Janelle Monae is getting recognized more! She is one of my all time favorite artists ever; she is just so classy and talented and well-spoken. What a great role model!
Olivia O.
'Olivia O.' 2 months ago
Stunning outfit....and its time for a new generation of women to step up ...
'kuwinsitall' 2 months ago
My wife works with her cousin here in KC, where Janelle is from. Janelle is pretty down to earth and still comes back and hangs with her family to get away from the coasts sometimes.
Mia Carter
'Mia Carter' 2 months ago
Janelle Monae has been my inspiration for years now. Its cool seeing her career flourish and branch off into other sectors of entertainment. You go, girl!
Kturah Abraham
'Kturah Abraham' 2 months ago
Lord, change the life of ellen allow how experience of the super natural do not allow her anymore to influence anymore of our women! in yeshua name
'29Prolife' 2 months ago
I just LOVE the way she composed herself during this interview. You can tell Ellen was truly intrigued with the way she explained 'Moonlight'
'Minnemau5' 2 months ago
Jenna John
'Jenna John' 2 months ago
waw.. how she speaks!
Miguel Jones
'Miguel Jones' 2 months ago
janelle might just be the finest black woman on the planet hands down...fuck all these fake ass and fake titty video vixens..she is the truth!!
Melisa Hernandez Diaz
i like that she wears her natural hair
Melisa Hernandez Diaz
i like that she wears her natural hair
Melisa Hernandez Diaz
she is soooooo beautiful ! !!
If The Shoe Fits
'If The Shoe Fits' 2 months ago
I love her humbleness and confidence. It's the perfect balance for someone who looks like she does
and the all of the talent she has. I'd like to shake her parent's hands and or her mentors....that person
who showed her WHO she is and she chose her path. She's exciting to watch.
Sparkly Disc
'Sparkly Disc' 2 months ago
Janelle Monae is so beautiful and graceful - a breath of fresh air in a stifling world.
Michael Willis
'Michael Willis' 2 months ago
omg she needs to be cast as Nala in the live action Lion King her voice is so beautiful and elegant
Erin Threlkeld
'Erin Threlkeld' 2 months ago
It's interesting the ornaments she wears in her hair
Aniket Rudraksha
'Aniket Rudraksha' 2 months ago
She looks hot af in moonlight
Alexandra Basanskaya
'Alexandra Basanskaya' 2 months ago
Her brows give me life!!!
Zay Mack
'Zay Mack' 2 months ago
can sombody please teach me how to be this well spoken. I can't hold a conversation to save my life.
Rose Confetti
'Rose Confetti' 2 months ago
I think you were crushing a bit Ellen
ruby nubian
'ruby nubian' 2 months ago
it sound so quiet around them.. like there's 3 people in the audience
'kafkakinder' 3 months ago
What a beautiful classy woman.
shook skeleton
'shook skeleton' 3 months ago
a true queen
'CharlesBrooksPA' 3 months ago
its women's like Janelle u gotta give god his grace
IVO Muzik
'IVO Muzik' 3 months ago
Black version of Kandee Johnson. They could be twins.
The Gaming
'The Gaming' 3 months ago
shoutout to the 45 cunts who disliked
Chris Taylor
'Chris Taylor' 3 months ago
I love the way Janelle speaks and constructs her sentences. God bless her!
'byay' 3 months ago
She is literally a goddess. How is she that gorgeous??????
Rickus Kruger
'Rickus Kruger' 3 months ago
Janelle Monae is a true inspiration and role model, especially for those who are different and misfits in society. And she is so cool, calm, collected as well as gracious and love her outfit.
Boi Wonder
'Boi Wonder' 3 months ago
Fucking black liberal progressive bed wench bitch.
OptimistHunter Reel
'OptimistHunter Reel' 3 months ago
You can always tell the great singers by the way they speak. Specifically great women singers tend to have husky yet smooth speaking voices.
Janelle and Ellen, fame, money your looks, will not help you when we stand before God Throne. Repent! You cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: you cannot be partakers of the Lord's table, and of the table of devils. 1 Corinthians 10:21
Hyasmine T
'Hyasmine T' 3 months ago
I loooooove Janelle! love her love her love her!
'LMAAAAYOOO' 3 months ago
I feel like if I get bad news I need her to tell me because its so soothing
See Mee
'See Mee' 3 months ago
minnie mouse called and wants her hair back,.
'jevonk' 3 months ago
Saw Hidden Figures over the weekend and had no idea Janelle Monae was so talented. I knew she could sing but her acting was spot on. Not to mention she was the most beautiful woman in the entire movie. No offense to Taraji and Kirsten but Janelle skin was flawless. Definitely looking forward to her future film projects.
'KrissyfoReal' 3 months ago
Amazing black history. Learnt something.
Sarah Malone
'Sarah Malone' 3 months ago
That red lipstick is bomb 💋
'harlequinforest777' 3 months ago
I love you Janelle!!! Omg, I'm so proud of you! I saw you live at Afropunk in Brooklyn last summer, you were amazing! You're on a whole other level, for real. You're becoming a legend.
Dylan Dang
'Dylan Dang' 4 months ago
She looks like Mickey Mouse
Breyon Satchel
'Breyon Satchel' 4 months ago
She can silence a whole crowd with that angelic voice of hers.
Neghie Thervil
'Neghie Thervil' 4 months ago
Gorgeous, smart, talented, woman = GODDESS
Chloe Morgan
'Chloe Morgan' 4 months ago
Just watched hidden figures. it was a very beautiful and daring movie . Love love these three women . beautiful job ❤
Veronica Reis
'Veronica Reis' 4 months ago
Veronica Reis
'Veronica Reis' 4 months ago
Amy Gill
'Amy Gill' 4 months ago
Love her and her earrings ❤️
Chanpreet singh
'Chanpreet singh' 4 months ago
I NEED to meet this woman.
Sandra Soria
'Sandra Soria' 4 months ago
too beautiful❤❤❤
'Ruth23' 4 months ago
the crowds so silent..
Alain Bruno
'Alain Bruno' 4 months ago
I'm mesmorized by her beauty.
Clay C.
'Clay C.' 4 months ago
She is an incredible human!
Julie x
'Julie x' 4 months ago
She is the definition of goals.
Joe Santana
'Joe Santana' 4 months ago
That's my babe ❤️💦💦💦🍑😛😛 she has so much class and beauty
Jonathan Petree
'Jonathan Petree' 4 months ago
Didn't realize she was in HIDDEN FIGURES, she is an excellent actresss but I don't know her music.
Nutty Nutt
'Nutty Nutt' 4 months ago
shes from my hood...we went to the same high school...proud of her and never evn met her #inspiration
'Jessie' 4 months ago
I miss the pompadour
'0627196700' 4 months ago
There are millions more hidden stories out there that need to be told beyond slavery. Americans are grossly miseducated to believe only certain people are responsible for all progression and achievement in this country. This film does a great job of further enlightenment towards the fact that everyone has made contributions.
D Ransom
'D Ransom' 4 months ago
She has the most baby doll face I have ever seen?!
Yasly Gonzalez
'Yasly Gonzalez' 4 months ago
Love her outfit!!
Soluchi {Michael Jackson Lookalike, Dancer, VFX}
Sounds like a great movie.
Cam Equality
'Cam Equality' 4 months ago
Lupita NYongo and NOW HER 😍😍😗😗 Class, beauty and determinted!
Jay Enrique
'Jay Enrique' 4 months ago
Her voice is so soothing and beautiful. So well spoken.
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