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Funny Dogs in Boots 2014 [NEW HD] -
Published: 3 years ago By: Funny Moments

By: Funny MomentsPublished: 3 years ago

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Funny Dogs in Shoes


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Cynical Metal
'Cynical Metal' 1 week ago
Ministry of Silly Walks: Canine Division
Rhea Magdaraog
'Rhea Magdaraog' 4 weeks ago
at the first one when the peaple luagh the dog felt emberast like it don't whant to walk but its forcing him and luagh at him
Chicken Neck
'Chicken Neck' 4 weeks ago
That looks really uncomfortable
Noelia Velazquez
'Noelia Velazquez' 1 month ago
I think it gets hot here in Arizona so when i bout my dog some shoes i was doing it so his feet would not feel the heat. It was funny at first but then he got use to them.🐕+👟=💜
Catherine Kemp
'Catherine Kemp' 2 months ago
These are not rescue dogs.  Clearly these owners are doing this for their own amusement. Its not even necessary. Click bait.
P Jay
'P Jay' 2 months ago
I can't even get them on my 🐕
Natasha j
'Natasha j' 2 months ago
Dogs really hate those shoes lol
Oo oO
'Oo oO' 3 months ago
They walk like horses hahah
Marco Saracini
'Marco Saracini' 3 months ago
cool video!
Attila Koczka
'Attila Koczka' 3 months ago
Lehányta a kapcát 😁😀😊☺😂😃😉
Chase Pearson
'Chase Pearson' 3 months ago
Do they not like it, or is it just hard to walk and they don't care? They seem to be just fine...
Casper Nordén
'Casper Nordén' 4 months ago
Fuck your music its so fucking annoying
'Skalp' 4 months ago
Ok so shoes on dogs is a thing because icy and snowy areas are covered in roadsalt, which both damage their paws and is dangerous when the dog later cleans its paws. Also a lot of dogs dislike snow and slipping on ice. Shoes takes a while to get used to, and this is basically them not knowing what to do. They are not in pain or in danger, they are only confused and hella cute. (Tho some of these dogs are stressed out it still benefits them to use shoes during bad winters. Absolutely never use shoes if not necessary)
'karasawa21797' 4 months ago
Where is the tan & white beagle from the thumbnail? 😣
milagros basauri
'milagros basauri' 4 months ago
Tap dancing dogs...
Billy Manchisi
'Billy Manchisi' 5 months ago
I tried to buy my dog shoes.
Krystyna Krutewicz
'Krystyna Krutewicz' 5 months ago
Dla mnie to nie jest śmieszne. To jest znęcanie się nad pieskami!
Mike Wilkinson
'Mike Wilkinson' 5 months ago
jeez, i'm crying here!!!!
'Rebecka' 6 months ago
Does it work on cats too?
'PALOMA ACEVEDO' 7 months ago
Lucas McLukerson
'Lucas McLukerson' 7 months ago
0:37 ugh, I hate those dogs
Paden Snell
'Paden Snell' 7 months ago
I had a dog I would take mountain climbing with me. I noticed his paws quickly became sore on some of the rougher terrain we'd pass through, so I bought him some booties. first time he wore them he did the awkward dance you see here. but after walking on the rocky mountain terrain he quickly realized what they were for and took off sprinting up and down the rocky paths. and whenever he saw the booties afterwards he would have a fit in excitement. so even though dogs are usually uncomfortable when they first wear them, there are definitely situations where your dog will thank you.
Myr San-Fer
'Myr San-Fer' 9 months ago
Dogs were not born to wear shoes, that is why their legs end in a sort of pad that allows them to run and prevents from slipping off.
'YurttheSilentChief1' 10 months ago
What's even worse is when the shoes don't even fit properly and they get used to THAT.
jessica horner
'jessica horner' 11 months ago
soooo i'm looking for some shoes to protect my dogs feet on hot pavement, somthing with ACTUAL tread on the bottoms to protect them like my shoes do for me. And now look where i am ,lol
'dude2461' 11 months ago
0:39 that dog does not look happy.. XD
Carol Thomas
'Carol Thomas' 11 months ago
Search and rescue dogs wear them, especially where there's been heat to save damaging their feet. They quickly get used to them, these dogs are clearly first time wearers!
Sarah Skywalker
'Sarah Skywalker' 11 months ago
bahahahahahahahahahah so cute :) the sausage dog was the funniest one
Cory Rardin
'Cory Rardin' 1 year ago
Galloping dogs lol I've seen it all
Cheesepoof 05
'Cheesepoof 05' 1 year ago
Dancing Spiderman
'Dancing Spiderman' 1 year ago
The Best one -- 0:36 - 0:48lol
Dancing Spiderman
'Dancing Spiderman' 1 year ago
1:17 the laugh... and then the snort  hilarious
'Woolfy' 1 year ago
Luna Martinez
'Luna Martinez' 1 year ago
Yeah sure whatever but the animals probably don't like that so they must be hurting animals feelings that may not be animal cruelty but it is hurtful to those animals and they should stop
Helen Will
'Helen Will' 1 year ago
These precious dogs give a new meaning to "knockin boots".
Salvador Guzman
'Salvador Guzman' 1 year ago
and how they
run to you so CUTE
Salvador Guzman
'Salvador Guzman' 1 year ago
IT IS SO CUTE FOR to meeting dog's
'Lbug999' 1 year ago
SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Hans van rijn
'Hans van rijn' 1 year ago
Trek zelf eens vier klopen aan en ga er mee over straat , dan zul je je zien hoe jij uitgelachen wordt
michel potts
'michel potts' 1 year ago
that is animal crulity
The Traveler
'The Traveler' 1 year ago
1:08 Dog: Jackrabbit time people!
therese rizk
'therese rizk' 1 year ago
Amy Maher
'Amy Maher' 1 year ago
+momogoesmoo this is not animal cruelty! if it was people would be beating their dog up or not feeding it but putting shoes (that were made for dogs) is not animal cruelty and besides I help in an animal shelter and it helps the dog ex;walking in snow or really steep rocky places!! get ur facts right next time b4 commenting
Greensmoke 2
'Greensmoke 2' 1 year ago
Upeka Dissanayake
'Upeka Dissanayake' 1 year ago
Dogs be like my owner likes to do crazy things to me and laugh at me..
'sluntmania' 1 year ago
I want to kill, anyone who will put a shoe on a dog..... god i want them dead... oh, yes
Olga B.
'Olga B.' 1 year ago
It looks stupid. A dog doesn't need this kind of stuff.
'jimmyshitbags' 1 year ago
This is how to stop your dog being clumsy. I've never seen dogs step so carefully.
'杜国辉' 2 years ago
funny haha
Ruby Bell
'Ruby Bell' 2 years ago
'MomoGoesMoo' 2 years ago
animal cruelty
Natalyah Scrutchins
'Natalyah Scrutchins' 2 years ago
so funny
Maicy Matthews
'Maicy Matthews' 2 years ago
It's like the shoes are controlling the dogs😹😸🙆🙆
Maicy Matthews
'Maicy Matthews' 2 years ago
'hoi' 2 years ago
Tis best zielig voor die hondjes
Judy gal
'Judy gal' 2 years ago
Thanks for helping.
Bowewe Jackson
'Bowewe Jackson' 2 years ago

Kyle Jones
'Kyle Jones' 2 years ago
There is a dissertation or research study in this somewhere!
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