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Florida Georgia Line - Music Is Healing (Static Version) -
Published: 7 months ago By: FlaGeorgiaLineVEVO

By: FlaGeorgiaLineVEVOPublished: 7 months ago

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Music video by Florida Georgia Line performing Music Is Healing. (C) 2016 Big Machine Label Group, LLC

'reesecups0888' 2 weeks ago
Im ready to hear this song live one of my many favorites from FGL
Brady Romberg
'Brady Romberg' 2 weeks ago
love it
charlie pellitteri
'charlie pellitteri' 2 weeks ago
they nead a music video for this song
charlie pellitteri
'charlie pellitteri' 2 weeks ago
this song is like confession
Joey Amico
'Joey Amico' 3 weeks ago
this is like the bet song in the album
'[IAM]DestinyKings' 3 weeks ago
going through a tough time and this song keeps me hopeful love it
Paul Price
'Paul Price' 4 weeks ago
this hits home so much I lay there and picture myself on stage performing it
'ONE DUMBASS COWBOY!' 1 month ago
They need to release this as a single
Marissa Pitts
'Marissa Pitts' 2 months ago
Dance Master
'Dance Master' 2 months ago
best song ever since cruise
Hunter Nunn
'Hunter Nunn' 2 months ago
light candles agent the land
Madison Bunk
'Madison Bunk' 2 months ago
love it
Kristina Jonson
'Kristina Jonson' 2 months ago
I'm going though bad things but this song helps me go though it
Kristina Jonson
'Kristina Jonson' 2 months ago
I love this song it is so sweet Tyler's voice is so sexy
Tim C
'Tim C' 2 months ago
best song on new album....great song
tiffany kramer
'tiffany kramer' 2 months ago
Anyone else cry? I totally just did. ❤
Matthew DeLano
'Matthew DeLano' 2 months ago
Just saw them in concert. Biloxi MS feb. 16 2017
Ryalon Rose
'Ryalon Rose' 2 months ago
This song, is awesome! it really helps me through the tough days!
'eclipsal2008' 2 months ago
I love you I went to your concrete 😍😘😇
Tre Simpson
'Tre Simpson' 2 months ago
I could listen to this a billon times 😍💪💪💪💪💪💪❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
'WCMudd01' 3 months ago
this song speaks truth
William Sherrieb
'William Sherrieb' 3 months ago
This is my fav on the new FGL Thanks for good emotions keep it up! I'm rocking, loving, and living! #1
Carlos Ramon Zavala
'Carlos Ramon Zavala' 3 months ago
F.G.L never disappoints. Great music with a great message! Thanks for putting this out.
Tyler Davis
'Tyler Davis' 3 months ago
Love is the answer and Jesus is healing :)
Jason Voorhees
'Jason Voorhees' 3 months ago
yes country
Tamara Miller
'Tamara Miller' 3 months ago
One of my favorite songs at the moment. The lyrics really speak to me, as I'm sure they do the same to a lot of people. <3
Charity Clauss
'Charity Clauss' 3 months ago
This song should be on the radio🎤🎵🎧🎹🎸💝
Vanessa Lundberg
'Vanessa Lundberg' 3 months ago
Does anyone feel like they stole a Taylor Swift lyric with the tears on a six-string?
Lyle Chasing Hawk
'Lyle Chasing Hawk' 3 months ago
music really is healing
Kenneth Mounce
'Kenneth Mounce' 3 months ago
the best song the have made
'LearnEnglishESL' 4 months ago
Thanks for the down home music... "A wonderful song giveth wings to the spirit and filleth the heart with exaltation." ~ 'Abdu'l-Bahá, Baha'i Quote
mike cawley
'mike cawley' 4 months ago
Saw you in Toronto will see you in Hamilton can't wait miss you guys
David Lawson
'David Lawson' 4 months ago
b ndh
rickey deel
'rickey deel' 4 months ago
I there was a video FGL
rickey deel
'rickey deel' 4 months ago
Taylors voice is good for this song it has the caring tone
Haley Carter
'Haley Carter' 4 months ago
My mom and dad broke up when I was 3 I don't like that I had to go threw that and when I her the song it makes me think of when they were together I wish I could know the truth about how they broke up???😢😢😢
Mr.guitar Man
'Mr.guitar Man' 4 months ago
Sweet songLove it!!!!!
Marc Saladino
'Marc Saladino' 4 months ago
best song yet.
Jacqueline Cody
'Jacqueline Cody' 4 months ago
I don't where would I be with out music... I just love how artists write these songs for people all around the world to inspire them
Haley Carter
'Haley Carter' 4 months ago
Your music heals my heart it sad. It makes me cry. But your song is great☺
Ken Malan
'Ken Malan' 4 months ago
im simply saying that fgl is the best 👍
Hunter Nunn
'Hunter Nunn' 5 months ago
love you guys plz keep going with your songs like
Mark Harr
'Mark Harr' 5 months ago
dang this song in a rough time is the go to, can't wait to see them in Knoxville!
