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Massive Newfoundland thinks he's a lap dog -
Published: 10 months ago By: Rumble Viral

By: Rumble ViralPublished: 10 months ago

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Boss the Newfoundland loves to give hugs and kisses but isn't quite aware at just how gigantic he is! Watch him try to climb up on this woman's lap in this priceless footage!

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brandon crawford
'brandon crawford' 2 days ago
didnt want to hurt you!
'Mr' 2 weeks ago
thats a gorilla
alice ranger
'alice ranger' 2 weeks ago
Big ole mama's boy. Adorable lap dog.
Adithya Manivanan
'Adithya Manivanan' 3 weeks ago
Y so many dislikes
Filip Mikolaj
'Filip Mikolaj' 3 weeks ago
this apartment is way too warm for this furry ball
kahista moh
'kahista moh' 3 weeks ago
Unknown Wolf
'Unknown Wolf' 3 weeks ago
What kind of bear is that?
Siti Surakman
'Siti Surakman' 3 weeks ago
ky org lippo
مهسا فدوی
'مهسا فدوی' 3 weeks ago
سلام عالي
GhostOfRhurValley 1945
Rodrido Herrera
'Rodrido Herrera' 4 weeks ago
pelicula tiburon
Sashi Kumar Kumar
'Sashi Kumar Kumar' 4 weeks ago
Jeanarminebautista Mangulabnan
urvi. duo p ice k
Achmad Zainuddinoaka
video iqi gk bejo ta pn
Aisyah totemo Kawaii
Shailesh Singh
'Shailesh Singh' 1 month ago
shailesh singh
Sankar Durga
'Sankar Durga' 1 month ago
bdoDbo Dbodbo
'bdoDbo Dbodbo' 1 month ago
pawlai khithie
'pawlai khithie' 1 month ago
sir kukucashu
'sir kukucashu' 1 month ago
that's a fucking bear!
Bisma Ameen
'Bisma Ameen' 1 month ago
x xxxd
Darken NoShinka
'Darken NoShinka' 1 month ago
baby puppy dog
Mobeen Khan
'Mobeen Khan' 1 month ago
vije siri
'vije siri' 2 months ago
Katayoun m
'Katayoun m' 2 months ago
عالیه آفرین
Robert E Jackz
'Robert E Jackz' 2 months ago
You can't beat the company of newfs. They are my preference of dog bread.
And yes, they are lap dogs! And they love to give slobbery kisses.
Inocencio Obregon
'Inocencio Obregon' 2 months ago
Bharat Khona
'Bharat Khona' 2 months ago
Bharat Khona
'Bharat Khona' 2 months ago
Myo aung
'Myo aung' 2 months ago
'grytlappar' 3 months ago
You need a bigger armchair. Hehe. They gotta be one of the (if not the) biggest dogs pound for pound? St. Bernard too. Mastiff? (OK, had to research and hey, it's those three. Mastiff the biggest, then Bernies, then Newfies. :))
Ross Whitby
'Ross Whitby' 3 months ago
Poor little fellow just wants some sugar
Ahmad Ahmad
'Ahmad Ahmad' 3 months ago
'F2Gamer2007' 3 months ago
I feel bad for the dog its so big but it thinks that it is still a lap dog
Faarax Butland
'Faarax Butland' 3 months ago
Adolfo Ferrel
'Adolfo Ferrel' 3 months ago
como yoyo
FutureTrucker Jen
'FutureTrucker Jen' 3 months ago
Dream dog.
Melissa Opat
'Melissa Opat' 3 months ago
How much does he weigh?
o kap mein kap
'o kap mein kap' 3 months ago
Yeah he is a lap baby, a BIG one!
Johan de Boer
'Johan de Boer' 4 months ago
great to see this xxx
Pakistan Zindabad
'Pakistan Zindabad' 4 months ago
have u guys noticed there was another dog sleeping behind that couch
Pakistan Zindabad
'Pakistan Zindabad' 4 months ago
i hope this isn't tibetan mastiff
Mark Richardson
'Mark Richardson' 4 months ago
What an absolutely MONSTROUS creature.
'f47lbx3' 4 months ago
That's no dog…it's a space station.
'TP P' 4 months ago
'ladyve7110' 4 months ago
What's a "BEER hug"? Is that something like a "bear hug"?
Adam Fitzpatrick
'Adam Fitzpatrick' 4 months ago
I wanna hug that big ball of floof!
Ben Middleton
'Ben Middleton' 4 months ago
I want to hug this Furry baby
Hanif 2016
'Hanif 2016' 5 months ago
sk panas
'MAKOTO FUJIWARA' 5 months ago
'chippledon1' 5 months ago
Anyone who doesn't like dogs is a communist!
'boru25' 6 months ago
WOW..that's a big dog!
Mizuno Ryuu
'Mizuno Ryuu' 6 months ago
Any dog is a lap dog if it wants to be.
wai Hing Chan
'wai Hing Chan' 6 months ago
no, that is Hybrid dog & bear.🐻🐶🐻🐶
Flint Ironstag
'Flint Ironstag' 6 months ago
I believe this is a giant teddy bear, not a dog 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊.
'soundseeker63' 6 months ago
You don't take this dog for walkies...this dog takes YOU for walkies!
'janglikutta' 6 months ago
this dog want to kill her
Shaan Patel
'Shaan Patel' 6 months ago
I need it.
'zxvb9827' 7 months ago
Big potato.
'Miller2h41' 7 months ago
Its like when she gave Boss a hug at the end, he was happy.
Popcorn Chicken
'Popcorn Chicken' 7 months ago
My god this lady is being attacked by a black bear!
T. Purkess
'T. Purkess' 7 months ago
If that dog wants to go somewhere, you are coming with it😂
Manjeet Hans
'Manjeet Hans' 7 months ago
What's da name of the dog
'zarek83' 8 months ago
Not funny at all. He owns this stupid bitch and she do what he wants.
Thor The Northern
'Thor The Northern' 8 months ago
He is a lap dog? He just needs 3 or more laps :-D
'skateski' 8 months ago
u can play the revenant everyday with that thing!

