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Digital Exclusive: Inner White Girl (Reese Witherspoon) - SNL -
Published: 2 years ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 2 years ago

3, 614, 325 views

34, 475 Likes   2, 411 Dislikes

When Leslie Jones has a hard time dealing with white people, she consults her Inner White Girl (Reese Witherspoon).

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Melody Weckel
'Melody Weckel' 3 hours ago
This should be a movie. Or at least a mini series.
'Caulderoy' 6 hours ago
I wish this skit was a movie
Nzuri Malkia
'Nzuri Malkia' 12 hours ago
Majority of Blacks do not behave this stereotypical way. Also, yes, guards do profile a lot. The fake cop syndrome.
J Lawrence.
'J Lawrence.' 2 days ago
More accurate skit would be an inner white girl that encourages not resisting arrest.
Stacie Crocker
'Stacie Crocker' 2 days ago
Its true, white woman do NOT like to wait. Just look at the checkout line
J Rac
'J Rac' 2 days ago
I Love leslie!!!!!
'userprocedures' 4 days ago
ha ha ha!! this is funny... white people, black people, latinos, asians... everybody has their thing and everybody is funny....
Jesse Alvarez
'Jesse Alvarez' 4 days ago
Bethany Earl
'Bethany Earl' 5 days ago
"Unacceptable" is a white person's favorite word.
I'm a waitress and one time I had 3-4 table come in almost all at once plus 3-4 pick up orders call in so everyone's orders ended up going in a few minutes late
And let me tell you how "unacceptable" it was for an old white lady that her appetizers weren't out in just a couple minutes.
Even when I explained to her why it had taken them longer than usual.
Bushra Monowar
'Bushra Monowar' 5 days ago
well black people have to put up with so much shit every single day in White America. worth to watch this skit and realize the truth again... go black power!
Bobby Lawsen
'Bobby Lawsen' 6 days ago
Aside from the blonde female going off about waiting (they HAD to do this so to help diffuse the black woman's behavior) it's nice for once NOT to see whitey portrayed as rascist assholes the fucking left wants the whole World to think we are. Not all crackas' are rascist, yo!
Raul Olivas
'Raul Olivas' 7 days ago
Where was Reese's inner white girl when her hubby got a DUI? She went off on that cop, lmao!
Jason Guthro
'Jason Guthro' 7 days ago
how about inner common sense
Hotass bih
'Hotass bih' 1 week ago
That waiting part has deceased OMGG
Grace Lee
'Grace Lee' 1 week ago
I am not White like you. I WILL go to jail. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA love it!
'Fyn' 1 week ago
Is it weird I'd love this as an actual movie, without the race parts?

