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Top 100 Most Watched Music Videos (VEVO) -
Published: 5 months ago By: ESC MKD

By: ESC MKDPublished: 5 months ago

61, 701 views

853 Likes   50 Dislikes

Top 100 Vevo Most Watched Music Videos as of December 10, 2016.

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Mari Panther
'Mari Panther' 7 days ago
I'm only here to see Ariana's achievements go Ari♡♡♡
Poland M
'Poland M' 1 week ago
Where are gangam style and see you again?
'MAXJ TV' 2 months ago
See you again is missing!!
Keshava Murthy
'Keshava Murthy' 2 months ago
maroon5 vs one republic vs imagine dragons vs one direction vote your favourite
xReader x
'xReader x' 2 months ago
I think the song "See You Again" has the most views
Carlos Martinez
'Carlos Martinez' 2 months ago
falto Ariana grande con F o c u s
Jordy van Schagen
'Jordy van Schagen' 2 months ago
Ser you again almost 2500000000 and gangnam style ???
'Jaap' 3 months ago
You forgot November rain :-\
Fabian Schau
'Fabian Schau' 3 months ago
"See you again" has more views than "sorry"...
wanwu hu
'wanwu hu' 3 months ago
'Annesdiarylife' 3 months ago
Rip gangnam style
Anuj Dhakal
'Anuj Dhakal' 3 months ago
you missed ed sheeran's thinking out loud man
yuvrajsingh rajpurohit
watching in 2017?....
adam garcia
'adam garcia' 3 months ago
gagnam style?
berni orosco martinez
ariana grande
riki martin
keiti perry
PS B.O.Y.Z 24
'PS B.O.Y.Z 24' 3 months ago
Wheres gangnam style and see you again
'IliaPlayz' 3 months ago
wrong psy has most vievs
Alex Pantaleru
'Alex Pantaleru' 4 months ago
Gaga <3
Дмитрий Зернов
Всё равно самая лучшая песня это Love Me Like You Do от Ellie Goulding!
Navigator Alligator
'Navigator Alligator' 4 months ago
This list is inaccurate, the most viewed song is Gangnam style and the second most viewed song is See you again which is a vevo song. Bad blood and Closer both have exceeded 1 billion views now. Blank space has about 1.9 billion views and uptown funk had about 2.1 billion views now.
Ivan Jimenez
'Ivan Jimenez' 4 months ago
Sorry is not the most watched is Gangnam Style
Kate Hajna
'Kate Hajna' 4 months ago
Why do they say someone is featured on an album when the other person sings the most?
Kate Hajna
'Kate Hajna' 4 months ago
One Direction Drag Me Down, Katy Perry Wide Awake, Maroon 5 One More Night, Imagine Dragons Radioactive, Ariana Grande Focus, Taylor Swift You Belong With Me, Shawn Mendes Stitches, Shakira Can't Remember To Forget You, One Direction What Makes You Beautiful, Katy Perry Last Friday Night ( T.G.I.F ), Firework, The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey Closer, Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball, Carly Rae Jepsen Call Me Maybe, Taylor Swift Bad Blood ft. Kendrick Lamar, John Legend All Of Me, Justin Bieber Love Yourself, Drake Hotline Bling, Magic! Rude, Avicii Wake Me Up, 5th Harmony Work From Home ft. Ty Dolla $ign, 5th Harmony Worth It ft. Kid Ink, Justin Bieber What Do You Mean, Maroon 5 Sugar, Katy Perry Dark Horse ft. Juicy J, Meghan Trainor All About That Bass, Katy Perry Roar, Taylor Swift Shake It Off, Taylor Swift Blank Space, Bruno Mars ft. Mark Ronson Uptown Funk, Justin Bieber Sorry
Kate Hajna
'Kate Hajna' 4 months ago
Great choices!
Reckie Ly 2
'Reckie Ly 2' 4 months ago
1. Gangam style
Rachel Madura
'Rachel Madura' 4 months ago
Neno Martínez
'Neno Martínez' 4 months ago
well before commenting why some songs like gangnam style, see you again and others are not here, first look at those VEVO written and then talk ok?
Pınar Erman
'Pınar Erman' 4 months ago
Katy Perry is the best
Cecilia Valente
'Cecilia Valente' 4 months ago
