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Watch chaotic scene as Nick Saban attempted to seek out Dabo Swinney -
Published: 4 months ago By: Alabama Crimson Tide on

By: Alabama Crimson Tide on AL.comPublished: 4 months ago

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Clemson coach Dabo Swinney had already been drenched and his team was rushing the field in victory when the refs waived the teams off to review the onside kick by Clemson with one second left. Players from both benches were trying to leave the sidelines. Fans were ready to swarm the field. It was a very confusing scene.

It warms my heart to see Saban loose a game. Especially to us 🐅💯🔥. Let's go Clemson.
Le Andre St. Hilaire
Jeffrey Ulmer
'Jeffrey Ulmer' 4 weeks ago
Dabo and Nick are actually friends. Dabo has been to Saban's house a few timess with his family i think.
SeekerOfTruth 083
'SeekerOfTruth 083' 2 months ago
He did what most other coaches do, and congratulated the coach of the opposing team.. I'm not sure why there was a need to make a video glorifying it. I guess my question is: What makes what Saban did so special?
'ROOT S' 2 months ago
Saban showed great character......
keith malloy
'keith malloy' 2 months ago
All I can say is what a classy guy much respect. He will be the greatest coach in college football. Him and Dabo are both classy and they both respect each other a lot great game both last years game and this game. Go Tigers!!!! And roll tide. Respect to Alabama fans.
Jonathan Paul Davis
'Jonathan Paul Davis' 3 months ago
What a classy guy
Sheldon Gullah
'Sheldon Gullah' 3 months ago
police escort!!! really that was sooo ""chaotic""
'cmeadows1224' 3 months ago
You never count your money while you're sitting at the table, there will be time enough for counting when the dealings done.
Congrats Clemson, you made lots of people's wishes come true!!!
'Lowcountrydave' 3 months ago
Future rule maybe.... after the game coaches meet at the 50 yard line, lol!
'NOLA WHODAT' 3 months ago
roll tide still my team
Jack Taylor
'Jack Taylor' 3 months ago
Saban looked "LOST" ....... Much like their vaulted defense for the last parts of the game !
Bill Barnfappel
'Bill Barnfappel' 3 months ago
the clock always runs out on one team or the other.
'bigkyle28' 3 months ago
If Dabo had any class Nick Saban wouldn't have had to search him out.
'monkeymanpc' 3 months ago
I believe that Coach Saban did nothing more than his job by searching out Coach Swinney, but for a team that is consistently known for winning, I could see if he got lost in his emotions and just left the field. However I'm glad to see that he didn't and I have much more respect for him and their team by how he handled the loss and the days after. I listened to his press co ferences and how he first talked about his team and then talked about his respect for Dabo and Clemsons team. Best of luck to Alabama in the future.

And maybe we'll see you soon for a best of 3.

