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Jimmy Fallon, The Roots & "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" Cast Sing "Star Wars" Medley (A Cappella) -
Published: 1 year ago By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonPublished: 1 year ago

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Jimmy and The Roots join Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Adam Driver, Gwendoline Christie, Lupita Nyong'o, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford for an a cappella tribute to "Star Wars."

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Jimmy Fallon, The Roots & "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" Cast Sing "Star Wars" Medley (A Cappella)

'Mealzanator' 9 hours ago
I was hoping Mark Hamilton would be in this! :(
Alex ghz
'Alex ghz' 13 hours ago
Adam driver's voice is glorious
Celina Targaryen
'Celina Targaryen' 1 day ago
this make me cry when han and leia appears shit i cant believe she is gone may the force be with her love u carrie fisher
'Decker' 1 day ago
Carrie Fisher is in this :(
Panzerjäger Tiger Ausf. B
This movie brought back my childhood :3
'STRIKER_577 Lim' 1 day ago
You know I never was a big fan when it comes to star wars,but this reminds me a lot of the clone wars show.
kwang-won Chung
'kwang-won Chung' 1 day ago
Ashton Collins
'Ashton Collins' 2 days ago
R. I. P Carrie fisher
Riley Russell
'Riley Russell' 2 days ago
rip Carrie Fisher
'JoeDotPHP' 2 days ago
Carrie... :(
'THE FLASH' 2 days ago
Nitay Yoav
'Nitay Yoav' 2 days ago
sad to see this after Carrie passed away.. god bless her.
Takai Beyale
'Takai Beyale' 2 days ago
Adam driver's voice is DEEP
alizay alfaro
'alizay alfaro' 3 days ago
the one with peter hollens and sky (Adam) was better I am not saying this one is horrible i am just saying the one with peter and adam was better
Eduardo Mapelli
'Eduardo Mapelli' 3 days ago
Best day ever! Its a dream come truth!
lego five
'lego five' 3 days ago
like 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sylveon The Pokemon
Jimmy Fallon has a really good voice
jackie chan
'jackie chan' 3 days ago
is no one going to mention Adam's manly voice overload? I mean even I have a crush on him now
Thomas Swanson
'Thomas Swanson' 3 days ago
If they make another movie who's gonna be princess layer
'TorbjörnTV' 4 days ago
Jimmy, take this video and save it in your best strongbox, because this isnt GOLD all of this are DIAMOND!
'hummperdink' 4 days ago
there so good
Phanic! At the memes
Adam driver's voice is deeper than the hole where boba fett died
John Salvi
'John Salvi' 4 days ago
no mark hamill?
fire strom
'fire strom' 4 days ago
Rasmus Andersson
'Rasmus Andersson' 4 days ago
RIP Carrie!
Emanuel Balot
'Emanuel Balot' 4 days ago
what the hell hahahahaha
'Forx' 5 days ago
Is that KSI!?!?!?
Martyna Taszer
'Martyna Taszer' 5 days ago
Carrie is smileing. And I think SHE DIE
Martyna Taszer
'Martyna Taszer' 5 days ago
Tam była Carrie, nasza Carrie.....😘😘😘😭😭😭
Naufalhakim 3 GamingSubscribe
i like when 0:30
Afrie Irham
'Afrie Irham' 5 days ago
What does a librarian says to the kid.

