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When Your Doctor Is Hot -
Published: 3 months ago By: BuzzFeedVideo

By: BuzzFeedVideoPublished: 3 months ago

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Maybe getting sick this year wouldn't be a bad thing.

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Jake Hunter

Kennedy W
'Kennedy W' 3 weeks ago
This is so uncomfortable to watch
Imari Straughan
'Imari Straughan' 2 months ago
Am I the only one who doesn't like getting hot waiters/doctors??
Nobody Special
'Nobody Special' 2 months ago
I'm pretty sure your doctor would yell at you if he was trying to look at your eyes and you were squinting and rolling them...
somebody once told me the world was gonna roll me
i'm pretty sure most doctors are in their 40s
Ren Kurosawa
'Ren Kurosawa' 2 months ago
Humans are programmed to find other humans sexually attractive so they can reproduce.There is nothing wrong with a man finding a woman hot and there is nothing wrong with a woman finding a man hot.
Dan Pahomi
'Dan Pahomi' 2 months ago
Men are not objects
Jon Rogers
'Jon Rogers' 2 months ago
oh the hypocrisy
frenchie girl in the usa
The doctor that did my surgery was absolutely the hottest Doctor. When he spoke to me I had no idea what he was talking about all I could do was nod my head. Then two days later for my follow-up appointment there he was again I have no idea what his name was lol.
Oneallah Byrd
'Oneallah Byrd' 2 months ago
Men are not objects buzzfeed
Persona non grata
'Persona non grata' 2 months ago
So, what if the same guy would clean the floor in your office? Hmm...
'The_Cow_Slayer' 2 months ago
this is sexist
emily gross
'emily gross' 2 months ago
she's Jewish!
Adri The cat
'Adri The cat' 2 months ago
"When buzzfeed runs out of ideas"
'SpringMommy' 2 months ago
Hah! My new doctor is sweet and cute. I adoooore it when he finds my triggerpoints on my back for my injections. Closest I've come to intimacy in years... :P
'LukeIAmYourMother' 2 months ago
This is why there shouldn't be hot doctors :'D
Patrick Hassan
'Patrick Hassan' 2 months ago
bye-bye buzzfakefeed
'DEATH HOLLOW' 2 months ago
she looks like shes into weird stuff.
'ThatGuyChoro' 3 months ago
Switch the genders and I bet that they'd call it sexist and objectification.
PC how-to
'PC how-to' 3 months ago
Omg this video is so sexist the doctor is a straight white male
Im Slowly Learning MMD
Who is this woman impersonating Sara!
'Sharkolan' 3 months ago
Reverse the roles here. I bet my life and life savings that some women would lose it.
Godzilla John
'Godzilla John' 3 months ago
Jesus saves people from their sins
'StayUpReading' 3 months ago
the trademark hams necklace that me and all of my friends have omg 😂
Alex Hurd
'Alex Hurd' 3 months ago everyone go support MIND charity run in Brighton, even if you can't donate. Don't forget to share the link!!
'R4nd0mish' 3 months ago
why are you objectifying him. hes not just a peice of meat you sexists
Jacob Hager
'Jacob Hager' 3 months ago
How dare you objectify men like this
Ethan M
'Ethan M' 3 months ago
she's sexually objectifying him.
john potter
'john potter' 3 months ago
so hot
'marioramones' 3 months ago
Now imagine if instead of a man the Doctor was a woman, and instead of a woman the patient was a man. Of course not, because that would be wrong, right BuzzFeed?
hasan munir
'hasan munir' 3 months ago
when your doctor is obease
Nicole Kotrola
'Nicole Kotrola' 3 months ago
when you realize she's wearing the same necklace as you
'KalenaNoir' 3 months ago
5 years in med school and I still haven't found these hot ones.
Hankeol Kwon
'Hankeol Kwon' 3 months ago
Patrick Dempsy
beth cross
'beth cross' 3 months ago
Why is this perfectly okay but if we did the same video about a hot female doctor there would be an issue? Am I the only one who sees the hypocrisy?
Rachel Bald
'Rachel Bald' 3 months ago
Of the small percentage of people who happen to get a hot doctor an even smaller amount of people actually think these thoughts. In all this is probably relatable to like..3 people.
'KittyBlue' 3 months ago
'Iverson' 3 months ago
Y'all need to shut the **** up. It's okay to objectify males because they haven't been systematically discriminated against.
Cynthia Be Derpin
'Cynthia Be Derpin'' 3 months ago
Is this the start of a porno?
'Louis' 3 months ago
'' 3 months ago
Wait... You have to get checkups yearly when you're an adult? oups
Nishta Mital
'Nishta Mital' 3 months ago
she wearing a hamsa?
'jvce' 3 months ago
when your physiotherapist is hot...
'NoSheetSherlock' 3 months ago
Sherlock rolls his eyes in a corner 😅
Mini Mixers
'Mini Mixers' 3 months ago
when your so scared of doctors.... and legit can't go in to see one even if you are sick
'orrling' 3 months ago
When your doctor is HOT
and is a BOTTOM .
'HypeSkull' 3 months ago
i mean hes cute but hes not Jensen Ackles
L. Cs.
'L. Cs.' 3 months ago
what's the name of the hottie doctor? :D
Lingfeng Zhen
'Lingfeng Zhen' 3 months ago
That doctor looks gay. She has the hots for a gay.
'mafioso' 3 months ago
why does the doctor have to be male?
'theWanderer521' 3 months ago
...then he kisses the male nurse outside - realized he already has a man in his life ~ goodbye fantasies!
Liam Gegenheimer
'Liam Gegenheimer' 3 months ago
I understand that it was exaggerated for the video (i think/hope), but no one expresses what their thinking with facial expressions like that.
Ari R
'Ari R' 3 months ago
can't relate
Rapid Rate
'Rapid Rate' 3 months ago
Could it be any more obvious how Jewish Buzzfeed is
'WolfArtist666' 3 months ago

