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iPhone Turns 10 Years Old! A Nostalgic Look Back -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: EverythingApplePro

By: EverythingAppleProPublished: 2 weeks ago

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Happy 10th Birthday iPhone! A Look Back at The Last 10 Years of iPhone History. Steve Jobs Announced iPhone on January 9th 2007!

iPhone 2G vs iPhone 7 Here:
All iPhones Comparison:

ryan lee
'ryan lee' 10 hours ago
I like tech as much as the next person but I don't think any phone has changed thousands of lives
'JustVickyOkie' 19 hours ago
Noahyyyangg TV
'Noahyyyangg TV' 19 hours ago
can you make it so the first iPhone haves iOS 10
Miriam Binder
'Miriam Binder' 22 hours ago
Hey pal! ! ! reflect The vid actually looks heavily% jpicowner
'DeadlyMeow' 1 day ago
It's just a phone dude, a bloody good one😢😭
'Void' 1 day ago
U should spray paint a iPhone 2g into a jet black colour
'MAZEATRON 21' 1 day ago
I like how there's the iPhone 7 now and I still have a iPhone 3GS and a iPhone 4 lol
'Limad' 1 day ago
I was born on January 9th 2007
the random mario channel
this comment section is scary...😨😨😨 it's filled with android and iphone fanboys. I love BOTH apple and android, they both make good phones. I have a galaxy s7 edge, iphone 6s plus, nexus 6, and phone se. I think (in my opinion) that apple and android should make up and make a phone together, they should make a phone that WILL change the world! who's with ME!!
'LizIsMis' 1 day ago
112 are u Scandinavian?
Ariella Official
'Ariella Official' 2 days ago
I'm Turning 11 in the 27th of January so I'm one year older than iphone! heh
'YourLocalPokeman' 3 days ago
If Steve Jobs was still alive the fucking iPhone 7 won't even have been thought of or brought up. Thanks a lot Tim Cock
Blake Fisher
'Blake Fisher' 3 days ago
whats the song in the iphone 4 commercial
'DerpyDoo' 4 days ago
I am cute and new so everyone loves me
I'm still loved by everyone
I'm hip with da kids wit dem emojis
Pretty Mo
'Pretty Mo' 4 days ago
iPhone 3G
IPhone 3GS
Iphone 4
IPhone 4s
Iphone 5
IPhone 5c
IPhone 5s
IPhone 6
IPhone 6+
IPhone 6s
IPhone 6s+
IPhone SE
IPhone 7
IPhone 7+
IPhone 7s
IPhone 8
World Known
'World Known' 4 days ago
I wasn't born with 10 fingers. Triggered.
Cpt. Black Beans
'Cpt. Black Beans' 4 days ago
I like how people are laughing when he talks about a big screen and touch...
Jovan MC
'Jovan MC' 4 days ago
Iphone is stupid microsoft best
Ethan Weegee
'Ethan Weegee' 4 days ago
Not too much has changed in the iPhone.
'FENIL SHAH' 4 days ago
hey can you please gift me an iphone 6s @everythingapplepro
i m a huge fan of apple
but i cant afford it .so please gift me
Sun Hyung Hong
'Sun Hyung Hong' 4 days ago
I love the iPhone 4.
'Niels' 4 days ago
Happy bday !
Unicorn Apps
'Unicorn Apps' 4 days ago
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ibrahim usman
'ibrahim usman' 4 days ago
+EvertthingApplePro pls can you make a nokia 6 review ??
'rooskie' 4 days ago
now I'm crying, thanks
I like Quesadillas from Taco Bell
I feel old af :'(
'JustinGaming' 4 days ago
Steve where are you ? If you are still here please fire the new ceo cause he will make the iphone 8 without headphone jeck and the screen (so the battery life will be longer.......)haha F U Tim Cook ,Steve please come back
