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Published: 2 weeks ago By: RomanAtwoodVlogs

By: RomanAtwoodVlogsPublished: 2 weeks ago

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This is my life as a Father of my sons Noah and Kane along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013.

I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

ivi kiwi
'ivi kiwi' 9 hours ago
back flipp
Free Kickers Jr
'Free Kickers Jr' 13 hours ago
Who else tried to jump of there kitchen counter with a bmx
Tyler Boney
'Tyler Boney' 14 hours ago
Adam Lz made that for u
'NobyMac04' 15 hours ago
a back flip
Roman AtwoodVlogs
'Roman AtwoodVlogs' 17 hours ago
Subscribe me
Ayden Debias
'Ayden Debias' 19 hours ago
My birthday is in 10 days can I get 100 likes
williambrady White
'williambrady White' 20 hours ago
do a flipp
Vibe Flo
'Vibe Flo' 22 hours ago
50 50 grind
Maynard Benson
'Maynard Benson' 1 day ago
Roman plz do a crank-flip there super easy and you can learn them in ten minutes
Adelina Merlusca
'Adelina Merlusca' 1 day ago
How is watching this's at 9:32
Gamingwith Akio
'Gamingwith Akio' 1 day ago
Oscar Sanchez
'Oscar Sanchez' 1 day ago
play roblox
Kenny Garces
'Kenny Garces' 1 day ago
flair challenge
cryxtal ._.
'cryxtal ._.' 2 days ago
you needa ramp off he balconey
Braden Isom
'Braden Isom' 2 days ago
Can I have your phone number
Hunter Bishop
'Hunter Bishop' 2 days ago
go up on your roof and jump off
Juan Zendejas
'Juan Zendejas' 2 days ago
do more prancks
Juan Zendejas
'Juan Zendejas' 2 days ago
Juan Zendejas
'Juan Zendejas' 2 days ago
I  just got a huscke
Bryan Perez
'Bryan Perez' 2 days ago
you should bunny hop from the roof off to your trampoline!!!!!
Calum Mulholland
'Calum Mulholland' 2 days ago
Roman is awesome and has great content
'RAY HALGRIMSON' 2 days ago
roman Attwood is the best vlogger he should earn 12mill subs
Burningorange studios
you need to colab with markipliar
Dylan Hawkins
'Dylan Hawkins' 2 days ago
Do a foot jam whip
TheMinerMini23 Plays
Wow that bike is so cool i want that bike 😔😢
'LIES GT' 3 days ago
did you guys see romans hand? at 3:52 look closely to the hand lol
Tahlia Simmonds
'Tahlia Simmonds' 3 days ago
you should sit on the bike and the bike stands up wile your sitting on it and spin three times in a three sixty
Tahlia Simmonds
'Tahlia Simmonds' 3 days ago
year you shoud not ride out there.
Sungbin Go
'Sungbin Go' 3 days ago
well 10:34 Roman listen to Britteny . Bike isn't made for indoor
Rubin Hester
'Rubin Hester' 3 days ago
Now all Roman has to do is get the GTR
Helen Spry
'Helen Spry' 3 days ago
This was like the first vlog that Romans finger got in frame
Presley Shaffer
'Presley Shaffer' 3 days ago
Your videos are so good!
Eva Barker
'Eva Barker' 4 days ago
You guys are ways to Lucy as in Kane
Zoe Barfield
'Zoe Barfield' 4 days ago
Ronan gave us the middle finger 😱
'JRub'Z Gaming' 4 days ago
lukaquinn bmx
'lukaquinn bmx' 4 days ago
I have a wethepeople crysis 2012
Trail Riders BMX
'Trail Riders BMX' 4 days ago
Roman My goal is to be as cheerful and helpful as you are or more (not sure if its possible...) you'll never see this but your a great inspirational person
The BNC (Bmx News Channel)
That was awesome!
'WtrSkiGirlz' 4 days ago
You never showed us what was in the other box?!?!?!
andy Y
'andy Y' 4 days ago
cool man
Gaga Jsjsjs
'Gaga Jsjsjs' 5 days ago
bmxw with adam
Alexander De Jesus
where can i buy that bike i like the way that chain sounds
James Budzon
'James Budzon' 5 days ago
Ronnie Michelini
'Ronnie Michelini' 5 days ago
Coming from a BMX rider- please get a helmet 😇
Keeps you safe and sets the right example :) ❤️❤️
Keep up the amazing work!
Samuel Martin
'Samuel Martin' 5 days ago
I with Clorox bleach
Ginger Smash
'Ginger Smash' 5 days ago
anybody else notice he is wearing charles trippys iktv sweatshirt?
Mason Dyer
'Mason Dyer' 5 days ago
So what about a quad backflip? :D
rhea scott
'rhea scott' 5 days ago
Do a kickflip! (yes it's a bike trick too invented by adam22)
jake gopro vlogs
'jake gopro vlogs' 5 days ago
do a barspin
Alex Negrete
'Alex Negrete' 5 days ago
Do a triple back flip
Jonatron Gauthier
'Jonatron Gauthier' 5 days ago
I used to be a fan but now...