Isaiah Chastain
'Isaiah Chastain' 5 months ago
love it
'ThexBeast10' 5 months ago
what is the "static version"?
Vanessa Vos
'Vanessa Vos' 5 months ago
No kidding music is healing I am so mad and ready to scream and this helps
Nathan Anders
'Nathan Anders' 5 months ago
My most favorite song
Ros Pannha
'Ros Pannha' 5 months ago
Amazing album songs of Two brothers.
Hunter Nunn
'Hunter Nunn' 5 months ago
only if this had a video
Samuel Kent
'Samuel Kent' 5 months ago
this song very good like FGL always got good songs otherwise this reminds me of my ex but yeah i hope they keeping make good songs
Hunter Nunn
'Hunter Nunn' 5 months ago
and text y 😊😊
'RebalNation' 5 months ago
my favorite band by far!!! FGL
'TYLER LANG' 5 months ago
best album made yet
'AnotherZombie' 5 months ago
Why does Tyler look so pissed? :/
Single Shotter
'Single Shotter' 5 months ago
Don't get me wrong I love Fgl but when he says "sing" it kinda makes me cringe
Jdwag Da Man3
'Jdwag Da Man3' 6 months ago
I love this song
Kayleigh Heeney
'Kayleigh Heeney' 6 months ago
I just got back inside from burying my hamster 😢 I thought this song might make me feel better
I loved him so much he was the best hamster R.I.P Skippy you will never be forgotten 😇
Skippy Heeney 2012-2016 Lost but never forgotten. I love you so much!! 😭💙
BCH production
'BCH production' 6 months ago
best song fgl has ever don and thats saying something.
Connor Edwards
'Connor Edwards' 6 months ago
I think this is my favorite on the album
Katelyn Osgood
'Katelyn Osgood' 6 months ago
Fgl's music made me and my best friend closer together. This song helps me when my life is rough and improvesee it when my life is great. Thanks to Florida Georgia Line and thanks to my BFF for the helo
Dale Gonzales
'Dale Gonzales' 6 months ago
this song speaks to my sole , maybe just a simple melady is all we need to keep our broken hearts beeting , that right helps me a lot, this song says all of what i think about music
Reshna Reem
'Reshna Reem' 6 months ago
This song is one of the best on the album! 🙌🏾 it definitely NEEDS a music video
Ken Malan
'Ken Malan' 6 months ago
this is why country music and especially florida georgia line !!!!
Ashley Morton
'Ashley Morton' 6 months ago
I absolutely love this song! one of my favorite so far!
Diana Martinez
'Diana Martinez' 7 months ago
I closed my eyes while I was hearing this song and it brought me to tears. This song is so beautiful and I'm so glad it's on this earth. It is so powerful.
Kathy Bariezas
'Kathy Bariezas' 7 months ago
It is the perfect song.
Stacey Sales
'Stacey Sales' 7 months ago
Went to FGL Concert Friday night. Awesome! Great show! Didn't play this song though....=( Being a musician myself and having had music save me time after time this song really speaks to me.
Justin Braxton
'Justin Braxton' 7 months ago
Man istg when i first heard this shit i can't stop listening to it.
Jayson Dixon
'Jayson Dixon' 7 months ago
FLGL knocked their whole Dig Your Roots album out of the park! I honestly would've had this song be last on the track list though, end it on a beautiful note. Great song! Hopefully this becomes a single and a music video comes with it
Josiah Renda
'Josiah Renda' 7 months ago
best song on the new album.
Jello Wolf
'Jello Wolf' 7 months ago
this song is me music is healen part of my soul
Tiffanie Black
'Tiffanie Black' 7 months ago
love this you guys are awesome just needed to hear this right now
Kimberly Nichols
'Kimberly Nichols' 7 months ago
so in love with this song
my channel
'my channel' 7 months ago
can they produce a bad song? I think not.
Heather Absher
'Heather Absher' 7 months ago
When your boyfriend tells you that there are other songs to listen to.....Not since this CD came out. Lol
Jen Dietzen
'Jen Dietzen' 7 months ago
Please answer
Jen Dietzen
'Jen Dietzen' 7 months ago
Please answer
Jen Dietzen
'Jen Dietzen' 7 months ago
Florida Georgia line. are you sexy
Nicole Reiter
'Nicole Reiter' 7 months ago
This song couldn't be more true. Please make a music video.
Petedebi Reynolds
'Petedebi Reynolds' 7 months ago
Holey Is The song for my wife and I It expresses Our Love For Each Other
Sabrina Newton
'Sabrina Newton' 7 months ago
Love this song! Music is def healing! Don't know what I would do without it!
Tim C
'Tim C' 7 months ago
best song on new album....but the whole thing is great
Taylor Brown
'Taylor Brown' 7 months ago
Love this song so much. It is the 100% truth. Love you guys so much!!