Dalia De Gante
'Dalia De Gante' 4 days ago
Boi where the iphone 5c
galaxy man . jpg
'galaxy man . jpg' 4 days ago
the iPhone is technically still 9 years old ( came out June 29 2007)
Matthew Finch
'Matthew Finch' 4 days ago
I am a technology person❤️
Itz_Ant_789 YT
'Itz_Ant_789 YT' 4 days ago
Now all I need is the iPhone 7 then all have all new iOS products right now I have is iPad mini 4 iPod 6
Dika Daly19
'Dika Daly19' 4 days ago
R.I.P Steve Jobs, the INOVATOR Man.
DarkTimeLord 57
'DarkTimeLord 57' 5 days ago
thankd forpqasseord
Sanstasticguy1231 ._.
Steve is a inposter!!! He faked his death!!!
Sanstasticguy1231 ._.
Happy birthday!!!🎁🎉🎊🎂🎈
Jaxson Ketner
'Jaxson Ketner' 5 days ago
No front facing camera on the 8?????
Leandra s da costa
apple ended with quality audio equipement like akai, vintage sony, yamaha , jbl, because of that fucking piece of shit mp3 on iphone, and those dumb earbuds, and the wireless ones
Alyssa Tube
'Alyssa Tube' 5 days ago
I have the very first iPhone, YouTube looks SO old
Master MM
'Master MM' 5 days ago
My moms name is Jennifer mayer
Neumonic Videos
'Neumonic Videos' 5 days ago
who wants a stylus? we dont need stylus... galaxy note joke since 2007
DieGamer Bros
'DieGamer Bros' 5 days ago
u forgot the iPhone 5c
Andrea Cinti
'Andrea Cinti' 5 days ago
R.i.p Steve Jobs, were and always will be my idol!
'Dylan' 5 days ago
R.I.P. Steve
'JaYeX -FPS' 5 days ago
But still rip steve jobs and thank you for creating the best phone in the holl of existence
'JaYeX -FPS' 5 days ago
nope apple made your life u make videos and u make money off them we dont make shit
'BreloomBlues' 5 days ago
And Android is still better
Mr. Unknown
'Mr. Unknown' 5 days ago
man!! iPhones had the the most pixel dense display back then....and now look at them...they are so fucked
Thomas Cuyler
'Thomas Cuyler' 5 days ago
No It is the 10 year anniversary in June because that's when the first iPhone has been released.
Miroslav Marinkovic
So you just copied whole Iphone introduction on this video, and you are making money of it? Wtf dude?
Dheeraj Kumar
'Dheeraj Kumar' 5 days ago
Will the Iphone 7s would be coming?
Unicorn Apps
'Unicorn Apps' 5 days ago
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Random game
'Random game' 5 days ago
112 europe
Lewis Mason
'Lewis Mason' 5 days ago
You forgot about the iPhone 5C
Angel Ordi
'Angel Ordi' 5 days ago
Man, I miss the way Steve does these presentations. No one does it like him.
Alessandra Alvirde
Who's watching this in an iPhone?
Festus Muberuka
'Festus Muberuka' 5 days ago
Why do people always have to become more important when they die
Matt Cop (MustangMan87)
"Nobody wants a stylus..." Samsung proved that wrong! lol
Kevin Tafolla Gonzalez
Jajaja and now the sell you and apple pen that its like a stylus
Off the Addy
'Off the Addy' 5 days ago
The cuber kid
'The cuber kid' 5 days ago
First they get rid of the headphone jack on the they're getting rid of the home button on the iPhone 8
Anthony Scrima
'Anthony Scrima' 5 days ago
Come on now people. Both android and ios have their pros and cons. even though my preference is Non blackberry android > ios > blackberry android > windows phone > non android blackberry.

