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The monster under my bed is a wolf! -
Published: 5 months ago By: Sarah and the Wolves

By: Sarah and the WolvesPublished: 5 months ago

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I've never had to worry about monsters under the bed because I've got my resident protection: Lakomi! Have you ever heard a wolfdog purr? Well Lakomi does when she gets to play indoors! Listen closely!

Lakomi is an upper-mid content wolfdog who is a lifetime resident at the sanctuary. While she usually lives in an outdoor, 2 acre large enclosure with her mate, Masaw, she had to stay inside for a few days following a medical procedure. It took her a bit to feel comfortable, but she quickly found her safe space under the bed and colonized it. Wolves will dig dens for protection and safety, and Lakomi made her makeshift den comfortable by ripping apart pillows, toys, couches, and just about everything else and bringing it under the bed.

Howler_ ThePirateWolf
Awwww!!!So Cute!!!
Darken NoShinka
'Darken NoShinka' 3 weeks ago
sounds like she's whining...
Alex the wolf
'Alex the wolf' 3 weeks ago
aww she so cute but shy
Phil Gallagher
'Phil Gallagher' 4 weeks ago
Ha-ha,so cute girl! I remember that she was found surviving in the wild at 8 months old.
Aaron Elam
'Aaron Elam' 4 weeks ago
why is he scared
Aaron Elam
'Aaron Elam' 4 weeks ago
I love that wolf
Kc the German Shepard Baby KC
Omg so cute
Chibi Courts
'Chibi Courts' 1 month ago
I laughed when Lakomi grabbed her harness like "This is mine now so I'll be taking it under here"
MCPE AshleyTheGamer_Wolf
Lol Cute😀
Nia Nelson
'Nia Nelson' 2 months ago
Wolf: Crawls out
Grabs keys
Eases back into the shadows 😂
Andrei Master
'Andrei Master' 2 months ago
why cry ? ;-(
John Gate
'John Gate' 2 months ago
lol she clearly has to go to the bathroom
Squidward Tentacles
'Squidward Tentacles' 2 months ago
is that normal for a wolf? all the "crying" (don't know what to call it)
Adam Fitzpatrick
'Adam Fitzpatrick' 2 months ago
Awww what a cutie!
Cyrus Jimenez
'Cyrus Jimenez' 2 months ago
is cute the wolf maybe so CUTE
Jagger Williams
'Jagger Williams' 2 months ago
William Shapiro
'William Shapiro' 3 months ago
Well... they are den dwelling animals
Nunu Nuny
'Nunu Nuny' 3 months ago
Oh my got😲
This wolf is so amazing and cute❤
I just love wolves❤❤❤
'GreyWolfLeaderTW' 3 months ago
You can tell she tore the stuffing out of some poor toy there. Her whines are adorable. She clearly is well loved and taken care of.
'Snowme' 3 months ago
It's Whiney Wolficus
top5 nightcore girl
'top5 nightcore girl' 3 months ago
he is scared to the sun by the way
'priestof1' 4 months ago
why is she whining ?
Frederika Katuuk
'Frederika Katuuk' 4 months ago
why is he crying?did he wanted to play outside?
'AishaVonFossen' 4 months ago
Aww, I just wanna snuggle her face and ask, "Aww, what's wrong?" when she whines. LOL
Carlos Mercado
'Carlos Mercado' 4 months ago
Awe what a cutie 😘 I would love to get one like u have Sarah
Wolf Link is life
'Wolf Link is life' 4 months ago
I'm the alpha female wolf! I don't lurk under beds like a damn dog, I lurk in the shadows deep in the dense forests.... waiting for a kick ass nighttime meal.🐾
Philip Bahia
'Philip Bahia' 4 months ago
what's the Wolf's name
Galaxy wolf101
'Galaxy wolf101' 5 months ago
Wolves r my favorite animals
Spellmoon Patronus
'Spellmoon Patronus' 5 months ago
Awwww why u crying😢 do u need a hug, I will be happy to give u one (>•.•)>
t korevaar
't korevaar' 5 months ago
So cute💕
Justine Tullos
'Justine Tullos' 5 months ago
😂😂😂 what a goofball!!
ToNeRgOo plays
'ToNeRgOo plays' 5 months ago
take cover!
Kerrie Jaxon
'Kerrie Jaxon' 5 months ago
Awww she's gorgeous, and very lucky to have someone who loves her as much as you. Give her kisses from England xx
Rayne Belladonna
'Rayne Belladonna' 5 months ago
Aww she's sweet. I can tell she is reacting with guilt for destroying a cushion.
'Oliver' 5 months ago
Awww wish I could pet her
bluespacecrafts s
'bluespacecrafts s' 5 months ago
what a lovely lil monster
Bethany Mae
'Bethany Mae' 5 months ago
I love Lakomi so much. 😭
Carvanni Andrew
'Carvanni Andrew' 5 months ago
Well look at this cutie
Alz Lemuria
'Alz Lemuria' 5 months ago
I cant stop watching :-)
'LaRizzyChange' 5 months ago
Its so fluffy - despicable me reference
Evelyn C
'Evelyn C' 5 months ago
This adorable wolf is so spoiled,,,,,,,,,,,,
'MMØ GĀMĘS' 5 months ago
So cute and spooky 😍
The White Wolf
'The White Wolf' 5 months ago
Hey its my cousin
'Mustangprime' 5 months ago
So spoopy
'AE OE' 5 months ago
Purr... Purrrr...
'Victorian' 5 months ago
Best wolf ever!
Hoàng Higo
'Hoàng Higo' 5 months ago
Aw so cute
'Puff,TheMagic' 5 months ago
My Border Collie also makes little dens under beds and tables, and behind chairs to feel comfortable. That's genetics for you.
'WillyTheComposer' 5 months ago
My day always improves when I see new videos on this channel
'ButtonMash0847' 5 months ago
chris spencer
'chris spencer' 5 months ago
now that's one spooky doggo
'cedrik9' 5 months ago
beautiful! name?
'TheDennisShow' 5 months ago
She is so cute
'ItsASquid' 5 months ago
I am the one hiding under your bed.
Eyes glowing bright and whining ahead!
'RoadRunner' 5 months ago
@0:52 Haha! Fluffy wolfbutt! Love the way she crawls back under the bed.
Wolfinstine The Flaming
dat is adorable
Gothic Boy
'Gothic Boy' 5 months ago
Kill3rwolf 135
'Kill3rwolf 135' 5 months ago
It is so cute
'SanDeygo' 5 months ago
Seeing your videos is always a treat; whenever I see one appear in my feed it immediately brightens my day. Keep up the good work!
Damien Patrick
'Damien Patrick' 5 months ago
lmao that is cute!
Jacob Kelpsas
'Jacob Kelpsas' 5 months ago
I would sell my soul if I could keep that wolf like if you agree lol
Randy Monger
'Randy Monger' 5 months ago
8 views in 21 seconds... lmao
loser fish
'loser fish' 5 months ago
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