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The Marvelous Janelle Monáe Joins Ellen -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: TheEllenShow

By: TheEllenShowPublished: 2 weeks ago

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The Grammy-nominated singer sat down with Ellen for the first time to chat about her remarkable new film roles.

Hyasmine T
'Hyasmine T' 2 days ago
I loooooove Janelle! love her love her love her!
'LMAAAAYOOO' 2 days ago
I feel like if I get bad news I need her to tell me because its so soothing
See Mee
'See Mee' 3 days ago
minnie mouse called and wants her hair back,.
'jevonk' 4 days ago
Saw Hidden Figures over the weekend and had no idea Janelle Monae was so talented. I knew she could sing but her acting was spot on. Not to mention she was the most beautiful woman in the entire movie. No offense to Taraji and Kirsten but Janelle skin was flawless. Definitely looking forward to her future film projects.
'KrissyfoReal' 5 days ago
Amazing black history. Learnt something.
Sarah Malone
'Sarah Malone' 6 days ago
That red lipstick is bomb 💋
I love you Janelle!!! Omg, I'm so proud of you! I saw you live at Afropunk in Brooklyn last summer, you were amazing! You're on a whole other level, for real. You're becoming a legend.
Dylan Dang
'Dylan Dang' 1 week ago
She looks like Mickey Mouse
Breyon Satchel
'Breyon Satchel' 1 week ago
She can silence a whole crowd with that angelic voice of hers.
Neghie Thervil
'Neghie Thervil' 1 week ago
Gorgeous, smart, talented, woman = GODDESS
Chloe Morgan
'Chloe Morgan' 1 week ago
Just watched hidden figures. it was a very beautiful and daring movie . Love love these three women . beautiful job ❤
Veronica Reis
'Veronica Reis' 1 week ago
Veronica Reis
'Veronica Reis' 1 week ago
Amy Gill
'Amy Gill' 1 week ago
Love her and her earrings ❤️
Chanpreet singh
'Chanpreet singh' 1 week ago
I NEED to meet this woman.
'Itztotallyjeanious' 2 weeks ago
her hair😍😍😍
Sandra Soria
'Sandra Soria' 2 weeks ago
too beautiful❤❤❤
'Ruth23' 2 weeks ago
the crowds so silent..
Alain Bruno
'Alain Bruno' 2 weeks ago
I'm mesmorized by her beauty.
Clay C.
'Clay C.' 2 weeks ago
She is an incredible human!
Julie x
'Julie x' 2 weeks ago
She is the definition of goals.
Joe Santana
'Joe Santana' 2 weeks ago
That's my babe ❤️💦💦💦🍑😛😛 she has so much class and beauty
Jonathan Petree
'Jonathan Petree' 2 weeks ago
Didn't realize she was in HIDDEN FIGURES, she is an excellent actresss but I don't know her music.
Nutty Nutt
'Nutty Nutt' 2 weeks ago
shes from my hood...we went to the same high school...proud of her and never evn met her #inspiration
'Jessie' 2 weeks ago
I miss the pompadour
'0627196700' 2 weeks ago
There are millions more hidden stories out there that need to be told beyond slavery. Americans are grossly miseducated to believe only certain people are responsible for all progression and achievement in this country. This film does a great job of further enlightenment towards the fact that everyone has made contributions.
D Ransom
'D Ransom' 2 weeks ago
She has the most baby doll face I have ever seen?!
Yasly Gonzalez
'Yasly Gonzalez' 2 weeks ago
Love her outfit!!
Soluchi {Michael Jackson Lookalike, Dancer, VFX}
Sounds like a great movie.
Cam Equality
'Cam Equality' 2 weeks ago
Lupita NYongo and NOW HER 😍😍😗😗 Class, beauty and determinted!
Jay Enrique
'Jay Enrique' 2 weeks ago
Her voice is so soothing and beautiful. So well spoken.
Axle Wavey
'Axle Wavey' 2 weeks ago
Omg Janelle is so cute! Love her! <3 <3
Simon Wilson
'Simon Wilson' 2 weeks ago
omg ahaha you can see why she's not been in the chair, shes a lovely singer but she talks funny
'TTProductions' 2 weeks ago
Why no applause? WTF
The BlackSwordsWoman
i need that hairstyle on my head and in my life lol
'SchalaZeal' 2 weeks ago
That hairstyle, with the loose puffs and safety pins....YASSS queen! ❤
'S' 2 weeks ago
Invite Lilly Singh!
'chicamexicana22' 2 weeks ago
hidden figures was amazing!!!
Dee Allan
'Dee Allan' 2 weeks ago
Absolutely gorgeous lady inside and out :-)
'misslady3891' 2 weeks ago
I love her
Jacek Mazur
'Jacek Mazur' 2 weeks ago
her hair is living
Ms. LaTonja
'Ms. LaTonja' 2 weeks ago
She's gorgeous!
Jaye Maelle
'Jaye Maelle' 2 weeks ago
um Janelle, come closer... GET BACK IN THE STUDIO, GIVE US NEW MUSIC, GO ON WORLD TOUR!!!!!!
Layna Connor
'Layna Connor' 2 weeks ago
She is so calming, I love her!
L Lagrange
'L Lagrange' 2 weeks ago
What a classy Lady!
'BybiGurl1' 2 weeks ago
felt like i was in another world listening to her speak
'Freeyful' 2 weeks ago
Ellen seems nervous around her, not in a bad way more like Janelle emitts such a confidence, steady personality that it becomes a respons to treat her with respect and thoughtfulness.
you and i are like my buttcheeks after all the shit that goes between us we always get back together
she's hot, not because of her looks alone, but because she sounds educated and smart