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Abram Yct
'Abram Yct' 6 days ago
very love it :D
NKP 765
'NKP 765' 6 days ago
Sumana Gupta
'Sumana Gupta' 6 days ago
carrie fisher <3
Celestia Playz
'Celestia Playz' 6 days ago
Poor Kylo. He lost 2 very important people :(
Leonard Hills
'Leonard Hills' 6 days ago
and luke just sit on silence...
man is alive
'man is alive' 6 days ago
I think Carrie Fisher was in Episode 8
Rayane Allaoua
'Rayane Allaoua' 6 days ago
Is that Brienne of Tarth? Wtf u doing here gurl!
Starngetrrek XD
'Starngetrrek XD' 6 days ago
its creative but i find this cringe hahahah xd
May Alvarez
'May Alvarez' 7 days ago
name 1:00 pls?
Jason Jennings
'Jason Jennings' 7 days ago
Cool I love Star Wars
Viviana Giorgi
'Viviana Giorgi' 1 week ago
can somebody tell me the name of the song that Lupita sang?
'MarioWanKenobi' 1 week ago
Where is Mark hamill ? :()
'WolfyForTheWin' 1 week ago
0:39 markiplier resemblance anyone
'Alex' 1 week ago
This is literally my favorite video on the internet.
Lauren Butte
'Lauren Butte' 1 week ago
Omg... Carrie 😭
Naomi Arlet Canaza Balderrama
very good, so beatiful!!
TrakeMaker Channel
R.i.p Carrie fisher
Nicholas Brennen
'Nicholas Brennen' 1 week ago
I can only imagine this with RWBY characters now.
Theris Olazo
'Theris Olazo' 1 week ago
I'm living in a rock... Cause I haven't even watched The Force Awakens...
Ginger Williams
'Ginger Williams' 1 week ago
princess Leia ( T ︵T)
'Forx' 1 week ago
Just glad they did this before Cary Fischer died 😔
'SupreMecy' 1 week ago
Why are all the stormtroopers black?
Bruno H
'Bruno H' 1 week ago
Lmao Carrie was like " you could have at least tried a little bit" at Harrison... i miss her! RIP beauty <3
bluenoddolewa minecraft
Rip Carrie fisher
'Castiel' 1 week ago
heh does the actor for Poe kinda looks like Dean from iron giant?
Tiger Rifle
'Tiger Rifle' 1 week ago
Rip Carrie fisher
Alex Vicaire
'Alex Vicaire' 1 week ago
i honestly dont know why, can someone tell me why this seems so cringy I hate it and dont know why.
'Jcsunshine3' 1 week ago
Rip Carrie fisher
Jan Z
'Jan Z' 1 week ago
1:08 Carrie Fisher (*)
'doodlegamer123' 1 week ago
Omg Harrison ford Rey fin Poe the guy that did kilo rien and captain plasma in this same vid
Zach Enzo Mesina
'Zach Enzo Mesina' 1 week ago
1:08 Carrie Fisher ;-;
'Roboprop' 2 weeks ago
This makes me smile every time I see it. Wonderful!
ItzLukeZoid :D
'ItzLukeZoid :D' 2 weeks ago
It was so sad to see Carrie Fisher. I wish she never died. :(
Jogos e Curiosidades Do Mundo
This is amazing! Oh my god!
Proto Cow
'Proto Cow' 2 weeks ago
R.I.P Carrie Fisher I loved her so much
This song is great.
DJ Amber
'DJ Amber' 2 weeks ago
My reaction: First: This is so corny. Kylo ren singing alone: Ok this scares me a little. Carrie singing: Big smile in my face.
Noah Graglia
'Noah Graglia' 2 weeks ago
R.I.P Carrie Fisher
'LifeAsMe' 2 weeks ago
Carrie takes off her glasses at 1:16, just something I noticed
😢 😭 RIP queen of the galaxy, I miss you😭 😢
Not everyone can shoot off bad guys while wearing a dress
Alan [フランチェスコ] The Trainer
0:53 what is the song name?
'Kijaszek' 2 weeks ago
Brienne of Tarth!!!!
Kylo Ren
'Kylo Ren' 2 weeks ago
Jason Knight
'Jason Knight' 2 weeks ago
Here lies princess layah
We will forever remember her in our hearts 💕😿🤧😭
Lindsay Truong
'Lindsay Truong' 2 weeks ago
we are playing catina band and imperial march in john williams in concert
Jordan Garwood
'Jordan Garwood' 2 weeks ago
who's here from the ear rape version?
'DarkkJon' 2 weeks ago
'Stanz96' 2 weeks ago
Carrie, think I'll miss you forever.
Spitros Scorpius
'Spitros Scorpius' 2 weeks ago
Carrie Fisher! 😢😭😭
Mari B.
'Mari B.' 2 weeks ago
Silvie Jankovicova
'Silvie Jankovicova' 2 weeks ago
jste nej
'CookiezHD' 2 weeks ago
2 years later I realized this was posted on my birthday😂
Nicholas Canevit
'Nicholas Canevit' 2 weeks ago
Where the hell was duel of the fates?!?!?!?!
IDoMyBest PlsBFair
'IDoMyBest PlsBFair' 2 weeks ago
this one sucked. peter hollens did a better one
Michael RedCrow
'Michael RedCrow' 2 weeks ago
Ok , that was great but i kinda got sumtin in my eye when Carrie came on.....damn onion ninjas.
Jacky Zhang
'Jacky Zhang' 2 weeks ago
Where's Luke?
Thiago Couto
'Thiago Couto' 2 weeks ago
RIP Carrie Fisher your death struck me hard !
Meme A la même
'Meme A la même' 2 weeks ago
We will always remember you Carrie
Emily Burrows
'Emily Burrows' 2 weeks ago
Perfect 👌
Lukas Torbeyns
'Lukas Torbeyns' 2 weeks ago
It's a trap !
Max Rolph
'Max Rolph' 2 weeks ago
who else thinks that Mark Hamill should have been on last for a few seconds? Just like in episode 7
Fran Hdez
'Fran Hdez' 2 weeks ago
Rest in peace, Carrie Fisher.
Courtney Del Cid
'Courtney Del Cid' 2 weeks ago
Where was Luke sky walker
The Demon Dragon Girl
Abdelghafour BOUKHARI
pam pam tam tam dram dram paaap paaapa = amazing
Daira D
'Daira D' 2 weeks ago
Finn very much enjoyed saying "PSSSSHHT" (I am too lazy to actually say his real name)
shawn bouvier
'shawn bouvier' 2 weeks ago
who was the person in the middle square from 00:43 to 00:53?
'TheJaviiMayes' 2 weeks ago
Carrie Fisher. <3
'aPurpleJester' 2 weeks ago
I feel bad because I don't know all of them and I'm supposed to be a Star Wars fan!
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