Like, someone has a locket that talks to an inner soul in them when they reach a scenario they can't handle.
Babak G
'Babak G' 2 weeks ago
Something about this skit doesn't sit well with me. I get the mocking stereotypes - but the way stereotypes work is that we unconsciously judge people by the stereotype and then people respond to it and deliver it to us. The hostile, aggrieved black woman stereotype that Leslie jones does -- does this skit confirm it or challenge it? Even if this is the intent, the actual result is just confirming stereotypes
Serena Lizzy Cros
'Serena Lizzy Cros' 2 weeks ago
I really do hate to wait tho ;dd
Dutli Anvilhand
'Dutli Anvilhand' 2 weeks ago
"I didn't even know complaints could be formal!" Hahaha Just amazing
'ryguy637' 2 weeks ago
Mike G
'Mike G' 2 weeks ago
White people hahaha Black people hahaha so funny
Lukas Jackson
'Lukas Jackson' 3 weeks ago
Damn, that big black guy is scary looking....
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 3 weeks ago
Can you image if the roles were swapped? Everyone in comments are getting mad over the fact that white people are upset. But you know damn well that if the roles were swapped, hell would break loose.
Trenton Cheuvront
'Trenton Cheuvront' 3 weeks ago
So white people are impatient and black people have no idea how any sort of business works?
'PloopPloop' 3 weeks ago
Leslie Jones isn't funny
Wayne Gibbs
'Wayne Gibbs' 3 weeks ago
that is one ugly woman....
Alberto Escobedo
'Alberto Escobedo' 3 weeks ago
I'm from Mexico and I didnt get it, is this a racist sketch?
'Big$MoneyBoss' 3 weeks ago
Is this a movie? I would buy it right now
Ryan Jacob
'Ryan Jacob' 3 weeks ago
this is funny 😂😂😂😂
Ayinde Butler
'Ayinde Butler' 3 weeks ago
so a black woman can only be civilized if the spirit of a white girl guides her?! this was dumb, racist and not funny.
Balkan Histrian
'Balkan Histrian' 3 weeks ago
And name white house is so racist
Ryan Robertson
'Ryan Robertson' 3 weeks ago
So white people act civilized and black people do not. Is that correct?
Dutch Boss
'Dutch Boss' 3 weeks ago
whats funny about someones inability to deal with the society they live in?
'NekoPetrovsky' 3 weeks ago
nj13 nj13
'nj13 nj13' 4 weeks ago
SNL is racist never saw black woman act like that
Unknown User
'Unknown User' 4 weeks ago
She looks like a gorilla
Random user
'Random user' 4 weeks ago
Leslie Jones is a hypermasculine coon who trafficks in black stereotypes. So sick of her.
World Guest
'World Guest' 4 weeks ago
I am not American but I spent 5yrs in USA working and I always felt that black people were more racist against me than whites were. Also I felt that due to their history they push their racism too far to look always like the victims. I know America is racist I am just saying blacks are equally racist and 80% of their racism is pure bullshit and feeling sorry for themselves.
Leslie D
'Leslie D' 4 weeks ago
Bah Hahahahaha!!!!
Jabik The Great
'Jabik The Great' 4 weeks ago
This is how racial comedy should be. 👍
River Song
'River Song' 4 weeks ago
See guys? We all have our faults but at least now we know that we can all work together.
'Alexiosization' 4 weeks ago
'Knocturnal' 4 weeks ago
Is this supposed to comedic? A terrible attempt if so...
Jessica Czubachowski
that was pretty funny.
eman sabry
'eman sabry' 4 weeks ago
btw I like your hair hhhhhhhhhhhhh
Robin Hanna
'Robin Hanna' 4 weeks ago
The same people complaining about racism are the people producing and liking these videos
'DAVINIA OSBORNE' 4 weeks ago
A whole movie on this would be great
crayola yung
'crayola yung' 1 month ago
coon train is coming ~ tariq nasheed
Unreasonably Sane
'Unreasonably Sane' 1 month ago
so..... acting like a rational sane person and not pitching a fit like a child is acting white somehow? wow
Holly Collins
'Holly Collins' 1 month ago
I thought it was gonna end with the bank teller having an Inner Black Girl lol
'kokam2' 1 month ago
bella rosa
'bella rosa' 1 month ago
Christopher Jared
'Christopher Jared' 1 month ago
I'm dying 😂😂😂
'SARISS80' 1 month ago
sooooo racist
Ed Williams
'Ed Williams' 1 month ago
haha yes, I too have these inner white girl experiences with a helpful blonde...errr or should I say "in a white girl" experience heh heh 😉
Jody Schwieger
'Jody Schwieger' 1 month ago
