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Published: 1 month ago By: DanTDM

By: DanTDMPublished: 1 month ago

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Dumb Ways to Die is BACK! And it's even dumber than ever..


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'Kittenlizzymeow' 4 hours ago
This game came out years ago dan and I live in the U.K. ??!
Familia Galvan
'Familia Galvan' 11 hours ago
Madelyn Stiles
'Madelyn Stiles' 2 days ago
DanTDM, I think you are awesome! I watch you at least twice a day and enjoy it so much! Keep making videos! From Madelyn.
Roberto Espinoza
'Roberto Espinoza' 3 days ago
Dan play with a friend in the challenges in Dumb ways to die 2
Soraya T
'Soraya T' 4 days ago
I'm part of the 30%
Party Putin
'Party Putin' 4 days ago
Rash B!! Rash B!! Why not rash B?? IDIOTA Team
Paula Williams
'Paula Williams' 4 days ago
I am part of that two percent. pls tell Dantdm the characters are meant to die but on the dumb map.
Ricardo Arzate
'Ricardo Arzate' 4 days ago
dan i cant believe you said f*ck and b#*ch on your videos.
Adam Nur
'Adam Nur' 6 days ago
your the worst gamer ever
'luke83859' 7 days ago
lot of blood right
This game was out ages ago
'ILoweKetchup' 1 week ago
blasterdudes do you have minecraft?
Delmert Coolguy
'Delmert Coolguy' 1 week ago
Dantdm I got on the top 10%
azizan sudin
'azizan sudin' 1 week ago
Dantdm pls make more minecraft mod
azizan sudin
'azizan sudin' 1 week ago
Santorum pls make more minecraft mod cause you do all items but not mc barbed so pls make more mod
Amaal & Megan Jackson
joaquin hernandez
'joaquin hernandez' 1 week ago
😂😂😂😂the treater was bargers
'FallenGaming' 1 week ago
Dan your stupid
Julia Smith
'Julia Smith' 2 weeks ago
do undertail
'karatanoron' 2 weeks ago
messy up did not want to put dont
'karatanoron' 2 weeks ago
dantdam I'm so sorry your fire video on the bird gess what ppl are telling kids to stop watching you I'm so sorry but I'm still going to watch you I don't hav one so and my mom dose not care or my dad so I'm a big fan don't be so sorry I had to tell you
Joshua S
'Joshua S' 2 weeks ago
can I call you
andrew strang
'andrew strang' 2 weeks ago
I played it about 1-2 years ago
Cristy Sofia
'Cristy Sofia' 2 weeks ago
That was funny
julie williams
'julie williams' 2 weeks ago
dan play hello nabero
Your Pet Phoenix
'Your Pet Phoenix' 2 weeks ago
this came out a LONG time ago
Jayden Rodriguez
'Jayden Rodriguez' 2 weeks ago
I got that a long long long time ago
Besnik progri
'Besnik progri' 2 weeks ago
I have that game too
that guy Jayden
'that guy Jayden' 2 weeks ago
this came out 2 or 3 years ago
Kelly Kramer
'Kelly Kramer' 2 weeks ago
h churns
'NorthkopYT' 2 weeks ago
I remember playing this in 2014...
Luna Hope
'Luna Hope' 2 weeks ago
I subscribed!awesome vid!
Biggish Mantis64
'Biggish Mantis64' 2 weeks ago
Play no.1
Sharese Mickens
'Sharese Mickens' 2 weeks ago
torbo dismount
Ali Riza
'Ali Riza' 2 weeks ago
play pewdiepie:legend of the brofist
Gary Ng
'Gary Ng' 2 weeks ago
loopy (the blue character of dump) nemisis is penguin
DC Fan273
'DC Fan273' 2 weeks ago
Please tell me how to screen record somone this can help my channel I need a screen recorder that actually works and I can post it on YouTube
Squishy banana Games
it is working
super fun guy88
'super fun guy88' 2 weeks ago
i used too be scared of dumb ways to die... am I alone on that
'davendavid' 3 weeks ago
Dan plz do more dumb ways to die 2 plz 🙂
Pika Girl
'Pika Girl' 3 weeks ago
Jordyn Werner
'Jordyn Werner' 3 weeks ago
Am I the only one who commented???😳😳😳
Lianna May Lim
'Lianna May Lim' 3 weeks ago
DanTDM Play Roblox I Love Your Roblox
Wayne Shiek
'Wayne Shiek' 3 weeks ago
i have that game
lps_bro toy show
'lps_bro toy show' 3 weeks ago
dumb was to die came out 2 to 3 years ago hmm
'YTGamer45678' 3 weeks ago
dan you got to do it with no tickets when you got to do it again
'YTGamer45678' 3 weeks ago
that came out along time ago
'KILLER RYMZ' 3 weeks ago
Your awesome
Beanie Boos
'Beanie Boos' 3 weeks ago
You're RUBBISH at this game
Dmitri Belicic
'Dmitri Belicic' 3 weeks ago
I have that game thx
Baonguyen Huynh
'Baonguyen Huynh' 3 weeks ago
Dan you got 14 mil subs
'GARRANMORE kid' 3 weeks ago
this game came out 2 years ago
DC Fan273
'DC Fan273' 3 weeks ago
Please tell me how to screen record and post it on YouTube please
Nancy Suarez
'Nancy Suarez' 3 weeks ago
it was my Bday in January 6
Swift Trojan
'Swift Trojan' 3 weeks ago
i thought it came out 3 years ago
Tall Shadow
'Tall Shadow' 3 weeks ago
I subscribed :) . Dan, I have been watching you for YEARS! You are amazing, and, please say awesome ( not that you can stop!)
Kylee Oliver
'Kylee Oliver' 3 weeks ago
Oliver Diable
'Oliver Diable' 3 weeks ago
Hi dan my older brother is a big fan of yours and I just wanted to ask you were do you life and how much did that egg cost.🤑🤑😍😍🙄🙄
Laura Oxley
'Laura Oxley' 3 weeks ago
he is not face
'MakeSoupR8' 3 weeks ago
That came out a year ago
kaina henry
'kaina henry' 3 weeks ago
beat all then you get a ticket
'Derplife18965' 3 weeks ago
I played that when i was 7 and now im 10!?
adem onal
'adem onal' 3 weeks ago
Emma Gallacher
'Emma Gallacher' 3 weeks ago
it has been out since 2015
Neli Soares
'Neli Soares' 3 weeks ago
Dan you are awesome
'Angel' 3 weeks ago
Uhhhhh I don't get it
George Triantafyllidis
play this again! +1 if you also want it
Shabbar Hussain
'Shabbar Hussain' 3 weeks ago
'vsimmthegamer' 3 weeks ago
great video.
'BluuSims' 3 weeks ago
How was I playing dumb ways to die 2 in 2015 tho ...?
Kurosaki Ichigo
'Kurosaki Ichigo' 3 weeks ago
whats your facebook dan
danny wills plays games
wanna know how to prank