its a breath of fresh air in hollywood
'matzmx' 2 weeks ago
Mickey mouse lol
Jeremiah Job Mason (Spooky)
If the movie is one story based on a hidden part of AA history, imagine how much more stories are still hiding waiting to be revealed and heard.
Rose Rapp
'Rose Rapp' 2 weeks ago
I am looking forward to seeing this movie... Ms. Monae' sounds like an incredible actor!
Andrea C oates
'Andrea C oates' 2 weeks ago
Janelle, you are amazing and wonderful. Thank you for your music and everything you are! As a KC resident, I've loved watching your career. Go team Janelle!
Colette Davis
'Colette Davis' 2 weeks ago
Love Janelle !! I had the privilege of meeting her and she is an elegant and classy lady!
'Marinerdiva1' 2 weeks ago
'velvetulipemj' 2 weeks ago
I love loooooovvvveee her !! She's such an amazing artist !
Lisa H
'Lisa H' 2 weeks ago
What a well-spoken and talented young woman 👍🏼
'hydgurl77' 2 weeks ago
she looks like a human version of mini mouse... She is sooooohoo pretty
emma lavery
'emma lavery' 2 weeks ago
I could listen to her talk all day reminds me of Alicia Keys could listen to her talk all day too
Hamza Faison
'Hamza Faison' 2 weeks ago
Chocolate girls 😩🍆🍫
'NaTaLiE343' 2 weeks ago
She's so beautiful and talented. 💖
'Chloe' 2 weeks ago
Why was this a dry interview though ?
'Patrick' 2 weeks ago
thank you ellen for telling her that she has lipstick on her teeth
'jcanthony16' 2 weeks ago
Janelle is a breath of fresh air. So beautiful, intelligent, talented and elegant
Kurd 99
'Kurd 99' 2 weeks ago
who is this nigger?
Mary Al
'Mary Al' 2 weeks ago
what's that on her hair?
Shady Tyrell
'Shady Tyrell' 2 weeks ago
I wish I could speak like her. I get flustered.
'DoitinBarbados' 2 weeks ago
For those who don't recognize, Janelle , she is multi talented. I first knew of her as a model, I am sure you have seen her in magazines and in TV ads for Cover Girl, Pepsi, Target. You might recall seeing her wearing a tuxedo in ads. She is also a singer, songwriter, and actress. She is well known for her song Tightrope and also also sang with Nate Ruess (from Fun.) on We Are Young and appears in the music video. Haven't seen any of her films.
Shady Tyrell
'Shady Tyrell' 2 weeks ago
She is soooo slept on
Enzo Abalayan
'Enzo Abalayan' 2 weeks ago
Janelle is so inspiring I want to be like her one day
'Alisha' 2 weeks ago
Please invite Lilly Singh to ur show
Six Seven
'Six Seven' 2 weeks ago
"Used to be smooth like the face of Janelle Monáe" - Tech N9ne
Nuhan Hidayat
'Nuhan Hidayat' 2 weeks ago
I know Janelle as a singer but i didn't know that she's a fantastic actress too i love her!!!
Veronica Lopez
'Veronica Lopez' 2 weeks ago
Why do some videos have disabled comments and others don't ?
Tammy Boss
'Tammy Boss' 2 weeks ago
Ellen should get Margot Robbin on her show
murali udupi
'murali udupi' 2 weeks ago
Love From India (Ellen Fan)
mers0 9
'mers0 9' 2 weeks ago
Bruh this interview is so short!!
Ellen should have Twenty Øne Piløts on her show, they make inspirational music and are interesting people
Christine Mae
'Christine Mae' 2 weeks ago
Oh no she has lipstick on her teeth! She still is soooo beautiful though, I wish I could pull off lipstick on my teeth like that.
c miller
'c miller' 2 weeks ago
Buy her music people! She's perfection
Obey Amma
'Obey Amma' 2 weeks ago
Chris Aster
'Chris Aster' 2 weeks ago
She is so SO pretty inside and out !!! <3
'BLOOD1MONEY' 2 weeks ago
This chimp slut can get the nut all in her asscheeks
Eric Sumpter
'Eric Sumpter' 2 weeks ago
If you ever feel discouraged about the world, read the comments section on any Ellen Degeneres video.
Gabi Graf
'Gabi Graf' 2 weeks ago
She is so gorgeous omg
'dottis11' 2 weeks ago
what a beautiful spirit!
Doom Slayer
'Doom Slayer' 2 weeks ago
Why do you constantly disable comments?! I had a really good joke for the video "the one and only Carrie fisher" my joke was I guess you can't give her a life supply of life. But forget it.
Hayley the Nomad
'Hayley the Nomad' 2 weeks ago
ExcELLENt decision, Ellen, ditching Kim Burrell's homophobic ass and inviting this graceful lady instead.
'Springview2011' 2 weeks ago
Beautiful and delicate face.
Sudikshya Gurung
'Sudikshya Gurung' 2 weeks ago
I REALLY want to watch hidden figures
Dani ok
'Dani ok' 2 weeks ago
she's so graceful
Gmail name
'Gmail name' 2 weeks ago
Ellen cancels interview with that lady Kim Burell after homophobic rants and invites Janelle Monae and Pharell instead who openly spoke out against Kim Burell. Ellen is so petty and I love it!
Ava Mae
'Ava Mae' 2 weeks ago
Tightrope was my tap song!
DeAnthony Cummings
'DeAnthony Cummings' 2 weeks ago
Great interview. Janelle Monae is awesome. So gifted.
S. Gallagher
'S. Gallagher' 2 weeks ago
I simply love Janelle - she's a bomb singer and actress. Love the two new films. Would love to see her in a future Star Wars film.
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