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Snakehips & MØ - Don't Leave (Official Lyric Video) -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: SnakehipsVEVO

By: SnakehipsVEVOPublished: 2 weeks ago

4, 807, 416 views

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Snakehips & MØ - Don't Leave (Official Lyric Video)
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Meyqa Haikal
'Meyqa Haikal' 1 hour ago
i want that jacket
Pravesh Kamlesh
'Pravesh Kamlesh' 2 hours ago
One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain......................
chacha xcx
'chacha xcx' 3 hours ago
Im addicted this song
Amanda Perry
'Amanda Perry' 4 hours ago
My reality
Sha Zam
'Sha Zam' 7 hours ago
damn I fuckup love this song...don't leave me baby...
Megan Storey
'Megan Storey' 7 hours ago
So true
Eugenne Marais
'Eugenne Marais' 10 hours ago
This song is so underated
Peter Sutherland
'Peter Sutherland' 11 hours ago
sia-y... luv
eska S 12
'eska S 12' 12 hours ago
om fuckingtelolet om
eska S 12
'eska S 12' 12 hours ago
om fuckingtelolet om
eska S 12
'eska S 12' 12 hours ago
om telolet om
eska S 12
'eska S 12' 12 hours ago
om telolet om
jillxjillx `
'jillxjillx `' 13 hours ago
love it........! stamp of approval....
Phuong Nguyen
'Phuong Nguyen' 13 hours ago
omg im so in love with Snakehips. They are so underrated rightnow :/
brian williams
'brian williams' 15 hours ago
Debora Passos
'Debora Passos' 15 hours ago
perfect, perfect song <3
Enycornia Zamora
'Enycornia Zamora' 16 hours ago
i may not ever get my shit together
Kai Kai Rafols
'Kai Kai Rafols' 16 hours ago
To my bestfriend who already left me😢
'LyricsvídeosVEVO' 17 hours ago
which is the better featuring ?
(a) mo f. nicki minaj
(b) mo ft. tove lo
(c) mo ft. melaine martinez
(d) mo ft. dua lipa
Ale Onfleek
'Ale Onfleek' 17 hours ago
'Daniiel' 18 hours ago
'MU HYUN' 19 hours ago
i love her voice 😍
's1Lence' 19 hours ago
the background vocals from 1:14 to 1:31 are amazing
Pian Awi
'Pian Awi' 19 hours ago
MO is the best!
'TROYNORSKULL BM' 21 hours ago
Brayam Calle Rivera
'Brayam Calle Rivera' 22 hours ago
Throttle Remix is good :)
'Atarcsis' 22 hours ago
This is so Raye tbh ♥
Nadifa Abdi
'Nadifa Abdi' 23 hours ago
I love her jacket
Justin Stone
'Justin Stone' 23 hours ago
Why isn't this at 20mil views yet????
Scorpians_Dark_Angel Holdsworth
reminds me of me simging this to my bf
Irfan Amaloel
'Irfan Amaloel' 24 hours ago
rip replay button
Re Presentine
'Re Presentine' 1 day ago
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Tosha Martinski
'Tosha Martinski' 1 day ago
м и л о />  フ
     |  _  _|
     /`ミ _x 彡
     /      |
    /  ヽ   ノ
 / ̄|   | | |
 | ( ̄ヽ__ヽ_)_)
Han Shi
'Han Shi' 1 day ago
so good
Air Dizon
'Air Dizon' 1 day ago
belinda poiap
'belinda poiap' 1 day ago
I am latterly obsessed with this song
Antonio Race
'Antonio Race' 1 day ago
I live for this note 2:49
'CTIN VERO' 1 day ago
Snakehips and MØ together, damn this track is gonna be huge..
Mackenzie Kirby
'Mackenzie Kirby' 1 day ago
I need her jacket
Gb Jkt
'Gb Jkt' 1 day ago
amazing song but bad video....
Grande Pene
'Grande Pene' 1 day ago
i have to say that this song is truly amazing👍 xd
'SynetricalPlayz' 1 day ago
Omg I love dancing to this. I made a lit choreography to this
nadz yea
'nadz yea' 1 day ago
i bet this video cost so much money too make, look at all the cgi & expensive costumes
'Sammahh' 1 day ago
"But I'm not just a fuck-up, I'm the fuck-up you love" Fucking in love. <3
Rofl cakes.
