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Steven Spielberg vs Alfred Hitchcock. Epic Rap Battles of History. -
Published: 2 years ago By: ERB

By: ERBPublished: 2 years ago

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"Rap Battles are life with all the dull bits cut out. Season 5.5 is coming soon!"

▼ CAST ▼
Steven Spielberg & Michael Bay: Nice Peter

Alfred Hitchcock: EpicLLOYD

Quentin Tarantino: WAX

Stanley Kubrick: @rugglesoutbound

▼ CREW ▼
Executive Producers:
Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Ahlquist

Directed by:
Nice Peter

Assistant Director:
Mike Betette

Written by:
EpicLLOYD, Nice Peter, Wax & Zach Sherwin

Staff Writer:
Dante Cimadamore

Mike Betette

Song Produced by:
Nice Peter & Jose ""Choco"" Reynoso

Song Mixed by:
Nice Peter and Jose ""Choco"" Reynoso

Beats Produced by:
Spielberg: Allrounda -
Hitchcock: Allrounda -
Tarantino: Ed Cayce -
Kubrick: Ear2ThaBeat -
Bay: Allrounda -

Edited by:
Andrew Sherman, Ryan Moulton, Daniel Turcan and Nice Peter

Assistant Editor:
Ryan Moulton

BTS Edited by:
Brian Jaggers and EpicLLOYD

BTS Shot by:
Shaun Lewin

VFX and Compositing:
Andrew Sherman and Ryan Moulton

Produced by:
Michelle Maloney

Director of Photography:
Jon Na

Costume Designer:
Sulai Lopez

Make Up and Hair:
Tara Lang, Ashlyn Melancon, Hanny Tjan and Heather Grippaldi

Arthur Hong

Yev Belilovsky

Music Supervisor & Playback:
Dante Cimadamore

Production Coordinator:
Atul Singh

Office PA:
Shaun Lewin


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Johan Aanvik
'Johan Aanvik' 7 hours ago
Do Petter Jackson vs George Lukas
Joseph Tovar
'Joseph Tovar' 8 hours ago
half the insults were to Michael Bay
Mr. Robot
'Mr. Robot' 15 hours ago
All my favorite directors beside bay
Elite Cheese
'Elite Cheese' 16 hours ago
your all gonna want me dead
but i likes Michael bay's part
Dr.Jimmy The Fish
'Dr.Jimmy The Fish' 16 hours ago
Alan Moore vs Zach Snyder.
'Luigiman1089' 1 day ago
tarantino won
Skull Raiser
'Skull Raiser' 1 day ago
definitely my favourite
sayangodvegeto 1
'sayangodvegeto 1' 1 day ago
this one is so good
Million Dollar Man
Steven is alive
Alfred is dead
Quentin is alive
Kubrick is dead
And Michael Bay's body is still functioning
Karan Kuppa-Apte
'Karan Kuppa-Apte' 1 day ago
Nice ride Stan.
Lee Sung Huyn
'Lee Sung Huyn' 2 days ago
Кто от папича? Плюсик
The Mangled
'The Mangled' 2 days ago
Say what you will about Michael bay, I love his part in this rap.
? ven
'? ven' 2 days ago
Luzifer vs Dracula
'Sonjey15' 2 days ago
This Micheal bay is loadsbettter then the real one.
Δημήτρης Λουκάς
When it comes to blowing up no director is my equal... The only reason we keep watching him
Zack Valverde
'Zack Valverde' 2 days ago
Holy shit I just realised what Kubrick's background is

Coz of the conspiracy that he faked the moon landing... he's on the fcking moon

Now I feel dumb ffs
Mollo 44
'Mollo 44' 2 days ago
Hitchcock won
Keegan Riley
'Keegan Riley' 2 days ago
John Williams vs. Hanz Zimmer
'Sirdavitian' 2 days ago
Mel gibson Won, problem?
Ethan Murray
'Ethan Murray' 2 days ago
any one else notice his when Michel Bay dropped out of the helicopter everyone took a step back except Hitchcok?
Phantom Flames
'Phantom Flames' 2 days ago
the director won
'AWESOME YOKI' 3 days ago
2:09 that's the face of a man who has seen some stuff
Stewart Watkins
'Stewart Watkins' 3 days ago
Gotta love Bays smug ass smile. Haha
Victor Ewing
'Victor Ewing' 3 days ago
they all sucked
David Deathman
'David Deathman' 3 days ago
'fozzenlegger' 3 days ago
Still E P I C 🔥🔥🔥
'Neintendew' 3 days ago
'naruto00nix' 3 days ago
spielberg and bay had no chance, no matter how well they would rap XD
Marcos Perez
'Marcos Perez' 3 days ago
I dont like Michael Bay movies but feels like he wins this battle
Kay Howell
'Kay Howell' 3 days ago
Sorry mates.