awesome sound he makes too!
Wrik Sen
'Wrik Sen' 8 months ago
babies like always
Unza Tea
'Unza Tea' 8 months ago
uuee asiikk jua
'Miller2h41' 8 months ago
That's no dog, that's a gigantic bear believing he is a dog.
'Yokei986' 8 months ago
Polynesian? :)
'Drew' 8 months ago
being crushed under a metric ton of fluffiness is one of the best things in the world
personal account
'personal account' 8 months ago
Let Him Have His Dream XD
'Vitonix' 8 months ago
My friend has this dog! BEST DOG EVER
Mary Ann
'Mary Ann' 8 months ago
We met Boss and his family last month. He is very mellow and sweet.
Lucha Tijuanera
'Lucha Tijuanera' 9 months ago
Newfies believe they are chihuahua size!
Evil Monkey
'Evil Monkey' 9 months ago
What a sweet boy!
'Striker3564' 9 months ago
That's a dog??? Looks like a friggin bear!
Frank Rizo
'Frank Rizo' 9 months ago
Dogs are so loving and lovable.
Marcus Knight
'Marcus Knight' 9 months ago
did you hear that beast walking? geeeez
Đào Minh Anh
'Đào Minh Anh' 9 months ago
It's looks like a black bear
Alfredo Gonzalez
'Alfredo Gonzalez' 9 months ago
What kind of dog is it
'edisonsun21c' 9 months ago
thats a ready for a good time position
'WALHALLA1191' 9 months ago
Masseuse Munnerlyn
'Masseuse Munnerlyn' 9 months ago
this dog is huge for no reason..... I want him. lol
Jacqie Miles
'Jacqie Miles' 9 months ago
what do you mean mommy?..... I'm too big.... I'm just your wittle wittle puppy dog I still can sit on your lap.....
'elliec157' 9 months ago
A big teddy bear
'Xuitus' 10 months ago
what a beautiful bear <3
'Crescendyr' 10 months ago
The Hodor of dogs.
Charlie Rudd
'Charlie Rudd' 10 months ago
it's so cute.
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