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Rhett & Link Bonded Over Swears in First Grade -
Published: 3 months ago By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonPublished: 3 months ago

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YouTube stars Rhett & Link talk to Jimmy about how a childhood punishment and a blood oath inspired their Good Mythical Morning empire before sharing a clip from their movie Rhett & Link's Buddy System.

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Rhett & Link Bonded Over Swears in First Grade

jo a
'jo a' 3 days ago
find the wallet
katelyn D
'katelyn D' 3 days ago
Link...Remember That Paper Is Out There Somewhere.
Gino Simplicio
'Gino Simplicio' 3 days ago
So if there's anything we've learned in this video, is that we can't get true friends unless we do a blood oath. lol
'furryTHEbear' 4 days ago
coloring a unicorn and paul bunyan. Wtf when people in college get in trouble they get kicked out
HecticCandy 1
'HecticCandy 1' 4 days ago
It's so weird to see them in suits!!
Votum 123
'Votum 123' 5 days ago
Holy shit, Ms Locklear was one of my teachers..
GreenWolf _3
'GreenWolf _3' 5 days ago
So Rhett and Link are blood brothers if you wanna become blood brothers here's how to 🙂 🙂 🔪👋 then sake hands
Phoebe Margallo
'Phoebe Margallo' 5 days ago
frienship goals
'MAGICAL FUN' 6 days ago
I love these twooooooooooo
Laney Howe
'Laney Howe' 6 days ago
It's weird to see them like this! Woah
'Olivia' 6 days ago
First time I've heard these two curse. It's hilarious.
Josh Partridge
'Josh Partridge' 6 days ago
I've never seen Fallon so bored in my life
'mickthemaddy' 6 days ago
Must kill Jimmy Fallon constantly interviewing people who are way funnier than him no matter how hard he tries.
Imogen SkitsAndGaming
I need links socks now please
Brian reynolds
'Brian reynolds' 7 days ago
worlds best trio
Unicorn Lover
'Unicorn Lover' 7 days ago
I thought according to the epic rap battle of manliness that Rhett has never crossed his legs
Binkkk V
'Binkkk V' 7 days ago
link crying 😂😍
'Hov-Face' 7 days ago
I heard the words 'dubious' and 'Elon Musk'........ Does anyone else listen to Dear Hank and John?
Banana Fo-Fana
'Banana Fo-Fana' 1 week ago
'E2O10' 1 week ago
Does anyone know if the outro music for these videos is an actual song or a specially made track for the tonight show? Would really like to listen to a long version of it.
'GraceAction' 1 week ago
Aw I love them!
Donna Doddridge
'Donna Doddridge' 1 week ago
"You crying?"
"Wanna get some boba?"
I wanted to see their reactions after that
Pat3Cia C
'Pat3Cia C' 1 week ago
😍😍😍 OMG 💜💜
Miguel Garcia
'Miguel Garcia' 1 week ago
I like the song at the end
Jason King
'Jason King' 1 week ago
Link's tie bar is really doing its job👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
janis lamberts
'janis lamberts' 1 week ago
I heard scientists are currently working to revive or clone Harvey Lee Oswald.
'KaitlynZapata' 1 week ago
links face when he says he lost the oath paper. 1:54
Lauren M.
'Lauren M.' 1 week ago
Their story is so amazing!
'NopeNope' 1 week ago
Random Stuff
'Random Stuff' 1 week ago
Rhett and Link are like Ant and Dec lol
'GirlySunglasses' 1 week ago
Rhett and Link are back on the show this Thursday!
Christie Hickey
'Christie Hickey' 1 week ago
Damn dude! I'm so happy for these guys, they deserve it! I can't believe how far they've made it. Definitely glad they haven't changed much or let their success go to their heads as a lot of successful YouTubers do...Rhett & Link have stayed genuine bestfriends who still love what they do & really care about their subscribers! I'm glad to say I've been a mythical beast since Season1!! Woot Woot :)
leslie williamson
'leslie williamson' 1 week ago
my name is leslie! :)
Eugenia Baz
'Eugenia Baz' 1 week ago
Wait who is Rhett and who is link
'xSparkleyCatx' 1 week ago
A morning show on a late night show. Congrats GMM!!!
Samuel Maria
'Samuel Maria' 1 week ago
scraped our hand, drew a little blood, shaked hands and got aids
Rachael McInnes
'Rachael McInnes' 2 weeks ago
Imagine someone finding Link's lost wallet, opening it and finding am old blood stained piece of paper with 'We will do something together' scrawled on it...
Willem Jewell
'Willem Jewell' 2 weeks ago
I like how they sit exactly the same
dee phaa
'dee phaa' 2 weeks ago
I like how they finish each other's sentences
Jacobie Does Life
'Jacobie Does Life' 2 weeks ago
links hot😍😍💖💖
'Stitch' 2 weeks ago
elijah davis
'elijah davis' 2 weeks ago
Iris Georgiadou
'Iris Georgiadou' 2 weeks ago
For some reason I want to see both Link and Paul Rudd in one place.
The Rusty Hubcap
'The Rusty Hubcap' 2 weeks ago
That's so awesome I was born in the same state they were and lived only 5 miles from their Early GMM studio in NC
Kim Weir
'Kim Weir' 2 weeks ago
Will it Fallon? Jimmy's GOT TO have them as a guest and do more sketches together!!
Z. Z.
'Z. Z.' 2 weeks ago
the only video of this channel that I watched more than once..okay 6 times to be exact!! And still counting.I am a proud mythical beast