Bay ended my life with "This game is about motherfucking money."
Axel Garcia Ponce
'Axel Garcia Ponce' 3 days ago
I mean the best raps ever made in history
Axel Garcia Ponce
'Axel Garcia Ponce' 3 days ago
awsome raps
'pikagames' 4 days ago
'machine321434' 4 days ago
Do Nolan vs Innaritu.
Nathan Griffith
'Nathan Griffith' 4 days ago
I didn't even notice, but when Kubrick is rolling around on the big wheel, after each one, Tarantino in the bathrobe is like "Fuck" and "Dick". It took me like 15 replays to catch that.
Angilys Figueroa
'Angilys Figueroa' 4 days ago
Michael Bay vs Jack snider
'WanderKrew' 4 days ago
Michael Bay ain't wrong though/\.
Gamer Girl
'Gamer Girl' 4 days ago
Everyone dissed Michael Bay than anyone else
Ozan Avar
'Ozan Avar' 4 days ago
Best rap - Tarrantino
Best flow - Hitcock
Best intro - still pompei the great
Walt Disney should've been in this battle instead so he could own them all
SuperKylan Gaming
'SuperKylan Gaming' 4 days ago
micheal bay
Wenbo Luo
'Wenbo Luo' 4 days ago
Amazing, battle began with 2 men ended with 5. Truely great show!
Jeffrey Zhang
'Jeffrey Zhang' 5 days ago
Best Spielberg line: "I produce cartoons and make games for all ages, you produce Jimmy Stewart making one of two faces"
Best Spielberg reference: "you rock as many Oscars as that schlep Michael Bay"
Best Spielberg random: "now kiss my full moon and just bask in my greatness"
Best Hitchcock line: "half your billions should go to John Williams, now brace yourself as I reveal my brilliance"
Best Hitchcock reference: "That was a close encounter of the turd kind"
Best Hitchcock random: "Quentin Tarantino is a genius, a bad motherfucker from the wallet to the penis"
Best Tarantino line: "ask anybody, 'what's your favorite Sam Jackson part,' no one's gonna say, 'what's his name from Jurassic Park"
Best Tarantino reference: "the British army wouldn't let you join because you were too fat"
Best Tarantino random: ""and I've seen more blood in the shower when I stubbed my toe in one"
Best Kubrick line: "Genius is a powerful word, but there's no reason to use it, less you're talking about the Kubrick, then there's really nothing to it"
Best Kubrick reference: "do another take and get it right, 127 times"
Best Kubrick random: "everything I do is visionary, every single frame a painting made exactly how I wanna make it"
Best Bay line: "I take my checks to the bank, and I sign'em with my nuts"
Best Bay reference: "when it comes to blowing up, no director is my equal"
Best Bay random: "MOTHER FUCKING MONEY!"
Winner: 25% Michael Bay, 75% Stanley Kubrick
The Marker
'The Marker' 5 days ago
Did you see that comment Tarantino said about Spielberg. Spielberg accepted it in 1:40
Ironic Development
Who are you and what have you done with The Doctor? (S. Kubrick)
Kolten netloK
'Kolten netloK' 5 days ago
Sia vs. Adele. Please Please Please
'gnrchild' 5 days ago
How do you do all these famous directors and leave out woody Allen Martin Scorsese, think of all the pedophile jokes and Robert De Niro verses you're denying us. Hope you go the Michael Bay route and give us an unnecessary sequel
Sock Munches
'Sock Munches' 5 days ago
Android OS Gameplay
Thumbs up
Arif Hamim
'Arif Hamim' 5 days ago
Hitchcock won for sure
Ben Gregoire Design
I think this is my favorite ERB.
I wouldn't mind seeing another version of it with other directors.