I'm an air conditioner
Alex Sandoval
'Alex Sandoval' 6 days ago
love you
'DemonKingPlayz' 6 days ago
Did anyone else notice when he was putting the bmx together he was pulling the finger
'TurkeyRunner02' 6 days ago
What was in the other box
Daniel Lam
'Daniel Lam' 6 days ago
Roman is father goals bro he's fun and even makes brit happy. #ParentGoals
TheStanbury Bros
'TheStanbury Bros' 6 days ago
Bar spin roman
BeaSTx 400
'BeaSTx 400' 6 days ago
3:51 Roman flips us off
'REPLAY GAMING' 6 days ago
I go t same nerf gun u are awsome😄😄😄👍👍👍
'JAYDEN WYSONG' 6 days ago
butter cup
Ben Shephard
'Ben Shephard' 6 days ago
I have that nerf gun
Kique Play
'Kique Play's' 6 days ago
Back flip
awesome dragon
'awesome dragon' 6 days ago
you should do front flip off of the limousine
Ingrit Suurhallik
'Ingrit Suurhallik' 6 days ago
You inspired me thank you
Luis Martinez
'Luis Martinez' 6 days ago
Roman you guys should do a nerf war with the whole family
Nathan Valadez
'Nathan Valadez' 6 days ago
on you're bmx do a tail whip
Daniel Vanwyk
'Daniel Vanwyk' 6 days ago
Backflipp or tailwhip
'RJA' 6 days ago
So cool
Tytus Kress
'Tytus Kress' 6 days ago
Leonard Elizee
'Leonard Elizee' 6 days ago
it says dislike by accident I acctually liked it
Leathey Chandler
'Leathey Chandler' 6 days ago
Rafael Angelo S. Sanchez
you need to do after you use it is give it to me because that is my favorite bike, hahahahaha just kidding
Cameron Von stein
'Cameron Von stein' 6 days ago
hey roman i know how to build a foam pit
Josh ツ
'Josh ツ' 6 days ago
Collin Haynes
'Collin Haynes' 6 days ago
Bar spin ?
Talan Lynn
'Talan Lynn' 6 days ago
He did not open the other package
'BigLeeProduction' 6 days ago
5:23 Brittany's panties in the box to the left of Zeus
Ville Sakuolavi
'Ville Sakuolavi' 6 days ago
Try a tailwhip or truckdriver (360 bar spin)
Keenan Ostrowski
'Keenan Ostrowski' 7 days ago
Hey Roman why don't u jump of the second floor in your house cause then u would have more speed to jump. Smile more Roman
Izzy Rico
'Izzy Rico' 7 days ago
When did roman hit 11 mil
Stephen Anderson
'Stephen Anderson' 7 days ago
I love BMX you are the best
Tyler Johnson
'Tyler Johnson' 7 days ago
nicole bartkowiak
'nicole bartkowiak' 7 days ago
Dan Petze
'Dan Petze' 7 days ago
A double backflip
jakey Gregory
'jakey Gregory' 7 days ago
Joshua Garrett, Jr
do a back flip
Jim Werts
'Jim Werts' 7 days ago
I can not stop watching your vlogs! I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO MEET YOU!
Jim Werts
'Jim Werts' 7 days ago
Im your biggest fan your family is awsome so are your vlogs smile more
Scooter 27
'Scooter 27' 7 days ago
Like this if Roman is the best
Scooter 27
'Scooter 27' 7 days ago
Like this if Roman is the best
Bradley Dobbie
'Bradley Dobbie' 7 days ago
I love your videos 😂😁😀😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😀😀😀😀😊😊😊☺☺
Jake Sindelar
'Jake Sindelar' 7 days ago
ყơų ʂɧơųƖɖ ɬཞყ ą ɬąıƖ ῳɧı℘
Football Addiction
Kate Jenkins
'Kate Jenkins' 7 days ago
Triple backflip Roman
Unique/Gamer 44
'Unique/Gamer 44' 7 days ago
a flair would be awesome who agrees
colinkk 11
'colinkk 11' 7 days ago
do a flare
Cucuy Flying Monkey Tails
jump off the house
Dark_ Ender87
'Dark_ Ender87' 7 days ago
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