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Chris Brown - Party (Official Video) ft. Gucci Mane, Usher -
Published: 2 months ago By: ChrisBrownVEVO

By: ChrisBrownVEVOPublished: 2 months ago

82, 529, 751 views

838, 671 Likes   32, 609 Dislikes

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Galaxy Tera
'Galaxy Tera' 28 minutes ago
Solomon Tuagalu
'Solomon Tuagalu' 47 minutes ago
2:25 watch far
max Olthof
'max Olthof' 58 minutes ago
does anyone know where i can buy that shoes off chris ?!
MzKriszta o
'MzKriszta o' 1 hour ago
📻🎼I love this song🎧💯
Jordyn Greenlow
'Jordyn Greenlow' 1 hour ago
Anthimos Theodoulou
'Anthimos Theodoulou' 2 hours ago
which is the song at the beggining of the vid 0:40
Tenisha Brown
'Tenisha Brown' 2 hours ago
That's best song ever😎😎😎
Max Jonas
'Max Jonas' 2 hours ago
Max Jonas
'Max Jonas' 2 hours ago
Ashley Davids
'Ashley Davids' 2 hours ago
Barbiesexy Balibago
'Barbiesexy Balibago' 3 hours ago
Lets talk about usher😍
Chris harris jr
'Chris harris jr' 3 hours ago
this shit go hard asf
Marie Paridee
'Marie Paridee' 3 hours ago
Nene Lee
'Nene Lee' 4 hours ago
The little ones
Nene Lee
'Nene Lee' 4 hours ago
Who are the 2 boys that was dancing with Usher.
'Shon9tilR' 4 hours ago
2:34 glad to see he left) got discovered.
xPowergirl sicilianaxx
Sophia Grace???
Ka-Myah Quattlebaum
'Ka-Myah Quattlebaum' 4 hours ago
i see ayo and teo
Mr. Knowledge 101
'Mr. Knowledge 101' 4 hours ago
Gucci Mane sucks!
Chris Samudio
'Chris Samudio' 5 hours ago
Usher's verse is the most 🔥🔥🔥
'Sniperkingg108' 5 hours ago
''We know how to party'' This is dope low-key
'PINK GAMER' 5 hours ago
Courtney Brooker
'Courtney Brooker' 5 hours ago
i like that song so much
Dexter Smith
'Dexter Smith' 5 hours ago
go breeze go yes
J Monee
'J Monee' 5 hours ago
That Chinese Girl And Her Crew Is LIT AF🔥🔥
Dario Nava
'Dario Nava' 6 hours ago
good job singing like it love you😃💙
BruhItzAngelise xo
'BruhItzAngelise xo' 6 hours ago
Omg me and bae turn up in that car thoo✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻straight savage chris brown is bae❤❤
Jons Mbo
'Jons Mbo' 6 hours ago
'LydiaWu4U' 6 hours ago
teach my nephew how to dance
Nathan Cooper
'Nathan Cooper' 6 hours ago
Pure fire 🔥
Tatum LeeAnne
'Tatum LeeAnne' 6 hours ago
who else knew this song when it only had 100,000 veiws??
J Louie
'J Louie' 6 hours ago
I'll sub to anyone who subs to me and likes this comment!
zabrina manriquez
'zabrina manriquez' 7 hours ago
I love stalkers😍it shows they love you 😏
Lanya Baker
'Lanya Baker' 7 hours ago
ayo n toe
Josiah_ gaming712
'Josiah_ gaming712' 7 hours ago
luv vid
laci Tippett
'laci Tippett' 7 hours ago
2:18 hey he's doing the futter wagon! You know the dance the mad hatter does!!😄😄😄
Taliya Riley
'Taliya Riley' 7 hours ago
to be honest I hate usher and I like Chris brezzy who agrees
'TheAussieWally' 7 hours ago
Wonder how man y women he beat while making this clip?
Qveen. Bri
'Qveen. Bri' 7 hours ago
I loveeeee gucci's verse
billy rae valentine
'billy rae valentine' 7 hours ago
usher and breezy should drop a album together
Manuela Reyes
'Manuela Reyes' 7 hours ago
Usher old but sexy AF. He making le sweat😅😅😅
'ExpoEnt' 7 hours ago
this little boy is saying he's 125 that is so funny and fake OMG LITTLE BOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY help me ari
PuunCakes HD
'PuunCakes HD' 7 hours ago
When the beat drops I'm like:
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙)
( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)
James Cornish
'James Cornish' 7 hours ago
fuck yo mommas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
James Cornish
'James Cornish' 8 hours ago
all you mother fuckers are shit get off there dicks and if you a girl suck mine
'RedMacFoxy' 8 hours ago
'RedMacFoxy' 8 hours ago
Jayden Bridges
'Jayden Bridges' 8 hours ago
f yall who the ones that don't like Chris Brown he's my homie and usher my homie too I mess with gucci a little bit
'King' 8 hours ago
LaJuana Franklin
'LaJuana Franklin' 8 hours ago
Can't wait to go see cb At his Concert at Sprint Center I'mma Turn up
Kamya Miller
'Kamya Miller' 8 hours ago
I love this song and hey Ayo
Branden Lee
'Branden Lee' 8 hours ago
what's the move at 2:20 called?
Jahzeer Maye
'Jahzeer Maye' 8 hours ago
Pulled up on yo bitch and tell yo mom I'm sorryyy
surprised ayo and two got on this
Santanna Mcafee
'Santanna Mcafee' 8 hours ago
I didn't see ayo and teo
'れモ山山山モ' 8 hours ago
chris brown you relly danksing 👑 king
Marymer Olivier
'Marymer Olivier' 8 hours ago
what song is it?
Samira on fleek
'Samira on fleek' 9 hours ago
Chris can dance
keshaun petty
'keshaun petty' 9 hours ago
am i the only one that keep restarting it over and over
Nina The Dysfunctional
They hit.....