selenator belieber
'selenator belieber' 4 months ago
where is come and getbit
harmonizers 5h
'harmonizers 5h' 4 months ago
Michael N
'Michael N' Roses' 4 months ago
Guns N' Roses at 67 ❤
cold hearted
'cold hearted' 4 months ago
70 👌👌
Maria Eduarda
'Maria Eduarda' 4 months ago
one direction💛
karolina kowalska
'karolina kowalska' 4 months ago
see you again
Alyssa Bennett
'Alyssa Bennett' 4 months ago
I miss Justin Bieber in Baby :<<<<
Lisa Sanchez
'Lisa Sanchez' 4 months ago
Minos Huang
'Minos Huang' 4 months ago
Only one from eminem...
Daniela Samešová
'Daniela Samešová' 4 months ago
Taylor Swift is best
'WyooDieWay' 4 months ago
First one can't be sorry first is gangan style
Benedict Adrian
'Benedict Adrian' 4 months ago
go Taylor!!
Meli Bieber
'Meli Bieber' 4 months ago
Justin's song the 1st! Congrats baby!♥
jon smith
'jon smith' 4 months ago
2,298,951,704 Abut Wiz Khalifa - See You Again ?
DannyAndMason Gaming
'DannyAndMason Gaming' 4 months ago
where is the most video on the site gangnam style
CoolKidJJGT Gaming
'CoolKidJJGT Gaming' 4 months ago
Melanie Lara
'Melanie Lara' 4 months ago
Worth It:
2015: 455,100,196 - #91
2016: 1,208,669,653 - #18
caique levir
'caique levir' 4 months ago
its too easy read the descripition instead of stay like crazy asking where are psy or see you again...
Ghorbgia Middle
'Ghorbgia Middle' 4 months ago
Where is gangnam Style
Daniel Sales
'Daniel Sales' 4 months ago
psy is the first
Savannah Shelton
'Savannah Shelton' 4 months ago
'-' what the fuck is wrong with this generation
Adhitya Alkatiri
'Adhitya Alkatiri' 5 months ago
Clarel avb
'Clarel avb' 5 months ago
'XxPA NDAxX' 5 months ago
Freaking Love this Channel <3
Davis Marcello
'Davis Marcello' 5 months ago
One Thing Dont Have It Has 503M views
'JulJasMah' 5 months ago
do your research
Forty Four A Class
'Forty Four A Class' 5 months ago
WTF ???? Where is See you again and Gangnam Style ???
Alina Åkerberg
'Alina Åkerberg' 5 months ago
eminem <333
Κουκλα Numder1
'Κουκλα Numder1' 5 months ago
Nóra Zelkó
'Nóra Zelkó' 5 months ago
Princess Jauregui
'Princess Jauregui' 5 months ago
fifth harmony 😘
'TechnetPro' 5 months ago
Ten Colombian songs in the top
'pandagamer8503' 5 months ago
Im a biggggggg Harmonizer
FootyStar Galvez
'FootyStar Galvez' 5 months ago
What happened to see you again and gangnam style
Daiane Alves
'Daiane Alves' 5 months ago
Vídeo mestiroso a música mais acessada e a do psy
Kairon Souza
'Kairon Souza' 5 months ago
mano cadê o Bruno Mars 😪
Kairon Souza
'Kairon Souza' 5 months ago
cadê a nick minaj hey mama 👀👀👀👀
Kairon Souza
'Kairon Souza' 5 months ago
rihanna 😍😍😍
Kairon Souza
'Kairon Souza' 5 months ago
faltou o Michel telo
Muhammad Shoeb Ayubi
'Muhammad Shoeb Ayubi' 5 months ago
These views are not accurate...if ur makin a countdown of VEVO videos den show d view count of d videos according to VEVO views coz bad blood has already crossed 1 billion it seems...
GabrielThe Awsome
'GabrielThe Awsome' 5 months ago
You forgot see you again, and some of psy
Guillaume_ Nssr
'Guillaume_ Nssr' 5 months ago
il manque wiz khalifa
Илья Буйкевич
oppa gagnam style - 2 600 000 000
Mlgbobbery Gamer
'Mlgbobbery Gamer' 5 months ago
I subbed
Mlgbobbery Gamer
'Mlgbobbery Gamer' 5 months ago
great work you need more views for this one though
The Awkward Kid XoXo
'The Awkward Kid XoXo' 5 months ago
Okay, this might be a waste of time And barely anyone will read this but In my opinion, I'm really good with music. I'm into some good music and I think I'm okay with judging songs /10 So I'm going to do it. P.s I'm not going to judge as you think. I'm going to type artists and List there songs and judge them :P