Read More
'ItzLivvy' 3 weeks ago
This app has been out for agessssss lol?
Green Arbok
'Green Arbok' 3 weeks ago
It's not toffee it's the inner core
Maeng Senior
'Maeng Senior' 3 weeks ago
it is funny crusher girl!
Hunor Tube
'Hunor Tube' 3 weeks ago
more of this
SlicedGallade //Pokemon//Skits//Vlogs//
I Think Dan Is Area 50 Dumb This Came Out 1 Or 2 Years Ago...
Byrdbyrd William
'Byrdbyrd William' 3 weeks ago
I love this game so much
'VIDEOCAT GAMER' 3 weeks ago
You stole that game of my Channel didn't you
Fryed Donuts
'Fryed Donuts' 3 weeks ago
It was a yeti not a goat
David Svensson
'David Svensson' 3 weeks ago
Read=you are good
Sub=you don't have too
ultimate boy
'ultimate boy' 3 weeks ago
Dumb ways to die so many dumb ways to die oh hi dumb ways to die I hate this game I'm gunna cry
Sergio Rubio
'Sergio Rubio' 3 weeks ago
play pixlemon plz dan it was cool when you use to play pixlemon.
Evelyn Nebel
'Evelyn Nebel' 3 weeks ago
dis was posted on my b-day
Benjamin Szelenyi
'Benjamin Szelenyi' 3 weeks ago
'Meow' 3 weeks ago
Ae Ratchavong
'Ae Ratchavong' 3 weeks ago
Aleem Hussain
'Aleem Hussain' 3 weeks ago
Oh my god this game came out more than a year ago
Rhonda Gladue
'Rhonda Gladue' 3 weeks ago
Ok everyone else
gavin blades
'gavin blades' 3 weeks ago
when did you get your hair died blue
Gage Williams
'Gage Williams' 3 weeks ago
On that tv there was that mofo penguin
Chris Z
'Chris Z' 3 weeks ago
KatePlayz4Daze - Minecraft & More
This came out a long time ago. I'm not a hater😅
Tanya Vannausdle
'Tanya Vannausdle' 3 weeks ago
I just subscribed after watching you for a long time and I still am!!!!!!!!@
Yessamae Upod
'Yessamae Upod' 3 weeks ago
zyad z
'zyad z' 3 weeks ago
do part 2
'HAWK DSS' 3 weeks ago
isnt he a kid youtuber
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