'Rofl cakes.' 1 day ago
I may not ever get my shit together
but ain't nobody gonna love you better.
edmun bagunu
'edmun bagunu' 1 day ago
MØ im watching 4,488,417 views (lyric Video)
January 21 2017. Danilobits!
Tef Torres
'Tef Torres' 1 day ago
This reminds me of my girlfriend and me. I'm a fuck up, she deserves better, man
other songs like this??
Delilah Grimeson
'Delilah Grimeson' 1 day ago
genre of this kind of music?
Raymondo YT
'Raymondo YT' 1 day ago
Phenomenal song guys! Great collab with MØ! Sounded perfect! Sick work! :)
prabhat 03
'prabhat 03' 1 day ago
Just speechless
Natalia Soriano
'Natalia Soriano' 2 days ago
The lyrics remind me of After (Anna Todd) I can see Hardin writing/saying this to Tessa
'Itzel' 2 days ago
'Cristianbz' 2 days ago
I almost don't understand the meaning of the song. Can someone explain me??? thanks.
Ash D
'Ash D' 2 days ago
♡Perfectly Imperfect♡
'ggreflexes' 2 days ago
what a fkin banger!
Khris Fuentespina
'Khris Fuentespina' 2 days ago
This is sooooo good
ram degrace
'ram degrace' 2 days ago
Who came her before DJ Snake - The Half
dylancrazy88 vs stikbot riggs
oh hell yeeeeeeeees!!!!!!!
private account
'private account' 2 days ago
Middlesbrough and England deep in my heart, also Denmark.. land of our ancestors
Mihez Music
'Mihez Music' 2 days ago
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'KARMA VIB3 Music' 2 days ago
Subscribe me Please !!!! Help me to grow !!!!
'cosmosisdown' 2 days ago
love thisssss
Jocular John
'Jocular John' 2 days ago
Music video is shit
Franco Blondet molina
I thought it was SIA 😳
'Heyo' 2 days ago
i'm addicted
Kritou..!! xD
'Kritou..!! xD' 2 days ago
Amazing lyrics
Georgi Dinescu
'Georgi Dinescu' 2 days ago
From where could ibuy her jacket?
Anne Waithira
'Anne Waithira' 2 days ago
2:01-2:20 thank me later 😊
eron dallas
'eron dallas' 2 days ago
where is zayn
'N4ppzter' 2 days ago
Nobody noticing the weird kitchen tool sounds throughout the song? 2:04 for example.
Lasse Andersen
'Lasse Andersen' 2 days ago
Sounds a bit like the melody from Love me like you do doesn't it? Good though
Zowii Narella
'Zowii Narella' 2 days ago
me encanta 💕
Widow I
'Widow I' 2 days ago
Her voice is the best!
camille capule
'camille capule' 2 days ago
I'm inlove
Ana Stuepp
'Ana Stuepp' 2 days ago
Why i can't find a video of her singing this song live? she didn't perform yet or what?
Tria Indriyani
'Tria Indriyani' 2 days ago
Fael Tube
'Fael Tube' 2 days ago
Nunca vi!! Que mulher que gosta de cobra
'Crayons' 2 days ago
OMG its sound like heaven 🌈 🌈 🌈
Jorge Ruales
'Jorge Ruales' 2 days ago
i love this song 😍 like if u agree
palash reja
'palash reja' 2 days ago
this song didnt need a collab,mo's lyrics and her voice was just enough and speaking truly,the beats ruined this song
'ALISHA ADHIKARI' 2 days ago
Xamo Z1
'Xamo Z1' 2 days ago
MO ! i love your voice!!!!!!!!!!!!
Omggg she is sooo awesome after kamikaze I had no hope......but she is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Stevenx Leo
'Stevenx Leo' 2 days ago
Kar Dashian
'Kar Dashian' 2 days ago
rip replay button
Victor Mangai
'Victor Mangai' 2 days ago
this is music great song guys keep up the good work
Richel Uy
'Richel Uy' 2 days ago
The lyrics tho.
Roos Smit
'Roos Smit' 2 days ago
I'm not just a fuck-up, i'm the fuck-up who needs to finish her report in less then an hour but continues to watch YouTube videos ;)
Reyn Jugo
'Reyn Jugo' 2 days ago
dope lyrics!!!!!
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