Shakira Songs!
Loca: 7/10
Rabiosa: 8/10
Can't remember to forget you: 7/10
Whenever wherever: 8/10
Waka Waka: 10/10
La La La (Dare): 5-6/10

Taylor Swift songs!
Love Story: 7/10
Blank space: 4/10
Knew you were trouble: 4/10
22: 4/10
Wildest dreams: 8/10
Bad blood: 4/10
Shake it off: 3/10

Rihanna Songs:

Only Girl in the world: 8/10
Stay: 10/10
Man Down: 7/10
Umbrella: 4/10
Work: 3/10
Whats my name: 6/10

Selena Gomez Songs!

Who says: 10/10
Slow down: 4/10
Naturally: 7/10
Come And get it: 8/10
Love you like A love song: 4/10
Hands to myself: 7/10
Same Old Love: 8/10

David Guetta Songs!

Without you: 7/10
Titanium: 8/10
Whos that chick: 8/10 (I like it, becuase I used to love it when I was little and It's a good party song to me)
Work Hard Play Hard: 5/10

Sia Songs!

Chandilier: 9/10
The Greatest: 6/10
Elastic heart: 8/10
Wild Ones: 7/10
Cheap thrills: 7/10

Ellie Goulding songs!

Starry Eyed: 9/10
Love me like you do: 6/10
Burn: 4/10 (The reason why, I judged it low is becuase All she says Is burn, burn, burn and I just don't really like it)
Beating heart: 8/10
Goodness gracious: 7/10
On my mind: 8/10

Ariana Grande Songs!

Problem: 4/10
Bang Bang: 4/10
Focus: 4/10
Populer song: 8/10
Right there: 8/10
Baby I: 6/10
Love me Harder: 8/10
Break free: 7/10

Avril Lavigne Songs!

Complicated: 6/10
Happy ending: 7/10
Here's for never growing up: 8/10
What the hell: 6/10
Alice: 9/10
When your gone: 8/10

Britney Spears songs!

Baby One more time: 7/10
Slumber party: 4/10
Toxic: 8/10
If you seek Amy: 9/10
Till the world ends: 8/10 (I like it becuase It's happy And I'm normally sad)
Work Bitch: 4/10
Hold It against me: 4/10
Oops...I did It again: 7/10
Everytime: 10/10 (It sounds Like an Angels Singing In the song)

Lady GaGa Songs!

Edge of glory: 8/10
Bad romance: 8/10
Poker face: 4/10 (I just don't like it, sorry)
Alejandro: 7/10
Marry the night: 8/10
Applause: 7/10
Paparazzi: 9/10
Just dance: 6/10
Born this way: 8/10

Lana Del Rey Songs! (My favourite Singer)

Shades Of cool: 10/10
Brooklyn Baby: 10/10
High by the beach: 10/10
Born to die: 8/10
Summertime Sadness: 10/10
Video games: 10/10
National anthem: 7/10
Ride: 10/10
Blue Jeans: 10/10
Young and beautiful: 10/10

Demi Levato Songs!

Heart Attack: 4/10
Cool for the summer: 8/10
Really don't care: 8/10
Neon Lights: 5/10
Give your heart a break: 5/10
Confident: 6/10
Stone Cold: 8/10

Miley Cyrus Songs!

The Climb: 10/10
Wrecking ball: 6/10
We can't stop: 4/10
7 things: 8/10
Party In the Usa: 8/10
Can't be tamed: 6/10 (I've never really listened to it)
Dooo it: 4/10
Adore you: 9/10 (The reason, why it's that high is becuase I love the song. It sounds good. I ignored the video)

Adele Songs!

Someone Like you: 8/10
Rolling in the deep: 7/10
Hello: 4/10
Skyfall: 7/10

Katy Perry Songs!

Roar: 4/10
Dark Horse: 4/10
Part of me: 8/10
Last Friday night: 5/10
E.T: 4/10
The one that got away: 8/10
Firework: 6/10 (It's A bit low because it's to loud and Annoying for me, sorry)
California Girls: 4/10
Hot N cold: 7/10
Andres Cespedes
'Andres Cespedes' 5 months ago
Gangnam style number one and number two is see you again
Chiara Styles
'Chiara Styles' 5 months ago
francisco obdulio perez gavarrete
Gaga 💙
Vinter Vareich
'Vinter Vareich' 5 months ago
Lady Gaga still going strong at #55!
Flingnau ́
'Flingnau ́' 5 months ago
where is see you again?2.248.405.048 calls.
Inori Yuzuriha
'Inori Yuzuriha' 5 months ago
- Katy Perry:
+ Wide awake
+ Last friday night
+ Firework
+ Dark horse
+ Roar

- Rihanna:
+ Stay
+ What's my name?
+ We found love
+ Work
+ Diamonds

- Justin Bieber:
+ Boy friend
+ Never say never
+ Beauty and a beat
+ Love yourself
+ What do you mean?
+ Baby
+ Sorry

- Calvin Harris:
+ I need your love
+ How deep is your love?
+ Summer
+ This is what you came for

- Arian Grande:
+ Focus
+ Break free
+ Bang bang
+ Problem

- Taylor Swirt:
+ You belong with me
+ Bad blood
+ Shake it off
+ Blank space

- Shakira:
+ Can't remmber to forget you
+ La la la
+ Waka waka

- Adele:
+ Someone like you
+ Rolling in the deep
+ Hello

- Minaj Nicki:
+ Super bass
+ Anaconda
+ Bang bang
Little Thirlwall
'Little Thirlwall' 5 months ago
Drag Me Down only 100 😱 This is their best song
Fashion Trend 13
'Fashion Trend 13' 5 months ago
#teenager_pop_music 🏴🎼🎤press the blue highlighted hash tag and you'll have amazing playlists of PoP songs😜☄😎👌🏼🎤
'Pia's magic world' 5 months ago
ESC Amir
'ESC Amir' 5 months ago
89, 34 and 27 SLAY !!!! 😍❤️❤️💁🏼‍♂️👑
Samir I
'Samir I' 5 months ago
great video
Joel Martinez
'Joel Martinez' 5 months ago
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