There are so many distinctive ones that come to mind, like Wes Anderson, Joel Coen, Edgar Wright, or Tim Burton
benito franco
'benito franco' 5 days ago
1:40-1:42 look at Speilberg 😂😂😂😂
kool kid
'kool kid' 5 days ago
I like how they were talking crap about about Michael bay and he came in and rekt everyone
ItsFellSans 10
'ItsFellSans 10' 5 days ago
take my checks to the bank and I sign em with my nuts
'Fnafgaming7901' 6 days ago
'koko2szanel' 6 days ago
Jeden z najlepszych kawałków! Petarda!!! Kocham <3
Celine StClair
'Celine StClair' 6 days ago
Burton vs Nolan vs Snyder?
MC Xploders
'MC Xploders' 6 days ago
Hitchcock won easy.
'Choicey' 6 days ago
Harambe vs curios george
Hannibal Lecter
'Hannibal Lecter' 6 days ago
Kubrick and Hitchcock one love
bossrocker02 C
'bossrocker02 C' 6 days ago
Tarantino won. He is the best anyway
Chiefe Mo
'Chiefe Mo' 6 days ago
Who else is digging that John Williams style intro?
Daniel Johnson
'Daniel Johnson' 6 days ago
dog 174k coming
Looter in a Riot
'Looter in a Riot' 6 days ago
'JUN QIN' 6 days ago
who are those guys?
'Hemimike426' 7 days ago
Does anyone know what's with Spielberg's cap?
Santiago Sanchez
'Santiago Sanchez' 7 days ago
the last guy
Stephen Crane
'Stephen Crane' 7 days ago
Epic Lloyd is so good in this
Dany Garcia
'Dany Garcia' 7 days ago
Tim Burton vs Lewis Carroll
Matej Cuchta
'Matej Cuchta' 7 days ago
Quentin Tarantino WIN !!!! xD
'csSpetzNaz' 1 week ago
Jamiroquai vs Daft Punk ERB!!!!!
'edwardvondoom' 1 week ago
Watching Michael Bay rap elicited the same response as watching Michael Bay's movies: judging and hating myself for enjoying every fucking second of it, and all for the exact same reason.

Erin Miller
'Erin Miller' 1 week ago
Superman .vs. batman
Thomas Bows
'Thomas Bows' 1 week ago
Kubrick win, every day. Kubrick.
'Watermelonz21' 1 week ago
I love speilberg's theme is the best
'Fnafgaming7901' 1 week ago
Fuckin best thing since the Star Trek series
Malle Soumare
'Malle Soumare' 1 week ago
Demba tandia
'sarttee' 1 week ago
Quentin won. Kubrick orchestrated it all. Bay made money off them all.
ItsFellSans 10
'ItsFellSans 10' 1 week ago
3:12 rip Abraham Lincoln
'TheLuigiGamur' 1 week ago
Quentin In My Opinion Won.
Thurston Moran
'Thurston Moran' 1 week ago
Billy Idol vs Billy Ocean
Crag 462
'Crag 462' 1 week ago
Norm Bates vs MacBeth
Nguyên Hưng Đặng Ngọc
Still wondering how Bay signs his checks by his nuts...doesn't matter. He doesn't give a fuck anyway :))
'sharksp679' 1 week ago
Michael bay is the best director of all time
Your opinion's wrong. Spielberg win.
contingent exe
'contingent exe' 1 week ago
notice the actors motivations went from who performs the best to just plain money money money. Hollywood in a nutshell.

cortana vs siri plz
jim ewok
'jim ewok' 1 week ago
orson wells…
Konnie The Hero
'Konnie The Hero' 1 week ago
I'd love a sequel with other directors.
Wes Craven, M Night Shyamalan, David Fincher, Ridley Scott, Tim Burton, Wes Anderson, Martin Scorsese, Uwe Boll, etc.
Xxatomic Plays
'Xxatomic Plays' 1 week ago
I like how everyone backed of from bay when he entered except alfred
Mayara Santos
'Mayara Santos' 1 week ago
Hitchcock, Tarantino and Kubrick are the bestest
juicy bobby
'juicy bobby' 1 week ago
John Cena vs. The Rock
'FreezingBreeze33' 1 week ago
Was that really some scenes from The Shining? When the 4th rapper came out?
Brandon Craig
'Brandon Craig' 1 week ago
For me, Quinton won. sorry if I spelled his name wrong
Ben Mc
'Ben Mc' 1 week ago
"If there's one thing i've learnt, THIS GAME IS ABOUT MUNNA FUCKING MONEY".
'Odie709' 1 week ago
Hhahaha So does Michael Bay Represent Lonely Island? Hahaha
'sonofjafarreturns' 1 week ago
Loved the video and all, but I'd just like to point out that it was Kubrick who came up with the happy ending to AI. Therefore, Spielberg was, for the most part, indeed sticking to the original vision of Kubrick when he made the film,
Connor Brennan
'Connor Brennan' 1 week ago
You only know Hitch from one movie, and don't know the name of Samuel L. Jackson's character from Jurassic Park? Some film fan you are, Tarantino.
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