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Walk Of Fame Official Trailer (2017) Scott Eastwood Comedy Movie HD -
Published: 3 months ago By: ONE Media

By: ONE MediaPublished: 3 months ago

4, 100, 112 views

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Walk Of Fame Trailer (2017) Scott Eastwood Comedy Movie HD [Official Trailer]
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siham bh
'siham bh' 22 hours ago
Holy shit Scott Eastwood this is not your type of movies babe what are you doing?!!!
RM Ikhsan
'RM Ikhsan' 1 day ago
Who is the Nikki?
**The Happy Hoot**
"Mask...not a face.." This one got me!!
Nguyễn Hữu Vương
3.8/10 what the hell ?
Fonzie Ru
'Fonzie Ru' 3 days ago
that girl looks really pretty. That's the most compliment I could give for this clip.
'FitnessJones' 3 days ago
There were actual studio executives who approved this trailer. they watched it and said 'yep this is a good trailer. go ahead and release it.'
Natalie G
'Natalie G' 3 days ago
this world is over.
Shana Del Rae
'Shana Del Rae' 3 days ago
This movie trailer is giving me late 90's B movie trailer Vibes, I'm in!!!!!!!!!!
Napa Cook
'Napa Cook' 6 days ago
Awful lmao
'KittyCutey12' 6 days ago
Drew signs up for an acting class at the famous Star Academy in Hollywood after falling for aspiring actress Nikki. He gets more than he bargained for when he encounters an eccentric and volatile acting coach and the cast of crazy characters looking for their big break in Tinsel Town. Can Drew survive the insanity of the Star Academy and win Nikki's heart?