how is she even on SNL, she's not even remotely funny... come on, smh...
'PapaGanoush17' 1 month ago
SO DUMB. Hate both of these bitches
'parkeroneluv' 1 month ago
I like this skit make this a recurring skit inner white girl
Episode Time
'Episode Time' 1 month ago
For some reason this is inspiring
Episode Time
'Episode Time' 1 month ago
Big Mamma
Nikola TeslaHR
'Nikola TeslaHR' 1 month ago
Ahmad Farooqi
'Ahmad Farooqi' 1 month ago
This is definitely one of the best things I have ever seen in a while...
Shemesh Navon
'Shemesh Navon' 1 month ago
Leslie lives walking all over black women
music music
'music music' 1 month ago
'nebulousisgod' 1 month ago
Reese Witherspoon is the epitome of a white girl. That's hilarious.
'MaryRose007' 1 month ago
This is one of the most hilarious SNL sketches ever.
'Headcharger' 1 month ago
Racism is alive and well people
'Headcharger' 1 month ago
"Whenever i need help dealing with black people" TRIGGERED
'rojastashanae' 1 month ago
Leslie is the shit haha I'd love to smoke wit her
Dawn Loves Lana D. R.
I have an inner African American girl . She gets me thru everyday life. 🤣
Eric Toribio
'Eric Toribio' 1 month ago
Not asking for a Manager. 😂😂😂😂
'sigulda18' 1 month ago
Racist bs!
Lucas Peder
'Lucas Peder' 1 month ago
Wait... So black people are savages and whites are civilized?
Nadi B
'Nadi B' 1 month ago
I'm getting really tired of this angry, big black woman stereotype. Who approved this shit?
Donald Storm
'Donald Storm' 1 month ago
thanks Leslie Jones that was awesome great skit you are the best!!!
Jade Morales
'Jade Morales' 1 month ago
I so badly wanna have this turn into a ongoing skit like their "family feud " skits
'Don't Quit' 1 month ago
She's so God damn ugly
Dan Y
'Dan Y' 1 month ago
2:44 black women ALWAYS talk on Bluetooth lol what's up with that?!? Lmfao! You know what they have told me for the ones I asked, "Because it's HANDS-FREE" 😂
Holy shit, Elle Woods is Leslie Jones' inner white girl? With my luck, my inner white girl would be Caitlyn Jenner.
'danax2007' 2 months ago
Im not white, I hate waiting.
Alexandre Hamada Possi
i would laugh at this until very recently, but as i watched it now, it bothered me more than it entertained me. is it not bad to portray both races through those features? how is the getto bitch any different from the lazy ignorant watermelon eater? isnt this a part of a cultural context where black women are taken as not self controled and violent? dont the reasons why we stopped portraying some black stereotypes apply to this one? and i dont see how this is making fun of the existence of such an absurd stereotype, i dont think that this sketch is questioning the stereotype by exaggerating it. its just relying on it to be funny. nobodys laughing because they think that this portrayal of blackness is absurd. theyre laughing because this idea of blackness is real for them.
Jacob A. Haver
'Jacob A. Haver' 2 months ago
Damn, she's right. I hate waiting.
Alex Kerman
'Alex Kerman' 2 months ago
Shut up boi
Melissa Burdick
'Melissa Burdick' 2 months ago
I love when SNL writers start acting
'LOUIEVIL 7.62' 2 months ago
this is stupid
noemi ghosh
'noemi ghosh' 2 months ago
reverse racism is so rampage in America now.thnx to Obama.empowering man empowering
Robin Field
'Robin Field' 2 months ago
very good! seeing people from different perspectives is always very valuable. Love Leslie :-)
Andres Alvarado
'Andres Alvarado' 2 months ago
Leslie Jones is the best cast member on SNL right now
Matt Weiman
'Matt Weiman' 2 months ago
I was hoping they would make fun of white girls more
Matt Weiman
'Matt Weiman' 2 months ago
"It's time to save 50% on a year long supply of Viagra!"

I just got a commercial that started like that no joke.
Plush Greatness
'Plush Greatness' 2 months ago
I freaking love her
Gabriela Andrea Ortiz Barreto
I wish i had an inner Japanese girl just so i can understand anime.
Jarrod Smith
'Jarrod Smith' 2 months ago
White people hate waiting 🤣
Black Dahlia
'Black Dahlia' 2 months ago
I can't help but picture Peter Griffin every time I see that actor that plays the manager.
Phillip Shaw
'Phillip Shaw' 2 months ago
by far the best SNL in a longtime..
Angelcreame west
'Angelcreame west' 2 months ago
aja ledesma
'aja ledesma' 2 months ago
love love love leslie and reese
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