Thunderiffic Commenter
Poor Leslie. Imagine the hate she gets from Rhett & Link's fans.
'Kayla' 2 weeks ago
"You crying?" "yeah" "you wanna get some boba?" "Yeah"
Austin Someguy
'Austin Someguy' 2 weeks ago
There were much better clips to show
'Kinztuber_Rosy' 3 weeks ago
When Link started talking about loosing the pact he started to tear up and oh my heart
Matilda Whitaker
'Matilda Whitaker' 3 weeks ago
Hello I just want to say something...
Captain Panda
'Captain Panda' 3 weeks ago
When Rhett and Link swore i'm like woah nice xD
Wxflie Mix
'Wxflie Mix' 3 weeks ago
W H E R E T H E M Y T H I C A L B E A S T S A T <3
Elizabeth Hillier
'Elizabeth Hillier' 4 weeks ago
rhett and link lookin funky fresh.
'PetrePann' 4 weeks ago
That must have been SO WEIRD for whoever found Link's lost wallet. "Holy sh...this guy has...blood in his wallet?"
Dr Cade
'Dr Cade' 4 weeks ago
So they sold their soul to do something big together?
Daniel Wang
'Daniel Wang' 4 weeks ago
I'm convinced Rhett is Vincent Van Gogh reincarnate
Amber Salas
'Amber Salas' 4 weeks ago
'JURASSIC DONKEY' 4 weeks ago
Never heard Rhett and link swear amazing
Ardelia Nabila
'Ardelia Nabila' 4 weeks ago
they're finishing each other's sentences!
NoChill FAM
'NoChill FAM' 4 weeks ago
so weird seeing rhet and link swear lmao
Avxry Grxmslxy
'Avxry Grxmslxy' 1 month ago
They frickin' sit the same way... 😂
Gin Scorpio
'Gin Scorpio' 1 month ago
The longer I look at their crossed legs; the mor with see broken legs
Valerie Onofre
'Valerie Onofre' 1 month ago
The purest boys on YouTube, literal friendship goals❤
Abdou Benbada
'Abdou Benbada' 1 month ago
Buddy System? MGS5?
Rey Marshall
'Rey Marshall' 1 month ago
I love this 😍 So sweet and love Rhett and link
Illusion Football
'Illusion Football' 1 month ago
Everyone knows Harambe but who does Harambe know?
Read the first word.
'Zippy_19' 1 month ago
Good mythical MORNING on the TONIGHT show
Andrew Hahessy
'Andrew Hahessy' 1 month ago
you know link gives no dam when he comes out showing off his yellow socks
'Hexlattice' 1 month ago
So crazy... and I now live a short drive from where they're from... they've really become something with their dedication and commitment to each other!
Julie Hill
'Julie Hill' 1 month ago
We love seeing you guys on tv!!! 😀
'heyzeus023' 1 month ago
Fallon: will it cancel?
Margie ST
'Margie ST' 1 month ago
i love Rhett and Link :)
Michael Pemberton
'Michael Pemberton' 1 month ago
I know I am not the only one who thought they were actually gonna cuss
Jason Reedy
'Jason Reedy' 2 months ago
They should have a late night talk show of there own!
Swagalicious Unicorn
'Swagalicious Unicorn' 2 months ago
I love how Rhett is wearing plain grey socks and Link is just like "Imma wear my yellow socks with white spots!"
Avan Artinger
'Avan Artinger' 2 months ago
Thank the lord these men were bad enough to write "hell" and "dam"
Ruth Brennan
'Ruth Brennan' 2 months ago
the thumbnail tho
Riya Singh
'Riya Singh' 2 months ago
hi amber
'April_10th_1998' 2 months ago
I love how Link's socks don't match his outfit at all😂👌🏻💛
Nightmare Freddy
'Nightmare Freddy' 2 months ago
If they weren't in the same class...
'AlphaBeReal' 2 months ago
A blood oath huh? sad i really like you guys too, i wish fame hadnt been your only goal together.
'alas_earwax!' 2 months ago
So Jimmy is only upbeat & happy when he is star struck by his guests? He showed zero of his normal enthusiasm. Disappointing
Morgan Mcclaine
'Morgan Mcclaine' 2 months ago
Can you imagine the person that found that wallet? They're just looking through it to find an ID or something and they pull out an old crumpled paper, smeared with blood that just says "We will do something together."
Alex Vickers
'Alex Vickers' 2 months ago
loving links socks
'AndiiBambii' 2 months ago
They made it big time they grow up so fast
'TonyTube407' 2 months ago
It's pretty cool to see these two guys on the Tonight Show after watching their YouTube show for so long. Congratulations!!!
'srv1959' 2 months ago
not funny
Radiant Umbreon
'Radiant Umbreon' 2 months ago
link's socks
Anonymous person
'Anonymous person' 2 months ago
I didn't lose it but I did lose the wallet around it
'ShpookyBear369' 2 months ago
Why does Rhett look like a Hollywood actor?
'Vexerino' 2 months ago
I really want Rhett's suit
meridian hi
'meridian hi' 2 months ago
im proud ofthem and im proud of us. Go mythical beasts
Lawrence Calablaster
'Lawrence Calablaster' 2 months ago
I forgot that this happened. This is the best interview on the internet after Carpool Karaoke.
Jason Els
'Jason Els' 2 months ago
Come hell or high water.
patrick bruemmer
'patrick bruemmer' 2 months ago
what is the song at the end of this???
David Nguyen
'David Nguyen' 2 months ago
That ending though
'ClemensAlive' 2 months ago
I'm so distracted by Links socks...I cant stop looking at them
Brian M
'Brian M' 2 months ago
Love these guys, but the flopped on Jimmy....too bad, big opportunity. Pretty boring.
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