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Digital Exclusive: Inner White Girl (Reese Witherspoon) - SNL -
Published: 2 years ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 2 years ago

3, 301, 617 views

30, 382 Likes   2, 198 Dislikes

When Leslie Jones has a hard time dealing with white people, she consults her Inner White Girl (Reese Witherspoon).

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Caitlin Young
'Caitlin Young' 1 day ago
Commit solid suspect deficit vessel illness you grave.
Black Dahlia
'Black Dahlia' 3 days ago
I can't help but picture Peter Griffin every time I see that actor that plays the manager.
Phillip Shaw
'Phillip Shaw' 6 days ago
by far the best SNL in a longtime..
Angelcreame west
'Angelcreame west' 6 days ago
aja ledesma
'aja ledesma' 1 week ago
love love love leslie and reese
Brent Lockwood
'Brent Lockwood' 1 week ago
Oh lord white people do not like to wait
'goldendragon35' 1 week ago
'USCHI LOU' 2 weeks ago
OMG the white people waiting thing is SO TRUE! I'm a server and people freak out when they have to wait.
Wind Walker
'Wind Walker' 2 weeks ago
She does look like a dude though
'strokesdogs' 3 weeks ago
now i gotta talk to my inner wanker
Headless Jackass
'Headless Jackass' 3 weeks ago
sup you monkey man lady transvestite? you see how much money milo is making?
DarkBerry Alchemy
'DarkBerry Alchemy' 3 weeks ago
Hahahah i need one of these when I'm getting to "spicy" for peeps. Lol. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Koen Uranus
'Koen Uranus' 3 weeks ago
racist sketch... still funny though
starr goooch
'starr goooch' 4 weeks ago
anotber hermaphrodite to add to the list, michelle obama, Serena and venus Williams, and now this thing.
'MissFitDaniNicole' 4 weeks ago
white america??? omg.
Callie Lady J.
'Callie Lady J.' 1 month ago
Leslie and Reese are a trip! Race-based jokes can be funny without being racist, insulting and degrading.
Hazy jay
'Hazy jay' 1 month ago
what about my inner white men
None Of Your Business
The silence is so thick oh no SNL
'toemasie' 1 month ago
That was really good. It's all about the "delivery" to get good customer service. Ain't nobody finna listen to yo ass when you be trippin.
'q2breath' 1 month ago
it only looks racist
Road House
'Road House' 1 month ago
i love how they mock racism...... hahahaaa ONE WORLD, ONE PEOPLE!
Todd Hobza
'Todd Hobza' 1 month ago
that is extremely funny that should be a regular skit
Juan Sanchez
'Juan Sanchez' 1 month ago
The scene at 3:41 is Sunnyside, Queens on Queens Blvd!!!
Emile Louis
'Emile Louis' 1 month ago
She looks like Cray Eyes
Foofer Bob
'Foofer Bob' 1 month ago
having to wait brings out the crazy. every time!
Capucine chaussonpassion
THIS was so gorgeous
Julia Youngstedt
'Julia Youngstedt' 1 month ago
This came out on my birthday a year ago
'TheDeathwalker86' 1 month ago
black women are basically men
Ruth Angelina
'Ruth Angelina' 1 month ago
this was not funny
mathias rømer
'mathias rømer' 2 months ago
How the fuck is this funny
Rad Chad
'Rad Chad' 2 months ago
Occasionally, I like to be reminded as to how unfunny SNL is. This is a good reminder. Cloying as fuck and about as subtle as the result of a spasmodic ten year firing a flare gun inside a petroleum refinery.
'Hotaru' 2 months ago
Can this please be made into a real movie?
'Ratatoskr' 2 months ago
What if this was reversed?
Stephanie In the wild
Hey we all can learn something from each other. The white girl in end gets mad so nothing bad about this. This was funny and true. So why hate? Just enjoy. I have my inner black girl that helps me once in awhile. She's my angel. : )
Jason Bean
'Jason Bean' 2 months ago
laser time!
'truthfalse30' 2 months ago
Love Leslie
Cameron Shaffer
'Cameron Shaffer' 2 months ago
all white people are civilized, just like all black people are not loud and ghetto. but its its still fucking hilarious to laugh at the white stereotypes.
alm1ty Deathstalker
'alm1ty Deathstalker' 2 months ago
this is racist as hell
Christine Ford
'Christine Ford' 2 months ago
this is great. Humor is the great de-escalator. If we can joke about our differences, it acknowledges them and lets us put them aside and just be people.
Александар Ђурђевић
Not sure if I am watching Reese Witherspoon or Elle Woods...
a guy from nz
'a guy from nz' 2 months ago
leslie has so much potential and talent, its a shame she always gets the 'stereotypical' black woman role
'Viggosgirl82' 2 months ago
Lol! My inner White girl throws shade while trying to make it sound like a compliment. As in, I like those shoes though. And drags out the though like really long. Great skit!!
Daisy Debar
'Daisy Debar' 2 months ago
Awkward..i dont think the audience laughed once. Now Black Jeopardy is the Shizzle dizzle!
lucas black
'lucas black' 2 months ago
So do white people have inner black girl
Gonzalo Arvietti
'Gonzalo Arvietti' 2 months ago
me as a latino, have two inner boys... one black, and other white
Sometimes I lose my mind, both like meth, is not like years before
Trev Mac
'Trev Mac' 2 months ago
Is there a prerequisite that every woman who are SNL cast members in the last 5 seasons have to be at a (bare minimum) 40-60 lbs over weight? There hasn't been an attractive female cast member since Nancy Walls