so many folks in this video
'Bre'Anna Booker' 9 hours ago
Nina The Dysfunctional
Ayyyyyy. Damn. Chris still got it.
'Chicago's Finest' 9 hours ago
A song that actually has real dancing and skill in it.
'Fatal' 9 hours ago
Who are all those people in the beginning and who's that 🐥
GTA_ Genius
'GTA_ Genius' 9 hours ago
Heck yeah listen to right now
GTA_ Genius
'GTA_ Genius' 9 hours ago
Epic beat chris brown is my favorite heck yeah
Belin G.
'Belin G.' 9 hours ago
This song is Littttt!🔥🔥🔥🔥
Savage Queen
'Savage Queen' 9 hours ago
i love you guys ayo and teo
Vanna Roberson
'Vanna Roberson' 9 hours ago
happy birthday party 78🤓
Sherry Davis
'Sherry Davis' 9 hours ago
I saw him in concert with Trey. Stood up all night
hiker 822361
'hiker 822361' 9 hours ago
In this video, Chris Brown lowkey look like a light skin version of Kyrie Irving like if you agree 👍
keyanah feaster
'keyanah feaster' 9 hours ago
get it
xXGAMERXx1 Expert
'xXGAMERXx1 Expert' 9 hours ago
Him and usher can dance so damn good
X Ziery
'X Ziery' 10 hours ago
that filmed in abandoned mall
Ameria Johnson
'Ameria Johnson' 10 hours ago
no one realize that's ayo and reo right
Jogos Play Brasil
'Jogos Play Brasil' 10 hours ago
Salve BRASIL..
Graziela Agostinhi
'Graziela Agostinhi' 10 hours ago
eu amo o chris brown e eu adoro ouvir as músicas dele a voz dele e um máximo essa música ficou muito legal
'angel65979' 10 hours ago
LOVE ITTT😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😚😚😚😙😙😙❤❤
'bettaboy' 10 hours ago
Ayo & Teo !!!
'Bryson' 10 hours ago
everytime i listen to this song i just wanna dance lmao
Tiyauna Williams
'Tiyauna Williams' 10 hours ago
this is my song
Yoandy Fraga
'Yoandy Fraga' 10 hours ago
Sofie Munoz
'Sofie Munoz' 10 hours ago
Love this song and beats 🎶 😘❤️
6 66
'6 66' 11 hours ago
I see asian,black and latino 0 white people nice racist shiet begin.And this shiet japan confirm jesus.
Filip Cebulak
'Filip Cebulak' 11 hours ago
Zajebiste. Very good indeed
dmaiya deasia
'dmaiya deasia' 11 hours ago
Hey boo do you went to have a date and come to my house get it on
Tara Collier
'Tara Collier' 11 hours ago
that girl at 3:34 got a big head
Gianna Cruz
'Gianna Cruz' 11 hours ago
kill let lol
L. Tillery
'L. Tillery' 11 hours ago
I love this song
'40maytown' 11 hours ago
Low key fangirled when I saw Sheaden
julius wilson
'julius wilson' 11 hours ago
julius wilson love your song
Ashton Bassard
'Ashton Bassard' 11 hours ago
ayo and teo
Ashton Bassard
'Ashton Bassard' 11 hours ago
he cant hit the folks
Todd Farabee
'Todd Farabee' 12 hours ago
this is drvon and i now how to dance like teo
grabriel jones
'grabriel jones' 12 hours ago
82 million views Chris brown is one fire 🔥🔥
Todd Farabee
'Todd Farabee' 12 hours ago
no ayo and teo are the beast dancers
Swervø God ™ #҉1҉
What happened to the comments that was 2 months ago like who was here before 5 million....this shit blew up 🤘🏽😲😏💧💙
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