No. It is not. BuzzFeed needs to stop firing all of their good producers.
Fuzzball Owl
'Fuzzball Owl' 3 months ago
this is like the start of a bad porno.
I should be studying :/
I don't think that there would actually be many butthurt people if the genders were reversed because she didn't say anything crude.
What Win
'What Win' 3 months ago
Trans Detected
Marianita Bustos
'Marianita Bustos' 3 months ago
All the comments are the exact same. YEEEEAH WE GET IT, can you say something else now? great.
Daisee Darthmouth
'Daisee Darthmouth' 3 months ago
I wish
Michelle Chen
'Michelle Chen' 3 months ago
this was like watching the foreplay of a mediocre porn LOL
Who is this video actress?!
Desantos123 UK
'Desantos123 UK' 3 months ago
"Sexual Objectification" TRIGGERED
Thnks Mn
'Thnks Mn' 3 months ago
My doctor is 73 years old.
'averi' 3 months ago
when the doctor isn't that hot
Gabi Cerra
'Gabi Cerra' 3 months ago
Most pointless video ever.
'GOD BOSS' 3 months ago
the last thing going through my mind when i go to the doctors is how hot anyone is. i get panic attacks the moment i step through the doors. doctors in america will do things to you just to make your health care provider pay more.
Bailey Crouch-Witt
'Bailey Crouch-Witt' 3 months ago
Tell me if this wasn't the other way round it would be looked at differently... TRIGGERED
'Kevythekevlar' 3 months ago
You've got to love Buzzfeeds sexist double standards
Madison westdotter
'Madison westdotter' 3 months ago
Ew. No one EVER thinks that!
'Adrunkydutch' 3 months ago
Stop objectifying men!
'SkyTheSquirrel' 3 months ago
I've never seen a hot doctor in my life...
Roman DiFranco
'Roman DiFranco' 3 months ago
When your doctor is hot but he's straight 😭
Pique NY
'Pique NY' 3 months ago
every guy i have to meet, whether dr, nurse, teacher all Hawt as fcuk, and i just stand there smiling like the joker! like why forbidden crushes why u gotta be so damn fine!
Joe T
'Joe T' 3 months ago
objectifying men is okay, but i guess if the roles were reversed it would be wrong. Why?
'anney16' 3 months ago
you can't argue that he definitely is handsome.
'Imsodanii' 3 months ago
'NazTiX' 3 months ago
Buzzfeed is slowly erasing white straight male from there videos
Roni Little
'Roni Little' 3 months ago
soo true :) <
Diggy DePaws
'Diggy DePaws' 3 months ago
She's actually pretty hot
'shem273' 3 months ago
All I can say is.. "Fake hospital" :)
Defne 2727
'Defne 2727' 3 months ago
Ninja Toe
'Ninja Toe' 3 months ago
do a male teacher version... god it almost killed me in HS
Ollie Russell
'Ollie Russell' 3 months ago
Julia Cook
'Julia Cook' 3 months ago
He's one of those guys that knows he's hot
Hunt Guy
'Hunt Guy' 3 months ago
BuzzFeed why are you saying that women should only see men as a piece of eye candy and not as a person? Men aren't objects. It disgusts me that you are sending this message to girls everywhere! Would you have made the same video about a woman? This is so sexist!
søph maybe
'søph maybe' 3 months ago
when your doctor is a bad actor
Alex Creed
'Alex Creed' 3 months ago
It sucks being a gay man because usually (obvi not always) the doctor is the same gender, and so if he's hot sometimes I'll get an erection...
May Lozano
'May Lozano' 3 months ago
Why can I relate to this so well?XD
Benus Maximus
'Benus Maximus' 3 months ago
Thanks for just wasting 76 seconds of my life BuzzFeed...
'jeny2021' 3 months ago
that happened to my with a dentist and I end up paying more than a 1,000 fixing things that I didn't have 😣
'LemonScissors' 3 months ago
The comments/thoughts were pretty poor and obvious... If my doctor was hot id be so shy for him to see/feel me without a shirt, notice my belly rolls and see my boobies or underwear... or if i looked like crap, id be super self conscious. Not to say if it was the terrible case to have to get your private parts checked! or have to talk about diarrhea or something off putting hahaha!
Buzzfeed is Gay
'Buzzfeed is Gay' 3 months ago
This is cancer
Annie Zhong
'Annie Zhong' 3 months ago
ngl, this video was so damn awkward.
'RoryGraham' 3 months ago
The guy is acting like the start of a porn video
The Du Bois
'The Du Bois' 3 months ago
watch these memes on my channel
'wrkin90044' 3 months ago
this happened to me once except he was a med student interning w my doctor and i had laryngitis so he had to check my neck and he kept telling me to swallow and yea it was kinda awkward cause he was hot afff
îm sô kâwâîî
'îm sô kâwâîî' 3 months ago
I thought women had female doctors and men have male doctors..?
'ReivaxOG' 3 months ago
This would have been taken differently if the women was a doctor and the man was the patient
Wannabe Rachel
'Wannabe Rachel' 3 months ago
Can you do when your best freind is hot
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