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Published: 2 months ago By: RomanAtwoodVlogs

By: RomanAtwoodVlogsPublished: 2 months ago

3, 711, 893 views

176, 200 Likes   1, 682 Dislikes

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This is my life as a Father of my sons Noah and Kane along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013.

I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

'RomanAtwoodVlogs' 2 months ago
Thank you so much for always showing your support! We will see you tomorrow for some more fun:) Please don't click on any links in the comment section! They ARE NOT ME!! No matter what I do they still pop up :( sorry for the pain! Smile More
Mr. Spyman5775
'Mr. Spyman5775' 35 minutes ago
Tail wip
DJ Scribbles
'DJ Scribbles' 15 hours ago
Little did roman know. Zeuz will die later on in this vid
Logan Crissey
'Logan Crissey' 17 hours ago
hightops rule
'hightops rule' 2 days ago
Ride a wheelie
Oliwia 72267226
'Oliwia 72267226' 2 days ago
To see Zeus in your videos is so heartbreaking, the way I know he died … it's completely heartbreaking
Adam oz K
'Adam oz K' 5 days ago
Give me one I'm a YouTube at Adam oz K
'APHplays' 6 days ago
I wish San Diego got snow
'Lynx' 7 days ago
oh no Zues.... looking back at the old vlogs will never be the same
Pro Gamer HD2
'Pro Gamer HD2' 1 week ago
sNoTTy nIEmAnD
'sNoTTy nIEmAnD' 1 week ago
awsome man I olmoste fink youu cone bump you hade to we rove but am clade you did not
'MrLdog101' 1 week ago
Zack Alvez
'Zack Alvez' 1 week ago
Roman you are so very very cool 👍🏻
Liam Walker
'Liam Walker' 1 week ago
I have a bmx
Orlando Frasca
'Orlando Frasca' 1 week ago
EvanJ Deleon
'EvanJ Deleon' 1 week ago
do a spinel
Joe Mire
'Joe Mire' 2 weeks ago
double back flip
tamarau haimona
'tamarau haimona' 2 weeks ago
You should try taulwip
'DANIEL AVALOS#30' 2 weeks ago
smile more:)
Cyprus Britton
'Cyprus Britton' 2 weeks ago
Next time do a backflip 👍👌✌
Marius Van Heerden
'Marius Van Heerden' 2 weeks ago
kan I please have a BMX please
Isobel has finally Come
Aww Zeus
zBuell 21
'zBuell 21' 3 weeks ago
mega ramp back flip ☺
Colton Carney
'Colton Carney' 3 weeks ago
tail whip
Need Speed
'Need Speed' 3 weeks ago
dude nice bike i want it lol
'Waters385' 3 weeks ago
your so cray cray
Clay Cooley
'Clay Cooley' 3 weeks ago
Put the ramp on the deck by the stairs and jump it with out hitting the stairs
Parker Triplett
'Parker Triplett' 3 weeks ago
2x back flip off of the railing upstars
James Coldbreath
'James Coldbreath' 3 weeks ago
Sick BMX!!😁
Izan Muzzy
'Izan Muzzy' 3 weeks ago
do a huricane or a 720
Tracey Dean
'Tracey Dean' 3 weeks ago
Back. filp
O e o 123
'O e o 123' 3 weeks ago
Tail whip
sal christy
'sal christy' 3 weeks ago
roman is good at anything hahah!!
kessy sup
'kessy sup' 3 weeks ago
tail wip
'SkegAddiction' 4 weeks ago
I have a subrosa
EZ Freeze
'EZ Freeze' 4 weeks ago
i just got sub rosa bmx too
Reece Philp
'Reece Philp' 4 weeks ago
I hop he is ok I'll pray for Zeus
Killer Joker
'Killer Joker' 4 weeks ago
'MH LI' 4 weeks ago
Nice homage to Adam Sandler @7:56
Sarah Mortimer
'Sarah Mortimer' 4 weeks ago
It was 6 trays
'Hannu_04' 4 weeks ago
you got the same lamps as me ;)
Reptile Maniac
'Reptile Maniac' 4 weeks ago
What was in the box that sent your Diamond Play Buttons Roman???
Carter Bubp
'Carter Bubp' 4 weeks ago
180 fakie
Lars Fossum
'Lars Fossum' 4 weeks ago
Hello Roman love your vids
Jfdtuu Bfftru
'Jfdtuu Bfftru' 4 weeks ago
احبك يا باسكلي ههههههه
Jadhirj Vidano
'Jadhirj Vidano' 4 weeks ago
footjam tailwhip
Emiliano Gomez
'Emiliano Gomez' 4 weeks ago