Yeah, I google it.
Alex Castro
'Alex Castro' 6 days ago
How can you not get that reference
shekhar yadav
'shekhar yadav' 6 days ago
Well this was shitty!!!
'Rory's Day' 7 days ago
Who the fuck wrote this dumb screen play I give this movie zero 🌟 This movie should be called I lost my marbles while I was shiting on the toilet
Krissy Norman
'Krissy Norman' 1 week ago
fillerz. #¢¢soon.
Krissy Norman
'Krissy Norman' 1 week ago
#mkuplvit #doll #uni ornz #sephora #fameous #mnyythingz. awezz. lvvuuudoll.
This trailer has the appeal of a damp cloth.
Santos Lewynn
'Santos Lewynn' 1 week ago
Scott: Look, Dad, every great actor has acted in a dud once in a while.
Clint: You re talking about my movie with that orangutan, aren't ya. ya know Clyde and I better on screen chemistry than you and watzername.
Luis Gonzalez
'Luis Gonzalez' 1 week ago
overrated. This role should have been younger.
'dee2525' 1 week ago
well this movie is going to suck!
Abdullah Nasser
'Abdullah Nasser' 2 weeks ago
Movies these days man!
Benjamin Taylor
'Benjamin Taylor' 2 weeks ago
I felt like I just watched 2 trailers for different movies. This looks like garbage
Cool JJ
'Cool JJ' 2 weeks ago
Not a good movie.. but on 1:11 he really kind of look like chris evans
Taylor Zamora
'Taylor Zamora' 2 weeks ago
Scott Eastwood....why dude why. You're better than this.
Bakkayaru Magibon
'Bakkayaru Magibon' 2 weeks ago
She should just do porn..PLEASE!
tim rittgers
'tim rittgers' 2 weeks ago
Can an attractive lead couple and suggestive situations be enough to save this move? Not going to spend the money to find out!
kelly perez
'kelly perez' 2 weeks ago
Alex DeLarge ♥
RoRo W
'RoRo W' 3 weeks ago
This looks like it escaped from 2002
'highdough' 3 weeks ago
I have absolutely no idea what that was.
'under88Me' 3 weeks ago
Really bad movies should be punished with jail.
Hike Munt
'Hike Munt' 3 weeks ago
Take a group of characters that have nothing to do with each other, mix them up in a wacky situation and pack on as many indie film cliches as possible.
'JUST JAPE' 3 weeks ago
hey i worked in a call center before!
Simon Huang
'Simon Huang' 3 weeks ago
what kind of knock off chris evans...
'newflava89AGAIN' 4 weeks ago
boooring bye....
'FluroAGdolls' 4 weeks ago
wtf was this made with an imovie trailer
Nicholas Olson
'Nicholas Olson' 4 weeks ago
Who's the actor that plays the old man at the beginning of this video? I recognize his voice but can't put my finger to the source.
Isabella K
'Isabella K' 4 weeks ago
I can't even make it through this trailer, god knows what the whole thing is like.
'havva88' 4 weeks ago
Ouch! What did I just watch !? so disappointing Scott...
'Alq' 4 weeks ago
3 minutes felt like 30 minutes
Viki Viki
'Viki Viki' 4 weeks ago
and that is how careers go down tge drain
Juliet Jj
'Juliet Jj' 4 weeks ago
She looks like megan fox in blonde
'Cainwerth' 4 weeks ago
This looks utter putrid
'scrainbow1234' 1 month ago
I would pay to not watch this.
Katie K
'Katie K' 1 month ago
This looks like a terrible movie, but...Scott Eastwood is delicious!
Jeremy Ormsby
'Jeremy Ormsby' 1 month ago
dr monty
'BitchBeLoccco' 1 month ago
Talk about a discount Chris Evans
Aitch Cee S
'Aitch Cee S' 1 month ago
looks like a POS
Itsurgurlsufia Lu
'Itsurgurlsufia Lu' 1 month ago
Looks like a witty movie really want to watch it
M. Valdes
'M. Valdes' 1 month ago
The girl is gorgeous but I still wouldn't watch it
'katechoco' 1 month ago
I didnt even make it through the trailer -.-
'drchen054' 1 month ago
I like her personality, confidence, and humor.
Kylie Smith
'Kylie Smith' 1 month ago
I found her Facebook page.
John S
'John S' 1 month ago
His eyes are too close together 2/7 would bang.
Yk Jadaaa
'Yk Jadaaa' 1 month ago
Who else didn't understand the trailer
Yk Jadaaa
'Yk Jadaaa' 1 month ago
I honestly don't understand he movie
'BS' 1 month ago
you never know..this could actually be funny.
'Natalie' 1 month ago
scott is not hot enough to be this talentless
Deadpan Lolli
'Deadpan Lolli' 1 month ago
Scott Eastwood deserves better.
Chris Jarma
'Chris Jarma' 2 months ago
this a Pile of 💩
Jack Mascio
'Jack Mascio' 2 months ago
'Microvita' 2 months ago
2:05 jimmy fallons dad everyone
Seanpaul Donnell
'Seanpaul Donnell' 2 months ago
stop just stop
'Macleodking' 2 months ago
Scott Eastwood, reduced to playing a certified beta-male being treated like shit by various women. If you have any self respect, NEVER AGAIN play something this emasculating and nauseatingly predictable or your career will be finished.
'HangDeath' 2 months ago
horrible... this shouldnt deserve a trailer..
Vicky Venton
'Vicky Venton' 2 months ago
🔴 Walk Of Fame 2017 ' full movie ' NOW already in
'ConnieP' 2 months ago
tf alex what the hell are you doing here
'zoz' 2 months ago
I thought this is a serial of (walk of shame)
Eyenem Music
'Eyenem Music' 2 months ago
What? The trailer looked like they just threw random scenes there.
'MI S' 2 months ago
wish the movie was about the old man in the beginning, doesn't seem like any of the other characters have actual substance
Leeroy Jenkins
'Leeroy Jenkins' 2 months ago
what the fuck is this
Melissa Nelson
'Melissa Nelson' 2 months ago
This is such a poorly edited trailer. I can't even tell what this movie is actually about.
'Maya' 2 months ago
This looks like something that goes straight to DVD
Abel Mishima
'Abel Mishima' 2 months ago
What is Malcolm "Psycho" Mc Dowell doing in this shit movie?!
'alobaidy' 2 months ago
boring ..
'Lina' 2 months ago
this trailer was a mess
Christopher Michael
'Christopher Michael' 2 months ago
this looks like its going to be terrible. but chris kattan is in it so i must see it.
Claire Vanessa
'Claire Vanessa' 2 months ago
1:55 i get something strange wat are laughing at 😂😂😂
'DaRandomPerson' 2 months ago
Trailers are supposed to be engrossing and make you want to watch the movie. I was bored a third of the way into the trailer.
Sophia Loves Chocolate
shilaising jajo
'shilaising jajo' 2 months ago
scot eastwood, try to be atleast half your father was.. man.
Brandon Ninja
'Brandon Ninja' 2 months ago
Doesn't look funny
'phamptom' 2 months ago
Anyone else thought it was Cecily Strong on the thumbnail?
Dean Yordanov
'Dean Yordanov' 2 months ago
Looks boring as F!
'yvwic50' 2 months ago
Was hoping that this was a sequel to "Walk of Shame".  Missing Skrilla, Hulk, and Pookie, and most of all, the Bitch from the News.
Jordy Balam
'Jordy Balam' 2 months ago
what it is Rated?
Maryam Rodgers
'Maryam Rodgers' 2 months ago
Why does this look like it was made in 2002?
mrYouTube HimSelf
'mrYouTube HimSelf' 2 months ago
dr monty is in this
Erica Downing
'Erica Downing' 2 months ago
This is a shame to the Eastwood name!
Rmdm Thngs Wth WE BitchStudios
Who is the girl?
M. Valdes
'M. Valdes' 2 months ago
The only good thing about this movie is the girl. She so good looking holy shit 😳
Beckman Coulter
'Beckman Coulter' 2 months ago
"God I can't finish the trailer" level. Of being terrible.
cuhryn s.
'cuhryn s.' 2 months ago
Scott eastwood is so unbelievably hot but this movie looks terrible
ethan james
'ethan james' 2 months ago
wait is this supposed to be a comedy?? jesus fucking christ I hope this is just a bad trailer
Arya Dark
'Arya Dark' 2 months ago
So who is the low budget Margot Robbie?
Bhagya D
'Bhagya D' 2 months ago
seriously...looks like you woke up one day and decided to make a movie...!!
'Spacered' 2 months ago
1:34 It Jack Guzman from Power Rangers Wild Force.
khirstie butalid
'khirstie butalid' 2 months ago
Ivynne Wilson
'Ivynne Wilson' 2 months ago
I swear Scott Eastwood looks like discount Chris Evans...
WhoWhatandWhere why
'WhoWhatandWhere why' 2 months ago
wow clint eastwood your son is identical to you.But this movie SUCKS
steph Blafr
'steph Blafr' 2 months ago
That poor guy only has his face going for him...
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