- Clemson Student
Dru Sal
'Dru Sal' 3 months ago
Hey where's Dabo???
Noel Dilbert
'Noel Dilbert' 3 months ago
probably had a 3 hr press conference about not findind Dabo...and why waste good Police State Troopers on these stupid College they really need a detail? waste of the good tax payers dollars...smfh
YB that
'YB that's XL' 3 months ago
This is horrible.. Clemson coaches shouldve made it priority as Bama coach did.Not celebrating..smh bc this was Sad to watch!
Carter Buchanan
'Carter Buchanan' 3 months ago
I'd like to see a clip of that last 5 mins when Clemson scored, then Alabama came back and scored and then the ending. I hope fans for either side were not bailing early to "get ahead of traffic" and miss the best part of the whole game. Nail biter of a game for sure. All I found was when the Tide had the surprise loss to Auburn in 2013 after trying to kick a 57 yard field goal and the Auburn guy ran all the way across.
Jeff Allen
'Jeff Allen' 3 months ago
all those police officers and no one has a radio?
Colton Thompson
'Colton Thompson' 3 months ago
'EdgyHysterics' 3 months ago
Saban is a class act. truly will go down as the greatest of all time
Bobby Oneill
'Bobby Oneill' 3 months ago
Pure Class.
'TempeSoldier123' 3 months ago
Dabo is a POS but Clemson won so good for them.
BamBam Bammer
'BamBam Bammer' 3 months ago
Ok let's clear the air here. first congrats to Dabo and Clemson on a great season. second. the last play was illegal. it was a pick. the WR did not block the guy covering the WR that caught the football. But he did block his guy before the pass was completed across the line of scrimmage. If the ball had been thrown behind the line of scrimmage it would have been legal. But it was not. that being said. that is not what beat Bama. what beat them was 0 for 12 on third downs in the second half. You can't keep dumping your defense out there over and over and expect to win.
'ThisIsGonnaBFine' 3 months ago
So Tired of Alabama, but that was Huge of Saban! GO HOKIES!
Chris Johnson
'Chris Johnson' 3 months ago
100% pure class. Saban catches a lot of shit but he is a good man
Kevin Rowland
'Kevin Rowland' 3 months ago
Hahaha, where the hell did that damn Dabo go, or whatever his name is...
Brett Dawson
'Brett Dawson' 3 months ago
He was only half-assed looking. Saban's a phony.
'Proudmule1' 3 months ago
Class act. And typical of Saban. Yes, yes there are those out there that love to throw stones at him.......but that group is made up of people who don't know and/or have never tried to get to know him. If you talk to or listen to people who actually know the man they consistently speak highly of him. Many with immense gratitude. So many of his former players, coaches, etc almost speak reverently about the positive impact he has and/or had on their lives.
Jared Cotton
'Jared Cotton' 3 months ago
As a Clemson fan, I can say that I have the utmost respect for Saban. Many people criticize him for "lack of emotion" and such, but I say he is a class act.
'rjb555' 3 months ago
Somebody get that man a GPS!
Brad Eads
'Brad Eads' 3 months ago
My brother(Alabama alum) was at the game, and he told me how classy all the Clemson fans were. Congrats, Tigers. Be seeing you real soon.
Carter Buchanan
'Carter Buchanan' 3 months ago
Awesome coaches for both teams.
Spetsnaz Pocomaxa
'Spetsnaz Pocomaxa' 3 months ago
I'm a Alabama fan and want to say something. Nick Saban has spoiled most
of the Bama fans. You can't win every game. Just not going to happen.
All I care about is beating Auburn every year! Football would be boring
if Alabama won the National Championship every year. Same with the New
York Yankees when they were kicking ass in the mid to late 1990's and
winning the World Series many times. I like to see different teams win a
National Championship, but again... I HATE AUBURN!!!!!
Boundless Vlogs
'Boundless Vlogs' 3 months ago
Great job beating those pieces of shits
Ronnie Bishop
'Ronnie Bishop' 4 months ago
That was so much better than most championships games. Like LSU Alabama. that's why real fans are many.
Pete Leaupepetele
'Pete Leaupepetele' 4 months ago
classic coach nick Saban. ..
Jordan South
'Jordan South' 4 months ago
Congrats to Clemson for your first in over 3 decades. And congrats to Dabo for his first title game

Die hard Bama fan

Hope to see you next year for the best of 3

Roll tide
Too many pigs.
James Collins
'James Collins' 4 months ago
congrats to Clemson from a Bama fan,
Illtempo 1980
'Illtempo 1980' 4 months ago
Where was Dabo? He was supposed to meet Saban on the 50 yard line. There is plenty of time for interviews and celebrations. The first thing he should've done was meet the other coach on the 50. Dabo didn't show much class right there.
Mark Grayson
'Mark Grayson' 4 months ago
Too bad Hillary fans and the wacko Leftist couldn't act like this and accept defeat as classy and graciously as Mr. Saban. What an class act and perfect example of sportsmanship!
Aaron Janzen
'Aaron Janzen' 4 months ago
Alabama, players, fans, coaches.... mad respect for your awesome program. Great game.