people who have windows phones and non android blackberry phones. lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol. that's hilarious.
Yagnesh Paladugu
'Yagnesh Paladugu' 5 days ago
Steve Jobs Announced First iPhone on June 29, 2007
5,000 subs No video challenge
*🌙    ☁🌟☁
.    。🌟  *    ☁
☁  ╔╗╔╗╔╗╦╗ .
💤 ║╦║║║║║║。
😪 .╚╝╚╝╚╝╩╝
║║║║║╦╠╣. ║ *
╩╚╝╩╚╝╝╚  ╩💓
Everyone have a good night 😄
Aidan Paju
'Aidan Paju' 5 days ago
Dude you are awesome I have been watching you for 3 years and you have inspired me to keep learning about this amazing tech and keep up the great work and I hope you keep on coming with these amazing videos and keep growing threw out your journey.
'elmin2323' 5 days ago
3gs best iphone ever then 5s :)
fawad mirza
'fawad mirza' 5 days ago
RIP Steve return if possible :)
Olivia Rose Bates
'Olivia Rose Bates' 5 days ago
My dream job is to be the owner of apple when I grow up
Kevin Luna
'Kevin Luna' 5 days ago
Who wants a stylus? He says, and in the future they invent the apple pen
'Nebulah' 5 days ago
Steve would have done such a better job, rest in peace
Donald Stuckley (A.K.A Donald Trump)
Pink Badge
'Pink Badge' 6 days ago
I remember when Steve was doing this speech I was born :)
'FinalFlash' 6 days ago
almost killed myself watching that one
Michael Nguyen
'Michael Nguyen' 6 days ago
Apple makes the worst mice.
'Checo_2002' 6 days ago
Watching this on my IPhone 7 plus
Cole Czarnecki
'Cole Czarnecki' 6 days ago
Samsung is still better
peter bodnar
'peter bodnar' 6 days ago
steve gates and bill jobs
Pawan Pai
'Pawan Pai' 6 days ago
steve good job
jahid Hasan
'jahid Hasan' 6 days ago
'RefugeeBoat' 6 days ago
I'm a Microsoft fuck-boy, but Steve was a good dude.
David Whalen
'David Whalen' 6 days ago
2007 scumbags: "Man, what kind of idiot makes a full-screen phone that you can touch!? And no KEYBOARD!?"
2017 scumbags: "Hey remember back when Steve Jobs was alive and made THE AMAZING iPhone 2G!? It wasn't so horrible back then."
Anthony Lasalvia
'Anthony Lasalvia' 6 days ago
R.I.P Steve Jobs
Roblox Assassin - Mike
while watching this exact video I spilled soda on my macbook and I have to take it for repair 400 dollars. why
'henry' 6 days ago
2:28 his wifi is called phone rebel lol what he wishes his name could be
Super gaming time
'Super gaming time' 6 days ago
Who is watching in 2017 and I wish all of you a great day
Super gaming time
'Super gaming time' 6 days ago
He forgot the 🍎 IPhone SE
'OPAH' 6 days ago
Can't wait for 20th anniversary
The Crazed Pig
'The Crazed Pig' 6 days ago
Google phone ad keeps coming up XD
Elliott Bishop
'Elliott Bishop' 6 days ago
Am I the only one that only found out steve jobs died at the 10th anniversary of the iPhone 7/7 plus
NikeOnABike 11
'NikeOnABike 11' 6 days ago
You mist out the 5c
Louis Barningham
'Louis Barningham' 6 days ago
All glass design they copied Samsung they better not sorry Apple ur water proofing is shit comaired to Samsung and no curved display

Wow that really is a mess
Louis Barningham
'Louis Barningham' 6 days ago
Lol sorry Samsung is better tomorrow ima get me a brand new j5 can't wait...screw iPhones I know how to use a phone a real phone not a simple assisted limited phone....
Samsung a real phone
I just made this up lol but it's true..
'LpsEmily78137' 6 days ago
R.i.p Steve Jobs i hope he is haveing a Good time in heven🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
It's somewhat sad when you think about how much of this is taken for granted. It's fantastic to see everything that's been done for the mobile phones and how much work is put into them.
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