cory stallworth
'cory stallworth' 2 months ago
do yall even know what a racist is? It' not in this skit
La “LaSerpentaCanta” Serpenta Canta
This is seriously not funny at all, it just makes both look bad.
Chris Espinal
'Chris Espinal' 2 months ago
this is racist. if it was a white girl doing a black girl people would talk shit..
Jessica Piexoto
'Jessica Piexoto' 2 months ago
Mal Radagast
'Mal Radagast' 2 months ago
I'd watch that movie.
Neghie Thervil
'Neghie Thervil' 2 months ago
I tried to pull the inner white girl at the airport, but she was no match for the manager. I could see him switching his hips, rolling his neck and flipping his permed hair from a mile away. Had to go with Plan B. Pissed off black woman traveling with 3 kids.
'Plantbasedfatty' 2 months ago
This wasn't funny to me at all...
Millicent Lopez
'Millicent Lopez' 2 months ago
leslie sure does cut the coon with a razor sharp knife!
Ahmar Saeed
'Ahmar Saeed' 2 months ago
The world needs a sequel to this!
Denise DeniseHuxtable
They will call security...
osculum infame
'osculum infame' 2 months ago
Ugh, she didn't even get tased!
Ayana Hastings
'Ayana Hastings' 2 months ago
Horrible! Super disappointed in Leslie Jones for portraying this character.
Manti False
'Manti False' 2 months ago
XD white people dont like to wait I'm dead bruh rip
Sharad Majumdar
'Sharad Majumdar' 2 months ago
Because only white people have politeness and reasoning?
Mel Gasquet
'Mel Gasquet' 2 months ago
I did not expect the "white people do not like to wait," and I laughed so hard ^^ sooo very true.
'maddux1st' 2 months ago
Stereotypical per usual
Laura Kimmick
'Laura Kimmick' 2 months ago
Here in Ecuador, I have an Inner Ecuadorian girl, my buddy, Pachi!
Mark Summers
'Mark Summers' 2 months ago
"I didn't even know complaints could be formal." That's funny!
Misha Jones
'Misha Jones' 2 months ago
What is this crap? Leslie I am ashamed
'MakoRuu' 2 months ago
I'd watch this if it were a real tv show.
Sabra Kay
'Sabra Kay' 2 months ago
I don't like waiting, either. That shit sucks. I hear ya, Reese.
Amber Edwards
'Amber Edwards' 2 months ago
'JCMELKOR' 2 months ago
Don king looking ass
Jimmy Cen
'Jimmy Cen' 2 months ago
Lmao I wish I had an inner Asian girl
Dollar Diva
'Dollar Diva' 2 months ago
Loved it 💩
Merry Spinster
'Merry Spinster' 2 months ago
all of our inner white girls are gonna be working extra hard in Trump America.
Claire Marley
'Claire Marley' 2 months ago
"i've got better shit to do"
S. Jackson
'S. Jackson' 2 months ago
'FashionLoveSmile' 2 months ago
This is an embarrassment to black people than it being funny. It's portraying that African-Americans are uncivilized and don't know how to handle a situation without being loud and aggressive, in which we need to emulate a white woman or refer to white women on how to act properly, handle disputes, or try to find a resolution. My goodness SNL needs to do better and so does Leslie. A disgrace 😔😔
Lia Frenae
'Lia Frenae' 2 months ago
"white people do not like to wait." true af
Terry Hicks
'Terry Hicks' 2 months ago
I just love her, she is hysterical!
'QueenofRoses777' 2 months ago
she was in Sunnyside queens!
Emily Sarah
'Emily Sarah' 2 months ago
I wish Hillary had called on her Inner Black Girl during the third debate. That punk needed a dressing-down.
Carlos Emilio Rivera Warner
This shit made me laugh. Thanks Leslie and Reese!
Coco S
'Coco S' 2 months ago
Jane Hardy
'Jane Hardy' 2 months ago
I'm white, 66, female, and I really need an inner white girl ;)
Hollita GoLightly
'Hollita GoLightly' 2 months ago
White people do NOT like waiting! Haha!
Anthony Duck
'Anthony Duck' 2 months ago
is it me or is snl getting incredibly racist these days? Sure is alot of race jokes flying around these days.
Yohannes Mathyas
'Yohannes Mathyas' 2 months ago
This is the first time I've ever liked or commented on a YouTube skit. Thanks Leslie and snl.
Linda K.
'Linda K.' 2 months ago
We're more of a beige.
'serbrightside' 2 months ago
I generally have to be the inner white girl to the miss.
Maya Andrea
'Maya Andrea' 2 months ago
Really hated this though
Wendy Markowicz
'Wendy Markowicz' 2 months ago
this isn't funny. being white gets your problems solved.... disgusting.
Brandon Bowers
'Brandon Bowers' 2 months ago
Hood.... just like I like her. "You want my number?"
Wahn Yoon
'Wahn Yoon' 2 months ago
They need to make an app, cuz everybody needs an inner white girl once in a while.
Missy Sana
'Missy Sana' 2 months ago
that was hilarious😂😂
Almara M (Ethnicsugar)
Lmao from experience working in a bank, Reese Witherspoons reaction to waiting is SO accurate.
Darci Stuhlman
'Darci Stuhlman' 2 months ago
I would watch this movie.
Jonathan Simamora
'Jonathan Simamora' 3 months ago
Next, how about inner asian girl?
Patrick Smith
'Patrick Smith' 3 months ago
Holy crap that was great!!
Patrick Smith
'Patrick Smith' 3 months ago
Holy crap that was great!!
ranny ran
'ranny ran' 3 months ago
This commercial is offensive why would Leslie even agree to do this smh
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