-Clemson Fan
Official Marvelo Hathaway
I love and admire Saban. I just don't know why it feels so good to watch Alabama lose.
Sweet Home Alabama
'Sweet Home Alabama' 4 months ago
Love Coach Saban!
Charlie Crowe
'Charlie Crowe' 4 months ago
At about 1:45 to 1:46 a short smile.
Tobie Hand
'Tobie Hand' 4 months ago
He is such a class act and the G.O.A.T. in my opinion. Bama is so lucky to have him! He almost pulled off a victory against the greatest QB in the nation with a brand new OC and a freshman QB. The future is bright for him if he stays at Bama. If anyone starts criticizing him I will blow my top! ha!
Gary Caldwell
'Gary Caldwell' 4 months ago
Saban is so short, he couldn't see over anyone. lol.
T Bone
'T Bone' 4 months ago
Nick Saban spent is whole career cheating. Laughable that he leaves a loser. Waling around looking like a complete clown...Google Eric Knott- a guy who raped a 13 year old girl and Saban allowed him to play the next week at MSU. Knott had to run the stairs. He cheated and the NFL exposed him as a fraud.
Clay Criswell
'Clay Criswell' 4 months ago
He really is and all that shit about him in the past at Miami, I think he's more than learned from that experience. Coach Saban is my coach any day of the week! Roll Tide Roll!!
Randy Ayo
'Randy Ayo' 4 months ago
Good sportsmanship, seeking him out.
Roc Righteous Ministry Abandoned Exploration
I love our Coach Saban. His success is immeasurable. And Dabo is not a bad Coach at all. God bless.
Johnny Knoxville
'Johnny Knoxville' 4 months ago
For all the young athletes out there - this is how you handle victory and defeat. The sun will rise again today and Saban will load the gun again and go hunting. Never give up. And congrats to Clemson, well deserved and couldn't have happened to a better guy than Dabo.
'jenniferrobinson2000' 4 months ago
Awsome game everyone played hard!Go ooooo TIGERS!!!Much love!!
robert jones
'robert jones' 4 months ago
Class act
'Shane' 4 months ago
As a Bama fan, I wasn't even that upset with the loss of a close game. This just adds hype to next year to see who will win the Best of 3.

If they can even make it. As Ban fans, we should hope they do so we can taste our sweet revenge.
Marcus Nelson
'Marcus Nelson' 4 months ago
Dabo sure wasnt looking for saban that hard
'THEALABAMANATI0N' 4 months ago
Congrats to Dabo & Clemson. Was a hell of a game! RTR!!
'TheZombieWolf94' 4 months ago
That was one hell of a game
Alex Palmer
'Alex Palmer' 4 months ago
Nick Saban you are a good guy, walking through the screaming fans to congratulate Dabo. Both teams has played their hearts out and I think we both deserve the National Title not just this year last year too but I give Clemson credit for the win but I wish Clemson fans would recognize that we are both #1 Teams and there is no sense in being Sore winners and Sore loosers we both deserve praise but i doubt anyone will give it to bama and i feel so sorry for are seniors who have to go out with that close of a game, But Bama Fans know The Dynasty is not over just because we lost a game!!! As long as Saban is at Alabama we will be at the top of College Football. But Congratulations Clemson and May the Tide keep rolling
De Jo
'De Jo' 4 months ago
to the button hurt bandwagon Bama fans, Bama can't win every game. that's just part of football. stop pretending this wasn't a great game and either jump ship for clemson, or lower your expectations. Roll Tide
De Jo
'De Jo' 4 months ago
hell yeah, just seeing that amount of sportsmanship from a coach is amazing. gg clemson they deserve the W. ROLL TIDE.Hopefully they'll both be back next year for another showdown!
Alabama Fan pro2
'Alabama Fan pro2' 4 months ago
We will beat them
'Mike' 4 months ago
Congratulations, Clemson. I already said going in to the game that I'd be okay if we lost to you because it'd be an opponent that tested us.

You beat a team unbeaten in the season on a multiple-season win-streak on top of the NC. There's a lot to be said for that and, yet again, Bama vs Clemson proved to be an incredible game of football to watch.

I'm still proud of Alabama and how far some of the players have come and I think it's important to realise that we're moulding a team around our new QB and now that he has had a sniff of greatness, I'm sure he'll come back and work even harder.

Roll Tide.
'Dangerna' 4 months ago
Guess Dabo's crawl on ass didn't get the memo after the game coaches meet at the 50, he runs the obvious illegal pick, they can't tackle Bo so they go low all game till he is injured , and at the end the CLASSLESS dabo says "this is for the ohio st's of the world that do it right" What a dipshit, meyer is the most bullshit coach in the history of the game from sanctions, fake heart illness to just being shit and dabo is kissing his ass, LMFAO
Enjoy this bullshit fluke ass win clemson, go give your ref's their final check, it will be another 40 years before you get another one.
Cody Butler
'Cody Butler' 4 months ago
Jalen Hurts well hope he doesn't get use to playing QB defantiley won't be one at the next level if he even gets there
'Gloveberg' 4 months ago
So for all the people that criticize Saban and talk shit about him what about him wading through of sea of oblivious people trying to find Sweeney to do the right thing and congratulate him on the field? He could have easily said screw it and just walked off to congratulate him later.
'7700Purplexity' 4 months ago
Apparently Dabo paid the refs not to call the pick plays nor call offensive pass interference.
AB Butler
'AB Butler' 4 months ago
Very classy
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