"Love is the answer, and music is healing."
Dana Berger
'Dana Berger' 7 months ago
love this song... just what I needed tonight...thanks
Blue Water
'Blue Water' 7 months ago
This song makes me think about my past love💔I still miss him. I wish I had the chance to explain..
Elizabeth Merritt
'Elizabeth Merritt' 7 months ago
I love this song so much cuz music is healing I listen to music in any mood Thank You FGL
Marley Silver
'Marley Silver' 7 months ago
I love FGL's music but i have to say there earlier songs are much better
Jeremy Campos
'Jeremy Campos' 7 months ago
If I could put this kind of raw emotion into my music, I won't be able to believe what I've made. Thanks guys, you've inspired me even more to continue my journey into music.. Thank you.
Jeremy Campos
'Jeremy Campos' 7 months ago
Wow guys, I've got to give it to you here. This is By Far the best song I've heard from you guys. Love the meaning behind it and I really enjoyed this new change in your music. Please make more songs like this. Put your emotions into these songs and you'll be amazing.
Dean Langley
'Dean Langley' 7 months ago
Amazing song FGL
Arta Sudaare
'Arta Sudaare' 7 months ago
this song is just so true
Brittany Stanley
'Brittany Stanley' 7 months ago
My favorite song on the album
ty schultz
'ty schultz' 7 months ago
Dang, can't wait for your next songs they seem to get better every year! Keep it going fgl
Dana Foisor Letea
'Dana Foisor Letea' 7 months ago
Liz Liz
'Liz Liz' 7 months ago
I absolutely love FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE!!!!! I hope to go and see them in concert at least once in my lifetime!!!! So much of there songs have helped me get through a lot of things and all it takes is turning on a FGL song...Thank you so much FGL for everything!!!! This group just continues excelling every New song that they perform!!!!! :)
James Lane
'James Lane' 7 months ago
I'm going through a tough time rn and this song helps a lot
Daniel Hutson
'Daniel Hutson' 7 months ago
just love.. just love
Trisha Sonderegger
'Trisha Sonderegger' 7 months ago
I want a video for this one. amazing.
Nicole Vasser
'Nicole Vasser' 7 months ago
Very inspirational. Music, God, and my kids is what jeeps me moving forward. God bless you Florida Georgia Line
Ellie Woodall
'Ellie Woodall' 7 months ago
This song speaks on so many volume's, I think it's one of the most inspirational songs that I have ever heard.

"Love is the answer,
and music is healing"
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