you should do a 360 off the roof Roman
Xxthe Crusher123
'Xxthe Crusher123' 1 month ago
Ride on the ramps
Kaden Cryer
'Kaden Cryer' 1 month ago
I like your dog
Helthon Thomazelli Piza
como faço pra ganhar uma bike dessas
Tommy Locke
'Tommy Locke' 1 month ago
'ostheboss223' 1 month ago
back flip
Chez Southall
'Chez Southall' 1 month ago
Chez Southall
'Chez Southall' 1 month ago
do a wheely id the table or should I say counter
colby morson
'colby morson' 1 month ago
180 half cap fakie out
MYSHA estudillo
'MYSHA estudillo' 1 month ago
Brit: oh look theirs something that needs to be hung up.
Roman: okay baby I got you next month.
lmao I love you guys.
'Cark' 1 month ago
i was looking for adam in the comments
Charlie Timbrell
'Charlie Timbrell' 1 month ago
Any one else notice that he could do with a weeks worth of sleep?
Sarah Fitzgerald
'Sarah Fitzgerald' 1 month ago
can you do a toy hunt
faded bmx scooters longboards
tail wip or touble bar spin
Wendy Jones
'Wendy Jones' 1 month ago
do a 420 flip on the bike
Alex Perazs
'Alex Perazs' 1 month ago
scotty Cranmer would tailwip off that counter😂
Raurii Mcleod
'Raurii Mcleod' 1 month ago
a tawep
robo king
'robo king' 1 month ago
I love your dogs aspeshely Flash.
OG Srelur
'OG Srelur' 2 months ago
RomanAtwoodVlogs i wish i had a bmx i have a passion for bmxing but i cant afford a new one
Avidan Dominguez
'Avidan Dominguez' 2 months ago
i sub
Ollie Hill
'Ollie Hill' 2 months ago
Massimiliano Kickdawson
6 tris roman
Trick Gods
'Trick Gods' 2 months ago
Karmine Bertulli
'Karmine Bertulli' 2 months ago
do a bar spin
FBM Bike Co.
'FBM Bike Co.' 2 months ago
Ryan Weyrauch
'Ryan Weyrauch' 2 months ago
6:17 there's an iPhone on the ground
Callum O
'Callum O'Neill' 2 months ago
U said make a skate park
Catrin Jones
'Catrin Jones' 2 months ago
what the heck are you doing
Kip Daniels
'Kip Daniels' 2 months ago
I subscribed
'THE_SWAG_GUY 1234' 2 months ago
you are so cool and you in spirde me to be a YouTuber from dylon Allen
Kyle Hedrick
'Kyle Hedrick' 2 months ago
'fassett27' 2 months ago
do a weelie
Khoff hoff
'Khoff hoff' 2 months ago
do a backfilp
AkyraKay Newton
'AkyraKay Newton' 2 months ago
your dogs are so cute
AkyraKay Newton
'AkyraKay Newton' 2 months ago
i am a big fan
typical boss
'typical boss' 2 months ago
stair jump
Universal Gamer
'Universal Gamer' 2 months ago
You should take your bike in the snow so you can get a big drift👍
Pato Ramirez
'Pato Ramirez' 2 months ago
Xander Lubin
'Xander Lubin' 2 months ago
You can't tailwhip on a bike xD
Awsome husky
'Awsome husky' 2 months ago
can flash be in more of your vids and zueze
Christopher Bruns
'Christopher Bruns' 2 months ago
'willyb675' 2 months ago
how old are u
Shawn Gaming
'Shawn Gaming' 2 months ago
Do a backflip into a ball pit
Luke May
'Luke May' 2 months ago
Do a rail ride or a bar spin
The Emerald Channel
'The Emerald Channel' 2 months ago
Roman you remind me of my la teacher, mr Atwood. Wow how ironic
Jonathan Meak
'Jonathan Meak' 2 months ago
Both his Chanel's equal to about 21,000,00 million subscribers he has been so successful seeing them grow up the past years cough cough Kane
Melissa Gorgas
'Melissa Gorgas' 2 months ago
99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 dalers
Jose Carrillo
'Jose Carrillo' 2 months ago
baak flip
Maygan Williams
'Maygan Williams' 2 months ago
it was six trys😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Meagan  Jondle
'Meagan Jondle' 2 months ago
Its a swivel technique and roman flipping everybody off
toby ronaldson
I just bought a bag white one
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